Vox Sanitas

They went here, who saw it happen, and knew only resolve.

Start with essence 3, you may not increase it. Lunars and Solars only. If you have a background above 3, let me know. Also run merits and flaws by me.

Kindler the Hermit - Played by Raiden
Jacob Goldforge - Played by Hammersmith.
Iselsi Yumita - Played by Andrensath
Auspicious Lion - Played by Obsidian Overlord
Silver Wind - Played by Wolfblade
Ariella - Played by Pelecindertind

Vox Populi

Allies, lovers, bystanders, if they're important and you'd like them included, pop them in here.

Kheervis - Silver Wind's Familiar
Cerano - Kindler's Familiar

What… Are… They…?

You will know when it is time. They will go here.

The Entreaty to Nihilistic Broken Conviction, Clearing All In It's Path

The Analyst of Burning Hearts - The culprit?

The Shattered Hope for Compassion, Whose Tears Have Dried.

The Craven Killer of Foolish and Most Honourable Valor, Black Blade In Hand

The Mad Loss of Calming and Center Temperance, Unbound and Unrelenting

Odds, Ends, Things That Should Not Be

Fiction, art, personal journals, playlists, whatever else you like can go here! :3

Silver Wind & Kheervis - A picture of the two
Marukan Wedding — A story of Silver Wind's wedding
Sun Tempered- Jacob Goldforge's journal during his Southern Trade expedition.
Kindler's Collection - A collection of items Kindler has gathered from the journey.

Visions of the Past

Session 1: Battle of Tsingyan
Session 2: We'll always have Nexus

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