Tome Of Battle/Pathfinder Homebrew And Updates


Basic Guidelines. Many ideas and revisions come from this document and grarrrg of Giant in the Playground forums.

Martial Study can be taken as a feat for all classes as normal.

Altered Feat: Adaptive Style: Once per encounter you can change your list of readied maneuvers using a full round action. Once per day this allows you to regain any spent maneuvers as well. At level 11 this becomes twice per day.

Tome of Battle classes

Tome of Battle classes replace uses of Concentration with Perception and replace skills with Pathfinder skills where applicable. (Listen/Search/Spot for Perception. Balance/Tumble/etc. with Acrobatics)

Anything that increases AC or Attack Bonus also increases CMD or CMB respectively.


Rogues and ninjas can take Martial Study as a talent they can choose multiple times. This does not count against the maximum number of martial study feats they can have. They can only choose maneuvers from Shadow Hand or Setting Sun using this option. They can regain a maneuver they possess through virtue of this talent or with the Martial Study feat with a full round action.

Summoner: Adept Eidolon

Using the Summoner's level as their Initiator level, Eidolons may learn maneuvers for 2 evo points each and stances for 3 evo points each. They can use each maneuver they know once per encounter.

Martial Adept Archetypes

Barbarian Adept

Focused Fury

At level 1 a Barbarian gains the Iron Heart and Tiger Claw disciplines. His Initiator level for these disciplines is equal to his Barbarian level. He gains one maneuver from one of these disciplines.

He can use any Maneuver he knows by spending a number of Fury points equal to the level of the Maneuver.

He gains a Fury Pool equal to 4+CON modifier, and gains an additional +2 Fury every level after first.

The Fury Pool can be replenished by using a Full Round Action to vocalize in some way either through battle song, a howl of rage or even a disturbingly serene soliloquy. Doing so replenishes the barbarian's CON modifier in Fury Points.

This ability replaces Rage.

Controlled Fury (a.k.a. Anger Management)
At 2nd level, and every even level thereafter, a Barbarian learns his choice of a new Maneuver or Stance from his disciplines.

At 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, a Barbarian can retrain a Maneuver of his choice (he must still meet all Maneuver Pre-reqs, etc…).

This ability replaces Rage Powers

Heightened Fury
At 5th level, and every 5 levels thereafter, reduce the Fury cost of using Maneuvers by 1 (minimum 1).

This ability replaces Greater Rage, Tireless Rage and Mighty Rage

Fighter Adept

Martial Training:
At level 1 you gain the disciplines Stone Dragon and Tiger Claw. Your Initiator level for these Disciplines is equal to your Fighter level.

You immediately gain Martial Study as a Bonus feat. You also add it to your list of possible Fighter bonus feats.

Anytime you take Martial Study it MUST be used to select a Maneuver from these disciplines.

You may take the Martial Study feat as often as you like.

This replaces the 1st level Bonus feat and Tower Shield Prof.

Martial Training 2:

At level 2, as a Move Action you can Recover up to 2 Maneuvers you know through Martial Study.

This replaces Bravery

Weapon Training
Instead of choosing from the standard Fighter Weapon Groups, you can also choose from among your chosen Disciplines, gaining the bonus on the associated weapons of that Discipline.

This ability otherwise functions the same as normal Weapon Training

Martial Training 3

At 8th level you choose another Discipline: Diamond Mind, Iron Heart or White Raven.

Your initiator for this Discipline is equal to your Fighter level minus 4.

You gain Martial Study as a Bonus Feat, the Maneuver selected must be from the Discipline you just chose.

This replaces the 8th level Bonus Feats.

Martial Training 4

At 14th level you gain one of the remaining two disciplines from level 8 as another Discipline.

Your Initiator level for this Discipline is Fighter level minus 7

You gain Martial Study as a Bonus Feat, the Maneuver selected must be from the Discipline you just chose.

This replaces the 14th level bonus feat.

Monk of the Way

The Way

At level 1 a Monk gains the Setting Sun and Diamond Mind diciplines. They learn 2 maneuvers and 1 stance chosen from these disciplines. They count their monk level as their initiator level for these disciplines.

At levels 2, 4, 6, 10, 14 and 18 they learn an additional maneuver or stance. At levels 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 they may choose an additional maneuver.

Monks may use any maneuver they know once per encounter. They may spend a ki point to regain an expended maneuver as a free action.

This class feature replaces Monk bonus feats and Stunning Fist.

Paladin Adept

Spontaneous Spirit

At level 1 a Paladin gains the White Raven and Devoted Spirit disciplines. They count their Paladin level as their Initiator level for these disciplines.

You know 1 maneuver and 1 stance from among these disciplines.

Every 3 levels after 1 (4, 7, 10, etc…) he may learn another Maneuver, or a Stance, from Devoted Spirit or White Raven.

A Paladin does not have to Ready his Maneuvers as most Initiators do. Instead he is granted a limited number of Maneuver Uses per Encounter, and he can spend these uses on any Maneuver that he knows.

At level 1 a Paladin gets 1 Maneuver per Encounter, this increases by 1 use every 3 levels, to a max of 7/Encounter at level 19.

As a Full Round action you can regain the use of 1 Maneuver (similar to a Swordsage).

This replaces Paladin Spellcasting.

Devoted Bond

The Paladin Adept may only form a Divine Bond with his Weapon. This ability otherwise functions the same as Divine Bond.

This ability changes the Divine Bond ability.

Ranger Adept

Wild Initiate

Functions as the Paladin Adept's Spontaneous Spirit, save that they gain the Tiger Claw and Raging Storm disciplines.

This replaces Ranger Spellcasting.

Company Bond

The Ranger Adept may only form a bond with their companions. This ability otherwise functions as Hunter's Bond.

This ability changes the Hunter's Bond ability.

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