The God Of Swift Waters

The God of Swift Waters


Like all of the gods the Zephir still honor, its name is not used outside of certain priestly rituals; otherwise, a euphemism is used. This god is called the Shining One, the Green Dolphin, and He (or occasionally She) of Light Heart among other names, but the most common title is God of Swift Waters.

This god is likened to shallow streams, quick rivers, and rain; it's honored at the great races of the Zephir, contests of wits, and parties, and is invoked any time when the cares of the world are to be washed away. In myth, it's sometimes characterized as too shallow- unconcerned with important events, or unable to see beneath the surface- but its boundless joie de vivre and general goodwill is able to overcome any obstacle. Its colors are white and teal-green, and its sacred animal is the river dolphin.

There's a bit of a rivalry between its followers and those of the God of Deep Waters, but it's usually friendly. Most Zephir acknowledge the God of Swift Waters in some way; after all, it really doesn't ask much, and the rewards are many.

Its commandments are:

  • Don't let the cares of life weigh you down. There is a time for sadness, but life's too short to dwell or worry.
  • Have as many good friends as you can find, and only enough enemies to make life interesting.
  • Make yourself happy, but live your life so that others can be happy too.
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