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Name Name Player Player
Race Race Country Country of origin
Alignment Alignment Background Background
Class Class Level Level
Experience 0/250

Core Statistics

Ability Ability Score Ability Bonus Save Proficiency
Strength 10 +0 No
Dexterity 10 +0 No
Constitution 10 +0 No
Intelligence 10 +0 No
Wisdom 10 +0 No
Charisma 10 +0 No
HP (Class+CON bonus)
AC 10
Proficiency +2
Initiative +0


Race Race Subrace Subrace
Ability Score Bonus Bonuses
Languages Languages
Racial Property Insert property here
Racial Property Insert property here
Racial Property Insert property here


Background Background
Bonus Skills Bonus Skill Proficiencies
Bonus Tools Bonus Tool Proficiencies
Bonus Languages Bonus Languages
Benefit Background-specific benefit
Ideal Background Ideal
Bond Bond
Trait First Trait
Trait Second Trait
Flaw Flaw


Class Class Level Level Hit Die Hit Die
Class Archetype Not Yet Applicable
Weapon Proficiencies Weapons
Armor Proficiencies Armor
Skill Proficiencies Skills
Tool Proficiencies Tools
Save Proficiencies Saves
Class Feature Description
Class Feature Description


Skill Ability Bonus Proficient
Athletics Strength +0 No
Acrobatics Dexterity +0 No
Sleight of Hand Dexterity +0 No
Stealth Dexterity +0 No
Arcana Intelligence +0 No
History Intelligence +0 No
Investigation Intelligence +0 No
Nature Intelligence +0 No
Religion Intelligence +0 No
Animal Handling Wisdom +0 No
Insight Wisdom +0 No
Medicine Wisdom +0 No
Perception Wisdom +0 No
Survival Wisdom +0 No
Deception Charisma +0 No
Intimidation Charisma +0 No
Performance Charisma +0 No
Persuasion Charisma +0 No


Feat Name Ability Score Bonus Effect
Feat Name AS bonus (if applicable) Effect


Item Weight Properties/Description
Net Weight (Total weight of all carried items)
Carrying Capacity (Strength x15)
Gold (gold carried)


School Name Components Range Duration Effect
School Name V, S Range Duration Enter spell effect here
Level 1 Slots: Number of Slots
School Name V, S Range Duration Enter spell effect here
Save DC (8+Spellcasting Ability Bonus+Proficiency Bonus)
Spell Attack (Spellcasting Ability Bonus+Proficiency Bonus)

Quick Combat Reference

HP (Max / Current ) STR Save (STR + Bonuses) INT Save (INT + Bonuses)
AC (AC value) DEX Save (DEX + Bonuses) WIS Save (WIS + Bonuses)
Initiative (DEX + bonuses) CON Save (CON + Bonuses CHA Save (CHA + Bonuses)
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage
Spell Save DC (8 + INT/WIS/CHA + Proficiency Bonus)
Spell Attack (INT/WIS/CHA + Proficiency Bonus)



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