Name Zahra Player Alexis
Race Tigerfolk Country Vasok
Alignment G Background Sage
Class Cleric 1 / Wizard 2 Level 3
Experience 2100/2700

Core Statistics

Ability Ability Score Ability Bonus Save Proficiency
Strength 10 +0 No
Dexterity 14 +2 No
Constitution 10 +0 No
Intelligence 16 +3 Yes
Wisdom 14 +1 Yes
Charisma 12 +1 No
HP 16/16
AC 18
Proficiency +2
Initiative +2


Race Beastfolk Subrace Medium (Tiger)
Ability Score Bonus +1 Wis, +2 Str
Languages Common, Beast-Tongue
Racial Property Claws: Unarmed [d4, finesse, two-weapon, proficient]
Racial Property Athletic (Proficiency: Athletics)
Racial Property Track: Advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks to track
Racial Property Keen Senses (Proficiency: Perception, Darkvision 60')
Racial Property Beast Speech: Communciate simple ideas with non-hostile beasts related to subtype


Background Sage
Bonus Skills Arcana, History [had, so: Stealth, Nature]
Bonus Tools
Bonus Languages Celestial, Abyssal
Benefit Researcher: Can usually find where and who to get knowledge from
Ideal Knowledge is the key to growth and greatness
Bond I seek knowledge to learn how to ascend beyond mortality
Trait No situation is so dire as to eliminate the value of preparation
Flaw Knowledge, preserved, is forever. Life is transient.


Class Cleric of Knowledge Level 1 Hit Die 1d8
Weapon Proficiencies Simple
Armor Proficiencies Light, Medium, Shields
Skill Proficiencies Medicine, Religion
Tool Proficiencies None
Save Proficiencies Wisdom, Charisma
Class Archetype Knowledge
Class Feature Blessings of Knowledge: Two languages (gnomish, elven), two skills (Arcana, History), double proficiency
Class Wizard Level 2 Hit Die 2d6
Class Archetype Diviner
Class Feature Arcane Recovery: Once per day after a short rest, recover [1/2 level, rounded up] spell slots


Skill Ability Bonus Proficient
Athletics Strength +2 Yes
Acrobatics Dexterity +2 No
Sleight of Hand Dexterity +2 No
Stealth Dexterity +4 Yes (dis)
Arcana Intelligence +7 Yes
History Intelligence +7 Yes
Investigation Intelligence +3 No
Nature Intelligence +5 Yes
Religion Intelligence +5 Yes
Animal Handling Wisdom +1 No
Insight Wisdom +1 No
Medicine Wisdom +4 Yes
Perception Wisdom +4 Yes
Survival Wisdom +1 No
Deception Charisma +1 No
Intimidation Charisma +1 No
Performance Charisma +1 No
Persuasion Charisma +1 No


Feat Name Ability Score Bonus Effect
Keen Mind +1 Int Know north; know time to sunrise or sunset; remember everything for a month


Item Weight Properties/Description
Mace 4lb d6 bludgeoning
Light Crossbow 5lb d8 piercing, Ammo (80/320), loading, two-handed
Scale Mail 45lb Interwoven with black silk padding and vestments
Arcane Focus / Holy Symbol 1lb Crystal set in a black iron pendant
Priest's Pack ~9lbs Backpack, blanket, 10 candles, tinderbox, alms box, two blocks incense, censer, vestments, 2 days' rations, waterskin
Spellbook 3lbs 100 pages
Trinket A purple, embroidered handkerchief bearing an archmage's name
Net Weight 67lbs
Carrying Capacity 150lb
Gold 150g


Spell Level Spells Per Day
1st Level 4
2nd Level 2
School Name Components Range Duration Effect
Divination Guidance V, S Touch Concentration, up to 1 minute Target gets +d4 to one roll
Evocation Sacred Flame V, S 60' Instant Target makes Dex save vs d8 radiant damage, cover inapplicable
Necromancy Spare the Dying V, S Touch Living target at 0hp stabilizes
Level 1
Divination (R) Identify V, S, M (100g pearl) Touch Instant (1 minute cast) Identify magical properties of object or spells affecting object or creature
Enchantment Command V 60' 1 round One-word command, Wis save to not do so next round
Enchantment Bless V, S, M 30' Concentration, up to 1 minute Up to three targets, +1 per extra spell level, get +d4 to attacks and saves until the spell ends
Evocation Cure Wounds V, S Touch Instant Creature regains 1d8+Wis HP, +d8/SL
Divination (R) Detect Magic V, S Self Concentration, up to 10m Sense presence of magic within 30'. Use action to see magical auras and determine school.
Save DC 12
Spell Attack +4
School Name Components Range Duration Effect
Conjuration Mage Hand V, S 30' 1 minute Spectral hand manipulates objects, opens unlocked doors or containers, stows or retrieves items, pours out vial, up to 30' away
Conjuration Poison Spray V, S 10' Instant Noxious gas from hand, does d12 poison damage, Con negates
Transmutation Prestidigitation V, S 30' Concentration or 1 minute Minor magical tricks, including instantaneous, harmless sensory effects, light or snuff small fires, clean or soil objects no bigger than a cubic foot, chill, warm, or flavor nonliving material, mark object or surface for 1h, nonmagical trinket or illusory image appears for one action
Level 1
Abjuration (R) Alarm V, S, M 30' 8 hours door, window, or 20' cube becomes warded; any tiny or larger creature sets off alarm, either 10s of hand bell ringing or mental ping
Divination (R) Comprehend Languages V, S, M Self 1h Understand literal meaning of spoken and touched written language
Transmutation Feather Fall V, S 60' 1 minute Cast as Reaction; fall speed slows to 60' per round, no damage upon landing
Conjuration (R) Find Familiar V, S, M 10' Instantaneous Gain familiar's services, with telepathic communication, sense-sharing, and elsewhere-storing
Abjuration Mage Armor V, S, M Touch 8 hours Unarmored target's base AC becomes 13+Dex mod
Illusion Silent Image V, S, M 60' Concentration, up to 10m Create image of an object, creature, or other phenomena, 15' cube max; physical interaction reveals it to be fake, Investigation vs Save DC discerns illusion
Save DC 13
Spell Attack +5

Quick Combat Reference

HP 16/16 STR Save +0 INT Save +3
AC 18 DEX Save +2 WIS Save +4
Initiative +2 CON Save +0 CHA Save +3
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage
Claw +4 d4+2
Mace +2 d6+2


Concept, Description coming soon


Left to fend for herself at a young age, Zahra grew up on the streets of a Vasok city; even in a city as generous as the anarcho-communal Vasok, life on the street is difficult, and she was left to supplement the offered aid with swift fingers and fast feet. Zahra was caught one night breaking into the temple, hoping to find something of value to sell; instead, she was given the opportunity for a new life. While monastic duties and prayers were of questionable interest to her, she pursued knowledge with a deep hunger, and upon being released to serve, she sought out lore and wizardry, showing far more talent for formulae than prayer.

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