Willem Dove Rawlins

Name: Preacher Willem 'Dove' Rawlins
Archetype: Preacherman


Deftness: 1d12
Nimbleness: 2d6
Quickness: 2d4
Strength: 2d8
Vigor: 1d10

Cognition: 2d10
Knowledge: 2d12
Mien: 2d12
Smarts: 3d10


Pace: 6
Size: 6
Wind: 22


Climbin 1
Search 1
Sneak 1
Area Knowledge: Home County 2
Academia: Occult 2
Academia: History 2
Dodge: 1
Faith: 5
Fightin' (Swords): 4
Guts: 3
Horse Ridin': 1
Leadership: 3
Persuasion: 4
Professional: Theology: 3
Quick Draw: Pistol: 2
Shootin': Pistol: 3
Speed Load: Pistol: 2
Tale-Tellin: 4


All Thumbs: 2
Heroic: 3
Loyal: 3
SuperStitious: 2
Law o' The West: 3


Arcane Background: Blessed 3
Gift of Gab: 1
Purty: 1


Protection: When invoked against a specific supernatural opponent, that opponent can't attack Dove without beating his Faith roll with a Spirit roll.

Battle Hymn: While sustained all allies get +2 to Guts and Fightin' rolls and reduce all dice penalties by 1.

Succor: Heals 1d6 Wind per Raise.


Hardy: Ignores up to -2 penalties from wounds.

Charismatic: +2 to any Mien rolls dealing with people. (Dead, Alive or Monstrous)

Guardian Angel: -2 to any Shootin' rolls against him. If helpless attackers ahve to succeed on a TN 7 roll to hurt him.



Colt Double-Action Peacemaker: Clip: 6 Ammo: .45 ROF: 2 Damage: 3d6 Range: 10

Saber: +2 def, Damage: STR+2d8

Duster, Fancy Suit (Preacher Clothes), Boots, Gunbelt and Quick-Draw Holster, Fedora,

Backpack, Bedroll

50 bullets for colt, Speed-Load Cylinder x 3

Horse and Tackle

Splinter of Wood (Relic): +2 bonus to the Protection miracle and can grant usage of the Lay On Hands miracle to non-Blessed faithful.


Willem is just about the purest, cleanest looking wanderer of the West. He has golden, wavy hair, pale skin, blue eyes like a clear summer sky, a slender but well-shaped body and a smile that can make the dirtiest, lowest, most ornery bastard in the West believe in angels again. In motion he's a lot less gainly but he manages to pull it off in an endearingly awkward way rather than just looking like a newborn, cross-eyed foal.


Willem 'Dove' Rawlins doesn't have much to pen down in the big storybook of his life yet, being a fresh young clergyman of only 20 and all, but already he's shinin' up to be one hell of a white hat in the service of the light. From a young age he was fascinated by the Bible, the church, the legends and the warm glow that his faith provided him and despite an equal love for the rolicking cowpokes of the day he knew that one day he'd be serving The Big Man personally.

He was born and raised in Lakeside, Michigan but at the tender age of 10 his parents brought him and his baby sister down southwest to seek out more than a factory-worker's wage in the untamed West and, well, to be honest, things didn't go so well for the Rawlins' out there. Mom and Pop Rawlins worked their patoots off for a hell of a lot less than they thought they were going to make, made too little to go back north and you know how zombies can get, ornery and riled up and then they start eating people. Poor Mr. and Mrs. Rawlins never knew what bit them and then their children were sent off to the orphanage.

Will's sister Chloe, as she grew up, became wealthy and well known and less than reputable for more than one criminal deed but her brother became everything he wanted to, and perhaps more. His faith started to cement in ways that were undeniable, he seemed favored by the Lord, and eventually as he studied and learned all about the Bible, the Apocrypha even other religions, which he is convinced is just other ways for The Lord to get the Word across. Eventually he got fed up with the relatively sedentary lifestyle of the clergy and he cast off his official Methodist title to travel the Wierd West, just a wandering preacherman. Now he tackles evil wherever he finds it and just can't turn down a plea from a good person for aid. Ever. To his detriment sometimes. His pure and good attitude has earned himself the nickname "The Dove" among some of the folk of the West.

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