We'll Always Have Nexus

(08/03/10 13:42:10) Sparda: "The dream of the future you see dissolves, and with time so does the apprehension. Creation and it's Sun is no exception and every thing you see around you… evolves… But futile is hope without fruition, the grief you knew begets to no vision, the happiness you knew becomes regret…" - Imperial Poet Ragara Camoes
(08/03/10 13:45:08) Sparda: It is only an hour after the horror at Tsingyan Outpost. The villagers who remained are packing up to leave, unable to stay after what just happened. This small city, at least, it seems will fade away, another corpse on the Scavenger Lands. The question now remains: What will YOU do?
(08/03/10 13:47:22) *Jacob_Goldforge perches on top of his caravan, smoking like a chimney. He'd made arrangements with his people that had SURVIVED to get back to Nexus and finish the run. He'd already gotten a few things from the interiors, now wearing a long jacket clasped at the front and sleevless. There was a pack by his side, and a massive pouch of Nexus-smokeleaf tied to it.
(08/03/10 13:47:27) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler has put his special staff away, holding his regular stick in his hand again. He had spent the last half hour walking around the outskirts of the town, looking for stragglers and also drawing a light outline as he walked. He kept a mental image of where he was leaving marks, memorizing the layout and size.
(08/03/10 13:47:33) Kindler_The_Hermit: When he finally got back to the group, he was smiling wide.
(08/03/10 13:47:57) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Not a bad size little town. It's an absolute shame it's being abandoned…absolute shame."
(08/03/10 13:47:57) *Jacob_Goldforge did NOT look happy. He was watching the five of the village that hadn't run, a clot-red eye flicking from person to person before stopping on Kindler.
(08/03/10 13:48:30) Jacob_Goldforge: "No one wants to stick around with a pile of corpses and a 'dead' demon." You could hear the quotes slide into place there.
(08/03/10 13:48:33) *Iselsi_Yumita is perched on a treebranch, smoking a thin cigarette as she ponders her next destination.
(08/03/10 13:49:17) Ariella_Jem: The redhead adolescent could be a boy, or could be a girl. It's hard to tell between the ill fitting clothes, the dirt, and the cap that's pulled down low. Long red hair is somewhat tamed in a ponytail, but stands have escaped. Jem watches the group, leaning against a building, or what's left of it anyway.
(08/03/10 13:51:02) Sparda: The villagers who remained thanked Silver Wind and Kindler especially profusely and declare that they will spread the word that the Anathema aren't the monsters people make them out to be, if anyone will believe them. Afterwards they headed out, leaving the husk of the village and you lot.
(08/03/10 13:51:11) *Silver_Wind goes about the gruesome task of digging graves for all the deceased, using one of the discarded shovels from where the imperials had been clearing the road. She sniffles, her eyes still red from the tears she had been crying.
(08/03/10 13:52:03) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Well the bodies would be taken away eventually. But I cannot blame them for not wanting to remain in a place where friend and kin were slain before their eyes. But these eyes know opportunity when they see it." He stopped his walk by his cart, Cerano hopping to rest on the salt crystals as Kindler took out a piece of paper and a charcoal stick.
(08/03/10 13:52:30) *Iselsi_Yumita peers across at Jem, hopping down out of her tree before striding over. "And you are?"
(08/03/10 13:53:48) *Auspicious_Lion looks at the corpse of the soldier-turned-monster-turned-soldier-again, grimacing. He then sheathes his daiklave, and looks up at the other people around, waiting apprehensively for a reaction to the orichalcum armor and sunburst stamped on his brow.
(08/03/10 13:53:49) Ariella_Jem: Chocolate brown eyes look at her. "Bum one?" Jem points with a slim, dirty, hand at the cigarette.
(08/03/10 13:54:40) *Jacob_Goldforge mutters and then snarls something in flametounge at his lay-about caravan employees. It was a serious of concise curses that implied if they didn't help the new horsemaster bury the dead he'd be coming back with a shovel for them next.
(08/03/10 13:54:49) Iselsi_Yumita: "Yeah, okay." She digs one out of the pack, passing it over.
(08/03/10 13:55:21) *Jacob_Goldforge puffs a cloud of smoke and hops off the caravan, eyeing Lion and Silver in turn before Yumita.
(08/03/10 13:55:49) *Auspicious_Lion is back in his normal armor, with his normal sword, and the red bandana covering his brow again. He's just… kinda hoping the whole Anathema thing doesn't come up.
(08/03/10 13:56:09) Jacob_Goldforge: "Five of us didn't run. Turned about and attacked the damn thing. I figgured at the LEAST us five should have a chat after these bodies get buried.
(08/03/10 13:56:23) Ariella_Jem: Jem wear a large duster, tough workman's pants torn at the knees and a dingy homespun shirt. "Shame 'bout de place, eh? Light?"
(08/03/10 13:56:32) *Jacob_Goldforge said that slightly louder than was needed, enough to get everyone to at least note it was said, before heading to silver with a shovel over his shoulder.
(08/03/10 13:56:48) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler confers with Cerano as to the exact coordinates of the town, then managing to write a rather normal looking message on the paper in Foresttongue. He rolled it up, drew an image of a web on the outside, and handed it to Cerano. "Now, take it to the usual drop off point. And do be quick, my friend. I would not know what I'd do if I went blind again."
(08/03/10 13:57:25) Iselsi_Yumita: "Yeah, well. Not much we can do now." She lights the smoke for Jem, taking a long drag herself.
(08/03/10 13:57:40) Sparda: Cerano is markedly uncomfortable to be flying so far from you but bobs his head and grips the message before taking off in a gust of wind that sounds like swords beign swung.
(08/03/10 13:58:05) Sparda: Akaya is currently recovering from his little experience. "Yumita, could I have a smoke?" He asks, shivering.
(08/03/10 13:58:12) Ariella_Jem: "Was good fightin' though. Not seen sompin like dat since Nexus, ya know?"
(08/03/10 13:58:56) *Jacob_Goldforge gets to work gravedigging next to the Horse-Native, long pipe between his teeth, smoking like a Nexus chimney stack.
(08/03/10 13:59:29) Iselsi_Yumita: "No, actually, I don't." She gives Akaya a measured look. "All right."
(08/03/10 14:00:08) Silver_Wind: After a bit of silence between the two of them, a ragged sigh leaves Silver Wind and she finally speaks up, still digging. "So, I do you still want me in your caravan? What with me being a Deciever and all that?"
(08/03/10 14:00:32) Sparda: Akaya snags one then and has it lit, his fingers shaking less after taking a drag off the tobacco.
(08/03/10 14:00:46) Ariella_Jem: "Count 'self lucky neva been ta Nexus." Jem takes a drag, hiding the cigarette between the hand, as if being used to someone taking it.
(08/03/10 14:01:35) Iselsi_Yumita: "I didn't say that."
(08/03/10 14:01:40) Jacob_Goldforge: "Figgure we got worse with us as it is. You get a lookit the kid with the sunburst brow eh? Or did yez miss the big gold sword an hammer bit we did?"
(08/03/10 14:01:45) *Auspicious_Lion wanders over to Silver Wind and Jacob, overhearing the conversation, and picking up a shovel himself. "I don't think he should mind, if you noticed the golden brand shining on his forehead. I think we're all in the same heretical boat, if you know what I mean."
(08/03/10 14:02:09) *Jacob_Goldforge grinned around his pipe, before snorting a cloud of smoke at Lion's word and tossing a few spadefuls of dirt to the side.
(08/03/10 14:02:31) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler looked in Lion's general direction, his eyebrow raising. "Your forehead is glowing? That's weird."
(08/03/10 14:02:49) Jacob_Goldforge: "We need to get the hell out of dodge here. Dead imperials and a demon-infested rumor town innit gonna paint us with a nice brush."
(08/03/10 14:03:15) Silver_Wind: "I know but I guess I just wanted to be sure. The past couple of months for me have been a little too jarring for me to assume much else. And especially after all this…"
(08/03/10 14:03:48) Silver_Wind: "I just hope another shadowland isn't made from all this. With Thorns, that's the last thing we need."
(08/03/10 14:03:57) Jacob_Goldforge: "I been 'voidin it the last -year-. Part of it felt good t'unwind a bit."
(08/03/10 14:04:10) Auspicious_Lion: "Uh, no, not mine. Mr. um… caravan boss here." *cough* Maybe the BLIND guy didn't notice his shining golden armor and caste mark?
(08/03/10 14:04:21) *Jacob_Goldforge rolled his shoulder and eyed the remainder of the town with the mention of Thorns.
(08/03/10 14:05:12) Jacob_Goldforge: "That blind bastard busted that thing square in the chops without flinching or retreating. He's one of m'current worries."
(08/03/10 14:05:25) Ariella_Jem: "No 'fense meant none. Would be 'andy, eh? 'avin' ya in-a fight."
(08/03/10 14:06:29) Auspicious_Lion: "Hey, yeah, he did. …seems like a lot of people around here have some explaining to do."
(08/03/10 14:07:05) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Hey. Far as I recall, my parents were happily married when I was born."
(08/03/10 14:07:43) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Granted, haven't seen them for…running on 14 years now. So what do I know."
(08/03/10 14:07:48) Iselsi_Yumita: "…Quite." She takes a drag, frowning at Ariella.
(08/03/10 14:07:51) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Ha. Seen." He went back to shuffling through his cart.
(08/03/10 14:08:05) Jacob_Goldforge: "Then you c'n give me a name. Otherwise yer stickin with Blind Bastard till yez give us otherwise."
(08/03/10 14:08:16) *Jacob_Goldforge snorted a cloud of smoke and tossed another portion of earth aside.
(08/03/10 14:09:01) Kindler_The_Hermit: "You can call me Kindler the Hermit. You couldn't afford my real name."
(08/03/10 14:09:17) Kindler_The_Hermit: "No offense. Hell, I couldn't even afford my name."
(08/03/10 14:09:21) Auspicious_Lion: "Yeah, but, you know that your staff there is orichalcum, right? Only magical beings can wield things like that. And it's not the most common or… acceptable things to make magical weapons from."
(08/03/10 14:09:30) Jacob_Goldforge: "I dun pay fer names, so Kindler it is."
(08/03/10 14:09:40) *Jacob_Goldforge stops and rubs his face as Lion opens up.
(08/03/10 14:10:08) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Really? I thought it was just gold. Orichalchum is the good stuff. The value of my staff suddenly went up. And to think I almost traded it for a shipment of Southern Olives."
(08/03/10 14:10:45) Silver_Wind: Giving a sigh, Silver Wind planted her shovel in the ground and leaned on it as she looked ot the blind man. "You're a bad liar. I think we're getting off to the wrong foot here."
(08/03/10 14:10:47) Auspicious_Lion: "Oh. I'm known as Auspicious Lion." He stands a bit straighter and puts a fist on his hip almost reflexively as he says his name.
(08/03/10 14:10:52) *Jacob_Goldforge perks an ear up and turns to Iselsi and Jem.
(08/03/10 14:11:06) Auspicious_Lion: "I'm a hero."
(08/03/10 14:11:19) *Jacob_Goldforge facepalms again
(08/03/10 14:12:00) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler wagged his finger in Wind's general direction. "Correction. I'm an incredible liar. But it's awful hard to tell the difference between Gold and Orichalchum when you can't see it."
(08/03/10 14:12:21) Silver_Wind: "You were the one that bested that demon back there. You're obviously more than a blind hermit. The fact that you use a Golden staff as a weapon and have that eagle following you around marks you as more than mortal. So let's get that out of the way. You're like us. A Solar."
(08/03/10 14:12:38) Jacob_Goldforge: "But y'can when you swing it like you do Hermit. So you're telling us pork pies, like the lady says."
(08/03/10 14:12:59) *Jacob_Goldforge spat a lance of smoke over the hole he was digging and jammed the spade in the dirt.
(08/03/10 14:13:09) *Auspicious_Lion looks at Kindler. "Yeah, that stuff's really heavy without being able to put magic in it."
(08/03/10 14:13:15) *Silver_Wind points to the brand on her forehead thats still glowing, ignoring the fact that the man is blind.
(08/03/10 14:13:59) Silver_Wind: "And you three over there. You should be part of this conversation too, since you aren't running at the sight of me." She points to the three smoking individuals.
(08/03/10 14:14:23) *Jacob_Goldforge leans on his spade, also smoking, also looking a Yumita and company.
(08/03/10 14:14:38) SpardaSpinsTales: Akaya shrugs. "I already know about Yumita, so I'm not too shocked… Oops…"
(08/03/10 14:14:40) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler shrugged, shaking his arm to loosen the sleeves of his extravagant coat to slide down and show the green jade bracer. "Then how do you explain my being able to wear this stuff? Only Dragonblooded can wear this stuff."
(08/03/10 14:14:57) Jacob_Goldforge: "That's a lie."
(08/03/10 14:15:02) *Jacob_Goldforge was -real- quick on the draw there.
(08/03/10 14:15:40) Kindler_The_Hermit: "It's a lie?"
(08/03/10 14:16:06) Jacob_Goldforge: "You give me half an hour with it and some luck, and I betcha I could put it on too."
(08/03/10 14:16:49) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Then find your own, I'm not giving you mine." He reached into the cart to pull out a salt crystal, popping one into his mouth and chewed slowly as he waited for Cerano to return.
(08/03/10 14:16:51) *Jacob_Goldforge folded his arms over his chest, keeping a red eye on Yumita and Jem
(08/03/10 14:17:16) Silver_Wind: "Stop it, both of you." She looks at Kindler. "Are you a solar, or aren't you? Because if you aren't, you may be in the wrong company with the likes of us."
(08/03/10 14:17:52) Jacob_Goldforge: "Yeah, that's what I thought. Anyone can pick that stuff up if they got the flow in em. Problem is no one in their right walks around with demon-gold. Specially if they're in the same breed as the Immaculates."
(08/03/10 14:18:06) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler shrugged. "Unlike you lot, I don't honestly know. All I know about what I can do is the scraps I pick up when I happen to be in towns. But I spent most of my life out in the forest on my own, so I assumed I was one of those Tree Dragonbloodeds."
(08/03/10 14:18:11) SpardaSpinsTales: Mmmm, SALT.
(08/03/10 14:18:42) Silver_Wind: "Can you make your power glow? Do you have a mark on your forehead? If you can, show us and we should be able to tell you."
(08/03/10 14:19:00) Ariella_Jem: "Anyways…saws what ya done. Liked it, thought I'd tag along, if'n ya don' mind much."
(08/03/10 14:19:01) Auspicious_Lion: "So, what, nobody's ever gotten angry at you after using your 'Dragon-Blooded' powers? Called you Anathema, tried to murder you?"
(08/03/10 14:19:26) *Jacob_Goldforge edged -away- from Kindler with that remark. Oh yeah. He wasn't about to stand next to a dragonblooded showing off.
(08/03/10 14:19:37) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler looked over in Wind's general direction, then back at Lion. "If you haven't noticed, I don't use my powers that much. At least none of the obvious ones."
(08/03/10 14:21:18) Jacob_Goldforge: "Blind guy fightin like that throws a red flag mate. Obvious or not."
(08/03/10 14:21:20) Auspicious_Lion: "Huh. But… you know what ANATHEMA are, right? I mean, everyone does. Those stories are told everywhere."
(08/03/10 14:21:37) *Jacob_Goldforge puffed another cloud and turned back to Yumita and Jem
(08/03/10 14:22:26) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler touched at his own forehead. "From what I heard, Anathema have horns on their head. And eyes glowing red. And I never sprouted any horns, and I have no godsdamn clue what red looks like. So that's how the tree burns."
(08/03/10 14:22:58) Kindler_The_Hermit: "And contrary to popular belief, a blind man can handle himself in a fight. Just means his other senses take up the slack. Besides, Cerano told me where to strike, I just had to listen."
(08/03/10 14:24:46) Auspicious_Lion: "…he told you?"
(08/03/10 14:24:51) SpardaSpinsTales: Speaking of Cerano, he's back. He lands on Kindler's shoulder and nibbles his ear to let him know how glad he is to be back.
(08/03/10 14:25:21) Jacob_Goldforge: "We're spittin down an abyss here. Y'arn't gonna convince the lady there innit sommat with yah that innit normal. An you'll convince the kid t'buy a pound of ice in the north. Les get the rest of the bloody trouble inta this and then we can figgure it out."
(08/03/10 14:25:27) *Jacob_Goldforge nodded to Yumita and company
(08/03/10 14:25:37) Jacob_Goldforge: "Yez gonna join us over here, or just keep starin?"
(08/03/10 14:26:06) *Iselsi_Yumita has not actually been paying any attention to Jacob at all. "Sorry, what?"
(08/03/10 14:26:20) *Silver_Wind growls and walks over to Kindler. "That bird is yours, right? I REFUSE to believe it follows all your commands like that because it's tamed, especially by a blind man. So I dare you to tell me that bird isn'tm agically bonded to you."
(08/03/10 14:26:24) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler smiles and pets his hawk's head, tapping his wooden stick against the ground. "Hey, I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. You all keep yelling at the blind guy." He gets up from his cart, moving closer to everyone else.
(08/03/10 14:27:13) Jacob_Goldforge: "You had the other big golden killstick lady. That lumps you in with the rest of us grunts. Like yez t'wade into this convo if yez would."
(08/03/10 14:27:21) *Jacob_Goldforge IS a nexus native, and -sounds- like it.
(08/03/10 14:27:34) Auspicious_Lion: "…I guess it doesn't matter what you are. I mean, I'm the last person who can really argue it."
(08/03/10 14:27:59) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler's stick goes up, ensuring that Wind stays a stick's distance from him. "Ma'am, I'll tell you what I tell all my customers when they get curious. You want to trade, I'll do that from sun up until sun down. You want my life story? That'll cost you more than you want to pay. So the sooner it gets dropped, the sooner we move on."
(08/03/10 14:28:00) SpardaSpinsTales: Cerano kind of blinks at Silver Wind's yelling and chirrups at her as if offended.
(08/03/10 14:28:49) Ariella_Jem: Jem laughs dryly around the cigarette. "Like dat, ol'man."
(08/03/10 14:31:36) Iselsi_Yumita: "…Try *asking*. And, for your information, Ikoru is not a 'killstick'. It is a *naginata*."
(08/03/10 14:31:59) SpardaSpinsTales: "…It's a thing that kills people on a stick…" Akaya says quietly as he finishes the smoke.
(08/03/10 14:32:19) *Silver_Wind stared at the stick pointed at her and took a few deep breaths as she calmed herself down. She looked into the eyes of the bird, then back at Kindler. "Alright. If you ever do want to talk about it, I'll be happy to listen." She goes to walk over to Jacob and the others but stops.
(08/03/10 14:32:19) *Iselsi_Yumita thwaps Akaya in the back of the head.
(08/03/10 14:32:22) *Jacob_Goldforge just -grins-. Smoke leaks out from between his full mouth of teeth like vapors from a primal cave
(08/03/10 14:32:41) SpardaSpinsTales: It is at this moment that there is a flash of yellow from the north, in the direction of Nexus…
(08/03/10 14:32:43) *Auspicious_Lion shrugs, and walks over to Kindler, putting an arm over his shoulders and grinning. "Well, it doesn't really matter what you are! You fought alongside me against that monstrous being for the sake of these poor villagers, and that makes you more than worthy of my respect!"
(08/03/10 14:32:55) Jacob_Goldforge: "Lady, I make weapons. I know what….oh what in the infinite hells was that…."
(08/03/10 14:32:58) *Jacob_Goldforge looks -north-
(08/03/10 14:33:17) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler gives his stick a small spin with his fingers before lowering it, suddenly losing his balance as Lion's heavy arm put weight on him. "Yeah, yeah…"
(08/03/10 14:33:51) Silver_Wind: A groan escapsed Silver Wind's lips. "Not again…"
(08/03/10 14:36:23) *Auspicious_Lion blinks at the flash of light in the distance. "…isn't that over by Nexus? By the Sun, what'll happen if everyone in Nexus goes mad?!"
(08/03/10 14:36:36) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Wait, what? What's by Nexus?"
(08/03/10 14:36:54) Kindler_The_Hermit: "How do you even know it's by Nexus? Did it have a sign that said it was right by Nexus?"
(08/03/10 14:37:19) Jacob_Goldforge: "If they just go mad it'll be another day in the city. If they go bugnuts like these guys? Shadowlands and worse. There was a big yellow flash, and we know because I -live- in that direction. And I live in Nexus."
(08/03/10 14:37:43) *Jacob_Goldforge spat, growling the words
(08/03/10 14:38:14) Ariella_Jem: Jem walks around Yumita and drops her backpack in the caravan. "Ya mean maddER, righ'?"
(08/03/10 14:38:14) Kindler_The_Hermit: "…the fuck is yellow."
(08/03/10 14:38:14) Auspicious_Lion: "A flash of light, like the one that preceded this chaos! Only yellow instead of green! And it came from the direction of Nexus!"
(08/03/10 14:38:14) Auspicious_Lion: "It's… a color. Nevermind."
(08/03/10 14:38:43) Auspicious_Lion: "Just… thing in the sky like what happened here, but slightly different!"
(08/03/10 14:38:49) Auspicious_Lion: "BAD!"
(08/03/10 14:39:07) SpardaSpinsTales: Kindler: Cerano does that thing with his eyes and you SEE for a bit, he lets otu a little caw and looks at a scrap of cloth. THAT is yellow. :3
(08/03/10 14:39:09) *Iselsi_Yumita eyerolls. "Calm down, kid." She takes a drag on her smoke.
(08/03/10 14:39:13) *Silver_Wind couldn't help but suppress a laugh — badly — at Lion's simple explination
(08/03/10 14:39:17) SpardaSpinsTales: :>
(08/03/10 14:39:37) Jacob_Goldforge: "The things that happened here stink of sommat like the demon-realms. And everyone that ever called to em. Don't like this. Don't like this at all. I got family in Nexus."
(08/03/10 14:39:53) *Jacob_Goldforge spits another cloud of smoke and then eyes the salt. And the bodies. And then -Silver-.
(08/03/10 14:40:22) Kindler_The_Hermit: "FUCK!" Kindler grabs at his eyes over his head.
(08/03/10 14:40:35) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Godsdamn…warn a man before you do that, Cerano…"
(08/03/10 14:41:09) Ariella_Jem: Jem gets up in the shotgun spot of the wagon, pushing back the cap to reveal the face of a sixteen year old girl with large brown eyes in a slightly too thin face. "We gonna talk'r go, ladies'n'gents?"
(08/03/10 14:41:16) Jacob_Goldforge: "Horsegirl. Yez know enny funeral rites yez can do with salt, open air, and words? We ain't got time t'dig a graveyard here?"
(08/03/10 14:41:21) SpardaSpinsTales: :<
(08/03/10 14:41:24) SpardaSpinsTales: Cerano is sorry.
(08/03/10 14:41:32) *Jacob_Goldforge eyes the remaining group.
(08/03/10 14:41:53) Silver_Wind: "Nothing quick with salt really. Burning the bodies would be fastest."
(08/03/10 14:41:54) Iselsi_Yumita: "Oh, for the sake of Mela's ti… Get them in a pile, I'll deal with them."
(08/03/10 14:42:31) Jacob_Goldforge: "Ladys n'gents. I'm goin t'nexus with what I got. Yez iz weapon t'come. Since all of yez are either obvious the same as me, or too fucking dense t'know better. A trait I value t'a point."
(08/03/10 14:42:40) *Jacob_Goldforge nods and starts hauling bodies.
(08/03/10 14:42:53) Jacob_Goldforge: "I'm settin out after we deal with this. Last thing I need is a hungry ghost followin us."
(08/03/10 14:42:53) *Auspicious_Lion looks at Jem, blinks, and grins. "ONWARD!" He runs towards Jem's wagon, then stops, runs to another wagon, grabs his bags, then runs back to Jem's wagon. He tosses his stuff inside, then climbs on top of the wagon(assuming it has a hard roof), and POINTS towards Nexus. "ONWARD!"
(08/03/10 14:43:11) Jacob_Goldforge: "GET OVER HERE AND HAUL FLESH YEZ BLOODY DAFT TWIT."
(08/03/10 14:43:27) *Jacob_Goldforge had a pair of lungs like a train had steam vats.
(08/03/10 14:43:32) *Jacob_Goldforge had directed them at Lion.
(08/03/10 14:43:53) Auspicious_Lion: "…oh, right." He hops down and helps Jacob.
(08/03/10 14:44:02) *Silver_Wind bursts out laughing, horrified that she can in this situaiton but unable to help herself, as she moves to help with the corpses.
(08/03/10 14:44:22) Ariella_Jem: Jem follows, tossing aside her cigarette.
(08/03/10 14:44:30) Auspicious_Lion: "Is anybody here a priest? Some last rights might help."
(08/03/10 14:44:32) SpardaSpinsTales: Bodies are pooled and those that weren't taken care of by the remains of their familes before they left are taken care of by you.
(08/03/10 14:44:45) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler sighed, dragging his cart over to the caravan to find a place to put all his salt and other items.
(08/03/10 14:45:01) *Iselsi_Yumita snickers quietly, finishing her cigarette as she watches them pile the bodies.
(08/03/10 14:45:01) Ariella_Jem: "Knew one in Sijan…but ah ain' 'er."
(08/03/10 14:47:18) Ariella_Jem: "Do ya jus' leave de ones in parts?"
(08/03/10 14:47:39) Jacob_Goldforge: "Hey Killstick. We still need a name from you. Iffin I don't get one M'naming yez dainty-clean-hands."
(08/03/10 14:47:42) *Auspicious_Lion tries to pile corpses in the most respectable manner he can. It's not easy. "I think they'll be upset if they're missing anything in their next lives."
(08/03/10 14:47:52) *Jacob_Goldforge spat that remark at Yumita during the snicker.
(08/03/10 14:48:08) Jacob_Goldforge: "Yeah, get it all in there. Last thing anyone wants is something chewin on their daddybags."
(08/03/10 14:48:11) Auspicious_Lion: "Yes, we should really learn eachother's names if destiny is bringing us together like this."
(08/03/10 14:48:44) Ariella_Jem: Jem chucks a few spare parts in as well.
(08/03/10 14:48:49) Iselsi_Yumita: "It doesn't work that way." Yumita says drily. "As for a name? Okudiya will do for now."
(08/03/10 14:49:20) *Auspicious_Lion saves the remains of the poor Realm commander for last. After what he was subjected to, he really deserves better.
(08/03/10 14:49:52) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler listened to the chirping of his bird. "…you think one of them would mind missing a liver?"
(08/03/10 14:50:15) Ariella_Jem: "Only if'n dey don' drink."
(08/03/10 14:50:18) Iselsi_Yumita: "It doesn't have any effect on their reincarnation, so feel free."
(08/03/10 14:51:10) SpardaSpinsTales: :> Cerano's a happy bird, he flies off with his prize to much down.
(08/03/10 14:51:20) Auspicious_Lion: "…well… some cultures leave bodies on burial towers to be eaten by birds… so I guess it's okay?"
(08/03/10 14:51:39) Kindler_The_Hermit: He waved his fingers at the hawk, letting it flap off to find a lunch.
(08/03/10 14:51:54) Jacob_Goldforge: "They call that a gibbit in Nexus. S'a punishment fer criminals."
(08/03/10 14:52:06) *Jacob_Goldforge eyed the hawk and stood away from the pile of bodies
(08/03/10 14:52:20) Auspicious_Lion: "No, I mean, like, respectful burials.
(08/03/10 14:52:44) Ariella_Jem: "Yeah, bu' crows pick dem bones, normal."
(08/03/10 14:52:45) Jacob_Goldforge: "It's plenty respectful. Makes people respect the local guard fer sure."
(08/03/10 14:53:11) *Jacob_Goldforge chuckled nastily and eyed Jem and Oku-doku.
(08/03/10 14:53:15) Auspicious_Lion: "Like, they return Dragon-Blooded to their element in the Realm, and Children of Mela get a burial like that."
(08/03/10 14:53:50) Jacob_Goldforge: "Up in nexus the black ships take you to the City of the Dead."
(08/03/10 14:54:02) *Jacob_Goldforge left that at that. The black ships gave him powerful creeps.
(08/03/10 14:54:16) Ariella_Jem: "No more talk'a dem, eh?"
(08/03/10 14:54:29) Silver_Wind: "Its the same in Marukan. But for something like this…I think just giving them any kind of respect, even a few words, is better than nothing."
(08/03/10 14:54:53) Jacob_Goldforge: "Probly. But Oku here is gonna say a few words 'pparently."
(08/03/10 14:55:02) *Jacob_Goldforge nodded to Jem on the subject of the black ships.
(08/03/10 14:55:23) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Dunno why a black ship is worse than any other ship." He waited for Cerano to eat and return to his shoulder as he stayed by the carts. He COULD help move bodies, but they were still more focused on his handicap.
(08/03/10 14:56:42) Ariella_Jem: "Is a bit like eatin' a slug an a mushrum, ol'man. Dem both taste de same, but ya don' wanna eat one."
(08/03/10 14:56:56) Kindler_The_Hermit: "I'm not that old. I'm only 29."
(08/03/10 14:57:16) *Jacob_Goldforge snickered
(08/03/10 14:57:38) Ariella_Jem: "Sorry, gov. Don' know no one who blind dat ain' ol'." She pauses. "Ol'man."
(08/03/10 14:57:48) SpardaSpinsTales: Cerano is a very careful, fastidious birdy. He returns after he's eaten and cleaned up.
(08/03/10 14:58:44) Silver_Wind: Putting the last body in the pile, Silver Wind tries her best not to throw up and looks over at Okudiya. "I think that's all of them."
(08/03/10 14:59:02) Kindler_The_Hermit: "…your balls have better not dropped yet in order to all me old, that's all I can say."
(08/03/10 14:59:39) Ariella_Jem: Jem laughs. "Ol'man…If'n I had 'em."
(08/03/10 14:59:54) *Jacob_Goldforge positivly Guffaws at this.
(08/03/10 15:00:25) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Well, least that mystery got figured out."
(08/03/10 15:01:01) Iselsi_Yumita: "Well then." She straightens, tosses the butt of her cigarette aside, and strides over. "Go away, don't rise up, and get the fuck reincarnated already." The Zenith says loudly, before igniting the pile and walking away.
(08/03/10 15:01:17) Auspicious_Lion: "…"
(08/03/10 15:01:32) Ariella_Jem: "Ah seen rats get nica good-byes!"
(08/03/10 15:01:32) Auspicious_Lion: "Amen?"
(08/03/10 15:02:07) *Jacob_Goldforge eyes the burning pile, and then Yumita. And then the pile again
(08/03/10 15:02:29) Auspicious_Lion: "Let's… let's just get to Nexus fast so she won't have to make any other funeral services like that."
(08/03/10 15:02:59) Ariella_Jem: Jem climbs up into whichever wagon has her stuff.
(08/03/10 15:03:35) *Auspicious_Lion climbs onto Jem's wagon because his stuff is there!
(08/03/10 15:03:52) Jacob_Goldforge: "She summed up every funeral I ever heard. Got a freakin priest with us. Good. Likely t'meet a lotta bodies of a lotta people who didn't die nice."
(08/03/10 15:03:54) *Silver_Wind shakes her head at that rather…poor display. She she draws a single line in the dirt with her foot and bows her head. "May the Maiden of Saturn sever your connections to this life, and the Maiden of Venus guide you to a happier life in your next one."
(08/03/10 15:03:56) SpardaSpinsTales: The pile burns with golden flames, releasing the poor souls from the confines of their meat.
(08/03/10 15:04:02) *Jacob_Goldforge moved back to his remaining wagon with '
(08/03/10 15:04:13) *Jacob_Goldforge moved back to his remaining wagon with Old Bitch and Not Limpy the horses attached.
(08/03/10 15:04:16) Kindler_The_Hermit: "…so, which wagon is the biggest one?"
(08/03/10 15:04:28) Jacob_Goldforge: "Mine. An I want names from everyone comin with."
(08/03/10 15:04:45) Ariella_Jem: Jem's sitting in Jacob's wagon. "Name's Jem."
(08/03/10 15:05:35) Kindler_The_Hermit: "You already know mine." Kindler slowly made his way to Jacob's wagon.
(08/03/10 15:05:49) *Silver_Wind whistled and Kheervis, standing far outside the blood-drenched town, trots over to her and she clambers onto his saddle. Drawing even to Jacob she looks back at the village one last time. "It's Silver Wind."
(08/03/10 15:06:03) Ariella_Jem: "Yup, Ol'man."
(08/03/10 15:06:32) Jacob_Goldforge: "Jacob Goldforge. Good t'meetcha. Lemme make yez all a promise while yez run with me. Breath a worda bein Suntouched t'the wrong people an I'll personally hunt you down and twist your arms off yer body. So wotcher words an who they're said too. M'still a respectable buisness bastard in Nexus."
(08/03/10 15:06:42) SpardaSpinsTales: Kindler: As everyone introduces themselves Cerano looks at them and, this time, sloooooowly gives you at least an image of them.
(08/03/10 15:06:44) *Auspicious_Lion decides to climb into the wagon, and get his artifact armaments out and ready. He keeps the headband on, and wraps his cloak over the armor, though.
(08/03/10 15:07:29) Ariella_Jem: Jem grins. "Deal, mate."
(08/03/10 15:07:32) *Jacob_Goldforge clambered up into his wagon, eyeing Oku-doku-doo and her ward. He nods Lion to the slot in the wagon that was holding the massive golden maul.
(08/03/10 15:07:50) Jacob_Goldforge: "Stash the weapon in there, keep the armor outta site."
(08/03/10 15:08:13) Ariella_Jem: Jem climbs up to sit next to Jacob.
(08/03/10 15:08:54) Jacob_Goldforge: "Kindler, Oku, you two comin along fer the madness, or you castin dice elsewhere. Sommat in me says this is gonna only get worse before it gets better anywhere."
(08/03/10 15:08:55) Silver_Wind: "I'll scout ahead for a while Jacob. Make sure there aren't any surprises for us outside of town."
(08/03/10 15:09:15) *Jacob_Goldforge nods to Silver before settling into the Driver seat on the wagon
(08/03/10 15:10:00) *Silver_Wind trots Kheervis ahead about 50 yards of the caravan before waiting for them to get moving.
(08/03/10 15:12:08) SpardaSpinsTales: Silver Wind: You and Kheervis spot nothing but old tracks on the road ahead. You can see the Gray River shining in the distance and once you're there it's just a few days of following it to Nexus.
(08/03/10 15:14:15) *Jacob_Goldforge sets the wagon off around the road obstructions and towards the river. All aboard that's coming 'board
(08/03/10 15:15:07) Ariella_Jem: Jem relaxes next to Jacob. "Good ta not hafta walk, eh?"
(08/03/10 15:16:50) Jacob_Goldforge: "Yeah, though we needa keep sommat watchin while someone drives. Kin go in shifts there."
(08/03/10 15:16:51) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler finds a good corner to lean against, getting a sense of direction. "Don't like wagons."
(08/03/10 15:17:35) SpardaSpinsTales: WAGONS
(08/03/10 15:18:57) SpardaSpinsTales: Two days later… You are all following the Gray river when a barge, the first you've actually seen, comes floating down it.
(08/03/10 15:19:40) *Jacob_Goldforge eyes the barge. First interesting thing during this leg of the run, after most of the crew dying and an entire village of yozi-magic.
(08/03/10 15:21:16) *Iselsi_Yumita lights up a cigarette, glancing at the barge curiously.
(08/03/10 15:22:56) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler can hear splashing of the river. Can't see any barge just yet.
(08/03/10 15:23:11) *Auspicious_Lion is on his usual spot on top of the wagon(lookout!), when he sees the barge. "Hey, maybe they know what's going on in Nexus!" He then stands up, brings his hands up to his mouth, and yells out to the barge. "HOY! ANY WORD ON WHAT'S HAPPENING IN NEXUS?"
(08/03/10 15:23:41) Ariella_Jem: "Does he always yell?" She looks at Jacob.
(08/03/10 15:23:47) *Jacob_Goldforge nods.
(08/03/10 15:23:58) *Jacob_Goldforge socks Lion square in the small of the back.
(08/03/10 15:24:07) Ariella_Jem: "Cheers then."
(08/03/10 15:24:15) Jacob_Goldforge: "Siddown an lesse if they're friendly before you pose yer head as a target mate."
(08/03/10 15:24:23) SpardaSpinsTales: An old man with oak-brown skin and a full brushed beard looks over the side of the barge. It appears to be pretty well full, though not overflowing. "MADNESS AND VIOLENCE! Basically the usual, what do you mean, it's NEXUS, Nexus never changes!"
(08/03/10 15:25:16) Jacob_Goldforge: "New fish mate. He's EXCITED to be going."
(08/03/10 15:25:24) Auspicious_Lion: "Yeah, but is there more than usual? We saw a flash of light over the city, and a village we were just at had a similar flash of light over it and they almost all went mad! By the way, don't stop at Tsingyan."
(08/03/10 15:25:43) *Jacob_Goldforge hits Lion hard enough to try and knock him into the bed of the wagon
(08/03/10 15:25:44) Auspicious_Lion: *clank* "Hey."
(08/03/10 15:25:59) Jacob_Goldforge: "You know that thing I said about sayin too much and twistin yer arms off?"
(08/03/10 15:26:00) Auspicious_Lion: "What? I'm just warning him."
(08/03/10 15:26:16) Auspicious_Lion: "I didn't say anything about… you know!"
(08/03/10 15:26:33) Silver_Wind: Silver Wind shakes her head. "Hon, let me do the talking, 'kay? I'm good at it."
(08/03/10 15:26:49) SpardaSpinsTales: The riverboat captain looks somewhat taken aback but also nods. "That does sound kinda familiar, there's been commotion in the Lower Nexus recently! And there was some light but we figured it was just some magic this-or-that going off!" A woman looks over the side of the barge. "Wait, what happened at Tsingyan!?"
(08/03/10 15:27:04) Jacob_Goldforge: "What she said. You rile up a crew of mercs into being curious and -you- get to kill them all to stop them from spreading rumors. Yeah?"
(08/03/10 15:27:14) *Jacob_Goldforge spits a cloud a smoke back at Lion.
(08/03/10 15:27:49) Silver_Wind: Silver Wind turns to the riverbarge. "It was attacked! Most of the villagers are dead I'm afraid, the rest fled. It happened roughly two days ago."
(08/03/10 15:28:24) *Auspicious_Lion sighs, and sits crosslegged on the wagon, arms crossed. >:|
(08/03/10 15:28:54) *Iselsi_Yumita watches Silver talk, smoking casually.
(08/03/10 15:30:01) SpardaSpinsTales: The woman covers her mouth in horror and dissapears with a cry. The old captain shakes his head. "If'n you DO go to Nexus I suppose be on the lookout for whatever you're looking out for? I have heard more people are coming up from below recently, doing crazy this and that."
(08/03/10 15:30:11) Ariella_Jem: Jem looks back at him. "'ey mate…done get down. Dis sorta thing…well, best not ta tawlk 'bout it."
(08/03/10 15:30:59) Auspicious_Lion: "But then he could be sailing into danger without knowing anything."
(08/03/10 15:31:32) *Silver_Wind feels for the poor woman, but with things like they are right now there isn't anything she can do for her. "Thank you for the warning."
(08/03/10 15:32:42) *Iselsi_Yumita sighs. "Look, kid. I got rid of the bodies. There's nothing valuable there anymore."
(08/03/10 15:32:49) Ariella_Jem: "Yeah, but say we was de only ones dat say it, right? We look like we gone 'round de bend if'n we tell people, yeah?"
(08/03/10 15:33:12) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Nexus Nexus Nexus…" Kindler was muttering the name of the town over and over under his breath, staying focused on the ways he could pass off the salt he was trucking around. "Pure Western Sea Salt…Eastern Crystals…maybe Solidified Southern Aurora Light."
(08/03/10 15:33:13) Jacob_Goldforge: "Wind's warnin em. Plus she's a bit lighter about tellin people everyone they knew there is -dead- than you are."
(08/03/10 15:33:31) Silver_Wind: "You think she had family there," asks Jacob.
(08/03/10 15:33:40) Silver_Wind: *she asks Jacob
(08/03/10 15:34:01) *Auspicious_Lion shrugs. "Alright."
(08/03/10 15:34:45) Jacob_Goldforge: "That or sommat she knew well 'nuff t'matter. Dun like tellin strangers their friends are dead. Most traders are on first name terms with every good stop-village up and down the Grey. You wipe out a village you wipe out an arm of the merchant family."
(08/03/10 15:34:52) *Jacob_Goldforge grunts unhappily
(08/03/10 15:35:51) SpardaSpinsTales: The captain notices you lot have basically gone to talking amongst yourselves and ducks back away from the side.
(08/03/10 15:35:52) Silver_Wind: She nods glumly and then looks into the wagon at Lion. "Think of it this way. As a hero, is it really your duty to go around telling people that those they care about are dead and gone, tormented in their last moments by some…demonic presence? Or would you just rather let them know that the person the love is gone and leave it at that?"
(08/03/10 15:35:58) Jacob_Goldforge: "Most anyone we talk to here, that knows the routes, is gonna know someone that was in Tsingyan."
(08/03/10 15:36:46) *Jacob_Goldforge grunts a cloud of smoke and knocks his pipe out, tapping down a new wad inside.
(08/03/10 15:36:54) Jacob_Goldforge: "Even if it was just the local Brothel girls."
(08/03/10 15:37:03) Auspicious_Lion: "I get it. I just… don't like lying to people. Even if it's better for them. I just don't have it in me."
(08/03/10 15:37:29) Iselsi_Yumita: "You're not lying, you're just omitting the full truth."
(08/03/10 15:37:58) *Silver_Wind smiles sweetly. "That's cause you're a good person Lion. Maybe a little too good, but good nonetheless. So, for right now, why don't we leave the talking to me?"
(08/03/10 15:38:12) Auspicious_Lion: "If I do that, then I'm just lying to /myself/ that I'm not really lying. But alright."
(08/03/10 15:38:25) Jacob_Goldforge: "Never gonna tell yez t'lie kid. Juss watch what you say. Anathma means we're worth a fourtune dead. And Nexus is full of sell swords who'll kill a granny for her purpose."
(08/03/10 15:38:39) *Jacob_Goldforge chokes down a smoke-filled laugh as he lights his pipe
(08/03/10 15:39:34) Kindler_The_Hermit: "It's only lying if it's bad."
(08/03/10 15:39:38) Auspicious_Lion: "I know. I've dealt with the Wyld Hunt. And… other things working with them. But if nobody knows what I am, they'll never know the truth. And we'll never be able to redeem ourselves to them. To him."
(08/03/10 15:39:50) Kindler_The_Hermit: "If you both walk away with a satisfactory feeling, then it's simply spreading happiness to all."
(08/03/10 15:39:58) Silver_Wind: At Jacob's description, Silver Wind's smile turns into a frown, and she looks ahead at their path to Nexus. "I really do hate Nexus. Slave-traders, theives, rotten mercenaries, not to mention the Guild. There isn't a redeeming thing about Nexus I can think of."
(08/03/10 15:40:31) Jacob_Goldforge: "Oh, thanks. True as that is, I 'preciate the extra boot t'the gut about it."
(08/03/10 15:40:40) *Iselsi_Yumita yawns, taking a drag on her smoke. "My kind of people. There are some damn good brothels here, too."
(08/03/10 15:40:49) Auspicious_Lion: "At least they're honest about it? Not like Paragon or the Realm."
(08/03/10 15:40:50) *Jacob_Goldforge frowns and turns to slowly leaking smoke from his nose as he guides the horses.
(08/03/10 15:40:59) Jacob_Goldforge: "Don't talk to me about fucking Paragon.
(08/03/10 15:41:01) *Jacob_Goldforge shudders
(08/03/10 15:41:09) *Silver_Wind blushes. "Sorry Jacob."
(08/03/10 15:41:46) Ariella_Jem: Jem looks over Jacob from under her cap.
(08/03/10 15:41:58) Iselsi_Yumita: "Yeah, at least the Empress never controlled people's minds."
(08/03/10 15:41:59) Kindler_The_Hermit: "You fucked the Paragon?" Kindler gives an empty grin as his head tilts in Jacob's direction.
(08/03/10 15:42:44) Iselsi_Yumita: "…Is he really that ignorant, or is it just an act?" Yumita murmurs to Jem.
(08/03/10 15:42:49) Auspicious_Lion: "Well, she just didn't do it obviously."
(08/03/10 15:42:54) Jacob_Goldforge: "It's 'The Perfect'. Paragon's the city, an even I dun have a dick big enough for that. And no one in their right mind wants to try and fuck the Perfect. "
(08/03/10 15:43:04) Auspicious_Lion: "Like, with magic. Or obvious magi- nevermind."
(08/03/10 15:43:59) Jacob_Goldforge: "Paragon's honest because if you're not you die alone and -quick-. It's the kind of honesty you buy by selling your soul for it. Fuck. That."
(08/03/10 15:43:59) *Silver_Wind shakes her head. "Is it really as bad as the tales make it out to be? That everyone there has to obey the Perfect?"
(08/03/10 15:44:01) *Jacob_Goldforge shakes his head.
(08/03/10 15:44:13) Ariella_Jem: "He's an ol'man…ya just let 'em talk."
(08/03/10 15:44:17) Jacob_Goldforge: "Oh yeah. It's true."
(08/03/10 15:44:40) *Silver_Wind shudders at the thought of that.
(08/03/10 15:44:52) Silver_Wind: "Is this really the world we live in?"
(08/03/10 15:45:35) Jacob_Goldforge: "Nope. Because you don't live in Paragon. Yer gonna -love- Nexus. Know a great place to get a horse bur…nevermind."
(08/03/10 15:45:48) *Jacob_Goldforge snaps that sentance down with a puff of smoke and shut jaw.
(08/03/10 15:47:07) *Silver_Wind eyes go dark. Her voice nearly drops as low as Jacobs as she glowers at him. "What."
(08/03/10 15:47:21) Jacob_Goldforge: "Nothin."
(08/03/10 15:47:24) *Jacob_Goldforge Panic.
(08/03/10 15:47:41) Silver_Wind: "Horsecrap. Finish that statement before I rip it out of your throat."
(08/03/10 15:47:53) *Iselsi_Yumita raises an eyebrow, snickering.
(08/03/10 15:48:05) Jacob_Goldforge: "Burger. With brown sauce and a side of giblets."
(08/03/10 15:48:10) *Jacob_Goldforge turns a clot-red eye to Silver.
(08/03/10 15:48:16) Ariella_Jem: She looks over at Kindler. "Ye all righ' ol'man?"
(08/03/10 15:48:46) Jacob_Goldforge: "You were right about me bein a Nexus native. An I got a taste fer horseflesh. You dun get cattle in that hellhole and pigs taste like the damn smokestacks that give us the fucking Nexus Rice."
(08/03/10 15:49:18) Silver_Wind: If Silver Wind's voice was capable of becoming a baritone it would have dropped below that point by now. "Burgers."
(08/03/10 15:49:29) *Silver_Wind looked down the road that would lead them all to nexus.
(08/03/10 15:49:36) Silver_Wind: "I REALLY hate Nexus."
(08/03/10 15:50:23) Auspicious_Lion: "So, do you feel the same way about other animals?"
(08/03/10 15:50:38) Kindler_The_Hermit: A chunk of salt knocks Jem on the side of the head. "I'm not old, dammit."
(08/03/10 15:50:46) SpardaSpinsTales: A few days later, Nexus looms before you, belching smoke and industry, one of the gates leading to the Middle Nexus open before you, though it's obvious something is… odd about the place today. The guards look a bit nervous.
(08/03/10 15:51:43) Ariella_Jem: Jem is still wondering how the old man managed to hit her on the side of the head.
(08/03/10 15:52:14) *Auspicious_Lion makes sure his clothes are covering everything incriminating. Cloak is closed up over his armor and shield. Gloves are covering the skin-mount amulet on the back of his hand. Headband on the middle of his forehead. Yup.
(08/03/10 15:52:20) *Jacob_Goldforge stops the wagon before they get within Lion-Shouting distance.
(08/03/10 15:53:30) Jacob_Goldforge: "Alright. I live and do buisness here. If yez get the stink eye, SHUT UP. Or in Kindler's case, a sharp poke in the ribs."
(08/03/10 15:53:57) *Iselsi_Yumita lights up. "Yeah, yeah. Keep it moving."
(08/03/10 15:54:08) Auspicious_Lion: "I know already. Jeeze."
(08/03/10 15:54:14) Silver_Wind: "Do you want to take care of this Jacob, or should I?"
(08/03/10 15:54:15) Kindler_The_Hermit: "The heck are you complaining at me for? I've been going to towns for years and never got pinched for anything more than a disorderly conduct. You should worry more about Mr. Loud Noises over there."
(08/03/10 15:54:21) SpardaSpinsTales: Cerano certainly had nothing to do with the blind man's accuracy with thrown objects. >:> He certainly didn't have instinctual knowledge of trajectories of approach, aim and other physical factors…
(08/03/10 15:54:30) *Jacob_Goldforge mutters darkly and slaps the reigns enough to move the wagon.
(08/03/10 15:54:45) Jacob_Goldforge: "Lemme talk to the guards. Less sommats died recently, I probly know em."
(08/03/10 15:55:11) *Silver_Wind nods and rides alongside the wagon.
(08/03/10 15:55:39) SpardaSpinsTales: Jacob, the guards do recognize you and seem a bit relieved as you approach. "Hey man, wha's going on? You hear or see anything… mighty queer while out on the road?"
(08/03/10 15:56:19) Jacob_Goldforge: "I heard a lotta things. And I dun believe half of the shit I hear. What's got yez rattled?"
(08/03/10 15:56:28) *Jacob_Goldforge puffed a cloud of nexus-leaf smoke on the approach
(08/03/10 15:57:00) Ariella_Jem: Jem says nothing, keeping her cap down, mimicing Jacob's posture.
(08/03/10 15:59:20) SpardaSpinsTales: The other guard pipes up, he's one of the younguns. "Thing've been getting increasingly peculiar around here, some say it's a plague, making people lose their SENSE it is." He nods.
(08/03/10 15:59:38) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Know how that feels."
(08/03/10 16:01:10) Auspicious_Lion: "Losing their sense how, exactly?"
(08/03/10 16:01:21) *Jacob_Goldforge nods.
(08/03/10 16:01:31) Jacob_Goldforge: "Yeah. Plenty of plagues go through here. What makes this'un special?"
(08/03/10 16:02:50) SpardaSpinsTales: "Just yesterday that nice old cobbler on Down Street tried to attack the Emissary at a play with a pair of wood soled boots! The lead actress was this black-haired women who screamed for at least an hour at him before he was hauled off to be executed! And one of the councilwomem jumped off of her mansion roof with a makeshift pair of wings on her back, you can imagien how that ended up…"
(08/03/10 16:03:47) Jacob_Goldforge: "Yez sure sommat's not cyclin bad contraband inta the city?"
(08/03/10 16:03:51) *Jacob_Goldforge twitches a brow up
(08/03/10 16:03:57) Ariella_Jem: "Sounds like people been drinkin' th'local wata…"
(08/03/10 16:04:21) Jacob_Goldforge: "No one in Nexus is stupid enough t'drink the water. Fer one it'd kill them before they got ten steps."
(08/03/10 16:05:11) Ariella_Jem: "None never says people in Nexus's smart."
(08/03/10 16:05:38) Jacob_Goldforge: "True nuff. But I knew that cobbler. He ain't dumb enough fer the water. Much less onna the council."
(08/03/10 16:05:46) Ariella_Jem: "Struth"
(08/03/10 16:06:42) SpardaSpinsTales: "We gots water what isn't imported?" The youngun sounds confused. The older mustaschioed guard just shakes his head. "That's not even the least of it, seems like it really IS a plague, people are fine and then an hour later they're doing the first thing that seems to pop into their head!"
(08/03/10 16:07:49) Ariella_Jem: "Any connection?"
(08/03/10 16:07:54) Auspicious_Lion: "Does it seem like it's popping up more often anywhere in particular?
(08/03/10 16:09:18) SpardaSpinsTales: "Hmmm, mostly coming up from the Lower Nexus, we're sure it's a plague because whoever comes in contact with those beggars and thieves seem to have a chance of catching. We have the whole place quarantined."
(08/03/10 16:10:09) Ariella_Jem: "Can' go home again…"
(08/03/10 16:10:21) Jacob_Goldforge: "Oh, fucking lovely. This is important, because I heard about something like this. You had anyone from Tsingyan or the surrounding area come in here lately?"
(08/03/10 16:10:28) *Jacob_Goldforge facepalms and rubs his temples
(08/03/10 16:11:19) SpardaSpinsTales: The guard shakes his head. "Well no… We had someone from that DIRECTION come in but he didn't say he was a native, said he was a native Chiaroscuran, on some sort of pilgrimage."
(08/03/10 16:12:06) Kindler_The_Hermit: The camera suddenly zoomed on Kindler's blank eyes, one eyebrow going way way up. "Chiaroscuro, eh? That means glass. Glass I can get from trading salt."
(08/03/10 16:13:17) Jacob_Goldforge: "Huh. Mighta passed through. When I left Tsingyan the place was -empty-. You hear me? A pile of corpses someone had mercifully set ablaze, and something I don't wanna talk about pounded into a paste in the road. And a -whole- lot of dead empire soldiers and a work-crew. Place had torn itself apart."
(08/03/10 16:13:36) *Jacob_Goldforge gave the older eye a slit gaze as he said this.
(08/03/10 16:14:04) Jacob_Goldforge: "Kinda like the place went berserk. Kinda like yon cobbler, ye ken? Who was the Glass-native?"
(08/03/10 16:17:21) SpardaSpinsTales: "Hmmm… Can't rightly say where he might be now." "It is a BIG city." "It is yes, but he was wearing a big cloak like the kind you see in the desert folks wardrobes and he looked like he had a small library with him with all the books in that pack." "That's what made me remember him, lots of books but not a wagon in sight, odd to see a man with such wealth going about wagonless!"
(08/03/10 16:20:19) Kindler_The_Hermit: The camera zooms back in again. "Books can go for high values."
(08/03/10 16:20:19) Auspicious_Lion: "Well, I guess we know where to look and who to look for, if we want to find a nest of crazy people. Like anyone would want to."
(08/03/10 16:20:19) Jacob_Goldforge: "Yeah. That's a might worrysome. How long ago he pass through?"
(08/03/10 16:20:20) *Jacob_Goldforge pulls the pipe out of his mouth at the book comment from the back.
(08/03/10 16:20:37) SpardaSpinsTales: "About 5 days ago!" "Yes about 5 days, not too long after that green flash from the south, then there was a yellow flash here!" "Youd think someone would have investigated that but no money in it."
(08/03/10 16:22:12) Jacob_Goldforge: "No point stickin yer dick in a mousetrap."
(08/03/10 16:22:16) *Jacob_Goldforge snorts a cloud of smoke and nods.
(08/03/10 16:22:40) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Way too many flashes of stuff in the air."
(08/03/10 16:24:38) Jacob_Goldforge: "What he said. M'headed in. Need t'drop m'goods t'the guy I contracted em too and see if the other caravans I sent up came back in one piece. See you lot later."
(08/03/10 16:24:44) *Jacob_Goldforge slaps the reigns. ONWARD!
(08/03/10 16:25:35) *Auspicious_Lion manages enough restraint to wait until they're out of earshot of the guards before leaning over the wagon. "Alright, let's head for the lower parts of Nexus and start looking!"
(08/03/10 16:26:27) SpardaSpinsTales: "You all be careful now!" "Yup, be careful."
(08/03/10 16:26:29) Jacob_Goldforge: "Ok. Who wants to tell the kid what flavour of suicide it is to attack the Emmisary? And why we should probably buy some clues before chasing something that'd inspire someone to do that?"
(08/03/10 16:26:41) *Jacob_Goldforge looks over the crew in his wagon, and the one on the horse.
(08/03/10 16:27:07) Ariella_Jem: "Ya wanna head INTA th' storm?"
(08/03/10 16:27:21) *Silver_Wind shrugs. "If half of what i've heard about the Emmisary are true then I don't think even the lot of us could take him on. Not that I'm planning to."
(08/03/10 16:27:38) Auspicious_Lion: "I know all about the Emissary, dammit. And if it's where we'll find out the source of this madness, then yes, I do!"
(08/03/10 16:27:51) Jacob_Goldforge: "We're here. From the sound of it, storm is too Jem. You do the math."
(08/03/10 16:27:52) Iselsi_Yumita: "Well. Been nice knowing you."
(08/03/10 16:28:26) *Jacob_Goldforge wedged the pipe stem back into his mouth and began furiously smoking while trying not to commit vehicular manslaughter. Just another day on the Nexus streets.
(08/03/10 16:29:12) Ariella_Jem: "I dun' do math."
(08/03/10 16:29:19) SpardaSpinsTales: Actually it's easier than normal, not a lot of people on the streets though the places inside are pretty packed and in some places clearly LOCKED.
(08/03/10 16:30:40) Jacob_Goldforge: "Here's a bitta math for you then. Someone does really really bad magic down in Tsingyan. Then someone shows up here 5 days later with a lot of books and the same goes down. Mebee not related. But anything that makes someone jump the Emmisary is pretty damn hardcore."
(08/03/10 16:30:46) *Jacob_Goldforge spits another cloud of smoke
(08/03/10 16:31:04) Jacob_Goldforge: "We'll head t'my place, get some food and mebee a bath in -clean- water, and see what we wanna do, if ennything."
(08/03/10 16:31:31) *Jacob_Goldforge eyes the locked doors and 'clear' streets with obvious worry
(08/03/10 16:32:07) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Gotta wonder how they got here before us when we're on a giant wagon."
(08/03/10 16:32:11) Silver_Wind: "Ooooh." Silver Wind says at Jacob's words. "A bath sounds reeeally nice right about now."
(08/03/10 16:33:09) Ariella_Jem: "Well den…I best be splittin' I'm no hero, that's for true." She alights from the wagon. "Thisa where I leave ya. See ya 'round maybe." She heads down the street, begging a jade from a few people as she walks past them.
(08/03/10 16:33:16) Auspicious_Lion: "Probably magic. I can travel from one direction to another in about an hour that way."
(08/03/10 16:33:55) *Silver_Wind eyes bug out. "You can WHAT?"
(08/03/10 16:34:09) SpardaSpinsTales: At Jem's begging the people scatter from her, offering prayers to their gods.
(08/03/10 16:34:19) *Jacob_Goldforge stops the wagon
(08/03/10 16:34:33) Jacob_Goldforge: "OYE, WASTREL. Didja not hear the gate guard?"
(08/03/10 16:35:20) *Auspicious_Lion looks at Silver Wind. "I can travel across Creation in my invisible teleporting manse." Totally straight face.
(08/03/10 16:35:46) Iselsi_Yumita: "Yeah, and I'm secretly the Empress."
(08/03/10 16:36:05) Auspicious_Lion: "Well, she had to be somewhere."
(08/03/10 16:36:10) *Silver_Wind 's mouth is trying it best to make words. Its trying really, REALLY hard. But nothing comes out of it.
(08/03/10 16:37:32) *Jacob_Goldforge sits, quietly, rubbing his face and stringing together a set of flametounge curses that would melt tempered steel.
(08/03/10 16:37:32) *Silver_Wind eyes bug out at Jacob. "Um…wow. Where'd you learn that 5th one at?"
(08/03/10 16:37:34) Ariella_Jem: She heads into an empty alley and pulls out her trunk, grinning.
(08/03/10 16:37:45) Jacob_Goldforge: "Gem."
(08/03/10 16:39:58) *Auspicious_Lion looks around a bit, and pulls his left glove off, showing the orichalcum amulet grafted into the back of his hand and the square, faceted red hearthstone set in it. "I really do have a manse, see?"
(08/03/10 16:39:58) *Jacob_Goldforge slapped the reigns and continued the trot through town. Barring Shenanigans he was heading back to his estate, which was built next to his buisnesses.
(08/03/10 16:39:58) *Silver_Wind stares at the inset amulet on Lion's hand. She gulps as she looks at it. "Didn't…didn't that hurt?"
(08/03/10 16:41:14) SpardaSpinsTales: Jacob's place is, thankfully, just fine, all in one piece.
(08/03/10 16:42:26) Auspicious_Lion: "Not a whole lot. Luckily the First Age whatsit that implanted it was still working right when it did it."
(08/03/10 16:43:17) *Jacob_Goldforge pulls the cart into the courtyard, stops, and turns his head at the words "First Age"
(08/03/10 16:43:43) Kindler_The_Hermit: Camera zooms in on Kindler. "…First Age Tech? That goes for a lot."
(08/03/10 16:43:49) Jacob_Goldforge: "You n I needa talk later kid. Everyone out. I'll see iffin I can't get the house-workers and the 'pprentices t'unload the court
(08/03/10 16:44:24) *Jacob_Goldforge hops off the cart and pulls the goremaul, with a black silk cover over the head, out of the depths of the cart.
(08/03/10 16:44:40) *Iselsi_Yumita tosses the butt of her cigarette on the ground. "Which way to the baths?"
(08/03/10 16:44:46) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler moves to slide off the wagon, his stick helping him move around in the courtyard.
(08/03/10 16:45:34) *Silver_Wind looks around the courtyard. Too urban for her taste, but definately better than some inn. "Do you have a stable?"
(08/03/10 16:45:44) Auspicious_Lion: "I guess I could use a bath too. It's been a few weeks."
(08/03/10 16:46:13) Jacob_Goldforge: "Got stalls in the forges for horses that need shoein. Best I kin offer fer now."
(08/03/10 16:46:37) *Jacob_Goldforge cracks his knuckles and prepares to bust into his main forgeworks like any angry boss would after almost a year away.
(08/03/10 16:46:40) SpardaSpinsTales: Jacob: Elly, your head of staff, opens the windows on the second floor in one of the drawing rooms and is washing the windows!
(08/03/10 16:47:44) SpardaSpinsTales: She waves at you as you come up the drive and steps out the window, falling into the bushes below, rolling out of them and dashing on over to give you a hug.
(08/03/10 16:48:47) *Jacob_Goldforge goes -stock still-. Elly was special. In that she could herd cats like any head of house needed to. And that she had -just fallen out a window-
(08/03/10 16:49:55) SpardaSpinsTales: "HELLO sir! So good to see you, it's an absolute wonder to have you back after your trip, you know this house is like herding cats half of the time, oh I was cleaning the windows wasn't I, I should get back to that shouldn't I?" Without a word she turns to walk back inside, you catch her smile and the glint of yellow in her eyes as she does.
(08/03/10 16:50:41) Auspicious_Lion: "Um… your servants are… enthusiastic?"
(08/03/10 16:51:09) *Silver_Wind smiles at the reunion before he before marching Kheervis off to the forge that Jacob mentioned.
(08/03/10 16:51:12) Kindler_The_Hermit: "…did she just fall off the roof?"
(08/03/10 16:51:44) Iselsi_Yumita: "Fucking glowy-eyes. I hate that type." Yumita mutters.
(08/03/10 16:54:19) Jacob_Goldforge: "Fan-fucking-tastic. Someone keep an eye on her. I need t'check the forge. Which is covered in really sharp weapons and stocked by people who =made them=."
(08/03/10 16:54:31) *Jacob_Goldforge turned to the connecting door that lead to the main forge.
(08/03/10 16:55:12) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Yeah, I'll get right on that, mate."
(08/03/10 16:55:15) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Oh wait."
(08/03/10 16:55:17) SpardaSpinsTales: Jacob enters the forge to see two of his best workers currently tangled in a fight to the death, or at least it looks like it, they areb oth wielding blades they'd forged and are fencing with them. Without padding or armor or anything.
(08/03/10 16:55:26) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Oi, Lion. Go follow the girl who just had head trauma."
(08/03/10 16:56:11) Jacob_Goldforge: "I AM NOT PAYING YOU LOT TO FUCK AROUND WITH MY MERCHANDISE." Jacob is doing his best "Oh shit the boss is back and you were just caught fucking the livestock" voice here.
(08/03/10 16:58:15) Auspicious_Lion: "Uh, sure." He wanders off after the crazy head maid lady.
(08/03/10 16:58:58) SpardaSpinsTales: The fight doesn't stop but they both do pay less attention to trying to kill each other, which is more dangerous. "I thought this was the best way to test the weapons!" "I agreed!" "Fun too!" "Way more fun!" Adrian then loses his pinky but keeps on going.
(08/03/10 16:59:22) *Iselsi_Yumita just wants a nice bath.
(08/03/10 17:00:35) *Jacob_Goldforge drops the Goremaul onto the floor of the forge and unhooks a nice, large, steel hammer, a red irised eye twitching madly.
(08/03/10 17:01:02) Jacob_Goldforge: "You both stop getting blood on my forge or I'm going to stave both of your heads so far in your noses will be sticking out your own arses."
(08/03/10 17:01:41) SpardaSpinsTales: "We'll stop, one of just just has to win!" "Yeah! One of us just has to die and then we'll know which is best." "And you can sell that one at a premium!"
(08/03/10 17:01:53) SpardaSpinsTales: They also have yellow eyes, by the by.
(08/03/10 17:03:51) *Jacob_Goldforge will be joining battle if whatever Silver does doens't stop them with her next action. He's going to hit them until they stop moving…..so much hitting.
(08/03/10 17:04:09) *Iselsi_Yumita is still searching for somewhere to have a bath.
(08/03/10 17:04:11) Ariella_Meena: The blonde woman enters the compound, her hair pulled back in curls. She's dressed in a corset and bustled skirt with a high slit up the side. She smoothes her hair as she approaches Kindler from behind, her voice a cat like purr. "Are you my man?"
(08/03/10 17:05:01) *Silver_Wind jaw drops as one man lops another man's pinky. Drawing her bow she aims it with blistering speed at teh two swords the men are carrying and lets loose.
(08/03/10 17:08:52) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler leaned back from the wagon, his smile wide. "Well hey there. I'm not sure about now but I could possibly be for a night or-" The sound of heart beats striking his ears were familiar. "…ah. Hey Jem."
(08/03/10 17:09:11) SpardaSpinsTales: The swords are knocked out of the men's hands, they then pick them back up.
(08/03/10 17:10:21) Ariella_Meena: She laughs and flutters her blue eyes. "You're so sweet to call me a gem like that. A man that owns such a thriving place doesn't need to use such kind manners."
(08/03/10 17:10:59) *Jacob_Goldforge wanders deeper into the forge as the two are disarmed, growling like an animal with the hammer in hand
(08/03/10 17:12:06) *Auspicious_Lion is wandering around looking for the head of staff lady still!
(08/03/10 17:12:38) *Auspicious_Lion also goes out of his way to keep maids from hurting themselves.
(08/03/10 17:12:58) *Iselsi_Yumita has found the baths, and slips into one contently. So nice.
(08/03/10 17:13:05) Kindler_The_Hermit: "It's not my place. It's the second loudest guy's house." He reached back into his cart, pulling out a clump of salt to chew on. "And I can hear your heartbeat, Jem. Exact same damn thing you had earlier." He paused for a moment as he listened to her dress. "…you filled out a bit more, though."
(08/03/10 17:16:03) Ariella_Meena: "I'm sorry, I've been so rude, I haven't introduced myself. Please, call me Meena."
(08/03/10 17:16:33) SpardaSpinsTales: Lion finds the head of staff lady upstairs back at the windows, this time she's actually cleaning them. She's also climbging back out the window to try and reach around to clean the outsides of the windows as well.
(08/03/10 17:16:37) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Ah. Meena. Alright. So, what are you needing?"
(08/03/10 17:17:07) Auspicious_Lion: D:
(08/03/10 17:17:46) Auspicious_Lion: "Uh, miss! You don't need to climb out the window to wash them! It's kind of dangerous…"
(08/03/10 17:18:33) Ariella_Meena: She purrs coyly. "That's a little bit of a personal question, isn't it mister…?"
(08/03/10 17:18:45) *Silver_Wind swears at the sheer stupidty of the two and gallops Kheervis up to the nearest one, hoping she doesn't kill him with this trick. She draws near she rears Kheervis back and the Finest sound -kicks- the man in his head with his hoof.
(08/03/10 17:20:07) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Not like I asked for your measurements, though there's always time for that. Though I'd assume you'd need something."
(08/03/10 17:20:44) SpardaSpinsTales: The man dodges Kheervis' hoof and keeps going. "Haha! Obstacles, eh? This will enhance the testing experience."
(08/03/10 17:23:51) Ariella_Meena: She sighs dramaticly. "I need someone who has half an idea what's going on here. But when I ask for anything, people avoid me like I'm one of the sick ones. Finally I met this poor pathetic creature who asked me if I had a jade to spare. I told her she would get two if she could tell me about this. She pointed me here."
(08/03/10 17:25:50) Kindler_The_Hermit: "I see. Well, I'm glad we managed to trade up at least. Well, it's not my house, but I'm more than willing to share its alcohol with a new guest."
(08/03/10 17:26:01) SpardaSpinsTales: Jacob knocks both men out soundly then proceeds deeper into the forge to find any other of his workers who are being dumb and soundly deal them bashing damage until they are no longer dangers to themselves.
(08/03/10 17:26:24) *Auspicious_Lion eventually makes his way back down to the courtyard, and sighs, walking back over to Kindler. "Man, everyone here has totally lost it." He sees Meena and blinks. "Hey, who's this?"
(08/03/10 17:26:50) Ariella_Meena: "You're very kind. And oh," she smiles. "I like your staff…"
(08/03/10 17:27:22) *Jacob_Goldforge is in the forge! Doing things! TO PEOPLE THAT NEED A GOOD SMACK
(08/03/10 17:30:12) Ariella_Meena: Meena turns her lovely smile to Lion. "Well hello there. Are you the man I want?"
(08/03/10 17:30:59) Kindler_The_Hermit: [Wait, I've got two staves…] Kindler thought long and hard about this before grabbing another piece of salt, then sending Cerano off to scout for where the liquor was kept.
(08/03/10 17:32:39) *Auspicious_Lion blink. Blink blink. "Um, want for what?"
(08/03/10 17:34:16) Ariella_Meena: She pouts prettily. "Well what any girl wants a man like you for, of course." She offers her hand. "I'm Meena. What should I call you?"
(08/03/10 17:34:17) *Silver_Wind sends Kheervis to a nearby stall and then looks over the two men to make sure they were both alright…besides the insanity, unconsciousness, and that one was missing a finger.
(08/03/10 17:34:35) Jacob_Goldforge: There are a few crys of "Oh shit, the boss is back!" followed by a roar and the sound of hammer hitting flesh. It was argueable exactly if it was needed, but the point seemed to have been gotten across, as Jacob came back dragging one unconcious apprentice, with the rest of the sounds of a forge trying to operate following shortly there after.
(08/03/10 17:35:20) Jacob_Goldforge: "I am not happy."
(08/03/10 17:35:31) *Jacob_Goldforge said as the unconcious guy was dropped next to the other two.
(08/03/10 17:35:40) Jacob_Goldforge: "Tie them all up, I need to check my house."
(08/03/10 17:35:54) *Jacob_Goldforge marches towards the house, hammer still in hand, murder in his eyes. +_+
(08/03/10 17:35:58) *Auspicious_Lion clears his throat, and tugs at the collar of his cloak. "Um, I'm Auspicious Lion."
(08/03/10 17:36:26) *Silver_Wind looks up from the two men then nods as she runs back to kheervis, grabbing a thread and neddle
(08/03/10 17:37:10) Ariella_Meena: "Auspicious Lion. How ferocious." She looks him over.
(08/03/10 17:41:16) *Auspicious_Lion grins sheepishly. "Heheh, I guess. You can just call me Lion, though. So, uh, what brings you here for again?"
(08/03/10 17:42:41) *Jacob_Goldforge marches into the house without a word to the circle. The sound of fleshy thumps is likely to follow
(08/03/10 17:42:46) Ariella_Meena: "Oh, I was just telling your wonderful friend Kindler, I was hoping to find an oasis from all this insanity. This is the right place right? To come?" she bites her lower lip, looking up at him through her lashes.
(08/03/10 17:43:25) Auspicious_Lion: "Um…" He sees Jacob stalk into his house. "Looks like it might be in a minute."
(08/03/10 17:44:36) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler's ears twitching at the sound of thumping. "I'm hoping the bodies he's dragging are still breathing."
(08/03/10 17:45:24) *Jacob_Goldforge comes out of the house several times. Each time with a new body. One of them is Ely. All of them APPEAR to be breathing. How nice. Boy. Jacob looks pissed. And methodical.
(08/03/10 17:45:39) Ariella_Meena: "Oh that's all right. Kindler mentioned drinks. Are you up for it?"
(08/03/10 17:46:55) Auspicious_Lion: "Um, I guess? I don't really drink, though…"
(08/03/10 17:47:02) *Jacob_Goldforge stops after a while, next to Lion, and Meena.
(08/03/10 17:47:08) Jacob_Goldforge: "You, newfish. Eyes. Lets see em."
(08/03/10 17:47:14) *Jacob_Goldforge has that hammer in hand…..
(08/03/10 17:47:59) Ariella_Meena: She blinks up at him sweetly with her bright bonnie blue eyes. "Just my eyes? All right then."
(08/03/10 17:48:05) Auspicious_Lion: "Um, it's okay, Jacob, she's not crazy." Shyeah, like he's been looking at her EYES.
(08/03/10 17:48:17) *Silver_Wind comes out of the forge after a bit too, her pants a little bloody around the knee but looking no worse for the wear. "Uh, Jacob I reattached your…man's pinky. I think it'll keep."
(08/03/10 17:48:45) Jacob_Goldforge: "Good. Get enough rope for the staff I just clubbed. Someone fucked with my house."
(08/03/10 17:48:50) *Jacob_Goldforge did not look happy. At -all-
(08/03/10 17:49:03) *Auspicious_Lion HAS been looking at her eyes, according to the Temperance roll he just made.
(08/03/10 17:49:57) Auspicious_Lion: "Um… okay." He goes over to the wagon and starts gathering rope.
(08/03/10 17:50:35) Ariella_Meena: "Oh no! That's terrible. I was told I'd be safe here. That there were powerful heros here."
(08/03/10 17:51:24) Jacob_Goldforge: This left Meena with Jacob.
(08/03/10 17:51:29) Jacob_Goldforge: "Eyes. Lets see em."
(08/03/10 17:52:04) Auspicious_Lion: Fuck the rope. Auspicious Lion's back over there. "Never fear! Your hopes are not in vain! I just happen to be such a person!"
(08/03/10 17:52:22) Ariella_Meena: "Eyes, lips, hair, if you're the right man, you can look at anything you want."
(08/03/10 17:53:09) Jacob_Goldforge: "Right, you're clean. And a lil creepy. Silver! Where'd you put the guy with the pinky?"
(08/03/10 17:53:38) *Jacob_Goldforge stalks off to the forge grumbling and looking in the forge for the "Someone did something really stupid" injury kit."
(08/03/10 17:53:59) Ariella_Meena: She pouts prettily up at Lion. "Did I do something wrong?"
(08/03/10 17:54:11) Silver_Wind: "I left him tied up with the other two guys you knocked out." She watches him stalk into the forge and decides against following the perpetually angry man.
(08/03/10 17:54:14) Auspicious_Lion: "He's just having a bad day, I think."
(08/03/10 17:54:38) *Jacob_Goldforge is going to try to check on the guy who lost a finger. He was responsible for these poor bastards afterall.
(08/03/10 17:54:43) Silver_Wind: "Lion, whose your friend? I thought you hadn't been to Nexus before."
(08/03/10 17:55:22) Ariella_Meena: "Oh that's too bad. Maybe we should find a way to stay out of his way then, until he's cooled down."
(08/03/10 17:55:36) Auspicious_Lion: "Huh? Oh! Well, I have, but that's a story for another time. This is Meena. We just met. She's looking for a place to avoid all the crazy people."
(08/03/10 17:57:53) Ariella_Meena: she smiles warmly. "I hope I'm not intruding. You must feel so safe, such powerful men around."
(08/03/10 17:59:03) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler's chuckling as he put his cart away, using his wooden stick to to find his way toward the house's door. "Just be careful you don't get eaten alive, Lion."
(08/03/10 17:59:09) Silver_Wind: "Hello Meena. I must admit, youre timing is rather fortuitous, we only just arrived her ourselves." Glancing back at the forge for an instant, she turned to Lion. "So, why were you out here instead of inside trying to stop those people?"
(08/03/10 17:59:48) Ariella_Meena: "Oh don't get mad at him!" She touches his arm affectionatly. "I'm afriad I was taking up all his time."
(08/03/10 17:59:55) Auspicious_Lion: "Um, because I thought pummelling them mercilessly would be a little harsh? I was trying to stop them earlier…"
(08/03/10 18:01:30) SpardaSpinsTales: The man is unconscious but you're sure he'd be appreciative.
(08/03/10 18:02:31) Silver_Wind: "Jacob seems to disagree with you but I can understand that sentiment." She eyes Meena a bit before shrugging. It wasn't any of her business. "I'm going to go ask Jacob where the bath is. I'm sure you can ask him about any spare rooms he has for you too Lion."
(08/03/10 18:02:43) *Silver_Wind walks into the forge to find Jacob
(08/03/10 18:03:17) Ariella_Meena: "It was nice meeting you!"
(08/03/10 18:03:40) *Jacob_Goldforge was coming out of the forge after checking on Mr. 4 fingered fury
(08/03/10 18:04:50) *Auspicious_Lion sputters. "I'm not- we're not- she's not- guh." x_x;
(08/03/10 18:05:53) *Jacob_Goldforge eyes Lion, and then the lady, and then the protests.
(08/03/10 18:05:53) Jacob_Goldforge: "Did strike me as a shade violet. Ah well."
(08/03/10 18:05:53) Ariella_Meena: "Are you all right? You look so flustered. Perhaps we should join Kindler for some drinks. Or maybe on me?"
(08/03/10 18:05:53) *Jacob_Goldforge tapped his pipe out against the wall and overlooked the controlled carnage
(08/03/10 18:05:53) Silver_Wind: "Oh Jacob. I was wondering if you could show me to the bath you mentioned earlier. And I believe lion needs a spare room." Her grin can best be described as 'mischeivous'.
(08/03/10 18:06:08) Jacob_Goldforge: "Long as they wash the sheets afterward, since M'down some helper hands at the moment. Bath's second floor third door , right where Ely fell out the damn window. Guest beds are up there too.
(08/03/10 18:06:17) *Jacob_Goldforge gestured to the open window with a lit match before lighting his pipe again
(08/03/10 18:06:31) Auspicious_Lion: "I'm fine. I'm just… a little stressed out. It hasn't been a good couple of days."
(08/03/10 18:07:09) Jacob_Goldforge: "You got it bad? I've got three sites that work with HOT METAL and the chance that the other two have people just as crazy as -these- fuckers."
(08/03/10 18:07:19) Ariella_Meena: "Oh I understand." She hugs his arm close to her. "COme on, a stuff drink and a good massage and you'll feel like a new man."
(08/03/10 18:07:20) *Jacob_Goldforge grumbled and began leaking smoke like the Nexus around him
(08/03/10 18:07:37) *Jacob_Goldforge muttered the word drink and 'happy ending' before stalking towards the house.
(08/03/10 18:07:50) Jacob_Goldforge: "Think we all need a drink. Everyone in."
(08/03/10 18:08:03) *Silver_Wind grins widely towards Lion as she goes inside.
(08/03/10 18:08:22) Silver_Wind: "Take her up on that offer. I'm sure you'll feel much better afterwords." And with that she walks inside.
(08/03/10 18:08:25) Auspicious_Lion: "I… think I'll pass on the drink. It might be better to keep my wits about me with this crazy-plague going around."
(08/03/10 18:08:55) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler stopped in front of what he's assuming is the liquor cabinet.
(08/03/10 18:09:09) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Cerano, if this is mineral water in bottles again, so help me Gods you're on the dinner plate."
(08/03/10 18:09:49) *Auspicious_Lion heads into the house anyways with the rest of the group.
(08/03/10 18:09:54) Ariella_Meena: "Oh well then at least sit with me, tell me all about your adventures. Maybe it will whet your appetite."
(08/03/10 18:10:11) *Jacob_Goldforge loomed behind Kindler, a smoking, angry mountain.
(08/03/10 18:10:30) SpardaSpinsTales: Cerano books it.

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