Name: Multispectrum Genius Spark (Formerly Gehr Viddas)
Caste: Twilight Solar
Motivation: Recreate a first-age airship.
Anima: Circles of spinning interlocked formulae like everything is a cog in a great machine!

Soak: 8L/8B


STR: 2
DEX: 4
STA: 2

CHA: 3
MAN: 3
APP: 3

PER: 4
INT: 5
WIT: 3


*Archery: 3
Awareness: 2
*Bureaucracy: 3
*Craft (Fire): 4
*Craft (Water): 3
*Craft (Air): 2
*Craft (Magitech): 4
Dodge: 2
*Investigation: 2
Integrity: 2
*Larceny: 3
Linguistics: 2 (Old Realm, Riverspeak, Firetongue)
*Lore: 4
Martial Arts:
*Medicine: 4
*Occult: 5
*Presence: 3
Resistance: 3
Sail: 1
Socialize: 1
Stealth: 3
*Thrown: 3


Archery (Energy Weapons): 2
Thrown (Grenade Weapons): 2
Craft (Weapons): 1
Investigation (Ruins): 1
Occult (Art of Alchemy): 3
Occult (Art of Warding and Exorcism): 3


Resources: 4 (He's made a small fortune off of crafting relatively simple but valuable artifact weapons and alchemical cures and grenades for cities along the sourthern coast including Chiaroscuro and Paragon and, to his shame, The Guild.)

Artifact: 3 (Bracers of Universal Crafting) (Implanted in his arms in Chiaroscuro by a Sorcerer Engineer, part of the deal he made to supply some energy weapons to The Guild.)

Artifact: 2 (Orichalcum VS Essence Cannon)

Artifact: 1 (Orichalcum Chain Shirt)

Influence: 2 (Southern Weapons Dealer, known mostly along the coast. HE doesn't have the facilities to refine his own raw materials so he has to get it shipped or buy it from the market.)


First Craft Excellency
First Medicine Excellency
First Presence Excellency
First Thrown Excellency
First Archery Excellency
Crack-Mending Technique
Craftsman Needs No Tools
Contagion Curing Touch
Wound-Mending Care Technique
Flawless Diagnosis Technique
Instant Treatment Methodology
Wholeness Restoring Meditation
Spirit-Detecting Glance
All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight
Spirit-Cutting Attack
Irresistible Salesman Spirit
Mastery of Small Magics (Art of Alchemy, Art of Warding and Exorcism)


Essence: 3

Personal: 16/16
Peripheral: 34/34
Commited: 3

Compassion: 2
Conviction: 3
Temperance: 2
Valor: 2

Willpower: 7


-0 []
-1 [] []
-2 [] []
-4 [] []
Inc []


10x Mini Firedust Grenades
5x Normal Firedust Grenades
5x Sleep Grenades
5x Smoke Grenades

Custom Charm

Mastery of Small Magics
Cost: - Mins: (For Solars, Abyssals, Sidereals and Dragonblooded: Occult 4, Essence 3) (For Lunars: Intelligence 4, Essence 3) (For Infernals: Essence 3 SWLIHN charm)
Type: Permanent
Prerequiste Charms: All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight (Solars and Lunars), Telltale Symphony (Sidereals), Essence-Dissecting Stare (Infernals), Seeing The Maker's Hand (Dragonblooded), Through Dead Eyes (Abyssal)

To the sorcerous might of the Exalted the magics of Thaumaturgy are paltry miracles at best, but they can still have their uses. Upon taking this charm, the Exalt gains mastery (level 3 degree) in a thaumaturgical Art of their choice including the Specialty dots for the degrees. They pay motes of essence in lieu of points of willpower for any costs associated with this art. In addition, rituals that take 1 hour or less can instead be done as a miscellaneous action (Speed 5, DV -1) and any non-rare and non-magical materials required for the ritual may be paid for in essence, 2 motes per dot of resources normally required. This mote payment may not create items such as containers and it may never replace a substance that is needed for a transmutation such as the gold needed for smelting orihalcum.

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