Venda Fullmantle
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Name: Venda Fullmantle
Class: Oracle
Race: Aasimar
Alignment: Neutral Good
Religion: Enkida/Jagaina
Level: 4
XP: 9000
Age: 24
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 620 lb.

Str: 14(+2)
Dex: 11(+0)
Con: 12(+1)
Int: 10(+0)
Wis: 16(+3)
Cha: 18(+4)

Darkvision 60 ft.
Daylight 1/day
Mystery: Life
Oracle's Curse: Girth(Lame)
Revelation(1): Channel (7/day, 2d6, DC 16)
Revelation(3): Safe Curing

SKILLS (20 ranks)
Diplomacy: +13(Ranks: 4, Ability: 4, Trained: 3, Race: 2)
Heal: +7(Ranks: 1, Ability: 3, Trained: 3)
Planes: +4(Ranks: 1, Ability: 0, Trained: 3)
Religion: +7(Ranks: 4, Ability: 0, Trained: 3)
Perception: +5(Ranks: 0, Ability: 3, Trained: 0, Race: 2)
Profession(Cook): +8(Ranks: 2, Ability: , Trained: 3)
Sense Motive: +10(Ranks: 4, Ability: , Trained: 3)
Spellcraft: +7(Ranks: 4, Ability: 0, Trained: 3)

Extra Channel
Selective Channel

HP: 27
AC: 20(Flat Footed , Touch)
CMD: 15
Move: 15'

Initiative: +0

Fort: +3(+1 base, +1 Con, +1 enhancement)
Ref: +2(+1 base, +1 enhancement)
Will: +8(+4 base, +3 Wis, +1 enhancement
Base Attack Bonus: +3

Combat Maneuvers: +5(+3 base, +2 Str)

+1 Breastplate
+1 Heavy Steel Shield
Masterwork Heavy Mace
Cloak of Resistance +1
Handy Haversack
Scroll Case
Flint and Steel
Grappling Hook
Small Steel Mirror
Belt Pouch
20 days Trail Rations
50 feet Silk Rope
Silver Holy Symbol
Explorer's Outfit
Cleric's Vestments
Courtier's Outfit
50 GP of Jewelry

PP: 0
GP: 102
SP: 9
CP: 0

0(DC 14, at will): Create Water, Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Read Magic, Resistance
1st(DC 15, 7/day): Ant Haul, Bless, Shield of Faith, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Undead
2nd(DC 16 4/day): Bull's Strength, Cure Moderate Wounds
3rd(DC ):
4th(DC ):
5th(DC ):
6th(DC ):
7th(DC ):
8th(DC ):
9th(DC ):

Venda, like other Aasimar, was found newborn in within the walls of her edifice-parent, Jagaina, who had yet to succumb to obsession. She was tended to by the small clergy of her "mother" within the Automat, and had a rather idyllic and pampered childhood. Jagaina's madness began growing during her adolescence, and by time she reached adulthood, much of Jagaina's twisted affection was focused on her beloved child, and it was only when Jagaina separated herself from her physical structure that it abated. But if it weren't for Enkida and her clergy helping her recover from the ordeal, she likely would have remained there, trapped by her own girth for the remainder of her life. The clerics found her shortly after Jagaina's leaving and took her to the gymnasium, where she was able to strengthen herself and return to a more mobile size, and she joined her faith in gratitude. However, she still worried for her fallen mother, as well as for those who suffer her attention as she did, and spends much of her time searching for a way to restore the Fallen Edifices to sanity so she can bring the caring, generous being who raised her back.

Venda's divine heritage is rather apparent in her exotic appearance. Her skin is a deep tan, her eyes are a metallic gold, and her hair is black with hints of purple. The only significant thing that might be a detriment to her stunning looks is the fact that she is extremely overweight, equalling three or even four normal-sized women in bulk. The way she dresses, however, implies that she doesn't see this as a flaw, wearing the tight, revealing style of vestments typical of Enkidan clergy. When she is preparing for battle, she wears a pristine steel breastplate that manages to fit her easily, likely thanks in part to its magical properties. She also wields a diamond-shaped shield and a large warhammer, and wears the holy symbol of Enkida around her neck on a short chain.

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