Tyrian Dreams

The General Rules

22 Standard Point Buy

Human PCs only. Level 3. Everyone starts with one origin bonus. No other backgrounds.

Everyone starts with one free multiclass feat from the available classes.

All implements have their own ranged basic attack. You are considered to have proficiency with any implement you can use powers through. When you buy an implement you decide what type of damage it does out of Psychic, Radiant, Necrotic, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Thunder, Acid or Force. Holy Symbols must be wielded in one hand to be used as a weapon. All implements target AC.
All implements have a range of 10, with no long range possible.

One-handed: Wands/Rods/Holy Symbols/Orbs/Totems: +3 proficiency, 1d6, load free

Two-handed: Staffs/Tomes: +2 proficiency, 1d8, load free, small

All implements may still be used as implements for powers in one hand or the appropriate equipment slot, you must simply use them in the above ways in order to attack with them as weapons on their own.

Example Names

Some names of NPCs to get a feel for the naming scheme of each region.

Northern Tyria: Devona, Thom, Stefan, Cynn, Eve, Aiden, Reyna, Alesia, Lina, Mhenlo, Claude, Orion

Shing Jea and Kaineng Canthan: Jamei, Tai, Kai Ying, Vhang, Nika, Mai, Panaku, Chiyo, Gai, Wan Soon, Chien Po, Ran Su, Kintae.

Kurzick: Rutgard, Vasili, Andrej, Lukas, Skye, Leopold, Gretchen, Karl, Danika, Sheeva, Erys, Brutus

Luxon: Norah, Gratian, Sophie, Dweia, Phoebe, Symeon, Ossian, Eurayle, Rhea, Lexis, Juno, Aurora, Rasmus

Elonan: Kalim, Kailona, Kina, Mehinu, Nenah, Shatam, Dehvad, Modiki, Perdahn, Rendu, Kehjim, Zerai, Ohappa, Turissa, Iresh, Hesham

The Characters

Cho Ryung - Played by Wildfire
Tai Yoku - Played by Andrensath
Hasham Izzet - Played by BB
Roi Tannis - Played by Yurie
Aaren Keisler - Played by Nama


Northern Tyria

Northern Tyria is the largest continent on the planet of Tyria, as the name might imply. It covers a wide range of climates, from the frozen mountains of the Shiverpeaks, to the sweltering jungles of Maguuma, to the hellishly dry deserts of the Crystal Desert. Tyria is home to the largest variety of sentient races, from the dwarves of the mountains, the Forgotten Ones of the desert, the centaurs of the plains and steppes and most terrifyingly the charr of the burning charr homelands. The charr are lead by their shaman caste, who follow the words of the antienc deposed primordial titans rather than the gods and by their will are on a genodical march against the humans, the chosen of their hated enemies, the gods. Most of the charr don't know the true reason they war against the humans, believing the propaganda fed to them by the shamans. Some charr have learned the truth and reject the baseless warfare, some even siding with the humans to try and convince their fellows of the truth: there are no gods for the charr.

The people who hail from Northern Tyria have a wide range of skin colors, mostly paler shades in the east with straight black, brown, blonde or red hair, becoming progressively darker with stranger shades of hair the further west you go.

Ascalon: You are one of the displaced Ascalonians, who lost their home to the Charr invasion known as The Searing over a decade ago. Ascalon city and all it's surrounding glorious lands have been razed and claimed by the Charr, in their place is a fiery, smoke-choked hell of industry, progress and harsh survival. The few human outposts left are in the ruins of Old Ascalon and in landmarks that survived the Gem Missile bombardment such as the Sardelac Sanitarium, Serenity Temple and Grendich Courthouse.
Benefit: All Ascalonians know how to survive. Add Endurance to your class skill list and you can use Intelligence or Wisdom in place of Constitution to calculate HP and Healing Surges.

Kryta: You grew up in or near the great city of Lion's Arch, a simple but beautiful city on the sea. After the King of Kryta fled his throne, fearing for his life after the destruction of Ascalon, the religious order known as the White Mantle became the authority, opposed by the rebels known as the Shining Blades. Benevolent but very strict, the White Mantle seemed to rule fairly, espousing the word of their gods the Unseen Ones. The Unseen Ones were in fact the demons known as the mursaat, lead by a great evil known as the Great Lich. After the Lich's destruction and the exposure of the White Mantle, the Shining Blade instated the heir to the throne, Princess Salma, as their new queen.
Benefit: The people of Kryta have become more wary and insightful from their long years of being lied to and used by the White Mantle. Add Insight to your class list and you can reroll any insight check once, but you must use the second result. You gain +1 to saving throws against Charm and Illusion effects.

The Shiverpeaks: You hail from the human/dwarven city of Droknar's Forge or it's surrounding outposts. A place of great cold, but also of great buried riches, the Near Shiverpeaks have been home to the dwarven people since Tyria's youth. The Shiverpeaks are a dangerous place from its beasts and monster to its treacherous mountain passes and sudden drops into deep mines, not to mention the threat from the xenophobic and isolationist Stone Summit Dwarves. The friendly Deldrimor dwarves have been allied with the humans of Kryta and Ascalon for many generations but the Stone Summit rejects all other sapient races as being soulless and freely enslaving, abusing and killing them.
Benefit The people of the Shiverpeaks have learned much from the dwarves and are hardened to the cold. You add Dungeoneering to your class list and can reroll any Dungeoneering check once but must keep the second result. You also gain 4 Cold Resistance (7 at 11th level, 10 at 21st level).

Maguuma: You hail from the Hedge of Denravi, a region of the jungle once sacred and mostly proof against natural dangers. The sweltering jungles of Maguuma are home to a subset of the Krytan people and were once the home of the Druids, who have all now disappeared for reasons unknown to all. Some say they were devoured by the jungle beasts they thought they shared kin with, others think they just wandered too far into the deep darkness of the jungle and simply… vanished. Maguuma is lush and fertile with a great bounty of plant and animal life but is also dangerous and largely unexplored. Only the very brave venture far from the points of civilization here for long.
Benefit: You add Nature to your class list and can reroll any Nature check once but must keep the second result. You gain +1 to saving throws against poison effects and +2 to checks against disease.

Crystal Desert: You hail from the great Amnoon Oasis or the points of civilization surrounding it, the only human presence in the vast Crystal Desert. The weather in the Crystal Desert is hot and unforgiving. The winds blow hard, making and unmaking dunes, covering up the present and uncovering the past. An examination of the sand will reveal that each grain is actually a tiny, pointed crystal. In isolated locations, larger crystal formations have been revealed by the constant, unforgiving wind. The Desert is dotted by past attempts at human empires in the desert, all of which eventually fell, but the ruins are ripe for the picking if one can survive the deadly sands…
Benefit: Add Endurance to your class list, you can reroll any Endurance check you make but you must use the second result. You gain 4 Fire Resistance (7 at 11th level, 10 at 21st level).


The southernmost region of Tyria is dominated by Cantha, a small continent surrounded by water and largely afflicted by a blight known as the Jade Wind. 200 years ago the emperor of the Kaineng Empire, Cantha's ruling government, was slain by the treachery of his own bodyguard: Shiro Tagachi. Shiro's victory was short lived as he was soon slain by the Assassin known as Kizu, the Kurzick Saint known as Viktor and Archemorus of the Luxons. His death brought about the calamity known as the Jade Wind, for the Dark God Abbadon had given Shiro the soulstealing powers he needed to become as powerful as he was, and when he died a massive wave of pure hatred, evil and necrotic power emanated from him like a bomb. It turned every tree in the Echovald forest into stone, turned the waves of the inner sea into Jade and drove millions away from their homes all over Cantha and packed them into Kaineng City, the legendary metropolis.

Canthans usually have dark hair in blacks, blues and reds but also dye their hair in lighter colors for fashion or personal preference. They have exotic almond-shaped eyes and skin that ranges from pale to golden tan.

Shing Jea: You grew up in and were trained at the secluded, sacred Shing Jea Monastery and it's surrounding villages. Shing Jea Island is a lush, beautiful place whose name literally means "Sea Jewel" in Canthan. It is a place of contemplation but very demanding physical and mental learning as well, many of the greatest people in Cantha grew up in Shing Jea, both good and evil. Headed by the reknowned Ritualist known as Master Togo, anyone who leaves Shing Jea monastery in honor is known as one of the finest of their professions.
Benefits: Anyone who comes from Shing Jea is proficient in martial arts and is physically fit. You can use the higher of your strength or dexterity for attack and damage rolls for any basic attack. You also add Acrobatics and Athletics to your class skill list and gain +1 to any rolls made for Acrobatics and Athletics.

Kaineng City: You grew up in the ancient, sprawling, seemingly endless and bottomless metropolis known as Kaineng City, most likely around Kaineng Center. Before the Jade Wind, the place now called Kaineng Center actually comprised most of Kaineng City, but the ensuing population explosion as citizens fled the affected regions led to an equal expansion of metropolitan boundaries. Kaineng city now takes up a massive portion of Cantha's northwestern areas, a city as large as most COUNTRIES, with at least 3 times the land mass of Shing Jea Island and that doesn't count the vast underground. It has thoroughfares instead of plains, buildings instead of mountains and deep trenches into the sewers instead of valleys.
Benefit: You add Streetwise and Thievery to your class skill list and gain +1 to any rolls made for Streetwise or Thievery. You also gain 1 extra language of your choice and +2 to initiative checks, always on your guard from dark alleyway-roads.

Echovald Forest: You are one of the Kurzick people of House zu Heltzer, a somber and gothic place struck from the afflicted wood. The Echovald Forest is the ancestral home of the Kurzick people. Originally teeming with life, the Jade Wind has since petrified all natural life within the forest. Despite the calamity that has befallen their home, the Kurzicks stayed amidst the stone trees, now heavy with silence where once was filled with the music of life. As the Kurzicks adapted to their new environment and carved dwellings amongst the petrified trees, through the generations, life has found a way back into the forest, with unique species of flora and fauna thriving within the petrified forest.
Benefit: The people of Echovald have become inured to the dark energies that ruined their home and have adapted to their new environment very well. You add Arcana and Nature to your class skill list and gain a +1 to any rolls made for Arcana and Nature. You have 4 Necrotic Resistance (7 at 11th level, 10 at 21st level).

The Jade Sea: You hail from one of the three armadas of the Luxon people of Cavalon, nomads who now wander across the solidified corpse of their once watery realm. Although Cavalon is the Luxon's home settlement, most prefer to stay on the move, returning only once every decade, when the Convocation brings together all of the three armadas. Traders from around the world come to buy the precious jade and rare seashells that the Luxon merchants sell here. The three armadas are the resourceful and merchant-like Crab, the industrious and wise Serpent and the marital and warlike Turtle. Luxons live by following their massive land turtles, beasts of burden who can live with entire houses on their shelled backs and pull dozens of tons of goods without noticing!
Benefit: Add any 2 skills you want to your class skill list and give yourself a +1 bonus to rolls to any 2 skills. Pick one of any of those skills to be trained in.


Elona, land of the Golden Sun, is a place of legend for the rest of the world. Just south and to the east of Northern Tyria, it is connected and seperated from the rest of the continent by the wastes of the Crystal Desert and the horrors of The Desolation, a place still under the undead rule of the evil necromancer Palawa Joko's hordes. The climate is warm throughout, as close to the equator as it is, with wide flat plains and savannas and rollign deserts punctuated by beautiful oases. As the name implies the earth and sand and sun often give the landscape a golden cast to it. The continent is divided up into the countries of Kourna, Vabbi and Istan as well as the "undead nation" of The Desolation, though in truth very few living humans call it home for obvious reasons. Centuries ago the necromancer king Palawa Joko rose an entire army of the undead, a vast horde that threatened to overtake all of Elona. It was the actions of the Kournan warmarshal Turai Ossa that ended the Necromancer's life and rendered his horde directionless and broken, still a danger but now contained in the lands that were already overtaken.

Istan: You come from Kamadan, the jewel of Istan, known as the shining province of Elona. Istan rewards bravery and accomplishment. No word describes its government more than "meritocracy": the best and brightest are rewarded with promotion, and years of service are always recognized. Village elders watch over many towns and outposts, eventually rising to positions of respect and authority on the Council of Elders. The province has its fair share of miscreants and scoundrels, of course—criminals typically sink to the dregs of society—but each dawn in Istan, another hero’s journey begins.
Benefits: You offer a +4 instead of a +2 on any aid another actions you take, including in combat. When you use an action point to take another standard action one ally you can see can spend a healing surge.

Vabbi: You are of the affluent, surpassingly beautiful and cultured land of Vabbi, run by the Plutocracy of Princes. Wealth, charm and image are everything in Vabbi, amphitheaters and conservatories dot every civilized city and at the center of it all is the Kodash Bazaar, a marketplace the size of a city where ANYTHING can be bought and sold. From Vabbi it seems the rest of the world is refined and filtered, where Istani and Ascalonian heroes are portrayed in theater, songs are written of the ancient Dragon Empire of Cantha and where idealistic youths strike out every day for more and better places and things.
Benefit: Add Diplomacy and Bluff to your class skill list and gain a +1 to any rolls made for Diplomacy and Bluff. You know how to make money: whenever you sell an item you gain 20% more from it's sale than normal.

Kourna: You are one of the hardworking, loyal and steadfast people of Kourna. For centuries, Kourna has had a military government, and its leaders have been direct descendents of Warmarshal Turai Ossa. Inspired by his example, Kournans revere loyalty, patriotism, a strong sense of duty, and dedication to military service. Not every Kournan is a soldier, but farmers laboring in the fields and crafters slaving in workshops know the value of a safe and secure province. The strength of the state depends on loyalty to its leaders. Pacified Centaur laborers add to the province’s muscle. Typical Kournan dedication drives citizens to work hard for prosperity—in fact, the entire nation relies on the province’s agriculture and handiwork. Kournan adventurers go to war secure in the knowledge that their swords are well-tempered and their armor well-made, forged as surely as the soldiers who wield them.
Benefit: Choose one weapon or implement you're proficient with, you deal +1 damage with that weapon or implement. Whenever you spend an action point to take a standard action you get a +2 bonus to any skill checks, attack rolls, ability checks or saving throws made in that turn.


Common: The common tongue of Tyria, most often used for trade and as the home tongue throughout Kryta and Ascalon.

Canthan: Used by the people of Cantha, also includes knowledge of reading and understanding Old Canthan.

Elonan: Used by the people of Elona and also widely known by artists, writers and actors the world around.

Dwarven: Spoken by the Dwarves of both factions and the Norn people.

Primordial: The ancient tongue of elementals and Titans.

Celestial: The tongue of the Gods and their servants, often spoken by monks and priests and to communicate with many entities from beyond the physical plane.

Abyssal: A dark and disturbingly singsong language spoken by demons of many ilks such as the Margonites and the Mursaat, also used by the servants of the traitor god Abbadon.

Old Tyrian: A very old form of Common that was used by the Titan's slaves and the free people that arose after their deposement and banishment. Can be found in many old ruins.

Tengu: Its' very difficult for humans to learn to speak tengu but they can understand it fine. The language includes some difficult to make sounds thanks to the Tengu beak as well as, interestingly enough, the positioning of tail plumage and height of head feather crests.

Centaur: A guttural, ululating language. Sometimes other races insult the Centaurs by calling them "nag-tongues."

Dredge: The strange chittering tongue of the mole-folk.

Asuran: A very complex language with metaphors that are expressed through equations and over 12 different verb tenses. Asurans usually teach "booka" (non-Asurans) a less formal dialect of their language.

The Professions

The Professions are broad categories of power relegated to certain places in society and formally taught as heroic careers. It is said that the Professions were passed down by the Gods themselves, the knowledge of magic and martial arts and devotion passed along with the philosophies that make up the paths that each person following a Profession takes. Though there are a limited number of professions there are many ways to go about following one, different focuses for your power, different choices to be made.

Note that the restricted builds only require those class abilities to be taken, they do not prevent you from taking any powers as you can reflavor them. These aren't hard and fast restrictions, just guidelines for the proper flavor and role of the profession.

(Allowed DnD Classes and builds):(Guild Wars Profession) - (notes)

Dragon or Storm Sorcerer or Staff or Wand Wizard: Elementalist - Whether focusing on one element almost to the exclusion of others or becoming a generalist who mixes things up, the Elementalist is the master of the physical forces of the world. In society they use this mastery and their vast knowledge to act as workers in the sciences, gathering in colleges and peer boards.
Profession Benefit: Energy Storage: Once per encounter when an Elementalist has exhausted all of their daily attack powers and encounter attack powers they can spend a move action to regain the use of one encounter attack power until the end of their next turn.

Devoted or Shielding Cleric or Protector or Virtuous Paladin: Monk - The devoted servants of the words of the Gods. Where normal people merely follow the Gods' teachings, monks CHAMPION them, they wield both mercy and wrath and walk the path of the faithful, tending to the spiritual needs of the people of Tyria. Monks employ a direct conduit to the gods, and the answers to their prayers come in the form of healing and protection for their allies and damage to their enemies.
Profession Benefit: Dwayna's Kiss: Once per encounter when you become bloodied one ally you can see regains health equal to the higher of your charisma or wisdom modifier. If that ally is bloodied they regain health equal to TWICE your charisma or wisdom modifier. (5+wisdom or charisma modifier at 11th level, 15+wisdom or charisma modifier at 21st level.)

Beastmaster or Bow Ranger or Bloodbond Seeker: Ranger - Rangers are unique in their ability to succeed with the help of, or even in spite of, their environment. Wily and agile survivors, they are one with the wilderness, calling upon their natural surroundings for aid, surviving by the string of their bow and most importantly lending this ability to others. Rangers master the places most people fear the most, acting as guides, escorts and experts on the wild.
Profession Benefit: Expertise: Once per encounter a Ranger can make one encounter power they use have the Reliable tag after they've seen their attack roll, unless they roll a natural 1.

Cunning or Valorous Bard or Telepath Psion: Mesmer - A master of illusion, misdirection, and control, the Mesmer subverts the damage-dealing capabilities of others, manipulating their perceptions to achieve personal goals. Wielding illusion and a plethora of psychic tricks and traps, Mesmers are a mysterious and cunning force indeed. In society they use their mastery of illusion and psychic might to become surpassing actors, singers, dancers, diplomats and con men.
Profession Benefit: Fast-Casting: Choose an at-will attack power you know. You may use that power, unaugmented for psions, as a minor action once per encounter. Each time you level up you may change the at-will attack power to another at-will attack power.

one-handed or two-handed Fighter or Tactical or Inspiring Warlord: Warrior - Warriors rely on stout hearts, brute strength, and melee weapons to subdue their enemies and protect their allies. They generally disdain long-range warfare, preferring instead to charge directly into the fray swinging their weapon of choice. They can take a beating unlike anyone else. Warriors are equally comfortable wielding axe, hammer, or sword or anything else they can get their hands on, though many choose to master one weapon over all others.
Profession Benefit: Balthazar's Strength: Once per encounter when you make an attack you may choose which defense it targets and gain a +1 to the attack roll. (+2 at 11th level, +3 at 21st level.)

Vestige Pact or Dark Pact Warlock or Summoner Wizard: Necromancer - Necromancers are masters of the dark arts, calling on the spirits of the dead, and even death itself, to overpower enemies and assist allies. They subvert the dark and draw upon the essences of weakened or dying foes to power their own talents, they use spirit matter and the bodies of the dead to create their own minions and weave curses upon them to bring them low. Still, they often use these dark powers for good, for their country, and they act as historians, undertakers and the guardians of old and ancient places, experts at dealing with the undead and living alike.
Profession Benefit: Soul-Reaping: Once per encounter when a non-minion enemy within 10 squares of you is reduced to 0 hit points or lower you may gain a number of temporary hit points equal to 3+that enemy's level. (6+enemy's level at 11th level, 10+enemy's level at 21st level.)

Bleak Disciple Assassin or Centered Breath or Stone Mountain Monk: Assassin - The Assassin walks the shadows, a deadly viper ready to strike at the heart when the enemy least expects it, nowhere and everywhere all at once. With blade or their own bodies they use the powers of the shadow and draw upon their own minds and bodies to hunt down their enemies, whether for money, vengeance, philosophy or personal duty. Many wish Assassins weren't required in the world, but they've done both good and ill for as long as there as been history to record their deeds.
Profession Benefit: Critical Strikes: Once per encounter an assassin may increase the critical threat range of an attack they make to 18-20. If the threat range is already 18-20 or higher they decrease the minimum range by 1. (ex. 18-20 to 17-20)

World Speaker, Stalker or Protector Shaman or Summoner Druid: Ritualist - By calling upon those who have left this world, the Ritualist is able to strengthen his allies, weaken his foes, call upon spirits, and mend the wounds of those who have been maimed. Some can take the spirits into themselves and change their forms, others focus on bringing healing from the ancestor spirits and ghosts to the heroes of the present. Ritualists are conduits to the worlds beyond the one in which we live, whether the lands of the dead or the realms of the fae and shadowy creatures that live invisibly alongside us every day.
Profession Benefit: Spawning Power: Once per encounter a Ritualist can make an immediate intterupt to increase the defenses of their companion and/or any active summons and conjurations by their wisdom modifier until the end of their next turn when their companion or any of their summons or conjurations is attacked.

Pursuing Avenger or Ensnaring or Assault Swordmage: Dervish - Serving the gods as holy warriors, dervishes stand confidently in the whirlwind of conflict. Ascetics and wanderers, they seek perfection of the self, piety and connection to the divine above all else. They bring their skills to bear in war and in peace, dancing the ancient prayers to the common folk and protecting them with whirling weapons and elemental fury. Wandering the savannahs and deserts of Elona, the faithful Dervish chants prayers to the earth and wind… and the fury of the sandstorm answers in response.
Profession Benefit: Mysticism: Once per encounter you can use an immediate interrupt to make any effect that you caused on an enemy or that you caused to yourself that is about to end last until the end of your next turn. This includes effects that have been saved against.

Euphoric Ardent or Defiant Runepriest: Paragon - Paragons are the guardian angels of Elona, humanity’s champions against malefic threats. They rally the valiant with shouts and chants, aiding others through inspiration and motivation. A Paragon’s best weapons rely on an insightful mind, a courageous spirit, and a charismatic voice. They are often warleaders, orators, viziers, and all are courageous heroes. They project their uplifting spirits through potent symbology, rallying cries and sheer force of will.
Profession Benefit: Leadership: Once per encounter until the end of their next turn Paragons may spend a minor action to increase the radius of any active or activated aura effects and close bursts by 1. (2 at 11th level, 3 at 21st level)

The Setting

The World Map


The Gods of Tyria are very present in the lives of those who revere them, their avatars answering prayers in the limited fashion they can, though blessings, enchantments and advice, at the sacred shrines of the Gods. They have made it clear that Humanity is their chosen people, appearing in human forms and favoring them above all others. As such, the other races have gods of their own.

Divine heroes of one of the gods can choose to trade the radiant damage tag from a power they take for one of two damage types provided by their god. They can only make this choice when the power is taken or if they retrain the power later.

Dwayna: Dwayna watches the world from the heavens, beatifically observing humanity. Healing Monks, Restoration Ritualists (shamans) and Air Elementalists consider her their patron goddess, but countless heroes in need of healing whisper her name in prayer. Dwayna speeds travelers on their journeys, and when her followers are in danger, she sends down lightning from the skies to punish their enemies. In works of art, Dwayna is often shown as a tall, slender woman rising above the ground on feathered wings. In Cantha she is depicted with images of honored ancestors at her feet. Divine heroes of Dwayna can trade radiant damage for lightning or thunder.
Domains: Hope, Life, Protection

Grenth: Necromancers revere Grenth, as do Water Elementalists, who often punish their enemies with chilling cold. The Assassins of Cantha pay homage to Grenth, and rarely take on a job unless a priest of Grenth places a blessing upon the task. Ritualists, who speak to and control the darker forces of the underworld, also draw strength from Grenth’s teachings. When the world is at its darkest, fearful souls pray to him as a means of last resort. Worship of Grenth requires sacrifice. Any path to his hidden secrets tests the soul as much as it does the mind. His acolytes and cultists know that the veil between worlds is thin, but if they can pay a price of blood and souls, the bodies of the dead will rise up and wreak havoc in the world of the living. The faithful know that when they die, their souls will eventually pass on to the Mists…but they still pray to Grenth, so that he may ease their suffering along the way. Monuments to Grenth portray him with the body of a man and the narrow skull of a beast. Divine heroes of Grenth can trade radiant damage for cold or necrotic. Domains: Death, Fate and Winter

Melandru: The goddess of earth and nature, Melandru is the favored god of Rangers, Dervishes and earth Elementalists. It is said the Maguuma druids at one time worshipped this deity, but there are none alive today who can confirm the truth of this rumor. Melandru is frequently depicted as a human female torso whose lower body is the trunk, branches, and roots of a living tree. Her statues attract weary travelers. Beneath her branches await plenty of fresh water and shelter from the elements. Divine heroes of Melandru can trade radiant damage for poison or acid. Domains: Freedom, Wilderness, Change

Balthazar: The god of war and fire, Balthazar is often worshipped by Warriors, Paragons, Dervishes and Elementalists, though there are Monks who have been known to follow his scriptures as well. Army commanders and guild lords will often say a few words to the Bastion of Martial Glory before leading their followers into battle. Balthazar is frequently shown holding a greatsword, its tip lodged in the ground, with a pair of battle hounds sitting at attention at his feet. Divine heroes of Balthazar can trade radiant damage for fire or thunder. Domains: War, Justice, Strength

Lyssa: The patron goddess of Mesmers, Dervishes and Assassins wears many masks, appearing in myriad forms. Patrons of the arts effusively praise her particularly in the courts of wealthy Vabbi but some fear her as a temperamental goddess. Behind her beautiful façade, some say, she maintains a deep communion with chaos. Displays of art and culture please her, but her wrath is terrible to behold. Her followers use her magic for illusion, trickery, and deception, twisting the magic of others to suit their own goals. By her whims, her enemies are brutalized by despair and hopelessness, while her beautiful followers are elevated to heights of rapture. Divine heroes of Lyssa can trade radiant damage for psychic or force. Domains: Arcana, Creation, Luck

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