Silver Circle 01

Setting Document:

Main Characters

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Lucian Sellers

Aidan O'Sheahan

Erevan E'Mora'E

Rein Mostana


Vanelis Duelli mac Thaelasien IV

Supporting Cast

Little Gnome Guildmistress: BAMF. Hit Rein in the face with files. Don't fuck with her. Don't.

Student Magister Terius Vail: Magister of the Diamond Confederacy, Baron of Vialen and numerous outlying counties. Stands to get his stripped titles back if he marries into a noble house.

High Magister Jabari Ijam: Geriatric wizard badass, famous philanderer. High Magister of the Diamond Confederacy, hasn't taken any pupils in decades except for Terius.

Viscount Cress de Bereynon: Contestant number one! Viscount of Bayel county.

Contessa Addia de Vantova: De Bereynon's cousin, a lovely young lady who loves lavender and cream.

Baron Andrej de Latoya: Bachelor number two! Baron Andrej de Latoya is known for his archery and the rare alchemical herbs on his family's land. Latal County.

Matuk: Bachelor number three! A serious and heartfelt blacksmith's apprentice, has an overbearing but well meaning mother with boundary issues.

High Fourfather Laharoun Ijam: Zahra's mentor and adoptive father, Jabari's brother.

Atala Kefentse: Traditionalist paladin from a long line of traditionalist paladins. Looks down on wild divine talents.

Miss Martigan: The Housekeeper, head of all the help staff at Vail Manor. Thinks the adventurers should be treated as the help. :|

Fourfather Yahae: Old priest, having trouble moving these days. Too old to care, too caring to quit.

Snake Mask Man: A stocky man in a snake mask, Illusionist. Terius got pissed off at his second attempt and Dark Magic'd him. In custody.

Owl Mask Woman: A High Elf in an owl mask. Deadly blades and blindin' speed.

Fox Mask Girl: A girl in a fox mask. Alchemical weapons! Currently in custody.

Bear Mask Dude: Captive! His stuff went to the party.

Eagle Mask Lady: 4, 5, still alive!

Mantis Mask Guy: Possibly dead? He fell off a roof.

House Latoya: The seneschal was going to pay the Menagerie for their work.

Lady Vetra Vericonde: Lady of house Vericonde. Her daughter is a likely marriage partner for Andrej.

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