The Swans

The Swans are not easy to miss; just look for flock of girls clad in white, usually proceeded by a parting of the student body as they walk down the halls, and sometimes followed by hangers-on or fans who desperately want their attention.

The Swans are the reigning queens of Class A. Though a relatively small clique, they comprise the creme-De-la-creme of the student body in wealth, prestige, and authority. Though they don't exercise any actual authority in terms of policy, they can make life hell for anyone who provokes the wrath of their queen. More than one unfortunate soul has found themselves made a social pariah for offending the Swans.


Cygna Lannister - The Swan Queen herself, Cygna is about as archetypical a prima donna as one can get. Tall, blonde and gorgeous, Cygna is the head of the cheerleading squad, valedictorian, and incredibly wealthy thanks to her family's influence within the TAMS. Though she puts on a sweet face for the teachers, she's actually far more unpleasant; she despises non-humans and non-mages, and has a particular loathing for half-humans.

Alice Bursard - Cygna's left-hand girl and lead photographer for the student paper, Alice serves as the Swan's source of compromising photographs and blackmail material. Frighteningly loyal to Cygna, Alice is more than happy to do whatever she asks; if Cygna asked her to jump off the school, she would in a heartbeat.

Siobhan 'The Sword' O'Shay - Cygna's right hand and reigning dueling champion for two years, Siobhan serves as Cygna's personal vassal and bully. Slim, taciturn and red-headed, Siobhan follows Cygna around just behind her right shoulder, ready to step in if someone tries to trouble Cygna. However, Siobhan has many, many misgivings about Cygna's behavior, and tries her best to reign in her worse impulses.

Kikyo Tienzaki - Heiress to the Tienzaki Group's fortune and a onmyoji in training, Kikyo has her fingers in more than a few pies, particularly anything that involves geomancy. Cygna and Kikyo are old friends from elementary school, and are inseperable.

Beatrice Camille-Galois - Cheerful, bubbly and easy-going, this French witch seems like someone who wouldn't really fit in with the Swans. However, Beatrice runs the Fashion club with an iron fist, and her happy-go-lucky persona will quickly vanish if someone offends her personal sense of aesthetics.

Elana von Rezzori - Often called 'The Black Swan,' Elana is one of the only publicly non-human members of The Swans. Being a Countess level Noble Vampire from a long and very noble bloodline from Romania, Elana often flouts Cygna's commands and authority within the clique for her own personal amusement. Cygna, of course, refuses to do anything about it because Elana terrifies her.

Maria Segovia de la Luna - One of the most recent 'acquisitions' of The Swans, Maria is an animal lover and a generally kind girl. However, underneath her aristocratic Spanish nature beats something far more primal and dangerous, which tends to surface when someone offends her. Maybe she has secrets that she doesn't want the other Swans to know about?

Tian Xi Song - A very aggressive and bright witch from a long-lived Chinese dynasty, Tian Xi Song's legal predilections and study in law make her an expert in the Academy's rules and regulations. Some say that Cygna is grooming her to take over as the leader of the Swans when she graduates, but both girls would never admit to it.

Farida Chalthoum - Descended from a long line of Egyptian priests and magi, Farida makes the other Swans nervous due to her skill in necromancy and her talent for ferreting out uncomfortable secrets. It's said that Farida's little black book contains more than enough secrets to ruin anyone she wants. Thankfully, she seems to like Cygna… for now.

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