Silver Wind

Name: Silver Wind
Player: Wolfblade
Caste: Eclipse
Concept: Ranch Owner
Age: 32
Motivation: To end the threat of the Wyld Hunt
Anima: The sound of wind begins to tug at the hearing of everyone present and small silver wisps appear around Silver wind. As more and more Essence is spent, a filmy outline of gold surrounds Silver Wind, and the wind becomes louder and louder, the wisps becoming larger, faster, and more frequent. When Silver Wind’s Anima becomes iconic, she is engulfed by a filmy gold aura, the once small wisps now replaced by silver-coated horses galloping constantly around her, the sound of stampeding hooves filling the air.

Intimacies: Kheervis, Silver Wind’s Family, Marukan Alliance


Strength 3
Dexterity 3
Stamina 3

Charisma 5
Manipulation 2
Appearance 4

Perception 3
Intelligence 2
Wits 2

Abilities (* denotes Caste or Favored abilities)


*Archery 4


Integrity 2
*Performance 2
*Presence 4
Resistance 1


Craft (Water) 1
Craft (Wood) 1
Lore 1
*Medicine 2


Athletics 2
*Awareness 2
Dodge 3


*Bureaucracy 2
*Linguistics 2 (Native: Riverspeak. Flametongue)
*Ride 5
*Socialize 2


  • Archery (On Horseback): 1
  • Linguistics (Marukan): 1


First Archery Excellency (Archery) [1 mote for 1 die] {Reflexive}
Trance of Unhesitating Speed (Archery) [2m or 4m per attack] {Extra Action}
Essence Arrow Charm (Archery) [2m or 3 m] {Supplemental}
* Fiery Arrow Attack
* Dazzling Flare
* Righteous Judgment Arrow
Phantom Arrow Technique (Archery) [Permanent/ 1m per arrow] {Permanent}

Ox-Body Technique (Resistance) [Permanent]

First Presence Excellency (Presence) [1 mote for 1 die] {Reflexive}
Majestic Radiant Presence (Willpower) (Presence) [7 motes] {Reflexive}

Third Medicine Excellency (Medicine) [4 motes] {Reflexive}

Shadow Over Water (Dodge) [1 mote] {Reflexive}

Sagacious Reading of Intent (Linguistics) [3 motes} {Reflexive}

First Ride Excellency (Ride) [1 mote for 1 die] {Reflexive}
Master Horseman’s Techniques (Ride) [Permanent]
*Harmony of Spirits Style [1 mote]
*Horse-Summoning Whistle [1 mote]
*Master Horseman’s Eye [1 mote]
*Speed-Sustaining Technique [1 mote]
*Spirit-Steadying Assurances [3 motes]


Familiar 5 (Kheervis, Marukani bred horse, Finest)
Resources 4
Influence 1 (Marukan Alliance)

Merits & Flaws

Dark Secret 1 (Family)
Phobia (Firewands) 2

Willpower 6
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


Permanent 3

Personal 3/15
Peripheral 29/37
Kheervis 5/5


Compassion 4
[X] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Conviction 2
[ ] [ ]
Temperance 2
[ ] [ ]
Valor 2
[ ] [ ]

Virtue Flaw: Red Rage of Compassion

[X] [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Health Levels

-0 [ ]
-1 [ ] [ ] [ ]
-2 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
-4 [ ]
Inc [ ]

Defense Values

Soak: 5B/5L

Dodge DV: 5

Mental Dodge DV: 5


Exceptional Longbow
Speed 6 Accuracy +2 Damage — Rate 4 Range 250

Personal Quiver
- 15 Broadhead arrows
- 5 Target arrows

Saddle Quivers
- 35 Broadhead Arrows
- 20 Target arrows

Exceptional Breastplate
Soak 4L/2B, Mobility penalty –0, Fatigue 0

Riding gear

Miscellaneous gear stashed in various pockets both on her belt pouch and in saddle sacks on Kheervis


Current: 6


  • Specialty (Archery: On Horseback) [3]
  • Archery 3 to 4 [5]
  • Essence Arrow Charm (Fiery Arrow Attack) [8]
          • Dazzling Flare [1]
          • Righteous Judgment Arrow [1]
  • Phantom Arrow Technique [8]
  • Socialize 1 to 2 [1]

Total: 33


Silver wind is, quite frankly, beautiful. She has long silver hair that reaches down to her ankles that she usually lets flow free, but sometimes has worked into a single large braid. She has soft features, except for her eyes which shine as green as the trees of the Deep East and speak of a shrewd mind. Her body seems well built, but is not bulging with muscular power, and she is more than capable of doing her own work. She stands about 5'7'', and weighs roughly 140 pounds.

She usually wears cow leather riding boots with spurs on, a pair of embroidered tanned breeches that seem very well kept, and wears a sea green shirt with a cowhide vest that are loose enough to be comfortable while still showing off her beauty. She also possesses a scarlet red dress, without shoulder straps and a slit running from her left thigh to her ankles. She has a pair of scarlet red high heel shoes to go with the dress. She keeps both the dress and the shoes in a separate satchel on the back of Kheervis, using them only for truly social occasions.


Born Sylvia Vilirith, Silver Wind was the only child of a couple who owned a fairly prosperous ranch. Her father was the rancher of the family, taking care of the horses and knowing which ones were the best to breed. Her mother was the one adept at running business and handling social situations. Together they made a wonderful team, probably the reason they married, though Sylvia was never able to ask before they both died.

She inherited a fair amount of both her parent’s skills, and when she was just 13 her father died and she took over for taking care of the horses. She trained in the redoubt the Seventh Legion provided the Marukan for a few years, and then came back to help with the ranch.

A little after she turned 21, her mother fell seriously ill and died several months later. Since then Sylvia has been in charge of the ranch and its servants. Years later she found a wandering merchant beaten on the roadside, nursed him back to health, fell in love with him, and quickly married the southerner. Around the time of her marriage, a young colt named Kheervis was born and immediately showed signs of being a truly incredible horse.

Several years later, when she was in her mid-thirties and had just recently given birth to a son, Sylvia was out and noticed that several dozen horses were missing. She looked on the horizon and could see the dots that represented the horse thieves and her horses. She ordered Kheervis saddled up and soon they were chasing after the horse thieves. When they managed to catch up, she challenged the leader to a duel for possession of the horses. He readily agreed.

What Sylvia didn’t know was that the leader was a God-blooded and was more than a match for her. She received several serious wounds before a few seconds had passed. It looked as if she was destined to die there, but then she was touched by the light of the Unconquered Sun and Exalted. She managed to parry several furious blows from the God-blooded before she called to stop the duel. The God-blooded recognized an Anathema when he saw one and agreed.

She proposed a compromise to the thieves. They would return her horses, and in return she would not inform the authorities of their identities or actions. The God-blooded, knowing he was outmatched and realizing a good deal when he saw one, immediately agreed. The agreement was sealed with Sylvia’s anima effect, and she returned to her ranch with her stolen equines. She immediately informed her husband who had remained with their newborn son; about the events that had transpired and explaining that she was now one of the Solar Exalted.

Initially, he was shocked and appalled at what she had become, and for several days afterwards he was not sure what to make of her. But he realized that she was still the woman he had come to love and care for, and he accepted her arguments that perhaps the Anathema legends the Realm propagated weren’t as true as many thought. The only people informed about Sylvia’s new powers were her husband and a few trusted servants who had been around since her father’s days.

After this epiphany, the two of them discussed the very real problem of what would happen next. While Sylvia was perfectly content to remain at the ranch with her family and make it truly prosperous, the fact was that with Thorns nearby and the Wyld Hunt still prowling the danger was immense. Despite her initial unwillingness, even fear at the idea, they both quickly agreed that it would be best for the newborn Solar to leave the ranch and her family as quickly as possible.

Soon she was leaving the only home she had ever known on the back of Kheervis with some of the weaponry and armor her father had purchased to help against raiders. She promised to write to her husband and had tears in her eyes as she kissed her infant son good-bye. That was several months ago.

She eventually found that her connection with Kheervis was greater than simply an owner and her horse. Finding she was more than capable of speaking with him, the two developed a special bond over the weeks of journeying they had. She found that she truly came to depend on Kheervis and thought of him as a lifetime friend instead of a beautiful horse. Since she left, she has adopted the name Silver Wind and has had only Kheervis for companionship.

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