The Mystic Grind


  • Renaissance fantasy base setting.
  • The Grand Villain, an evil presence linking the soulless voids of each monster, releases horrible magical beasts and demons into the world, the first appearance of magic for this setting.
  • Monsters beat back humans again and again, cornering them into major defensible positions with the wilderness a death sentence for humanity and rural communities living in constant fear.
  • A mad genius discovers that humans who are transplanted with monster parts gain magical powers, sparking monster hunters that harvest demon parts and sell them to the government to make soldiers.
  • Magical science and monsterology become mainstream, it is discovered humans have great magical potential but grafts are the only way to direct it.
  • Those who take on too many grafts too quickly are completely corrupted and go mad, becoming servants of the grand villain. To combat this people graft with moderation and train to become more adept in the use of their grafts before taking on new ones. Black market grafters don't care about this, overgrafting people into servants as long as they get paid.
  • The villain's ultimate plot is to pressure humans into overgrafting, seeing them as much more worthy servants than the demons and mutants it commands. It doesn't understand how humans resist and remain virtuous with their grafts, unable to comprehend their fortitude and will.
  • Grafts provide supernatural powers and superhuman physical prowess. Magic-based grafts usually take more vitality than corruption and physical grafts give more corruption but usually have a small vitality cost or even a bonus.
  • Magic grafts give a small selection of spells that have a charge cost.
  • Physical grafts generally have only one or two abilities that can be pumped up with charge expenditure and are otherwise permanent.
  • Guild Grafted are seen as both heroes and as sources of fear as their grafts make them more and more alien to their peers. Many enjoy a measure of fame and celebrity. It takes training and discipline to become guild licensed. Those without a guild license cannot legally carry grafts.
  • Black Market Grafted on the other hand are seen as the worst kind of villainous scum, selling themselves piecemeal for the power to oppress others. They usually pick grafts they can hide easily as they would be executed for holding them without the training of the guild.


This game uses the La Vida Core Rules for play except where noted here. They can be found here.

Backgrounds and Sponsorships

Along with a Heritage and Background, Guilders have a Sponsorship, which states how they entered the guild.

Corruption, Compulsions and Needs

The power of Grafts

Cosmetic and Utility Grafts

Magic Grafts

Physical Grafts

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