Session 2

01[19:24] <@Sparda> When we last left our heroes, the self-described "witch" Ruthie Avalon had sacrificed herself in a blazing storm of power that gave them just enough time to make it to their vehicles and get away from the darkness before it came crashign down on them again. Now they make their way down the highway, with who knows what chasing them…
[19:26] <Edward_Stagg> Edward stuck tight to the outer edge of the road, always looking into his side mirrors in case he saw something chasing them and he decided to run for it off-road. He didn't know how fast the kid clinging behind him could move, but he would hope it'd be fast.
06[19:26] * Nicholas_Lowell is in the back of his pickup's cab, the back window open, his shotgun pointing out as he watches the road behind them for any pursuing things.
[19:27] <Vasilisa> Vasilisa's driving the pick-up, murmuring a prayer to several different saints and to physics not to fuck her over with a misplaced application of force.
[19:28] <Jaymie> Jaymie is regretting taking the van, but is doing his damnedest to keep up with everyone else on the slick roads at this speed, if only because he feels that this must be somebody else's fault and when he figures out who he's going to… do something. Something he'll figure out when he can spare the metal effrot for it.
06[19:29] * Connor_Brennan is doing a pretty good job of keeping up in his POS van. Linden can tell, though, that he's used to driving a smaller car.
01[19:30] <@Sparda> Luckily, it seems that the things aren't following you for now, or from how the demoness was acting back there, CAN'T. It seems your escape is assured at least for now. But what next? You're driving down a highway in montana, towards South Dakota now. The next major city is Sioux Falls, though there are doubtless many smaller cities not fit for anything more than a local map along the way.
06[19:30] * Linden_Avery sits in the passenger seat of Connor's van, lips pressed tightly together and hands folded in his lap, knuckles white. He doesn't pray-if there *is* a God, He has long ago fallen asleep on the job-but simply stares out into the darkness.
[19:31] <Vanessa> "…faster…faster….faster, faster, faster, fasterfasterfaster…" Vanessa mumbles, hugging her bass close from the back of the van. Probably the first noise she's made since the madness started.
[19:31] <Vasilisa> She is singing to herself in Russian while driving, following along.
[19:34] <Nicholas_Lowell> "I don't see anything following us. I guess the old lady held the bitch back." He relaxes a bit, and tends to the gouge in his shoulder, taking off his jacket and shirt to inspect it. It's a miracle such a deep wound has already pretty much stopped bleeding.
[19:34] <Jaymie> He looks back to Vanessa. "Hey, do you have enough sanity to keep an eye behind us? I'm not sure I can."
[19:35] <Vasilisa> "If we stop, I can help fix that." She goes back to humming while driving.
[19:36] <Vanessa> She peers out of the back window. "hehe…no promises…" Not a happy, funny laugh, oh no no no no.
[19:37] <Connor_Brennan> "For whatever reason, I have a feeling that this week is just going to get weirder from here on…" Connor checks on his fellow caravan members through his windshield, glancing back every once in a while to make sure the demon chick wasn't there.
[19:37] <Edward_Stagg> Edward talks into the microphone of his helmet, the receiver in the helmet on the kid behind him hopefully picking up the signal. "Hey kid. Look for the map back there."
[19:39] <Jaymie> He swallows. "Please try not to flip your shit while I'm driving. Please. I understand the feeling."
[19:39] <Connor_Brennan> He looks over to Linden. "Don't think I caught your name before. I'm Connor."
[19:39] <Vanessa> "I'm not gonna freak…been through worse…" she mutters. "…just gonna…watch the road…don't…just don't touch me or anything…'
[19:40] <Linden_Avery> "Linden." he says, quiet as a ghost.
[19:40] <Jaymie> "…Ah. I can do that."
[19:41] <Nicholas_Lowell> "It's fine. I've had worse. Not many, though." Although it's an almost bone-deep chunk of flesh the meat puppet took out of him, he's got a few scars on his torso that back up his words.
[19:41] <Connor_Brennan> "Nice to meet you, although circumstances could definiely be better."
[19:41] <Vanessa> "Then we're best friends…got any beer?" She tenses.
[19:41] <Vasilisa> "Infection is still something unpleasant."
[19:41] <Jaymie> "Not… with me."
[19:42] <Jaymie> He sounds like he had to think about that, though.
06[19:42] * Nicholas_Lowell climbs into the front seat next to Vasilisa with the shotgun in his lap, and buckles up. "Name's Nick, by the way. You?"
[19:42] <Linden_Avery> "Yes."
[19:43] <Vasilisa> "Vasilisa." She is still watching the road.
[19:43] <Vanessa> "Kay…not best friends. Good friends." Peering out for impending doom. "…diners are great. Ever been to a real diner? Like, with poodle skirts?"
[19:45] <Vasilisa> "You knew things." She glances at Nick before cursing and swrevering slightly. "Can I ask about them?"
[19:45] <Jaymie> He chuckles nervously. "Yeah. There was one of those back in… I think Oklahoma? I don't remember."
06[19:46] * Nicholas_Lowell nods and grunts, the closest thing to a formal introduction he can muster. "Let's drive until we're out of the storm. Or until one of the others stop. Whichever comes first."
[19:46] <Jaymie> "You?"
06[19:46] * Linden_Avery watches the road, and occasionally switches his attention to watching Connor, suspiciously.
06[19:46] * Nicholas_Lowell looks at Vasilisa. "You're probably better off not."
[19:47] <Nicholas_Lowell> "But go ahead."
[19:47] <Vanessa> "Nah…I want a poodle skrit though…job, y'know? Down home place, with a short order cook with a record who looks out for me, scares off the eager customers, right?"
[19:47] <Vasilisa> "We are stuck with questions and I am curious…" And he gets basically hit with different thoughtful, basic questions that justify Occult 2 get.
[19:48] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Maybe it should wait until everyone else can listen. Let them know what they could be in for."
[19:48] <Vasilisa> "Then basics."
01[19:48] <@Sparda> Cody jumps a bit, not expecting the voice, but he nods and produces the map, using Ed's back to keep the wind from blowing it around.
[19:48] <Vasilisa> "I know folklore but not much."
[19:50] <Nicholas_Lowell> "I mostly know what my uncle told me by the campfire. But he told me a lot, and it applies more often than not to my life."
[19:50] <Vasilisa> "Then we can exchange stories."
02[19:51] * Jaymie (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.8EEC097C-ratScigaM|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.8EEC097C-ratScigaM|alliztahc) Quit (Ping timeout)
06[19:51] * Nicholas_Lowell nods.
[19:55] <Connor_Brennan> "…so. Where are you from?" Awkward conversation go!
[19:56] <Edward_Stagg> "Just find us the closest town and let me know where to turn off. Dunno about you, but I'm looking for a nap."
03[19:56] * Jaymie (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.8EEC097C-ratScigaM|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.8EEC097C-ratScigaM|alliztahc) has joined #TruckStop
[19:57] <Jaymie> "I guess. Poodle skirts are kinda cool."
[19:57] <Vanessa> "Hell fuck yeah…" She bites her lip. "…so…uh…you're gay, right?"
[19:58] <Linden_Avery> "Helena." The lie comes easily, misdirection.
01[19:58] <@Sparda> Cody was obviously the navigator when it was he and Ruthie Avalon driving about, so he's pretty good at giving directions! There's a town called brenford only an hour away, a little farming podunk. The next major city on the route is Sioux Falls South Dakota, which is still about an 8 hour drive.
[19:59] <Jaymie> He gets a sort of embarrassed half-grin on his face. "No, but you're like the third person today to think so. If it helps, though, I'm taken?"
[20:01] <Connor_Brennan> He nods. "Originally from Fargo myself."
[20:01] <Vanessa> "…it helps…" She gets a bit more on edge, tightening the hoodie around her head.
[20:01] <Vanessa> "Nessa, by the way. Vanessa Ellliot.
[20:01] <Linden_Avery> "Ahh."
[20:02] <Jaymie> "Jaymie Elderton. Nice to meet you. And… sorry."
[20:02] <Vanessa> "For?" She keeps looking outside. "…I think we're okay…."
[20:03] <Jaymie> "For making you uncomfortable." He glances in the rearview windows. "God, I hope so. I still don't know what happened."
06[20:04] * Linden_Avery clams up, hoping that there aren't any questions about what a fifteen-year old was doing at a truck stop without parents. or guardian-type figures.
[20:05] <Vanessa> "…serial killer or something…just my luck…I'm so gonna die first…"
[20:05] <Vanessa> She laughs, that same almost-freaking-out laugh.
[20:05] <Connor_Brennan> He did notice, but he also understands the principle of…getting away from one's parents occasionally.
[20:06] <Edward_Stagg> Edward nods, looking into his side mirrors again. The people were still following him. Ah well…they might have more info than he did on what was going on. He held up his arm, signaling to the other cars that he was going to turn off and head for the smaller town.
[20:06] <Jaymie> He sighs heavily, not knowing what to say to that.
[20:07] <Linden_Avery> Hopefully permanently in this case.
[20:11] <Vanessa> After a while, Vanessa hunkers down in a corner and opens her crappy laptop. "…sweet…hour left of power…" and starts typing away…
[20:16] <Jaymie> "You can plug it in if you want."
[20:16] <Vanessa> She lifts up the crappy three-prong wall socket. "Umm…"
[20:16] <Jaymie> "…Suck."
[20:18] <Vanessa> "A fat, big one…" She pouts while typing away, soft pink full lips drawing attention to themselves.
[20:19] <Jaymie> Jaymie practices keeping his full attention on the road in front of him.
01[20:22] <@Sparda> An hour later~
[20:23] <Vanessa> "No…no…y-yes! Ye-FUCK!" The laptop slams shut. "…barely managed to save…"
01[20:24] <@Sparda> The town of Brenford is as you'd expect a South Dakota podunk to be, the biggest building is the church, there's a bar as one of the first three things you see next to the gas station and store and the population on the sign is 433.
[20:25] <Connor_Brennan> "One of the lovely things about South Dakota: towns so small that if you blink you miss them."
[20:25] <Jaymie> Quaint. Possibly a shithole. Hopefully not infested by strange things that should not be. All in all, probably a great place.
06[20:26] * Nicholas_Lowell looks at the town as they pass through. "…maybe it's just me, but after that shit, I feel like a church would be a nice place to seek shelter right now."
[20:27] <Edward_Stagg> Edward pulled his bike into the town, slowing down to an inter-town cruise. "Damn…hoped there'd at least be a motel somewhere. Ah well. Got a tent if we can't find one."
[20:27] <Vanessa> "…Christ…good thing you're not gay." She looks outside the window. "This here'un's lynchin' country…" She whistles despondently.
[20:27] <Vasilisa> Vasilisa seems very comfortable here. Then again, rural is very familiar to her.
[20:27] <Jaymie> "I still don't get why everyone thinks that," he grumbles mildly.
[20:28] <Jaymie> "Oh, I guess we're stopping?" He continues to follow Edward's bike.
[20:28] <Vanessa> "The hair. And the bag. And the van. Oh, and the pout." She points, "Gas station! Smokes!!!"
01[20:28] <@Sparda> There is indeed a motel!
[20:28] <Vasilisa> She gets out of the pick-up and then stretches, sighing before checking her gear.
[20:28] <Jaymie> "It's my mom's van! I pout?"
[20:29] <Linden_Avery> "…wonderful place." Linden mutters sarcastically under his breath.
[20:29] <Edward_Stagg> "Phew. Good findings." He pulled up into a parking spot at the motel, kicking down the stand as he got off the bike and took off the helmet. "Sher, go tinkle so you don't do it in the room."
[20:29] <Vanessa> She clears her throat. "…it's a manly pout, I assure you." Guilty-face
[20:29] <Connor_Brennan> Connor pulls into the motel, parking a spot or two away from Edward.
06[20:29] * Nicholas_Lowell points out Ed turning into the motel. "Hey, Lisa, over there. Looks like we're stopping."
[20:29] <Jaymie> He sighs and flashes a smile at her. "It's not that big a deal."
01[20:29] <@Sparda> Surprisingly the cat hops off Cody's shoulder and disappears.
01[20:30] <@Sparda> She doesn't like to be watched.
[20:30] <Vasilisa> She nods and follows, taking a spot near the street, just in case of a getaway being needed.
06[20:30] * Nicholas_Lowell gets out a first aid kid, and starts putting a half-assed bandage over his wound, more to keep from getting more blood on his clothes than anything.
01[20:31] <@Sparda> The place is called the North Garden Motels, "continental breakfast" is advertized right above "Free coffee" and "Cable TV" also "Free Wireless Internet"
[20:31] <Vasilisa> "Let me." She actually takes it carefully out of his hands and starts working instead. She actually does seem practiced.
[20:31] <Jaymie> He slows down and parks beside the other two.
[20:32] <Vanessa> "Oh…my…fucking…god, YES!" She practically dives out of the back of the van, bags over her shoulders. She trudges over to Edward. "What's the plan, cowboy?"
01[20:34] <@Sparda> There's a lady in front of the door to the office, tending the little garden of pots and troughs of plants and flowers there. She's reedy and brown-haired, looks middle aged.
[20:34] <Jaymie> Jaymie locks the doors and gets out, walking over to check on the kid.
06[20:34] * Linden_Avery holds onto his backpack tightly as he gets out of the van, quiet, would stay as backround-y as he can, preferably behind Connor since he's there and all.
06[20:35] * Nicholas_Lowell grimaces a bit, but lets Vasilisa do her thing before putting a new t-shirt on and then his jacket, then climbing out of the truck.
[20:36] <Vasilisa> "Stop bothering." She glares at his expression before heading back to her bag and checking on things in it and then looking over her shoulder to see how the others are talking.
[20:36] <Edward_Stagg> Edward looks down at Vanessa. "Well, first anyone that can chip in for the room gets to sleep on a bed, or at least under a roof." He picks the kid off his bike, setting him on the ground. "Watch the kid while I try to grab a room."
[20:36] <Connor_Brennan> Connor snags his laptop bag and duffle bag from the van and hops out.
[20:36] <Edward_Stagg> Edward heads for the old lady by the office, leaving his guns on his bike for…obvious reasons.
06[20:36] * Vanessa artfully (and by that, I mean pretty damn obviously) stands on the side of Edward opposite from Nicholas
06[20:37] * Nicholas_Lowell is used to it.
[20:37] <Vanessa> "Uh…okay?" She kneels down, waving to the kid. "Hi…um…I'm Nessa…how y'doing?"
06[20:37] * Vasilisa follows and actually takes out a twenty to help pay for the room when it is time.
[20:37] <Vanessa> /Yeah, cuz I'm maternal./
[20:38] <Edward_Stagg> Ed tries to ruffle his hair to get the helmet head off as he approaches the lady. "Pardon me, miss. You happen to run the place or would I find that person inside?"
01[20:39] <@Sparda> Cody takes off the helmet and shakes his head to get his hair into that slightly messy yet stylish little boy cut it was in before. "Wow… That was cool, but can I be in a car next time?"
[20:40] <Vasilisa> She snerks quietly.
06[20:41] * Vanessa starts fussing with Cody's hair. "Yeah, we'll make sure you get taken care of, okay? You don't have to worry. Uncle Ed and me and everybody's gonna…um…well, it'll be okay." She bites her lip, gving Jaymie a 'HELP ME!' look,.
01[20:41] <@Sparda> Teh lady stands up and dusts potting soil off her hands. "No, that'd be me. Give me, oh, 5 minutes more out here and I'll check you in."
06[20:42] * Nicholas_Lowell blinks at the mention 'Uncle Ed'.
01[20:43] <@Sparda> The boy flinches a bit as she fusses at his hair, then kind of ducks away and fixes it himself. "Y-yeah, I know. If Auntie Ruthie trusted you enough To leave me with you then you must be okay, so I'm fine, really." He pats Vanessa on the shoulder, trying to reassure her.
[20:43] <Vasilisa> "I am going to sleep deep." She rubs an eye.
[20:44] <Jaymie> Jaymie smiles at Cody. "You're pretty mature for such a short guy."
[20:44] <Edward_Stagg> "Not a problem, darlin'. We just need a room to get some sleep, especially the kid over there." He looked over at the bar not too far away. "Ya know if they sell the good stuff there?"
[20:44] <Jaymie> "She must've raised you pretty well."
06[20:44] * Linden_Avery watches quietly from nearby. Just…observing.
[20:44] <Vanessa> "A real tough guy." She grins, giving him a peck on the forehead whether he likes it or not. "…makes me a little bit less scare shi-….er,…worried.
[20:45] <Vasilisa> "Someone should stay up and watch for a storm."
[20:45] <Jaymie> "I can." He looks over at Linden.
01[20:46] <@Sparda> She nods. "The best stuff. Trust me. Owner has his own microbrewery, try the Old Wilk's Custom, it's deeeeelicious. Now if you'll excuse me." She goes around back, apparently to open the place up.
01[20:46] <@Sparda> Cody blushes and pouts like 'cooties.' But nods. "Well… good."
[20:50] <Vasilisa> "… Names?" She looks at everyone oddly before pointing at Nick going "Nicolas," and yes she mispronounces it like that, and then gestures to herself saying "Vasilisa."
06[20:50] * Vanessa pulls her hoodie back, giving Nick the stink-eye. "…Vanessa."
[20:51] <Edward_Stagg> Edward pulls his pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lights one up, puffing a few times as he lets his mind open up a bit to digest all that had just happened. He had been doing his best to block it out during the ride, using his talents at focusing on a single task to ignore anything else to keep himself from having a freak out on the road. But he was slowly starting to realize he…
[20:51] <Edward_Stagg> …had just handled some serious shit.
[20:52] <Jaymie> "Jaymie."
06[20:53] * Nicholas_Lowell grabs a duffel bag full of essentials(food, clothes, food, toiletries, food, etc.) from his car and pulls out his wallet, figuring he has just enough money to spare for a room. Usually just sleeps in his truck somewhere.
[20:53] <Connor_Brennan> "Connor."
[20:54] <Linden_Avery> "Linden."
[20:54] <Vasilisa> Vasilisa grabs her own backpack, sighing.
[20:55] <Vanessa> "…so…uh…none of you guys happen to be wandering demon hunters, right?"
[20:55] <Edward_Stagg> "Edward Stagg. And I'm a bounty hunter, if that counts."
[20:55] <Jaymie> He crosses his arms and stares back the way they came, shaking his head.
[20:55] <Jaymie> "I'm a goddamn art student."
[20:55] <Connor_Brennan> "Speech writer."
[20:56] <Vasilisa> "Stupid." She shakes her head and corrects herself. / "Student." /
06[20:56] * Linden_Avery just shakes his head.
[20:57] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Vagrant."
06[20:57] * Vanessa laughs despite herself. "I'm journey-blogging. Kinda lame, I know."
[20:57] <Vasilisa> "… Journey-blogging?"
[20:57] <Vanessa> She pats her laptop bag. "I journey…and blog about it? It's a…sort of soul-searching..thing?" She seems a little unsettled by Nick's answer. No shock there.
[20:58] <Jaymie> "That's really cool." Jaymie perks.
[20:58] <Vasilisa> She mouths an 'oh.'
[20:58] <Nicholas_Lowell> "I'm just trying to find a place to fit in that doesn't have me dealing with… well, shit like that." He gestures back down the road towards where they came from. It's a rude gesture, too.
01[20:58] <@Sparda> Cody nods in agreement. :)
01[20:59] <@Sparda> Also, Sherry the cat reappears and rubs against Edwards' legs to let him know she's back before wandering about, kind of checking everyone out.
[20:59] <Vasilisa> "I am…" She gestures. "Backpacking? I am studying soon and I thought to take an interesting way there."
[21:00] <Vasilisa> She shrugs.
[21:01] <Vanessa> "…yeah, this definitely isn't Hollywood…but travelers, unite, I guess? The Fellowship of the One Kid…" The last part's muttered.
06[21:01] * Linden_Avery bends to pet the cat if she'd let him without thinking.
[21:03] <Vasilisa> Now Vasilisa's confused.
[21:03] <Vasilisa> "Oh. Tolkien."
01[21:03] <@Sparda> The lady from before peeks her head out the door of the motel office. "Hey there, I can check you in if you want now."
[21:04] <Vanessa> She grins…and then pales. "Umm…what's the damage?" She tucks a hand for a very-empty wallet..
[21:05] <Edward_Stagg> "Ah, that'd be great thanks." Edward heads inside, leaving Sherry outside to mingle and enterain the kid. "Hey darlin', there's no chance any of the rooms are connected by one o' them doors in the walls, is there? Would be awful nice to get two rooms connected, but we can roll with just one."
01[21:07] <@Sparda> "69.99 per room per night plus 15 bucks per occupant after two." She says flatly, with no room for negotiation. The office is a small airconditioned room, on a side table there's coffee and wrapped breakfast pastries.
[21:07] <Jaymie> He looks at Vanessa. "If you're broke, I'm sure one of us can help you."
01[21:07] <@Sparda> As well as little thinks of milk and juice on ice.
01[21:07] <@Sparda> And she shakes her head at Edward. "Nah, sorry, we only have the single rooms, none connected."
[21:08] <Edward_Stagg> He lets out a low whistle. "Damn, that's mighty steep. Though I guess cable TV and air-conditionin' is worth it. How big might these rooms be?"
[21:09] <Vanessa> She gives Jaymie a troubled look. "I'll totally pay you back, if I can find, like, a waitressing job or dish-washing or something some place."
01[21:09] <@Sparda> She shrugs. "Only motel for at least an hour and a half in any direction, just takign advantage of the market situation, as it were. And fair sized, one bath, two beds, kitchenette, closet.
06[21:10] * Nicholas_Lowell looks at Vanessa. "I can only spare enough for one room, but I'm willing to share if you don't have the money." Stilted attempt at making friendly, go!
01[21:10] <@Sparda> The beds are twins, by the by.
[21:11] <Jaymie> He grins. "Don't worry about it. I have parents."
06[21:11] * Linden_Avery doesn't have any money. And he doesn't particularly like accepting help from anyone. he'd rather take his chances sleeping outside.
[21:12] <Vanessa> "…don't even fucking dream of it." She hugs Jaymie's arm.
[21:12] <Connor_Brennan> "I can cover a room." He pauses, thinking about the hotel room that money would have covered.
[21:13] <Vasilisa> "I can cover a bit as well."
[21:13] <Jaymie> He blushes a little. "Heh. Well, if you do find some money, I can deal, but it's not your fault you're in this mess and that van's not very comfortable to sleep in."
[21:13] <Vasilisa> Well, it was the least she could do since the distance they had covered probably took a week off her travel…
[21:14] <Jaymie> "So…" he points and counts. "Eight of us, plus the kid. Twin beds… four rooms?"
[21:14] <Edward_Stagg> He laid down money for a room. "I'd suggest at least tryin' to stay in the same room together. I can sleep by the door anyway."
[21:14] <Edward_Stagg> "We don't want anyone disappearin' in the night, as it were."
[21:15] <Vasilisa> "I can sleep in a chair or the floor."
[21:15] <Vasilisa> She points at the sleeping bag she has.
[21:15] <Jaymie> "Just one? Hrm." He rubs the back of his head. "I can cope."
06[21:15] * Nicholas_Lowell grimaces. "…fine. More beds for me."
[21:17] <Vanessa> "Well, it sounds like Eddie, Jaymie, and Nick are good for rooms….we've got 8 of us…and Sherry…so…and we wanna keep the big, tough guys…so…Eddie room, Connor room, and Nick room…
[21:18] <Vanessa> "Nick and Vasilisa can bunk…and then me, Jaymie, and Connor…(and Aura, I guess) …and…uh…Edward, the kid, and Linden?"
01[21:18] <@Sparda> Cody rocks on his heels. "Umm, I'll stay with whoever I guess. I don't really mind, whoever has room for me on the floor or in a chair."
[21:18] <Connor_Brennan> "Sounds good to me."
[21:19] <Vasilisa> "I'll be hitting the floor. I am used to it."
[21:19] <Edward_Stagg> Ed pats Cody on the head. "Nah, kid. Anyone who manages to figuratively flick off a demon from the deep gets to sleep in a bed."
[21:19] <Vanessa> "…though just two in the room seems a waste…maybe Connor with Vasilisa…put Jaymie's room in the middle?"
01[21:20] <@Sparda> He blinks. "O…kay?" He giggles though. "I guess whoever she is is pretty pissed at me if she keeps coming after me, huh?"
[21:20] <Vasilisa> "Or really wants you."
[21:21] <Vanessa> "Well, if she comes back, then we've got folks to boom-headshot the hell out of her…right?"
[21:22] <Edward_Stagg> "I've learned to sleep with one eye open and my hand on my-" He tilts his head to look at the lady getting their keys. "…my coffee cup."
01[21:22] <@Sparda> She's been pointedly ignoring the conversation. Working at a bumfuck nowhere motel, you get people drifting through with less than good things behind them.
[21:24] <Vasilisa> "I do not care." She yawns. "I was awake at midnight and have not slept since."
06[21:24] * Linden_Avery snorts under his breath at the undertone. he's also not looking in Vanessa's direction, or trying not to.
06[21:26] * Jaymie is beginning to worry about Vanessa. And to be mildly frightened of her. Mostly the former.
06[21:27] * Nicholas_Lowell just stands there waiting for things to get sorted out.
[21:27] <Vanessa> "So…before any of that, we need to get the kid washed up and fed…" She looks at Cody. "Any spare clothes?"
[21:27] <Jaymie> "So d'you take credit?" He walks over to the nice lady and smiles.
[21:28] <Vanessa> She's kind of retreating into take-charge, and it's kid of obvious.
03[21:28] * JaitoWalkz (~PI.14.861.23|klaWotiaJ#PI.14.861.23|klaWotiaJ) has joined #TruckStop
01[21:28] <@Sparda> HE looks a bit uncomfortable as he lifts up his backpack. "Um, the rest was in Aunt Ruthie's trunk."
01[21:28] <@Sparda> "I have one more outfit and my jacket though!" He says brightly. "And some cookies."
[21:30] <JaitoWalkz> "Great! Then we need to get you showered up. No reason to get sick, right, Cody?" She gives a big smile
[21:31] <Edward_Stagg> He takes the key for his room and drops it in Linden's hand. "Take the kid to our room and get him cleaned up. I'm gonna head over to the gas station and see about gettin' something to eat. I'm starved." His eyes dart every so often to the bar nearby.
[21:31] <Vasilisa> She is just going to knock out in whatever room is free, curled up in her sleeping bag and just hitting meditation.
02[21:32] * Linden_Avery (~PI.731.861.27|ennyl#PI.731.861.27|ennyl) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
06[21:32] * Connor_Brennan goes up and pays for the room he'll be crashing in.
03[21:32] * Linden_Avery (~PI.731.861.27|ennyl#PI.731.861.27|ennyl) has joined #TruckStop
01[21:32] <@Sparda> He nods and smiles. "Yeah." Then the lady clears her throat. "Keys." she has a bunch of cards spread out on the counter for you guys. "Checkin and checkout is at 2 PM daily. You can stay as long as you pay."
[21:32] <Vasilisa> Oh, and she also gives her money as well.
[21:33] <Jaymie> "Thank you, ma'am." He puts on his best Such A Nice Boy smile and pays.
02[21:33] * Linden_Avery (~PI.731.861.27|ennyl#PI.731.861.27|ennyl) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
03[21:33] * Linden_Avery (~PI.731.861.27|ennyl#PI.731.861.27|ennyl) has joined #TruckStop
06[21:34] * Nicholas_Lowell sets down his money, and takes his key, then heads for his room, hoping there's at least a microwave there to make some food.
[21:35] <Linden_Avery> "Yes, sir." Linden murmurs as he takes the key. He isn't very good with children, really, but…he'll try.
[21:36] <Edward_Stagg> Edward heads to his bike and takes his backpack with the shotgun inside, as well pulling out his sleeping bag and tossing those into his room. The puts his Colt into the beltloop of his jeans and covers it with his driving jacket, just in case, as he heads for the nearby gas station.
[21:36] <Linden_Avery> And with that, he…tries to get the kid to follow him. Plus the cat probably.
02[21:36] * Linden_Avery (~PI.731.861.27|ennyl#PI.731.861.27|ennyl) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
03[21:37] * Linden_Avery (~PI.731.861.27|ennyl#PI.731.861.27|ennyl) has joined #TruckStop
[21:37] <Jaymie> After that is dump things in the room time, followed by the get some food because the calories we had for breakfast have been burnt already… in fact, let's go take Eddie there's suggestion, and get some food it can wash down. "Anybody else hungry?"
06[21:37] * JaitoWalkz pats Linden on the shoulder. "C'mon, let's do this."
[21:37] <Connor_Brennan> "A bit, yeah." Connor drops his duffel bag into the room, but keeps the laptop bag on his shoulder.
[21:37] <JaitoWalkz> "If you could gab me something, Jaymie, I'll owe you."
[21:38] <Jaymie> "No problem. There's gotta be a McDonald's in this town, right? Or at least a grocery store."
[21:39] <Linden_Avery> Linden is going to try to get the kid to follow him. As well as the cat probably but that might be a lost cause since….herding cats really doesn't work too well.
[21:39] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Same here. Grab me something. A lot of something."
[21:40] <Linden_Avery> …also blushing even more at Vanessa patting him on the shoulder.
[21:40] <Vasilisa> "I am not hungry." She ate a /lot/ at that buffet.
01[21:41] <@Sparda> Herding cats no, but Sherry is rether interested in Cody! She follows the boys into the room.
[21:42] <Jaymie> "Gotcha. Someone want to come with so we get the orders straight?" Also, so he doesn't have to be alone, but he has waaay too much dignity to say that.
02[21:43] * Linden_Avery (~PI.731.861.27|ennyl#PI.731.861.27|ennyl) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
03[21:43] * Linden_Avery (~PI.731.861.27|ennyl#PI.731.861.27|ennyl) has joined #TruckStop
[21:43] <Edward_Stagg> "Get me a double cheeseburger and a McChicken. And a large fry."
[21:44] <Edward_Stagg> He heads off for the gas station after leaving Jaymie his order. Edward puts out his cigarette as he heads into the gas station, walking down the aisles to pick up bags of chips, beef jerkies, candies, sugar treats, individually wrapped sandwiches, some sodas of differing types since he didn't know what the kid liked, some orange juice, and bags of cheese curds.
[21:44] <Edward_Stagg> He took the whole lot up to the counter, pulling out a wallet of 20s. "Oi. Carton of Marlboros."
[21:44] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…Sure. I'll come with you."
06[21:45] * Vanessa finally pulls off the hoodie once in the relative privacy of the room and smiles. "You clean up for yourself, or do you want some help?" She has no idea how far along the kid is…
[21:45] <Jaymie> "Okay." He nods at Nick and heads to the van.
01[21:45] <@Sparda> The guy behind the counter at the gas station is grizzled and has only one arm. He looks like the guy who talks about how he saw some things in 'Nam.
06[21:45] * Nicholas_Lowell follows.
[21:46] <Linden_Avery> At least trying to take care of the boy gives Linden something else to think about other then what has brought him to this point. Both the events of the previous night, and the….visions.
[21:46] <Jaymie> Off to find, preferably, a McDonald's; alternately, whatever else is available.
01[21:46] <@Sparda> He gets the cigs down and nods. "Big trip?"
[21:46] <Vanessa> Underneath is a surprisingly feminine figure, a generous but not massive chest under a black wife-beater, not quite able to fall down her to her curvy hips.
[21:46] <Edward_Stagg> "Lost kid and I have no clue what he eats."
[21:46] <Linden_Avery> …also not looking at Vanessa or trying not to.
[21:47] <Linden_Avery> But then, he hasn't exactly made eye contact with *anyone* this whole time.
01[21:47] <@Sparda> HE just nods.
[21:48] <Edward_Stagg> He pulls out a few 20s and sets them down on the counter.
01[21:48] <@Sparda> Back in the hotel, Cody takes some clothes out of his bag, then takes his shirt off before blinking and noticing Vanessa's in there with them and really, really pretty. He blushes and shakes hish ead, taking his clothes and dashing into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind him before he speaks. "I'm fine!"
06[21:49] * Vanessa leans against the door, calling in, "Don't forget - neck, ears, pits, feet - the whole shebang!" She slides down to sit, diggging her notebook out of her bag and writing away. "…god, I'm turning into my mom…"
01[21:50] <@Sparda> Before he ran into the bathroom though, Linden and Nessa get a good look at his slim back, which is marred by a pair of almost perfectly symmetrical scars, vaguely triangular in shape and curving down from his shoulderblades to his hips.
[21:50] <Linden_Avery> …*symmetrical* scars?
06[21:50] * Connor_Brennan heads off with Jaymie in search of food place
[21:50] <Vanessa> Blink. Blink. "…" She doesn't say a word.
[21:51] <Linden_Avery> …neither does Linden.
06[21:51] * Nicholas_Lowell is with Jaymie too!
01[21:52] <@Sparda> "I'm fiiiiiine! I can take care of myself!" He just sounds embarassed.
[21:52] <Vanessa> "We'll see! I'm gonna check!" She laughs, getting into the role.
01[21:53] <@Sparda> "Ewwww, no!"
[21:53] <Edward_Stagg> Ed takes his bags with the food and drinks and cigarettes and heads over to the bar and inside. "Who do I see about a few bottles of the strong stuff to walk out."
[21:53] <Vanessa> "I meant after! You better smell like soap and freshness, young man."
06[21:54] * Nicholas_Lowell is in the van with Jaymie and Connor! He just wanted to get away, though he's still stewing. Eventually, he sighs, and slumps against the window. "What a bitch."
01[21:54] <@Sparda> By the by, two things have become pretty apparent. First, Cody either doesn't know or think that Ruthie Avalon died back there. Also he definitely knew that Linden was a guy. Vanessa, he didn't act differently when YOU changed, only when he realized he was shirtless in front of a girl. A girl with cooties.
[21:55] <Jaymie> "Huh?"
[21:55] <Connor_Brennan> "Hmm?"
[21:55] <Nicholas_Lowell> "That Vanessa chick. She's treating me like I'm a fucking serial killer or something."
01[21:56] <@Sparda> The shower kicks on and there's boyish humming and whistling coming from inside. And for a bit he talks like a pirate.
[21:56] <Nicholas_Lowell> "After I get a chunk taken out of my collar fighting those meaty bastards."
[21:56] <Jaymie> "I think something happened to her, dude. It's not just you."
[21:57] <Connor_Brennan> He nods. "I wouldn't take it too hard."
[21:57] <Vanessa> "Watch out for that Nick guy, Lind…" She writes away. "…guys like that are unstable…who knows if the next guy he'll go after is one of us, if he gets tense…" She draws a line. "Drunk…" She draws a line. "Or just evil." She draws a third.
[21:57] <Jaymie> "And we're all kinda skittery right now."
01[21:57] <@Sparda> Also, in the Bar: There's a squarejawed man behind the bar and a few passably pretty girls waiting tables, seems like the bar and grill here is the place to go for food and drinks, it's surprisingly busy.
01[21:58] <@Sparda> The guy behidn the couter thumbs at a drink case in the corner, full of a beer labeled "Old Wilks' Custom."
[21:59] <Linden_Avery> "Be quiet, beneath his notice, and not set him off?" it really isn't a question, more of a statement.
[21:59] <Linden_Avery> Linden has avoided his own fair share of situations after he ran away.
[21:59] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Tch. Maybe. I guess I'm just used to shit like that. She doesn't seem to be scared of any of you, though."
01[21:59] <@Sparda> "Over there stranger. Wilk was my dad, came up with the recipe himself. Buck a bottle, no overhead means we can sell it cheap."
[22:00] <Vanessa> She sighs. "…yeah, I guess. I'm just sort of an asshole magnet." She writes away, humming under her breath. (All the Love in the World, by Nine Inch Nails.)
[22:00] <Edward_Stagg> Ed heads his way to the bar where he can pick up the bottles. "Good. Just gonna grab a couple of bottles. Not sure how many others are legal to drink." He pays for several bottles, sliding them into the bags he was already carrying.
[22:02] <Linden_Avery> "Given how many there are in the world…" delivered with the soft certainty of a quiet misanthrope.
[22:02] <Vanessa> "You're tellin' me, kid…." She sighs. "Never go to LA."
[22:02] <Jaymie> Bar and grill, then.
[22:03] <Jaymie> Jaymie heads in to look at the menu.
[22:03] <Linden_Avery> "The entire population made up of them?"
[22:04] <Edward_Stagg> Ed walks past jaymie and the others on his way out. "Still gonna want that double cheeseburger and fried chicken sandwich." He heads out of the bar and back to the motel, dropping bags of snacks, sandwiches, and drinks on an empty bed.
[22:04] <Jaymie> He waves at Ed as he leaves.
[22:04] <Connor_Brennan> Connor gives Ed a nod as he passes by.
01[22:04] <@Sparda> Cody comes out of the bathroom, steam billowing out after him, and he's rubbing his hair with a towel. "I think Nick is a good guy."
01[22:05] <@Sparda> He smiles. :)
[22:05] <Vanessa> "Hell…the sand's made fo asshol-" She cuts herself off.
[22:05] <Vanessa> She smiles back. "H-hey, buddy…all done?"
[22:05] <Edward_Stagg> "Didn't know what anyone ate, so I just grabbed a bunch o' whatever I could grab." He pulled out a twinkie and started munching.
01[22:06] <@Sparda> He walks over to the bed and puts his old clothes back in his backpack. He's dressed in jean shorts and a snoopy t-shirt now. One with him and Woodstock crazy dancing.
06[22:07] * Nicholas_Lowell also looks at the menu, and decides to get the biggest, cheapest beef dish they have, both done rare, a side of whatever chicken things they have, a side of fries, and the biggest, strongest coffee they've got.
[22:07] <Nicholas_Lowell> *two of the biggest beef dishes*
[22:08] <Jaymie> Jaymie orders several cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, chicken tenders if they have them…
06[22:08] * Connor_Brennan sticks with a cheeseburger for himself and snags various appetizers for others to munch on
01[22:08] <@Sparda> It's all bar food there, so sandwiches, soups, burgers, fries, onion rings and buffalo wings.
01[22:08] <@Sparda> But yes, chicken tenders.
[22:09] <Jaymie> For himself, probably burger and buffalo wings.
06[22:10] * Vanessa moves over to an outlet, and goes to test this 'free wireless internet' story. She yawns. "…not sleeping tonight…"
01[22:10] <@Sparda> FREE WIRELESS INTERNET! And it works!
06[22:10] * Linden_Avery finds a corner of the room to sit in. Preferably one where he can see the rest of the occupants.
06[22:10] * Nicholas_Lowell gets two of their biggest(non-gimmick) burgers, then, with just ketchup. No vegetables or anything.
01[22:11] <@Sparda> No gimmick foods here, just big juicy burgers. It's a pretty traditional place.
01[22:11] <@Sparda> They have boxes to take anything you like to go, though.
06[22:11] * Nicholas_Lowell pays for his own food, packs it up, and heads back to the van!
06[22:12] * Vanessa licks her lips, leaving her tongue against her upper teeth as she types away and goes to add the WEIRDEST entry ever to her blog. No one would believe the really bad stuff, but creepy fog, a cute little kid, and travel companions? Perfect blogging material.
[22:13] <Vasilisa> Unconscious Vasilisa is unconscious. She may have a pen and paper in hand and be writing in a daze, but it's obviously just… really basic math.
01[22:13] <@Sparda> Cody, not being hungry, just flops over on the not covered in food bed since everyone else seems to be sitting in corners in places. Which is kind of creepy.
[22:14] <Jaymie> Also, some of that local stuff sounds good. Then van followed by motel.
[22:16] <Connor_Brennan> Connor heads into the motel room carrying his bags o' food. He places the bag with the appetizer samples on the counter of the kitchenette, then takes a seat by Cody with his box o' cheeseburger and fries.
01[22:17] <@Sparda> Cody blinks at Connor. He didn't know him too well. He holds out his hand. "Cody."
[22:18] <Jaymie> Jaymie carries in hamburgers, etc.
[22:18] <Connor_Brennan> Connor takes the hand and shakes it. "Connor."
[22:18] <Jaymie> "We got cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, onion rings, french fries, and buffalo wings- I call half of those, though."
06[22:18] * Nicholas_Lowell heads to his room with his food, sees Vasilisa(I think!) and sits on the open bed, and starts pulling food out of its boxes. He starts to dig in, then pauses and looks at Lisa. "You hungry?"
01[22:18] <@Sparda> Ed: Sherry curls up at your feet.
[22:19] <Vasilisa> Zzzzzz.
[22:19] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Guess not." Om nom nom.
[22:19] <Vasilisa> She is basically dead to the world.
[22:19] <Vasilisa> Yep.
[22:19] <Jaymie> "Does your cat want some chicken?" He grins at Ed.
[22:19] <Linden_Avery> Linden has never wanted his "gift", with the visions that broke and fractured everything to pieces. But now, for once, he almost wishes, bitterness heavy on his tongue, for even a fragment of a vision. Or even a set of tarot cards. Something. Something for a hint of what was to come other then blackness. But *nothing*. What good was this "gift', then?
06[22:19] * Vanessa is type-type-typing away. "I've got a torrent of Nightmare on Elm Street coming up, if people want…" She grins in the general direction fo food.
[22:20] <Jaymie> "Heh. After all that?"
[22:20] <Jaymie> "I guess drowning yourself in fiction is one way of dealing with it."
[22:20] <Vanessa> "Hair of the dog?"
[22:21] <Connor_Brennan> "Very funny." Connor looks over at Vanessa…and suddenly notices that she's out of the hoodie. He pauses, then shakes his head as though to clear it. "You seen the trailer for the remake yet?"
[22:21] <Edward_Stagg> Ed pets Sherry and then raises his hand. "Double cheeseburger, fried chicken sandwich, and fries! Over here!"
01[22:21] <@Sparda> Cody shrugs. "That movie's not scary."
[22:21] <Vanessa> "Also - fries?" She grins. "Of course I have! It's gonna be fucki-…er, really cool."
[22:21] <Vanessa> She peers at Cody. "Er…right. It's more for the fun of it." She's obviously lying.
01[22:22] <@Sparda> The byo yawns. "You can swear, you know, it's okay." He turns over onto his side, dozing a bit. Running for your life then spending a couple hours on a motorcycle could take it out of a kid!
[22:23] <Connor_Brennan> Connor scoots over a bit to give Cody room, then noms his burger.
[22:23] <Vanessa> "So, what's your story, Connor? What's a…speech writer doing in Montana?"
[22:24] <Vanessa> "…or Dakota…wherever."
[22:24] <Jaymie> Jaymie takes over Ed's order.
[22:24] <Connor_Brennan> "Was driving back from DC, actually. Swung through Rapid City to visit family."
06[22:25] * Nicholas_Lowell stops eating for a moment, thinking, then gets up, and heads out to his truck to bring his shotguns(old and new) and his ammo to his room. Not getting cut off from them by she-demons this time!
03[22:25] * Vasilisa is now known as Astra
02[22:25] * Astra (~moc.rr.ser.nas.C37C2566-ratScigaM|alliztahc#moc.rr.ser.nas.C37C2566-ratScigaM|alliztahc) Quit (Disintegrated: SLEEP)
[22:25] <Vanessa> She nods. "DC…must be nice. Lots of smart people." tap-tap-tap-tap
06[22:25] * Nicholas_Lowell does it discreetly too. Yeah.
[22:25] <Edward_Stagg> Ed grabs the double cheeseburger and opened it up, placing the entire fried chicken sandwich inside before closing the burger up again and squishing it all down to take a bite.
[22:26] <Connor_Brennan> "Depends on where you go, really." He munches on a few fries, pausing to speak until he'd finished. "Then again, that's the same anywhere you go."
[22:26] <Edward_Stagg> "Mmmm…that's how it goes." He mixes the fries with the cheesecurds and wolfs those down as his missed lunch catches up to him."
01[22:26] <@Sparda> Much omnomnoming is had!
[22:28] <Jaymie> Nom, nom, nom.
01[22:29] <@Sparda> Cody ends up curling against Connor in his sleep, mumbling something or other.
[22:29] <Connor_Brennan> Connor's perfectly cool with that
06[22:30] * Nicholas_Lowell gulps down his food, chugs his coffee, then gets ready for a long night of sitting at the window with a shotgun in his lap.
01[22:30] <@Sparda> Connor: You have no idea what he mumbles, it's not in a language you know.
[22:30] <Edward_Stagg> Ed pulls his Colt out of his pants to set it on the table by him, leaning the shotgun against his chair. He finished the massive double-sandwich beast and moved on to opening a bag of doritos to eat with his cheese curds and fries.
[22:31] <Vanessa> "Looks like the kid's in the middle room, then…we'll have our soldiers on the sides, and Connor in here."
[22:32] <Connor_Brennan> "Works for me."
01[22:32] <@Sparda> "Mrrr…" The kid wakes up and rubs his ehes, hand fisted in connor's shirt for a moment. "Wait… I wanna stay with Nick."
[22:33] <Vanessa> "….what?" Vanessa is not amused.
01[22:33] <@Sparda> He shrugs and scoots away from Connor to a respectful distance. "He feels… familiar is all… I dunno how to say it, but I'll stay with him tonight." He smiles and nods.
[22:34] <Linden_Avery> "…familiar?"
01[22:34] <@Sparda> "I don't know how…"
[22:34] <Jaymie> Jaymie raises an eyebrow. "So you're both the same sort of wierd thing."
[22:34] <Jaymie> "I mean. No offense. But he's weird, and you're… special."
[22:35] <Vanessa> She frowns. "We barely know the guy…"
01[22:35] <@Sparda> "And I don't know any of you equally. Except Ed." He smiles at him. Riding on his chopper for a few hours apparently constituted being familiar.
[22:35] <Connor_Brennan> "None of us know the other people here, really."
[22:37] <Jaymie> "He's… at least he said this has happened to him. I don't know." He seems to be just sort of lumping the various phenomena together until he gets a better idea of WTF.
[22:37] <Edward_Stagg> Ed gets up from his seat. "Gonna go get some coffee. No one get eaten while I'm out." The Colt goes back into his pants as he heads out.
[22:37] <Vanessa> "…fine…but can you keep an eye on them, Connor? In case something happens? They're likely targets…"
[22:37] <Connor_Brennan> He nods. "Sure."
[22:38] <Jaymie> He lets out a pained breath from behind a buffalo wing. "Man. I wonder… if anyone else got out."
01[22:39] <@Sparda> Cody gets off the bed and slips into his shoes, picks up his stuff and starts out the door. Sherry goes with her owner.
[22:41] <Connor_Brennan> Connor throws away his trash, then follows after Cody. "Night everyone."
[22:41] <Vanessa> Vanessa bites her lip. "…I'm going to bed." She pulls a switchblade out of her pocket, flops into one of the beds, and tucks the blade under her pillow. "Night, guys."
[22:42] <Linden_Avery> "Good night."
[22:43] <Jaymie> "Night. I'm gonna take a shower and get some work done."
[22:43] <Connor_Brennan> Connor opens the door for Cody, then plops down with his laptop bag on the chair. "I'll crash on the floor so you and Nick can have the beds."
06[22:44] * Nicholas_Lowell blinks as his room's invaded. "What?"
[22:44] <Edward_Stagg> Edward returns with his coffee and his sleeping bag. He closes the door once everyone is gone and then goes about closing any and all blinds. He drags a chair over to the door and sets it right in front. He shuffles his way into his sleeping bag and takes a seat on the chair facing the door, his shotgun loaded and laying in his nap.
[22:44] <Edward_Stagg> "Have a good sleep ladies."
01[22:44] <@Sparda> Cody looks at his feet, nervous. "Oh… I was kind of going to ask to share a bed." Teh unspoken "because I'm going to be scared out of my wits when it's dark" flashes through his eyes.
[22:45] <Connor_Brennan> "Hey. Cody wanted to stay in with you, and I volunteered to keep an extra eye on him."
06[22:45] * Linden_Avery isn't sure he heard that plural correctly.
01[22:45] <@Sparda> "That's okay, right?" He asks all puppy-dog eyes.
[22:46] <Linden_Avery> "…La*dies*, sir?" with a soft 'did I just hear you right' stress on the plural of the word.
[22:46] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…I guess?"
[22:47] <Jaymie> "Uh. Which of us do you think is female?"
[22:48] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…so. Kid. Mind if I ask you some stuff?"
01[22:49] <@Sparda> "Cool." He smiles, looking relieved. "Sure, what did you want to know?"
[22:49] <Edward_Stagg> "I thought Ladies was the gentleman term for it."
02[22:52] * Linden_Avery (~PI.731.861.27|ennyl#PI.731.861.27|ennyl) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
03[22:52] * Linden_Avery (~PI.731.861.27|ennyl#PI.731.861.27|ennyl) has joined #TruckStop
[22:53] <Connor_Brennan> Connor gets himself settled for the evening and promptly passes out.
[22:53] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Well… no offense, but you've got kind of a fucked up childhood." Harsh language is the least this kid's been exposed to! "But I've been there, believe me. In fact, I was wondering how much of it's been like my life. So, tell me, what kind of wierd stuff has happened in your life? Stuff your grandma had to warn you about or protect you from."

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