The Havoc Seeker


Most orcs revere the Anathemic beings, slaves to their unfathomable whims. But centuries ago, a group of orcs escaped the Anathemic beings clutches and formed the Havoc Hand tribes. They are united in their belief that an ancient mythological figure known as the Havoc Seeker freed them from the Anathemic ones, and taught them that chaos and conflict is the way of all things, with the path to greatness lying in meeting and overcoming strife.

The Havoc Hand tribes say that the Havoc Seeker ascended to godhood when he became greater than any challenge the world could throw against him. Now the Havoc Hands revere him as their god of war, strife and glory, and struggle against the dangers of the Broken World, the thralls of the Anathemic beings, and their own people. They do so willingly, following the path of chaos on a journey of self-perfection.

The doctrine of the Havoc Seeker includes:

  • Seek out conflict and danger, for in meeting challenges and overcoming them, you grow stronger.
  • Do not grow idle and content. Without the drive to become greater than you are now, you are doomed to stagnation and weakness.
  • Oppose the Anathemic ones and their pawns at every turn. They would subjugate the people of the world and deny them their path to greatness.
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