The Passenger

Passenger is a template that is attached to another class. It augments other classes, as described below.

Bound to the Conduit (Su): You are bound to a single Ark. This binding provides you with your special Conduit capabilities, any loss of this connection in any way prevents you from using any abilities from this template. Through this bond you always know where your Ark is by the direction and you can communicate with your Ark telepathically as long as you are within 1 mile of them.

Conduit Theme (Su): You possess your Arkmage's version of the following abilities along with all the restrictions and abilities thereof.

Energy Substitution: The Ark must choose up to 2 energy types that fit the theme they have selected. Any effect or spell that has an energy type instead may use one of these energy types, selected upon gaining the spell or effect.

Theme Focus: Several Ark and Potentia abilities are constrained by the theme the Ark has chosen. You can't use these abilities when it would be counter to your theme! For instance, a Fire Conduit cannot use Cold energy or use abilities that would destroy fire or promote cold. This focus extends to their spellcasting choices. A Love conduit could never learn any spells dealing with hate or fear. When using abilities in line with your theme you may treat your user level for the ability as one higher than normal. For a Passenger these restrictions only extend to their Binding Gifts and their Unlock Potential ability.

Theme Sense: You can sense events, places and sources important to your theme as long as they are no further than a mile away from you.

Potentia Pool (Su): You have a Potentia pool of 1. Any additional Potentia must be donated to you by your Ark. Your own Potentia returns to you when your Ark refills their own Potentia pool.

Unlock Potential (Su): You can spend a point of Potentia to give you a +2 bonus on any skill check, attack roll, ability check or saving throw you make. As long as the action would be in line with your Conduit Theme you instead enjoy a +4 bonus. This is a free action that can only be done once per round.

Gifts of the Binding (Su): You begin with 1 binding gift selected from the following list. Each binding gift effect takes 1 potentia to use and is a free action, but you may only use 1 gift in a round. You may only have 1 iteration of any gift active at a time. You gain an additional gift at levels 5, 10 and 15.

-Awaken: You wake up from a sleeping or unconscious state. If you had less than 0 hit points, you are now at 0 hit points.

-Augment Weaponry: Any weapons you are currently wielding in your hands count as magic and deal an additional +1d6 energy damage of a type represented by your Conduit. This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your level. At level 8 this ability gives you +2d6 damage and at level 16 it gives you +3d6.

-Baneful Tenacity: You may increase the DC of a spell or effect you cause by +4.

-Bypass Steel: You ignore 5 DR on attack rolls you make for the next 1/2 your level in rounds. This DR reduction increases by 5 at levels 5, 10 and 15.

-Bypass Will: For the next round you gain a +4 to any checks you make against Spell Resistance.

-Core Gift: You may give your Arkmage an amount of Core Points equal to half your level.

-Concord: You gain an immediate will saving throw against any effects currently active on you that allow a save against will.

-Flexibility: Choose a skill, for the next hour that skill is a class skill for you.

-Fiend Hunter: For the next hour you gain the use of a single Ranger Favored Enemy trait.

-Iron Thews: Until your potentia pool refills, increase your carrying weight to 1-1/2 times normal and add +4 to any ability checks using Strength (but not attacks or damage).

-Life Surge: You regain 1d6 HP. This amount increases by 1d6 at every level that is a multiple of 5. (2d6 at level 5, 3d6 at level 10 etc) This ability can't be used when already unconscious.

-Might: You gain an immediate fortitude saving throw and against effects currently active on you that allow a save against fortitude.

-Necessity is the Mother: You can produce a single item as long as it would be convenient for your current situation, costs 100 GP or less and is not unique. (A key to a common area or a handy dinghy would be fine, but signed documents or the key to a specific person's room would not.)

-Palisade: You gain 10 temporary hit points. This amount increases by 5 at 5th, 10th and 15th levels. This ability does not stack with itself but the THP remain until damage removes them or your potentia pool refills.

-Reach of the Core: Any melee or melee touch attacks you make may be used on any target within 30 feet for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your level. This range increases to 60 feet at level 10. These attacks resolve as normal melee attacks that can't benefit from flanking. Melee weapon attacks take the form of waves or projectiles of one of your energy substitution elements. Melee touch attacks or touch-range spells or abilities take a form appropriate to the spell.

-Spatial Slip: You teleport 5 feet in any direction to any location you can see. This increases to 10 feet at level 10.

-Superlative Moves: Increase your Combat Maneuver and Combat Defense bonuses by +4 for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your level.

-Terrifying Force: The next time you deal damage with any damage-dealing ability, you also move the target 10 feet in a direction away from you. This increases to 15 feet at level 5 and 5 additional feet every 5 levels after.

-Questions, asked and answered: When used on an item this power has the effect of the Identify spell. When used on a living or dead creature you may learn one of the following pieces of information: Their given name (not their true name), their relationship to another subject you know or that is present, their strength relative to your own, their main desire during the encounter, their main fear during the encounter.

-Quicksilver: For the next hour your speed increases by 10 feet.

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