Revisions to the Shugenja to make them more valid in normal campaigns:

HD: d6, Skills: 4+int per level, Proficiencies: Simple weapons, short swords and light armor but no shields.

Spells known and spells per day charts remain the same, save that order spells become domain spells.

-As per the instructions from the Spell Compendium, Shugenja include any spells (From the druid and cleric spell and domain lists) that fit the theme and energy types for each element. Shugenja can't cast spells outside of the themes and energies of the four elements and can't ever cast spells of the element that opposes their own. A DM can rule that a spell does not fall under the elemental focus ability if they believe the theme does not fit.

Water: Healing and restoration spells, spells that manipulate water and ice, spells that deal cold damage.
Fire: Destruction spells, spells that remove buffs and effects, spells that augment physical speed and strength, spells that manipulate fire and deal fire damage.
Air: Spells for travel and illusion, spells that manipulate the wind, spells that deal electrical damage.
Earth: Spells that augment physical objects, spells for protection and creating obstacles, spells that manipulate earth, crystal and rock, spells that deal acid damage.

Shugenja use this list of class features now:

-Elemental Focus: The Shugenja chooses Fire, Water, Earth or Air. They add +1 to the caster level and save DC to spells fitting the shugenja's chosen elemental theme. At 8th level these bonuses increas to +2 and at 16th level the bonuses increase to +3. Shugenja may never learn spells fitting the theme of the element opposite their own. (Water - Fire, Earth - Air). The ability only affects spells gained by virtue of the shugenja class.

- Eschew Materials: A shugenja gains Eschew Materials as a bonus feat at 1st level, even if she does not meet prerequisites. If she already has Eschew Materials she may take another feat she meets the prerequisites for.

-Domains: At 1st level, the shugenja gains a cleric domain associated with their elemental focus. They gain the domain powers and bonus spells of this domain as a cleric does. The domains associated with each element are as follows:

Water: Water, Charm, Healing, Community
Fire: Fire, Destruction, Strength, War
Air: Air, Travel, Trickery, Liberation
Earth: Earth, Protection, Creation, Artifice

- Fundamental Detect Magic (Sp): A 2nd level shugenja gains Detect Magic 1/day as a spell-like ability. This becomes 3/day at 6th level and at will at 10th level.

- Turn/Rebuke Elementals (su): At 3rd level a Shugenja can turn and rebuke elemental creatures as a cleric of the same level does undead. They gain a number of turn attempts equal to their charisma modifer + 3 per day. This ability works as turn undead, but works on creatures of the elemental type and any Fey or Outsider creatures with the Fire, Water, Earth or Air subtypes. Creatures corresponding to the user's element focus are Rebuked/Controlled while any creatures outside of their focus are turned/destroyed.

- Fundamental Endure Elements (Sp): At 4th level a Shugenja can cast Endure Elements 1/day as a spell-like ability. This becomes 3/day at 8th level and at-will at 12th level.

-Scribe Scroll: At 6th level Shugenja gain the scribe scroll feat. Shugenja scribed scrolls tend to take the form of spell cards (ofuda) and always count as divine spells.

- Energy Resistance: At 8th level the Shugenja gains energy resistance 5 based on their elemental focus. At level 12 this energy resistance increases to 10, at level 16 it becomes resistance 20 and at level 20 it becomes energy immunity.

Water: Cold
Earth: Acid
Fire: Fire
Air: Electricity

- Energy Penetration: At 12th level the shugenja ignores the same amounts and types of energy resistance from their foes that they gain through the Energy Resistance class feature. (A Water Shugenja at level 12 has cold resistance 10, so they ignore 10 points of cold resistance from their targets.)

- Assail Immunity: At 16th level, the shugenja ignores immunity to the energy type of their elemental focus.

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