Shepard Shep Montgomery

Name: Shepard 'Shep' Mongomery
Player: Sparda219
Concept: Anti-Hellfire Preacher

Virtue: Righteous. Shep sees a world of corruption and darkness around him and is driven to confront it wherever he can, from protecting others to bringing justice to the wicked, from soothing the living to laying rest the dead.

Vice: Judgemental. Shep easily falls into a trap, the same trap he accuses his detractors of. He doesn't think too hard about his own morality when he thinks he's doing the right thing, he ignores the fine details to get what needs to get done, done.

Beats: 1
XP: 2

Aspiration: Exorcise a restless ghost.
Aspiration: Redeem a homophobe into an ally.
Aspiration: Bring justice to a villain.

Threshold: The Torn
Archetype: Pilgrim (Preaches against sin and for divine trials, teaches that the things that will lead you to hell are hatred, prejudice and oppression. Preaches self-defense against these sorts of people, especially hate groups militant in the south. He believes a loving and compassionate life prepares one for a smooth transition in death.)


Intelligence: 2
Wits: 2
Resolve: 3

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 2

Presence: 3
Manipulation: 2
Composure: 3


Academics: 2 (Theology)
Occult: 3
Politics: 2

Athletics: 1
Brawl: 1
Firearms: 1
Survival: 1

Animal Ken:
Empathy: 3
Expression: 2 (Sermons)
Intimidation: 1
Persuasion: 3 (Groups)
Socialize: 1
Subterfuge: 1


Fame: 1
Retainer: 2 (Danny, a bit of a brute but one sorry for his bullying ways. Serves Shep out of obligation, respect and regret.)
Resources: 2
Professional Training: 2 (Spiritualist. Expression and Occult asset skills.)
(Networking) Contacts: 2 (Liberal Christians, Local Ghosts)

Defense: 3
Health: 7
Speed: 9
Size: 5

Willpower: 6 [] [] [] [] [] []

Psyche: 1
Plasm: 5

Synergy: 7

Breaking Points:

1. The worst thing Shep has ever done was to seduce a straight friend of his when they were younger, drunk and stupid. He didn't resist, but Shep still knew it was wrong to take advantage of someone drunk. He will never forgive himself for giving into temptation.

2. The worst thing Shep can imagine himself doing is losing his faith. It's always been an integral part of himself and how he views the afterlife and his own powers, to abandon God would be to abandon himself. The temptation to just lose hope has been very strong, at times.

3. Rape is one of the worst thing Shep can conceive of one person doing to another. Sometimes you have to kill to survive, you never have to rape for anything but to cause suffering and terror.

4. When he was a child, Shep had a little boyfriend he held hands with, ran around with, played games with, but oddly enough no one else knew. Everyone assumed he was an imaginary friend, no one noticed the toys on the opposite side of Shep moving when he was playing 'by himself.' Shep was touched by death at a very young age but doesn't remember. Is that ghost still around?

5. The most traumatic thing that happened to Shep was dying. More than that, it was being beaten to death and finding out his own father had set it up to teach him a 'lesson.' Coming back to life was probably the best thing ever to happen to him.

Manifestations and Keys

Keys: Passion, Grave-Dirt

Shroud: 2
Rage: 1


(In his glove compartment) Light revolver: 1L, 20/40/80, Clip 6, Init 0
The Bible: A copy of the Common English Bible. Always on his person.
Stem of Apple Joe (Noose Keystone): Torn Threshold. Boosts the Passion and Grave-Dirt keys. Skill: Athletics. Is a long length of earth-stained rope with a noose at one end.

Mid-Size Car (Chevy Impala)


Dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, pale skin, slender but toned build. Shep is pretty much the perfect down-home whitebread southern boy. The type that any self-respecting white supremacist would love to recruit, except that he's gay. Born to Reverend Timothy Montgomery, a fire and brimstone big tent revivalist who makes big bank off of the people he intimidates and whips up into his congregation, he's had the most hateful rhetoric imaginable beaten into him, sometimes literally, since day one. Reverend Tim was an angry man, he was very clear with his displeasure at home with his wife and children but he had his community so wrapped around his fingers that no one was willing to look askance at him, or at the very least turned a blind eye to the odd bruise. 'Spare the rod' and all that.

Shep had a tough, secretive, self-loathing time in school. He hid his sexuality, dated girls for whom he felt nothing and went to every single sermon that made him seethe with hatred and resentment for his father and for himself. One day he finally couldn't handle it anymore. His father called for the young people in the room to come up if the demons of homosexuality had taken them and he was the first to stand. His father literally refused to lay hands on him, a move that shocked the audience who had come to think of the firey preacher as a man who wanted to help people to paradise. It was a significant blow to an already ailing man's pride and reputation.

The humiliation wasn't over for Shep though. Outside some of his father's more fanatical followers cornered him, dragged him into the nearby woods and beat him. They had only meant to hurt him, but in their fervor one of them smashed the boy's head against a rock and sent him to his grave. For a moment. Shep's utter rage, humiliation and the thought that he had loathed himself all those years for NOTHING, that his father just hated him and nothing could fix it called out to the servant of death come to claim him. His will to survive was backed with passion and fury and a true faith, a faith stronger than the one his father tried to instill in him that there WAS a God and that this was not His justice.

Apple Joe was the geist's name and he took the boy's hand and raised him up and they were Bound together from then on. The three men who had come to beat him were horrified to see him standing with his wounds closing over. They struck out at him but a phantom force beat back their fists and he raised his hands and turned the men's own sin and self-hate into blades that cut back into their hearts and brought them down.

One of the three had refused to fight him after seeing him pull a Lazarus, instead showing deep remorse for what he'd done, that he'd only been following his father, one of the men now lying unconscious on the ground. He swore right then and there to follow Shep, who at first wanted nothing to do with him. As he's come to learn more about what he is and what he wants to do he's come to thank Danny for his presence, and the young tough's protection.

After surviving, or rather after NOT surviving his beating, he marched home to get his things and find somewhere else to crash. His father, who had ordered his beating, was so shocked at his son's appearance that he had a heart attack on the spot and died in the hospital soon after. Shep has to wonder, though, if maybe he didn't do something that caused it, even if only subconsciously…

Since then, Shep has gained a measure of fame becoming his father's antithesis, attracting the non-fundamentalist majority Christians who find hate rhetoric unpalatable. He preaches that God is Love and that hate is the weapon of the Devil. He teaches more modern interpretations of certain Bible verses that point towards homophobia and emphasizes lessons of humility, compassion, goodwill and heroism instead of fear and control. All are equal under the eyes of the Lord, THAT is the lesson that Shep has learned from his suffering, and that includes the living and the dead.

Geist: "Apple Joe"

Joe is a mountainously muscled black man in a pair of burlap pants and matching hood, stained with blood and dirt. He doesn't walk anywhere, he swings on the end of a noose that drags his feet on the ground and seems to rise forever above him, knotted to a tree rooted somewhere in the heavens. His voice is deep, resonant and gravelly and the ground beneath you seems to tremble a bit when he whispers. He possesses a driving eternal hatred for bigots and lynchers and their ilk, loving nothing more than to see them reaped from the world, before and after. He also hates anyone who would drive apart families.

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