An ethnography of peoples from Ald to Zephir.

During the Shattering, the houses of men retreated to the safe havens the God of their world called them to, called Demesnes. These places of power flourished and protected the planet's children from the Anathemic while the rest of the world slowly died and was ravaged by the monsters from beyond. The demesnes did not just protect the humans, however, they also CHANGED them, forcing elemental power into their bloodlines, making them evolve into something quite different… The 7 great houses of man have now become 7 distinct races, and humanity as it was is now a fading dream.

Ald - The childlike race of forestfolk of Aldholm, forever pursuing their Viridian Dream.

Chulda - The agile and stealthy plainsfolk of the Golden Havens are beautiful and lithe, with a boundless energy and a hunter's spirit.

Ferriz - The honorable, reptilian desertfolk of the Cellar Ruins, seeking the sunken treasures of their departed past.

Mannor - The harsh, industrious steelfolk of the Magma Streams, living in a merciless meritocracy where the weak are discarded like chaff.

Thane - The dark and secretive underfolk of the Crypt Renouille, rising above what they have evolved to become.

Ysgard - The stout and hearty mountainfolk of the Azure Spears, testing themselves against the dangers of the Broken World.

Zephir - The mysterious, flighty and fae-like waterfolk of the Aqua Veritas, gauzy and ethereal in both mind and body.

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