Truck Stop Game


Built with base nWoD rules!

Nicholas Lowell
Linden Avery
Jaymie Elderton
Connor Brennan
Vanessa Elliot
Edward Stagg
Aura Valdez


Current Total: 15

Session Logs

Session 1 - Rain and fog. Impenetrable darkness. A baleful woman's slasher smile. A grandmother's courage and the power of a child.

Session 2 - A reprieve after the storm. Resting in a small town. Safety for now, but for how long?

NPC Files

As important NPCs are introduced or revealed, some snippets will go up about them here.

Ruthie Avalon (Deceased) - A self-described "witch." Gave her life in a massive display of power, delaying the dark ones so the crew could escape.

Cody - An 11 year old boy with mocha skin, bright blue eyes and dark hair. Possesses an uncommon beauty for one so young and animals seem to love him instinctively. Ruthie said he's "special in ways even those of us who know the dark are fascinated by."

Lady - A middle aged but pretty lesbian trucker. When the gangl eft and Ruthie sacrificed herself she turned up missing. Current status unknown.

Other Notes

Go ahead and leave any other info you'd like here! Fiction, playlists, etc.

Nick's Playlist
Lynne's Pen
Nessa's Blog - Yes, this is online IC.

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