Witch Academy

Game Stuff~

We're using the Living Legends system: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zElHJAPn5hMJYGG7OkYTre7ZKyhiEA3PpidvPDV9BiI/edit

Make characters as normal using the Genetic Engineering system to choose your own racial traits with 8 points.

The world is based on my Stigma setting, except is lighter and softer in general~ Setting


~ Lilisa Langly The Tricksters Protege
~ Eclaire Regenbogen The Sky-High Girl
~ Minokari Sanza The Ditzy Artificier
~ Emily Eirian Trismegistus Pendragon The Prodigy
~ Morgana Reinstag The Potion-Slinger
~ Alistair Faust The Ghost Whisperer
~ Junpei Cornac The Elemental Jock


Include the following template with your sheet:

Grade: H1
Class: C
Romantic Interests: (What do you look for in a romantic partner?)
Favorite Subject:
Worst Subject:
Dream for the Future: (What does your character want to be when they grow up? What do they hope to accomplish with their powers?)



Important faculty will go here!

Quin Theaden: Human wizard, Planar Metaphysics teacher. "Stigma of the Shattered Flame." His classroom is in room 34 of Mistral Tower.

Mona Raithe: Marchessa-class Vampire, Economics teacher.

Adena Carlotta: Human witch, Transformations and Transfigurations teacher.

Kenji Shinzaki: Werewolf, PE teacher.

Mr. Scrabble: ???? Mysterious helpful janitor, always has advice, very friendly.

Satima al-Sharrif: Human witch, flying teacher. For those who fly using magic items or devices.

Elorel: Angelic Outsider, Androgynous. Satima's partner in teaching Flying class, for those who fly under their own power.


The Swans: The clique that dominates Class A, lead by Cygna Lannister.

Class H1-C: Your ragtag group of prospective mages!


The School

Laputa Academy in the Sky, floating magic tower complex above an archipelago veiled off of the coast of Florida, just on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. The mascot of Laputa Academy is the Lamia, go lovely Lamia!

Their hated rivals are the Miskatonic U fighting fishfolk!

The School Song
Praise be unto Laputa, highest of the high
Above the seas we call you home, let your banner fly
Laputa, Laputa, as bright as any dream
Swear we now with lowered brow, upon the blue and green
L! A! P! U! T! A!


The school comes in 3 layers. First is the flying towers, a complex of beautiful aerial castles. Here is where most of the learning happens and is where the majority of the school facilities are located. Second is the island below, which contains all the student housing and Laputa Town, a city that exists just for the students and faculty of the town. Third is the Undersea Labs, a network of small underwater domes where the remainder of the schooling and research occurs far from where some of the sometimes dangerous experiments can harm the students or general populace.

The school is protected by a large cylindrical barrier that extends around the entire island and tower system and then for several miles in every direction. The barrier is a veil spell to keep mundanes from seeing what happens there. Unconsciously, mortals correct for its position when planning any sort of course for air or sea travel. Captains will report turbulence or bad water that forces them around. It also contains minor protections so that some beings which would otherwise have trouble just moving around freely are protected. Sunlight doesn't threaten the undead and moonlight doesn't threaten to make werecreatures lose control, for instance. The barrier is a perfect focus for weather magic as well, so that hurricanes and tropical storms can be calmed to manageable levels within it.

Flying Towers

A set of 7 towers of alabaster, crystal and gold that are suspended eternally in midair and connected by networks of portals, bridges and airbuses, as well as the students own flying abilities. Flying classes are heavily encouraged for those with the capability. Each of the seven towers doesn't necessarily house the same classes each semester, but there are some classrooms specifically set up for a single subject and those classes are always in the same spot.

Despite being referred to as towers, they're not necessarily just big spires, some look like castles all their own! The towers drift slightly but are held in place by a mystical field centered on the main tower of Tramontane, which acts like a fulcrum of gravity for the other structures.

Each tower has its own cafeteria and pretty, comfortable atriums for break times.

Tramontane: The central tower of the complex, Tramontane contains the offices of the headmistress, the Grand Platform where students and faculty arrive to and from school and the great meeting hall where school-wide assemblies and celebrations are held. Tramontane is located so that students can travel easily to any other tower for classes. As an added bit of security, Tramontane is physically anchored to the island with a grand chain spiralling with mystic designs.

Bayamo: Bayamo houses the athletics facilities: gymnasia, pools, sports fields suspended on smaller floating islands chained to the main tower and a great stadium for putting on outdoor sports games that was fashioned from the ruins of a coliseum. It also has a large platform on the very top for holding flying classes. The individual fields of Bayamo have the most sophisticated magical barriers the school has, to keep accidents (and lost balls) to a minimum. Bayamo is a favorite tower for those who love physical activity and school spirit!

Calima: Calima houses scientific and alchemical laboratories, especially chemistry and external alchemy. It has the most extensive and careful waste management facilities in order to make sure no dangerous concoctions accidentally spill onto the island or into the sea.

Etesian: Etesian has the strongest influx of mana in the school and is the main building for the practical study of magic that is not covered in any other tower. It's numerous practicum classrooms and open air practice spaces often provide spectacular showings, and its rooftop practice field is a common spot for duels between students.

Lodos: Lodos has both the strongest wards and most stable portals in the school, making it perfect for summoning, familiar care and any studies on space magic, conjuration and the Outside. Care should be taken when wandering the halls; you never know what or who you might run into.

Mistral: Mistral houses the great library of Laputa and houses many of the classes on theory, literature and mathematics. The library is a true marvel to behold, holding a vast collection of wisdom from around the world in countless books and even a sizeable collection of grimoire. Some grimoire strong enough to manifest an intelligent spirit give lectures here during free time. (Miskatonic Academy claims they have more grimoire but they certainly have less books in total!)

Sirocco: Sirocco houses many of the labs and facilities for crafting physical items. It is covered in smokestacks for furnaces and warehouses for storing materials and finished works. It has quite the collection of golems and automata that help run it, many of which are personal projects maintained by the students. Not all of them are all that elegant in construction, but they get more sophisticated with practice!

The Island

The island consists of student and teacher housing in the dorms, the small but bustling Laputa Town, an active volcano and a tropical forest and marsh.

People get around the island generally by walking, flying or other magical conveyance but there are also mundane buses. To get up and down from the school there is a teleportation station easily accessible in the center of the island that teleports up to the Grand Platform of Tramontane tower.

The Dorms

Far from a single complex, the dorms are in several buildings scattered throughout the island, generally divided by tier of school (elementary, middle, high and college). There is also a set of mansions for the faculty to live in further removed from the student housing and closer to the teleportal to the towers.

The dorms are quite nice, each student receiving not just a room but their own small apartment with all of the modern amenities, as well as some magical ones.

Laputa Town

Within walking distance of each of the dorms, Laputa Town is a quaint and small but modern island city. It is inhabited mostly by mortals who know the score, but includes a sizeable percentage of preternatural beings as well. It sprung up mostly because of the opportunity involved with maintaining a business with a constant influx of captive customers, as it were. Students aren't allowed to leave Laputa without good reason during the school year, after all. It is rife with shops and entertainment, restaurants and other luxuries for the students and teachers to indulge in.

The local little gods and spirits of the island also visit from time to time, they get along especially well with the younger children of the school and it is often considered a vital extracurricular exercise for the children to spend time and make friends with the kind and gentle beings.

Popular spots include:

Undine's Grotto, a beachside waterpark.

Rocco's, a trendy under-21 club.

The Anchor, an east coast style restaurant and hangout built right in the shadow of the chain anchoring the school to the earth.

The Clumsy Magus, a cozy little pub.

Big Vicki's, an italian restaurant.

Jade Bamboo Garden, a chinese restaurant and bar.

Toku-ya, a stubbornly traditional japanese noodle shop.

The Sky's Limit mall, a shopping center with all sorts of modern amenities.

The Laputa Observatory and Planetarium, for astronomy and astrology studies.

The Volcano

An active volcano also inhabits the island, but it is kept calm with magic. Rather, it is kept calm because the convergence of leylines that creates the volcano is being constantly sapped by Laputa Academy as a whole for free power. This makes the elemental god who was born from the volcano rather cross, but he is kept complacent with oaths and bindings. Doesn't stop him from grumbling though!

The Marsh

A tropical freshwater marsh surrounded by jungle. The marsh is dark, dank, creepy and probably full of dangerous animals. The only beings that safely traverse the jungle are the sweet little henge spirits that inhabit it as well as other beings of nature. The marsh is, however, full of hidden places and valuable herbs. Students sometimes venture in on dares and camping trips.

Undersea Labs

Only open to students at the college level as well as to researchers and theurgists who receive the space from the school for experimentation, demonstration or lecturing. The undersea labs are where the more sensitive developments and dangerous experiments are made. The school as a whole performs many dangerous feats in the process of teaching magic, of course, but here beneath the waves if anything goes wrong with the magic that probes into the unknown an entire undersea dome can be cut off from the rest, flooded and destroyed. The undersea labs are the smallest of the three levels of the school but most intense and risk-laden. The rewards for discovering and publishing new magics and devices can be astronomical.


Class schedules consist of Homeroom and 9 classes (4 basic subjects chosen by the school and taken with your entire homeroom class, 4 advanced electives chosen by you.).

Laputa Academy is a yearlong school so rather than a long summer break, students receive the months of April, August and December off. Each off-month splits up the year into three semesters.

Schedules are split into A and B days that alternate, each one with slots for basic subjects shared by a class and advanced subjects that have their own attendance records. Each day has 5 blocks to it. Homeroom, 2 basic and 2 advanced classes. Classes are an hour and 30 minutes long with a half hour in between to account for travel times between classes in the extensive structures of the towers. Students get saturdays and sundays off and those days are usually when clubs meet as well.


Basic Subjects include the following and come in tiers based on year.

Basics of the Supernatural
Cantrips and Talents
History (Ancient, World, US and Magical)
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Introduction to Magic
Languages (French, Spanish, German, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Interplanar Linguistics, Ancient Linguistics, etc.)
PE: Physical Education
Spell Theory
Study Skills

Advanced and Mystical subjects, the meat of the curriculum. Again, there are multiple levels of each, but these are all electives and you take them in order as you wish in elective slots when you choose classes. Include, but are not limited to:

Animal Husbandry and Summon Care
Artifacts and Item Lore
Astronomy and Astrology
Bardic Songweaving
Blood Magic
Chaos Mathematics
Charms and Talismans
Classical Elements (A class for each element)
Culinary Arts
Curative Arts and Medical Magic
Curses and Hexes
Dark Magic Theory
Dark Magic Defense
External Alchemy
Extranormal Humanoids
Fae Studies and Glamour
Geomancy and Leylines
Gestures and Incantations
Grimoires and Tomes
Health and Hygiene
History of the Secret World
Illusions and Misdirections
Internal Alchemy
Light Magic
Magical Organizations
Magical Law and the Lex Magica
Miraculous Studies
Monsters and Cryptids
Mystical Implements
Multiversal Theory
Nature Magic
Necromancy (Theory and Applied)
Night Magic
Outsiders (Celestial, Infernal and Other)
Planar Studies (Hell Dimensions, Celestial Planes, Ethereal Realms)
Planar Metaphysics
Religion (Theory, History and Applied)
Ruins and Dungeons
Runic Lore
Shadow Magic
Space Magic and Apparition
Transformation and Transfiguration
Undeath Studies

Sports Teams

While the sports at magic academies tend to follow normal sports, some allowances are made at all levels for the use of supernatural powers. Sports stadiums, fields and courts tend to be warded against significant harm for this reason. Injuries still happen, but they are not life-threatening. The same wards also tend to suppress magic over a certain level to keep sports competitions from being a duel of supernatural powers rather than of skill and athletic ability.

The exception to that rule is competitive flying and empowered dueling, which are both completely unrestricted on the use of power.

Football: The pride of the school, the football team has an excellent record, especially against Miskatonic!





Competitive Flying




Empowered Dueling


Water Polo

Track and Field



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