Tejas Vidhya Carsicus

Name: Tejas Vidhya Carsicus
Profession: Sanctioned Psyker
Rank: 1
XP: (600 total)

Weapon: 30
Ballistic: 35
Strength: 30
Toughness: 30
Agility: 32
Intelligence: 35
Perception: 32
Willpower: 53 (s)
Fellowship: 25

Wounds: 12/12
Fate Points: 1

Corruption: 5

Aptitudes: Intelligence, Perception, Knowledge, Psyker, Strength, Willpower

Comrade: Ossian Vayne
Demeaner: Slacker
Description: As if acting in counterpart to Tejas' nervousness, his assigned Psykana Mercy Guard is nearly unflappable and not always in the best way. Ossian is lanky and long-limbed with a shaggy, lazy excuse for a Guard haircut and perpetually wrinkled fatigues. Pair this with an aversion to any sort of work that requires thought as opposed to simple labor an a penchant for recreational stims and you have someone who is extremely laid back. This, however, is not to make one underestimate him or his usefulness. His constantly relaxed state makes him an excellent guard, always able to react since he's never quite shocked by anything. His… adjusted mental state also helps him to keep his sanity intact, even when he knows he could have to shoot Tejas at any time.

Origins and Traits

Hated Enemy (Greenskins): At GM discretion, members of the regiment make a +10 Willpower test to restrain themselves from attacking Orks when sighted.

Bred for War: Must pass a +0 Willpower Test in order to defy Imperial Guard rules and regulations, thanks to the great honor and loyalty of the regiment.

Augmetics: +10 on all Logistics tests to acquire cybernetics, thanks to strong ties with the Cult Mechanicus.


Common Lore (War), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Common Lore (Astra Telepathica), Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Psynicience, Scholastic Lore (Cryptology), Scholastic Lore (Occult), Logic, Operate (Surface)


Hatred (Greenskins), Sprint, Resistance (Fear), Rapid Reload, Street Fighting, Psyker, Heightened Senses (Hearing), Weapon Training (Las, Low-Tech)



Main Weapon: M36 Lasgun and 4 charge packs (4 Kilos) 1d10+3 e damage, pen 100m range

Melee Weapon: Mono-Knife (1 kilo) 1d5+str bonus r damage, Pen 2

Armor: Full guard flak armor, best-quality: 5 AP, full body protection (5.5 Kilos)


(Full List)
One Uniform, Poor Weather Gear, M36 Lasgun and 4 charge packs (Main Weapon), Stub Revolver and 12 bullets (Sidearm), One Mono-Knife (Melee), 2 frag grenades, 2 krak grenades, One set of full Guard Flak Armor, Rucksack or sling bag, One set of basic tools, one Grapnel, One Micro-bead communicator, One mess kit and canteen, One blanket and sleeping bag, One rechargeable lamp, One grooming kit, One set of ID, One guard handbook, 2 weeks of rations, Data-Slate, Psy-Focus.

Psyker Powers

Psy Rating: 2

Telepathy: Dominate
Biomancy: Smite


Tejas Vidhya Carsicus is of obviously very clean planetary stock, which made the emergence of his psyker powers all the more surprising to his parents. When the black ships came they expected never to see him again, mores the better when a year later he returned and was attached to the 117th Kshatriya, very close to where he grew up. Though he is a local boy he often feels like a stranger as EVERYONE knows exactly what he is and thus he has, in their eyes, changed significantly even if not much time has passed between when he went through his sanctioning and his return home. Perhaps it's the nervous energy he's developed when he was once such a calm lad. Perhaps it's how his eyes have changed from a liquid blue to a dull, brick red.

Tejas stands at an average height, which means he's short compared to several of his comrades. He has dark brown skin, much like recaf, but his hair is a dirty, sandy blonde. His eyes have transmuted into a dull, burnished red thanks to his time in sanctioning which he sees as a sign of favor, the Emperor's Blood on his very face. He's a pretty boy, relatively unscarred from his sanctioning, though he has an array of common battle scars on his arms, torso and thighs. He has thick, particularly attractive leg muscles though the rest of him is lithe, streamlined and well honed.

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