The Vampyre Billy Barnes

Billy Barnes

Name: Billy Barnes
Type: Undead


(4 Drawback points spent)

Strength: 7
Dexterity: 7
Constitution: 5
Intelligence: 2
Perception: 3
Willpower: 4

Life Points: 58/58

Essence Points: 64/64


Vampyre: 15 (From Metaphysics Points)

Attractiveness: 2 (+2 to social tests)
Charisma: 2 (+2 to social tests)
Acute Hearing: 2 (+3 to perception tests involving hearing.)
Acute Smell: 2 (+3 to perception tests involving smell.)
Fast Reaction Time: 2 (Goes first during initiative without needing to roll, +1 on saves against fear.)
Situational Awareness: 2 (+2 on Perception rolls to notice danger or surprise or to defeat Stealth.)
Increased Essence Pool: 3 (+15 points to Essence Pool)


Bloodthirst: 4 (Metaphysics points only)
Resources (Hurting): 4
Bad Luck (-1): 3


(3 drawback points spent)

*Acrobatics: 2
Brawling: 2
First Aid: 2
Intimidation: 2
Magic Theory: 1
Occult Knowledge: 1
Myth and Legend: 1
Notice: 3
Seduction: 2
Smooth Talking: 3
Weight Lifting: 1
Stealth: 2
Streetwise: 3


(+4 points from drawbacks)

Vampyre Template

+3 to physical attributes
+20 Essence

Creature of Essence and Flesh

Enter the Threshold: Can project into the twilight shores and speak to the recently deceased.

Blood Vampirism: Gain 1 essence for every 2 life points drained from a victim.

Essence Evolution: +1 permanent essence for every 50 essence absorbed.

Regeneration: +Willpower Life Points at the end of every turn.

Manipulations of the Flesh: Can grow fangs and claws or make themselves beautiful or terrible. Claws: 1d6(3) x Str slashing damage, Beauty: +5 on social tests, Horror: -6 to others fear tests.

Semblance of Life: Costs 2 essence per day to stay alive, or 1 essence every other day to live but be obviously undead.

Vulnerability to Sunlight: Sunlight causes a -1 penalty to all actions and drains 1 essence every minute of exposure.

Vampyre Powers

Manipulate Emotion: Can create emotions with a simple Willpower test. Mortal resist with a difficult willpower test, supernaturals with a simple willpower test. Costs target's (Willpower) in essence.
Greater Shifting: Can transform into a crow for 2 essence per hour or a horse for 10 essence per hour.
Mirage: Can create visual illusions within the vampire's vicinity and their own person. Costs 5 essence and lasts for one hour on each level of success on a simple Willpower test.


Description and History



Billy's life has some sort of clockwork because something major seems to happen every even year. When he was born it was without incident or fanfare, his parents were happy to have a child but his conception was… unexpected at best and so he was accepted with a tinge of bitterness. His father wasn't certain that he was in fact the boy's biological father. At age 2 he came down with a nasty case of the chicken pox. At age 4 he threw up on his own birthday cake. At age 6 he had a very uncomfortable encounter with one of his uncles that thankfully his mother was able to intervene in. At age 8 his mother died, a terrible accident involving a drunken semi-truck driver and a long fall off a tall cliff, she punched right through the divider after the impact. At age 10 he finally started to not feel as awful about her death, which bothered him more than it was a relief. At age 12 he and his father were already growing apart, little things chipping away at their relationship. At age 14 he was caught in his room kissing another boy and his father had to restrain himself from throwing his son out, he did not restrain himself from striking Billy's little friend and striking Billy later on, more fiercely. At age 16 Billy was growing more independent, but no less kind for it, despite his father's reactions and the subsequent treatment he remained sunlight and sugar to everyone except perhaps himself. At age 18 his father finally kicked him out, but thankfully just to college. Billy doesn't visit home, his dad doesn't call him, he just funds Billy's education as long as he keeps getting passable grades.

At age 20 he was sure nothing bad was going to happen, it had been all year and nothing worse than normal. Then his friends decided they were going to snatch him up and get him into a 21+ club so he could hang out until he could legally drink at midnight. He danced with some handsome boys, ended up ducking into the back alley with one, heart fluttering a mile a minute as he was sure he'd lose his virginity that night… And then the bite came, and subtly painful euphoria, blood and living essence pouring out and cold leeching in until he was covered in darkness and awoke at the shores of an infinite ocean. He caught only a glimpse before he was over come with the URGE to return, he ran from those shores and when he came to a stop he was slamming into his own dead body, slowly getting to his feet in the very alley he was left for dead, as the very sort of creature that had taken his life in the first place.

Billy aches to find the Vampyre that killed him, to what end he doesn't yet know. His new condition is awe-inspiring to him, but also has made his life much harder. He has to contrive to his closest friends reasons to be active mostly at night and even then he spends many of those nights with an entirely new group of friends. Billy's a social butterfly if anything, however, and is using the support from his new friends in the hidden world to ease the pain of having to be separate so often from his mortal friends.


1. Billy totally relies on his cute face and lovable personality to get him past trouble, but the secret is he doesn't realize that he's doing it half the time.
2. Billy and his father George have a very strained relationship, they're on a mutual vow of silence so they can live together without arguing.
3. Billy has two friends, Rick and Deacon, who both were in short relationships with him before deciding to go back to girls permanently. He's sure he turns bi boys straight now.
4. Billy misses the sun, but not for sentimental reasons. He used to love taking naps in it and getting tans.
5. His favorite teacher is Ms. Delilah Bernstein, Del to everyone. She teaches world history and international concerns classes and dirtbikes on the weekends. She's Jewish but breaks kosher all the time.
6. If you pet Billy's fauxhawk he makes embarassing noises.
7. Billy's not a good singer unless he's in the shower.
8. Billy owns plenty of electronics, most of them portable since he's never sure when he'll have to pick up and go. (Alienware laptop, PSVita, 3DS, Android Phone)
9. Billy has a problem with watching his hands when he feeds. They wander!
10. The Q in Billy's name stands for Quincy, but he sometimes tells people it stands for Q-bert.
11. Billy's kissed and touched and heavy petted but he's never gone all the way in any shape or form. The Vampyre who killed him came the closest. This means he's a Big Fat Virgin.
12. If you want to make fun of Billy, make a jab at his feet. He thinks they're big and stupid looking.

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