Session 1

01[14:43] <@SpardaSpinningTales> It is morning, cold and rainy and misty, an unpleasant day to be doing anything, let alone driving, with the roads so slick and treacherous. The headlights in the distance refract and shimmer like ghosts through the constant veil of drizzling water, almost headache inducing with their phantom gleam. Luckily, there are refuges built along the highways for days like these.
01[14:45] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Refuges like the ever humble Flying J truck stop, with it's greasy buffet and dvd kiosks and 15 year old arcade games, it's convenience mart briming with montana merchandise to hawk to cross country tourists. Still, it's warm inside, and out of the rain, and the truckers and workers treat each other with a sort of fond familiarity. Better than nothing, for sure, especially for the hungry, tired or just plain sick of driving for a while.
01[14:46] <@SpardaSpinningTales> A most unlikely of places indeed for meetings that have been long, long in coming.
01[14:46] <@SpardaSpinningTales> *sick of driving for a while.
[14:48] <Connor_Brennan> The weather definitely wasn't helping Connor's ravaged nerves. Some people forget how to drive when it's raining outside, and he had to stop and pull over twice already to calm down after a few near-misses. Now, he pulls his old Windstar into the Flying J, looking for something to eat now that the lunch he'd had at his mother's had worn off.
[14:49] <Jaymie> There's a young man looking happily over the tourist stuff- an incredibly pretty one with long blonde hair, strange colorful clothing, and a huge canvas bag tossed over one shoulder.
[14:50] <Jaymie> The rain outside is beautiful, as far as he's concerned, but there's no way he's driving in that, and they did need to eat…
[14:50] <Vasilisa> Sometimes, a person just can't sleep. Vasilisa had decided about midnight last night that she'd take her chances in the night and had started her trek early to the next checkpoint. It had been nice and clear before, utterly glorious to see the foreign cycle of the moon and stars spin slowly, until the clouds had begun coming in during the mid-early morning. The several hours of hiking…
[14:50] <Vasilisa> …after that were… not the most pleasant, but definitely not the worst, especially when she knew that there was a truckstop near.
[14:51] <Connor_Brennan> Connor comes in carrying a laptop bag, wearing a pair of jeans and a green polo. He eyes the man looking through the souveniers, then finds a place in the buffet area and takes a seat.
[14:51] <Vanessa> A vocie calls out, "Thanks, Otis! …Don't gimme that look, I'll come visit, I promise…and you better throw ALL of those away…I know where you keep 'em!" And then a wet mess of hoodie and baggy cargo pants comes through the automatic doors to the convenience store section.
[14:51] <Vasilisa> So while the girl definitely looked like a drowned rat when she came in, definitely hungry, she was also in a good mood. … let's just hope people can understand her.
[14:52] <Jaymie> He finds a few particularly strange or amusing items, chips, soda, then heads over to the actual food portion and the checkout.
01[14:53] <@SpardaSpinningTales> At this time of day the stop is pretty empty, no one in the hall connecting the two parking lots except for the little electronic voice from the dvd kiosk explaining how easy it is to rent one of the self-erasing short-term movies. The store has one bored plump girl working the counter as well as an old woman and a child who tugs at her and shyly asks for candy.
06[14:53] * Vanessa ducks quickly towards the bathroom, a gig bag on one shoulder and a laptop satchel over the other.
[14:54] <Vasilisa> To the diner, dammit. And food. Once she is actually inside, she takes out a towel out of her backpack to dry her hair while walking.
06[14:54] * Nicholas_Lowell pulls into the stop, muttering curses at the weather because he knows it can hear him! Fuckers better stop screwing with him! He climbs out of his beat up old pickup, and makes his way inside, hiking his jacket up over his head to shield himself from the rain.
[14:54] <Jaymie> D'aww, small children.
01[14:54] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The restaurant side isn't much better off, a stick-thin young teenager stares into space behind the cash register and the only ones at the breakfast buffet are a particularly pretty woman in her early to mid 30s dressed rather masculinely and
06[14:54] * Nicholas_Lowell is a big guy, over six feet tall, with a broad, well-muscled physique. Fair-haired and fair-skinned, with bright blue eyes and strong, handsome features, Nick is a rather handsome young man, although he tends to give people the impression that he's about to lash out at something at any moment, and they're usually right.
06[14:54] * Nicholas_Lowell tends to dress in simple, sturdy clothes, without much concern for looking good. His usual attire is a worn brown jacket, a dark gray t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and heavy black boots.
01[14:55] <@SpardaSpinningTales> a man with a bushy black beard and wild hair held in a ponytail eating carefully so as not to get food in his facial hair.
[14:56] <Vasilisa> Vasilisa is… well, average. Blond hair, glasses, brown eyes. She looks definitely like a backpacker, with the 70-pound monstority on her back, with a floral towel over her hair.
[14:58] <Vasilisa> She goes to the cashier and checks the price, thinking for a moment before shelling out the money.
01[14:58] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Vasilisa: The teen behind the counter kind of half-smiles and gives a nod. "Hey. Breakfast buffet is $7.50 ." He seems pretty amused at the towel and massive backpack.
[14:58] <Vasilisa> She nods and pays silently.
[14:58] <Connor_Brennan> Interesting crowd here… Connor thought to himself as he looked over the buffet.
06[14:58] * Vanessa sighs at the mirror. "…fuck you." she mutters, before tying back her hair, switching into a dry hoodie, and ducking back over to the diner.
[14:59] <Vasilisa> "Spasiba." She says softly before passing the teenager and getting a seat, setting the pack down and doing a final dry before draping it on her bag and heading to the buffet.
[14:59] <Connor_Brennan> Connor goes and fixes a plate for himself, adding a bit more bacon to the plate than is probably healthy for a normal person.
01[15:00] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Could I have just one Gramma Ruth?" "Ohhhhh Cody, you JUST had breakfast. But you ARE thin as a little rail, so alright, but just ONE candybar, and no getting cute and getting one of the big ones and saying it's just one. "…Well they are…" The boy and his grandma prattle at each other.
01[15:00] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Vasilisa and Connor: The kid obviously doesn't have a clue what Vasi just said and in fact looks kind of insulted like he's wondering what he was just called.
[15:02] <Jaymie> Eggs and ketchup and biscuits and grape jelly and donuts. :d
[15:02] <Vasilisa> Oatmeal. Oh god oatmeal.
[15:02] <Vasilisa> And potatoes. And fruit.
[15:02] <Jaymie> He dumps his stuff in a big pile of other stuff on a booth.
01[15:02] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Numnumnum. The food's pretty good. Eggs are kind of rubbery but the bacon's nice.
01[15:02] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The donuts are of the Dunkin' variety.
06[15:02] * Vanessa looks over the menu. "…I think my heart just cried…" She slumps into a seat, waiting for service.
[15:03] <Jaymie> Yum.
[15:03] <Connor_Brennan> Connor sets up his laptop while he eats, letting the grease of the bacon help clear his mind.
[15:03] <Vasilisa> Huzzah, greasy, heavy fare that may mean she won't need to eat for the whole day. :D
06[15:04] * Nicholas_Lowell wanders up to the food place, and orders something cheap and filling.
[15:04] <Vasilisa> She takes out a rather thick… thing. It *looks* like a book, but Jesus Christ and the Saints, what could be that damn THICK?
[15:04] <Jaymie> He conspicuously watches the other people in the buffet, feet in the seat beside him, nomming what is probably more grape jelly on one biscuit than is healthy for anybody.
06[15:04] * Nicholas_Lowell takes a few minutes glaring at the menu above the cashier's head like he was planning to eat it instead, first.
06[15:05] * Nicholas_Lowell retcons time, and instead starts loading up at the buffet
[15:05] <Vanessa> After a bit of a wait…"Oh…right…Montana." She gets up, throws down a soaking wet $10 bill…and goes to look with concern at the salad bar.
01[15:05] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The cashier shrinks back a bit from Nick. He's had to deal with some crazies in his time.
[15:05] <Vanessa> She ends up taking about 4 apples and three glasses of juice, all at once
01[15:06] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The boy gives Vanessa her 2.50 in change. And kind of curiously tries to peek under her hoodie but doesn't seem interested.
[15:06] <Jaymie> He tries to read the spine of Vasilisa's book.
[15:07] <Vasilisa> It's in Russian.
06[15:07] * Nicholas_Lowell piles up his plate mainly with stuff like sausage and bacon and whatnot, with the occasional non-meat dish alongside it.
01[15:07] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The trucker lady makes a sudden loud scoff and stares down at her phone. "Ugh, what the hell? Reception was fine a minute ago, shiiiiiiit."
[15:07] <Jaymie> …Whoa. Jaymie briefly looks impressed, presumes it's like Tolstoy or something, and then decides to stare at someone else.
[15:07] <Jaymie> Like her, maybe.
01[15:08] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Sure she didn't just hang up on ya Lady?" The bearded man says with a laugh, she flips him off.
[15:08] <Vasilisa> She looks plain, definitely has been walking a bit judging by the fact she is drenched, and eating… quite a bit, really. Nom. Nom. Nom.
[15:09] <Vasilisa> She puts some weird stuff into the bowl, though like throwing in the potatoes and bacon and eggs to test it.
06[15:09] * Nicholas_Lowell plops down in an open seat wherever, and starts wolfing his breakfast down. Get it? GET IT?
06[15:09] * Vanessa goes to where the light is good and takes out a laptop…and swears rather loudly when she notices the case is damp. "Don't you FUCKING even…this fucking cost me 100 bucks…"
01[15:09] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Teh kid at the counter cheks out Jaymie, then kind of pales when he realizes ITS A DUDE. He slumps in his seat.
[15:10] <Jaymie> Jaymie only laughs out loud a little.
[15:11] <Vasilisa> She glances up, blinking before looking back down, her nose wrinkling a little as she keeps eating.
01[15:11] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Vanessa: Your laptop sputters to life with it's way too loud internal fan.
[15:12] <Vanessa> She jerks a finger at it. "You listen to me, Davey, you work for ME now. I'll take care of you, but I swear to GOD, HERA, and Genghis KHAN…just please work, buddy, ok?" She pats the top, then starts trying to get internet.
01[15:12] <@SpardaSpinningTales> There's no wireless connection despite the abig sign that says WE HAVE WIRELESS out front. Also it's starts to get a bit darker and rain more heavily. As if Nature were mocking you.
[15:13] <Vasilisa> She gets up to get more food.
06[15:13] * Nicholas_Lowell is pretty sure it really is. It always does.
[15:13] <Vasilisa> She DID get an early start so she can stay here for a while.
[15:13] <Vasilisa> She'll go for pastries this time. >.>
[15:13] <Connor_Brennan> "…damn it." No wireless. He sighs, then closes the laptop and puts it back into his bag.
[15:13] <Connor_Brennan> Then, more bacon.
01[15:13] <@SpardaSpinningTales> BACON!
01[15:14] <@SpardaSpinningTales> There is much bacon, more than the other food items in fact. It's a favorite here apparently.
06[15:14] * Nicholas_Lowell looks out at the worsening weather. "Fuck. When it rains, it really does pour."
06[15:14] * Vanessa closes the laptop and goes over to the worker. "Umm…your net's down. I really need to get online…"
06[15:14] * Nicholas_Lowell wonders if they have booze here.
01[15:14] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The old woman and her grandson are currently resting in the hallway while he looks at the DVDs and eats his candy bar, the woman rubbing her rather swollen looking little knees.
[15:15] <Jaymie> Jaymie takes out his phone and pokes it curiously, hearing the other people cursing.
01[15:16] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Nick: Even though it's a TRUCK STOP, yes. Yes they do in fact have a liqour case in the store.
[15:17] <Vasilisa> She sits down again, checking where she is at, and bookmarking it before going for her own cell phone out of curiosity.
01[15:17] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The guy SIGHS and leans against the counter. "Sorry, can't help you. Might be the rain? I dunno, I don't handle the wireless." He shrugs.
06[15:18] * Nicholas_Lowell ponders having a frank discussion with Jack Daniels, but decides against it, so he can get going as soon as the weather lets up.
[15:19] <Vanessa> She sighs. "…umm…can I look, maybe?" /Try to look like you don't hate him…try to look like you don't hate him…/ She slips her hood back enough to smile. "…maybe I can get it working/"
01[15:20] <@SpardaSpinningTales> He kind of swallows dryly as Canessa shows her face and it seems to take him a moment to think as he strategically crosses one leg over the other. "Um… Uh… Sorry I don't have the office to the door key."
[15:21] <Vanessa> SIGH. "And who has the office to the door key, huh…? " She reads his nametag and recites it.
01[15:21] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Uh, door to the office key. Key. THAT key, ya know? The manager has it, he's not in yet. I only have door keys." He's Doug.
01[15:21] <@SpardaSpinningTales> And he points to the door into the diner and the ones leading from the hallway into the parking lot and the like.
[15:22] <Vanessa> "And what you're telling me, Doug, is that nobody can get in…you don't know any tricks to surf the web in there on breaks or anything?" She gives a little pout, feeling part of herself die inside
01[15:23] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Cody… It's time to go sweetheart." The old lady takes The boy's hand and he whines a bit about not being ready and having to use the bathroom again and she clucks her tongue. "Then hurry on, dear." She has a light, almost unplacable accent.
01[15:24] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Uhh, well no it's just a hub thing and the manager's PC. I use my laptop too." He grins nervously and lifts his own laptop case from behind the counter, hoping the common ground could lead to friendlier conversation.
[15:25] <Vanessa> She sighs. "So…what you're saying is I'm out of luck?" Last ditch effort…leeaaaan forward to look over at his screen. /Eat Body by Victoria, motherfucker…smell the devil./
01[15:25] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The woman in the diner is still trying her cell phone, giving up after a bit to play tetris on it instead, looking up and out the windows every now and again to see if it's letting up.
[15:26] <Jaymie> Poke, poke. Sigh. Well, that's not going to work, so if they're still not back, Jaymie's going to drag something out of his bag and start knitting.
06[15:27] * Nicholas_Lowell gets more bacon. And some donuts. And coffee if they've got it.
01[15:27] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The pattering of rain starts to get louder.
[15:27] <Jaymie> Eggs and ketchup and sweaters, yes.
01[15:27] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Uhh, yeah looks like it, hehe, I'm REAL sorry and all." His screen has Freecell on it.
[15:28] <Connor_Brennan> Connor looks over at Vanessa and the clerk and shakes his head. Some women…
01[15:29] <@SpardaSpinningTales> He nervously tries some lame pickup lines on Vanessa, but it's lost in a sudden upswing in the rain, the pattering right against the windows it seems… All of them.
[15:29] <Vanessa> Siiiigh. "…suck. Well, uh, thanks, Doug." She offers a hand, "Nessa. If the net comes back up, lemme know?"
[15:29] <Connor_Brennan> o.o
[15:29] <Connor_Brennan> Connor lets out a little meep as the rain picks up.
01[15:30] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "What the fuck's that?" Outside the windows it's gone DARK. Not pitch black dark, but moonless night dark, and with the mist and rain you can only see a handful of feet outside, certainyl not past the first lines of cars in the lot.
[15:30] <Jaymie> "Shit." Jaymie hops up in his seat and looks outside.
01[15:30] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The bearded man stands up and starts heading out the door. The woman looks up from her phone with a furrowed brow. "Hey, hey Bob, maybe you oughtta stay in here, looks wierd out there."
[15:31] <Vasilisa> She frowns. This can't be normal.
01[15:31] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Jaymie: You can't see much more even pressed up against the window. It's like the light just STOPS and you hit a wall of rain and fog.
[15:31] <Vanessa> Blink. Blink. "…man…I heard there's crazy weather out here, but…"
[15:32] <Connor_Brennan> "…I never liked The Mist. Why am I suddenly in it?" Connor gets a bit paler as he scoots away from the windows.
01[15:32] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Bob shakes his head. "Nah, I got to get to my truck. I'm late as it is. Not lookin' forward to wading through this shit but hey." "Nah, Bob just call the company and tell them the weather's gone bad, don't go out there man."
06[15:33] * Nicholas_Lowell looks up from his food at the weather outside, brow furrowed. Stuff this intense is never good in his life.
01[15:33] <@SpardaSpinningTales> A few moments later the old woman and her grandson shuffle into the diner together, the old lady looking nervous, the boy looking confused.
[15:33] <Jaymie> "Whoa." He gets up, not sure whether he wants to go out there and see or not. "Hey, what's out there?" he asks the old woman and her son.
[15:34] <Vasilisa> "Storms are not quiet like this."
[15:34] <Vasilisa> She says this in English, very clearly as she gets up, approaching the door as well.
[15:34] <Vasilisa> "There is no thunder."
[15:34] <Jaymie> "Maybe the clouds are doing something weird."
[15:35] <Vasilisa> She shakes her head.
[15:35] <Vasilisa> "Too dark."
01[15:35] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "No, no there's not." The old woman seems to speak a short prayer as she strokes the back of the boy's hand. He's snuggled up against her side, looking more worried for her than concerned about the situation.
[15:36] <Jaymie> He opens the door and looks out, checking to see if he can see the van or anything else.
[15:37] <Vanessa> "…look, lady, you're starting to creep me out," she says to Vasilisa. "It's just a shower…rainstorms back home got pretty dark…give it a couple hours, it'll break…" She goes back to her apples and laptop.
01[15:37] <@SpardaSpinningTales> She looks at Jaymie, her eyes clouded with worry. "Who can say? But it doesn't look good at all. Feels like the devil's work to me."
[15:37] <Vasilisa> She looks at Vanessa, shaking her head.
06[15:37] * Nicholas_Lowell starts suddenly, and clenches his fists, then growls, and starts looking around nervously.
01[15:37] <@SpardaSpinningTales> He stays silent.
01[15:37] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The boy, that is.
[15:38] <Vasilisa> "Showers are not heavy. It does not make night out of day."
[15:38] <Connor_Brennan> …did that guy just growl? Connor eyes Nicholas as he moves back farther from the windows.
[15:39] <Vasilisa> She gives Nicolas a look of confusion as well, but she is still looking outside.
06[15:39] * Vanessa scoots deeper into her booth, away from Nicholas. "…w-what the FUCK, man?"
[15:39] <Vasilisa> Er she looks back out after a moment.
[15:39] <Jaymie> Jaymie startles a bit and stares at Nicholas.
01[15:39] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The big man, Bob the lady called him, blows a sigh and shakes his head, bundling his coat up and pulling a cap on his head. "Look Lady, I'm outta here. I'd rather not go out in the strange here, but I've got work and you do too." He pushes the door open and walks out, seeming to disappear into the black.
01[15:39] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Also, at Nick's outburst the kid at the counter kind of ducks behind it like he's expecting gunfire.
[15:39] <Jaymie> "…Dude, at least take a flashlight!"
06[15:40] * Nicholas_Lowell walks over to the windows, keeping a hand close to the big knife he has hidden in his jacket, and watches the guy walk out, straining his eyes to see him in the gloom.
[15:40] <Vasilisa> "Can that pierce it?" She looks at the darkness outside.
01[15:40] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Anyone looking outside: Wits + Composure
[15:40] <Jaymie> Shit. Half our stuff's still out there… Jaymie looks to the guy at the counter. "It ought to be able to! And if it can't, man… can we try one?"
[15:41] <Vasilisa> "One in top of pack." She nods to her backpack.
[15:41] <Vasilisa> She has a spare anyways.
01[15:42] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Everyone but Nick: He just seems to traipse off into the gloom, the cloying darkness surrounding him and just before he goes out of sight he seems to jump at something, but they you can't see him.
[15:42] <Jaymie> "Thanks." He flashes a smile at Vasilisa and grabs it, heading back over to shine it outside where the guy might have gone.
[15:42] <Vasilisa> She nods, her cheeks turning a little pink.
06[15:43] * Vanessa isn't looking, instead trying to get the impossible connection to work remotely
01[15:44] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Nick: Your unusually keen eyes on the other hand, picks out something different… You can only see the vague outlines of the movement, of the disturbed rain… But it's just enough to see that something… something you can't QUITE LOOK AT, grabs him. Takes him by the sides, muffling him as it takes him up into the sky, flying under no obvious power.
[15:45] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…oh shit."
[15:45] <Vasilisa> "Gone?" She is looking at where Jaymie is pointing-
[15:45] <Vasilisa> She looks at the growling guy again.
[15:46] <Jaymie> "What? What shit?" He shines it out as far as he can without actually leaving the doorway area.
01[15:46] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Nick: You also notice that the old woman is looking in the same place you are, and with a VERY grim look in her eyes. She whispers to the little boy. "I don't think we can wiggle away this time my Cody."
03[15:46] * Darkheart (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.9FDE6AB9-ratScigaM|lol#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.9FDE6AB9-ratScigaM|lol) has joined #TruckStop
[15:46] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Point the flashlight up! Something grabbed him and took him up!" He actually grabs Jaymie's hand and directs the flashlight up towards where the thing took him.
01[15:46] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Lady wanders over to the window next to Nick. "What? Did you see bob? What happened, he trip in the dark on something?"
[15:46] <Jaymie> Jaymie's kind of freaked out, but he's still more worried about the dark than Nicholas.
[15:47] <Vasilisa> She looks at the woman. "Wiggle?"
01[15:47] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The flashlight beam only goes so far. Before STOPPING.
01[15:47] <@SpardaSpinningTales> It doesn't peter out, it just… stops.
[15:47] <Vanessa> "Up? That's crazy!"
[15:47] <Vanessa> …
[15:47] <Connor_Brennan> "…notgoodnotgoodnotgood."
[15:47] <Jaymie> "…The christ?"
[15:47] <Jaymie> Jaymie jumps away and shuts the door.
[15:47] <Vanessa> "…w-what the….is there a low cloud…f-fog! Yeah…fog! Sometimes, fog banks can hang a few feet up…" She closes and hugs her laptop.
[15:47] <Connor_Brennan> Connor looks like he's about to have a panic attack as he slumps into a chair.
06[15:48] * Nicholas_Lowell looks at the woman. "What're you talking about? Do you know about this?"
01[15:48] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Shit… I told him not to go out. This kind of shit happens there's always at least one fucking idiot who tempts fate…" Lady slumps into a booth and takes out a sig, the kid at the counter notices but doesn't say anything, obviously freaked out.
[15:48] <Vasilisa> "Babushka, what?" She is turning to the woman, keeping her mind focused on trying to understand what is happening.
01[15:48] <@SpardaSpinningTales> *cig
[15:49] <Jaymie> "Fog. Yeah." He takes the flashlight back to Vasilisa and points at counter-boy. "You. Get the keys, we're locking the door unless somebody we recognize comes up. Too many people are seeing things."
[15:49] <Jaymie> "If there's a back door, we're locking that too."
06[15:50] * Nicholas_Lowell nods at Jaymie, and looks at the counter-boy insistently. "Do it."
01[15:50] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The old woman nods and her hands tighten on her ornate walking cane. "Yes… Yes I do, more than anyone should, more than-" She is cut off by a high pitched SCRATCHING on the window, just one long cut, not too loud but not soft enough to ignore. "…M-more than I can tell ya, even." Her accent is more clear now, clearly Irish.
[15:51] <Connor_Brennan> Connor lets out a yelp as he tries to compact himself into his chair.
01[15:51] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Counter-boy would rather not come out of hiding. He tosses his key to Jaymie.
[15:51] <Vasilisa> She winces at the scratch.
01[15:51] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The scratching is followed by tapping, sharper than the rain, more purposeful.
[15:51] <Jaymie> He glances at the window. "If this is a prank, somebody's getting their ass beat hard." Running around locking the doors.
[15:51] <Nicholas_Lowell> "You can tell me plenty. I've have my fair share of fucked up shit to deal with, I'm not gonna be skeptical about it."
[15:51] <Vasilisa> "No."
[15:51] <Jaymie> And windows. And any other damn thing.
[15:52] <Vanessa> "You're gonna lock us IN?!"
01[15:52] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Jaymie: As you get to the convenience store the door outside is open and the girl at the counter is gone.
06[15:52] * Vanessa bolts up. "So we're STUCK in here while there's some sorta wacko outside?"
06[15:52] * Nicholas_Lowell looks at the counterboy. "Does this place have those security gates or something that you can pull down over the glass?"
[15:52] <Vasilisa> She goes to pick up the Russian book.
[15:53] <Vasilisa> "What it does not know can hurt it." Grim voice.
[15:54] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Wait, hold on, be quiet. I can hear something."
[15:54] <Jaymie> "Hey!" he calls.
[15:54] <Vasilisa> She shuts up and listens as well.
03[15:55] * Edward_Stagg (PI.742.82.731|alliztahc#PI.742.82.731|alliztahc) has joined #TruckStop
01[15:55] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Uh n-no we don't." The boy answers. "Where's Mary, we should get her in here." He looks over in the direction of the store.
[15:55] <Jaymie> Jaymie will grab a weapon and find the path to the door most defensible from all sides.
06[15:56] * Nicholas_Lowell listens intently for the whispering he heard now that people are being quiet(er).
01[15:56] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Everyone can kind of here a voice on the wind. Barely, through the glass outside. "…give us…"
[15:57] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…the boy." He looks towards the old lady. "Why do they want your kid?"
06[15:57] * Vanessa slides down in her booth until she's somewhat out of sight… "….fuck…fuck…fuck…"
[15:58] <Jaymie> His breathing is a little ragged. Fog, probably, or a prank, or something- but it really doesn't *matter* what it is, dream or what, it's not getting in here.
[15:58] <Vasilisa> She takes a deep breath, getting a plastic bag to cover the book in.
01[15:59] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The old woman looks at Nick with a furrowed brow. "You… Can hear?" She asks softly.
[16:00] <Connor_Brennan> Connor is currently in a little ball in one of the booths away from the window, clutching his laptop bag.
[16:00] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Yeah. Lucky me, I've got a knack for getting to close to wierd shit."
01[16:00] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Edward: You've been hearing the strangest shit for a while now.
01[16:01] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Lady is looking more nervous now, sucking away on her cigarette, leg bouncing. "Fuckfuckfuck, what the fuck are we gonna do this is some serious shit and I never even got to get to me and bonny's first anniversary…"
02[16:01] * Vanessa (ten.sndscps.sloop.44E809CB-ratScigaM|tibbiM#ten.sndscps.sloop.44E809CB-ratScigaM|tibbiM) Quit (Disintegrated: ajax IRC Client)
[16:01] <Edward_Stagg> Edward opened his eyes, breaking his meditative trance. He had been deep in thought and contemplation, plotting out his next move on finding some guy that liked to call himself Dingo Dan. He'd been running for over a week, and Edward always went for his most peaceful place when he was plotting hunting tactics.
[16:02] <Vasilisa> She murmurs something in calm Russian, before counting off something on her fingers.
01[16:02] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The old lady nods slowly and draws closer to Nick, so that only he can hear. "Yes. They want him. Hunger for him. And we can't let them have him no matter WHAT they say. Understand boy? If you can… can hear them then you have a responsibility, whether you know it or not."
[16:02] <Edward_Stagg> He stood up off the toilet, zipped up his jeans, and flushed. Sherry was waiting outside the stall for him next to his backpack. He found that most people didn't take backpacks that had cats sitting on them. "Hey Sher, did you freak out the diners?"
[16:04] <Jaymie> Jaymie dashes over and locks that door, too, then proceeds to look around for the girl, back against the wall.
01[16:04] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Mrowr~" She's been a good kitty and deserves treats and scritches.
01[16:04] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Jaymie: As you close the door you see legs… Plump girl legs and sketcher shoes surrounded by blood.
06[16:05] * Nicholas_Lowell scowls. "Responsibility? Do I look like Spider-Man to you? I try my hardest to deal with this shit as little as possible."
[16:05] <Edward_Stagg> He grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, placing her by the sink as he put on his jacket over the dense vest, his backpack heavy with the Power of Justice as Sherry jumped onto his backpack and up to his shoulder as he walked out the door of the bathroom.
06[16:06] * Nicholas_Lowell sighs. On the other hand, he does have an uncle who tells him stories of HOW to deal with wierd shit. Fuck, maybe he is Spider-Man.
01[16:06] <@SpardaSpinningTales> She swallows thickly. "I'm afraid that may not be an option anymore, boy."
[16:06] <Jaymie> He spends a moment staring at it, then looks around wildly for what… what the hell could have done that?
01[16:06] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Back in the diner portion, there's a sickeningly wet, meaty THUMP just outside the door. Lady SCREAMS and scrambles back, crawlign on all fours backwards away from the glass.
[16:07] <Connor_Brennan> Aaaand Conner looks like he's about to pass out.
01[16:07] <@SpardaSpinningTales> It's Bob. Or at least the top half of him, tonge swollen out of his mouth, eyes glassy, entrails hanging out of the bottom of his torso.
[16:07] <Vasilisa> "… Urk."
[16:07] <Vasilisa> She looks very nicely green at the moment.
01[16:08] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Also, on the occult rolls:
[16:08] <Edward_Stagg> Ed was about to head outside to his bike before he saw THAT nice little image. "…the fuck's going on?"
[16:08] <Jaymie> Fuck it, if it's not immediately obvious- why would I WANT to see that?, he realizes- close door, lock door, grab anything that looks immediately useful for killing the shit out of things, and run like blazes back to where there are other people.
01[16:08] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Vasilisa: There are MANY tales of Ireland where children are a monster's favorite snack or only source of power…
06[16:08] * Nicholas_Lowell looks up at the scream, and runs over to the diner, pulling his big bowie knife out of his jacket, and stopping as he sees what's left of the trucker. "…I guess they're serious."
01[16:09] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Nick: You've always stayed out of this shit so you can't be certain of what's out there, but whatever it is has this place cut off, can fly, has some SHARP weapons and you're pretty sure anyone from the outside probably can't tell this is all happening.
01[16:10] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Bob sits up.
[16:10] <Connor_Brennan> D:
[16:10] <Vasilisa> "Babushka, please-" Oh dear god.
[16:10] <Vasilisa> Several steps back, her jaw slack.
[16:11] <Vasilisa> Something in Russian too.
01[16:11] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Or rather, it's like someone has grabbed him by the back of his neck and lifted him, pressing his bloodied torso against the glass, his glassy eyes rolled up, his mouth twisted in terror. And there's a voice, beautiful, beautiful and light and hissing like the wint.
[16:11] <Connor_Brennan> Connor manages to uncurl himself long enough to find a trashcan and promptly loses his breakfast.
06[16:11] * Nicholas_Lowell curls his lip up at the animate cadaver. "Yeah. Very serious."
01[16:12] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "…Give us the boy." It says simply, shortly. Ruthie holds Cody tightly, both of them look just about burned out with fear.
[16:13] <Edward_Stagg> Ed gets a little closer to the window, reaching to his belt where a holster hung. He knocked a single knuckle twice against the glass.
01[16:13] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Ed: Your kitty curls around your neck tightly and HISSES, meaner than she's ever been before, glaring right out the window.
06[16:13] * Nicholas_Lowell looks at what the things did to Bob, then at the nothing-but-glass between it and him. Then he looks back at the old lady. "Why won't they just come in and take him? What's keeping them out?"
[16:13] <Jaymie> Jaymie skids into the diner section and… yeah, still with the running, now behind something, an expression of fear and hatred on his face.
[16:14] <Edward_Stagg> "Dammit, Sher, what's eatin' you?" The hand that was now just tickling the Colt pulls it from its resting place.
[16:14] <Vasilisa> "Plenty of stories demand consent."
01[16:14] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Edward: There's what looks like the print of a hand, delicate, pressing against the glass where you knock now. "Give us the boy… And the rest of you will live…" It says softly.
[16:15] <Jaymie> "She's… the girl in there is gone. Already."
[16:15] <Edward_Stagg> "…I ain't been a boy since 9th grade homecomin' dance." He looks behind him. "Someone missin' a boy?"
01[16:15] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Ruthie nods and swallows. "Everything and nothing, my dears, everything and nothing. They can't come in unless someone lets them. But they don't have to go… anywhere."
[16:15] <Jaymie> "What the hell is out there?" he snaps.
[16:16] <Vasilisa> "What are they?"
01[16:16] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "We're at their mercy now." She says almost hopelessly. Also Ed: There's an old granny in a pastel flowered dress and hat with curly silver hair and she has an adorably little boy with her.
[16:16] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Okay. Nobody open any doors." He looks at Jaymie. "Are the doors in the back all closed?"
[16:16] <Jaymie> "Yes. Unless there's one I haven't seen."
[16:16] <Vasilisa> "We need the whole equation."
01[16:16] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The boy has brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin, like her.
[16:16] <Connor_Brennan> Connor manages to get to his feet, putting the laptop bag down on a table as he uses a napkin to wipe his mouth. "What…the hell…is that thing?"
01[16:16] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Or rather, like she must have had before going white.
[16:17] <Edward_Stagg> Ed walks over to the old granny and the little boy. "Well hey there, champ. You the one all this fuss is about?"
[16:17] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Yeah. Listen, lady, if you don't tell us what we're up against, when we don't have much of a choice but to do what they say."
01[16:17] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "I answer honestly when I say I DON'T KNOW. I thought we were safe from them, that they couldn't follows us like this." She pulls the boy, Cody, away from Ed a bit, obviously worried at his intentions.
06[16:17] * Nicholas_Lowell looks at Ed. Points at the severed-in-half trucker being held up against the glass by an invisible something. "That."
01[16:17] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Behind the counter the boy lets out a choked sob as he hears about Mary's fate.
[16:18] <Vasilisa> "Could I have lock of his hair?" She seems thoughtful.
[16:18] <Edward_Stagg> Ed's eyebrows go up. "Who's this They? Never heard of no They without a name."
[16:18] <Vasilisa> "Give the boy, it says, never asked how much?"
[16:18] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Ask them."
[16:18] <Jaymie> "Why do they want the kid, then? What do you know?" he growls. "Two people have died!"
01[16:18] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "If I had a name to give them I WOULD. All I know… They come from a dark, dark place full of hate for everything we hold dear. Like hell but impossible to understand." She says simply. "The Devil we can deal with. These we can't."
[16:19] <Vasilisa> "Asking means open the door."
[16:19] <Vasilisa> She shakes her head. "Hair in envelope, it can go under the crack."
[16:19] <Edward_Stagg> "Ah. So they don't have no claim to the kid himself then? Well, if they were parents it'd be different matters, but I don't abide kidnappers." He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his chest pocket.
01[16:19] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "And they hunger for the boy! And don't try to be smart, girl." She points a finger at Vasilisa. "These aren't things to trifle with, or to fool around with."
[16:20] <Nicholas_Lowell> "If we can hear them, they can hear us." He turns towards the window, and calls out. "What do you want him for?"
[16:20] <Vasilisa> She shrugs.
[16:20] <Jaymie> "How do you even know that? This is… gah."
[16:20] <Jaymie> "Anybody got any holy symbols or something?"
[16:20] <Vasilisa> "My home's stories make wit to be saving graces."
[16:21] <Vasilisa> She actually goes over to her bag.
01[16:21] <@SpardaSpinningTales> There's a silence, Nick, like they haven't heard… Then the pretty, feminine whisper is back. "To take him. To love him our way." There's another long SCREEEECH.
01[16:21] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Lady seems to be recovering slowly, rocking a bit as she smokes another cig. And another.
[16:22] <Vasilisa> "Do not lose this." She glares at Jaymie. She takes out… a small icon.
[16:22] <Nicholas_Lowell> "I tend to keep a bunch of wierd superstitious stuff around but… it's mostly in my car."
01[16:22] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "They want the boy. Not some of him, him." She says simply, taking a hanky out of her pocket to dab at her forehead.
[16:23] <Vasilisa> It's pretty, a small painting of the Virgin Mother and her child.
01[16:23] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Cody seems strngely quiet and grim through all of this. Like he's used to it.
[16:23] <Edward_Stagg> He pats around for a lighter, lighting up his cigarette. "No worries, lil' lady. Ain't never let a kid get nabbed yet, and not gonna start now because someone's got a fog machine." He rolled up his sleeve, the two rosaries dangling from his arm.
[16:24] <Connor_Brennan> "…I so don't need this right now." Connor fwumps into a chair, less paniced but still clearly shaken.
06[16:25] * Nicholas_Lowell rummages through his pockets and pulls out some trinkets. a sprig of dried holly, a small container of salt, an assortment of little bits of jewelry made of various unusual metals(iron, tin, no silver though), and so on.
01[16:25] <@SpardaSpinningTales> There's a loud ominous COCKING sound. Doug has a shotgun trained on people in sweaty, undisciplined hands and he's inching around towards the door. "N-n-n-n-n-nOBODY MOVE! W-we're gonna give 'em the kid, right? Right? Then we can all go home!"
[16:26] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…you stupid fuck. You think we can trust these things?"
[16:26] <Edward_Stagg> "…………"
[16:27] <Edward_Stagg> "It ain't a matter of trust. Is a matter of morals." Edward's thumb played over the Colt still in his hand.
[16:27] <Vasilisa> The moment Doug takes out the gun, Vasilisa picks up her book again, judging the distance. In a second, she HURLS the damn thing at Doug.
06[16:27] * Nicholas_Lowell is also ready to rush the guy at a moment's notice.
[16:28] <Jaymie> Jaymie clutches the icon close.
01[16:28] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The book flies into the guy's shoulder rather heavily and with his nervous, slippery fingers teh gun goes off.
[16:29] <Jaymie> Dives to the floor.
06[16:29] * Connor_Brennan does the same, letting out another yelp
01[16:29] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Right into the ceiling, a rain of plaster coming down on the boy. Now would be an EXCELLENT time to take him down.
06[16:29] * Nicholas_Lowell charges in, and leaps over whatever obstacles are in the way to tackle him and start trying to wrestle the gun away.
[16:33] <Edward_Stagg> While the anxious ones duke it out, Edward whistles and unzips his backpack, pulling out his arm of Justice.
[16:33] <Vasilisa> She is sitting, thinking. "A doll?"
01[16:33] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Nick tackles him neatly and the gun goes spinning away, stopping in front of Lady. She picks it up and puts it on the table behind her. "Okay… Okay… Now that that little fuckstick is put down, let's figure out what to ACTUALLY do."
[16:34] <Jaymie> Jaymie peers up. "Wrap something in as much anti-whatever-this-might-be stuff we can find and toss it out there like a grenade?"
[16:34] <Jaymie> "And just in case it's also human, fire a few shots?"
01[16:34] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The Voice whispers again, this time louder, still sounding like a whisper but echoing through the whole diner. "Pity… One smart one… The only voice of wisdom… silenced… Pity, pity…"
06[16:35] * Nicholas_Lowell gets up, teeth clenched in a snarl as he glowers down at the counter boy, and stomps on his breadbasket. "You stupid fuck!" He follows up with a kick in the face. "You stupid ignorant panicky FUCK!"
[16:36] <Jaymie> He winces and crouches back down.
01[16:36] <@SpardaSpinningTales> He curls up, crying and whimpering and begging for forgiveness, how he was just scared and wanted it to stop.
[16:36] <Vasilisa> She winces and keeps thinking.
[16:36] <Edward_Stagg> "Hrrrmm…" Edward reaches into his bag again and pulls out a bright red cap. He cocks the gun to empty the regular shells as he loads in and heads for the door, passing Nicholas and Doug. "Oi. No honor in kickin' a man when he's down, son."
[16:36] <Nicholas_Lowell> !roll_ww 4 8 10
[16:36] <Edward_Stagg> Sherry pads behind him as he moves up close to the door.
06[16:37] * Nicholas_Lowell stops, and looks at Ed. "Fuck honor. Makes me feel better."
01[16:37] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Open the door for Us?" The feminine voice asks and you get a glimpse of a face, beautiful and pale, for just a moment, before it fades like smoke. "We will give you RICHES for the prize that hides within."
[16:37] <Edward_Stagg> "So does snortin' crack, and I don't recommend either."
[16:39] <Jaymie> Jaymie stands up at that- gotta fight whatever that is- oh, shit, this isn't real. "Why should we trust murderers to keep their word?" he hisses.
[16:39] <Vasilisa> "There are riches that you can't give."
01[16:39] <@SpardaSpinningTales> There's another THUD against the front door… This time? It's CASH. A WAD of it, what look like hundreds.
[16:39] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Yeah, whatever. Anyways. What're you doing? We can't open the door, or they'll cut us in half like they did that trucker."
[16:40] <Edward_Stagg> "Because there ain't no point in lyin' to us. If they're gonna kill us, we wouldn't get away anyway."
[16:40] <Edward_Stagg> "And besides, from what I can tell, people left before and shit didn't come jumpin' in when the door was open. Think we have to intentionally let them in, not just give an openin'."
06[16:40] * Nicholas_Lowell grabs a handfull of the stuff from his pockets, and presses it up against the window where the money's being pressed, hoping any of it has an effect.
[16:40] <Edward_Stagg> "Plus…I don't do business with people whose faces I don't see."
01[16:40] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "We had to take them." The whisper says. "We no longer need to take. Other than the boy…"
[16:40] <Jaymie> "There's plenty of point in convincing us to do something stupid, though."
[16:41] <Jaymie> "Whatever that might be."
[16:41] <Edward_Stagg> He uses the muzzle of the shotgun to push open a small gap in the door, just enough for the hole to push in. "Let's brighten up the day a bit." He pulls the trigger, firing a flare shell from his shotgun and onto the ground.
[16:42] <Vasilisa> "Goldbach's conjecture."
01[16:42] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Ye just SHUT UP ye bleeding HARPY! You're not getting your hands on this boy, he's under my protection he is!" Her accent is in full blast now. She looks aroudn at everyone. "I got lucky enough to have you trap me with decent folks I did."
[16:42] <Vasilisa> She shakes her head.
[16:44] <Vasilisa> She sits next to the counter and shuts her eyes, mouthing something as she tries to think, think, think, don't freak out.
01[16:44] <@SpardaSpinningTales> EVERYONE: Thanks to Ed's flare, you can see a bit more than you could before, the stronger light PUSHING at the darkness as if it were a literal wall. You can see a feminine figure, from the curve of hips and breasts, black of skin, almost oily, beautiful with a whipping serated tail, surrounded by a smoky haze. When she moves, something move with her, behind her, through her…
01[16:44] <@SpardaSpinningTales> As if her misty skeleton were faster than the rest of her strangely familiar yet alien form.
[16:45] <Connor_Brennan> "…what the hell IS that?!" O.o
[16:45] <Edward_Stagg> "…" Ed quietly pulls the shotgun back inside, and closes the door.
[16:45] <Edward_Stagg> "Yeah. Not doin' that again."
[16:45] <Jaymie> Jaymie walks backwards, mind completely blank, unable to comprehend what that could be. He slumps down next to the woman and the boy.
[16:46] <Edward_Stagg> "So. Ya really do got the devil after ya."
[16:47] <Edward_Stagg> He double-checks to make sure one of the rosaries is draped over his chest under his shirt. He's got the feeling he'll want some Divine Protection.
[16:47] <Jaymie> He looks at the poor kid. "S-so." Reassurances aren't coming. He doesn't have any.
01[16:47] <@SpardaSpinningTales> She places her palm against the window, eyes deep and dark, face tranquil, giving Edward a closelipped smile. The whisper comes, though she does not appear to speak. "I will mother the boy, I promise. Give him up." She tosses the remains of Bob back into the darkness behind her.
[16:47] <Vasilisa> She is basically going though something, letting her mind ponder things, tick, tick, answers, reasons, there has to be a way. What works on demons?
[16:48] <Edward_Stagg> Edward looks her up and down. "…go suck a dick."
01[16:48] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Nick: You're… not sure… But something just screams at you… demon… demon… but not one from a Hell anyone here should know.
[16:48] <Edward_Stagg> He heads back away from the door and back towards the kid.
01[16:48] <@SpardaSpinningTales> She just smiles, and when she blinks it's with strangely transparent sideways eyelits. "If you'd open the door that can be arranged.
[16:49] <Edward_Stagg> "Don't trust nothin' that cold." He takes a seat. his shotgun laying on his lap. He switches out the spent flare shell with a flamethrower shell.
06[16:50] * Nicholas_Lowell wracks his brain to try and think of any of his uncle's stories that would have involved child-stealing shadow-demon things.
[16:50] <Vasilisa> "She keeps having to offer stuff, and we say no."
01[16:50] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The old woman walks up to the door and raps on it with the gold tip of her cane. "Ah see you NOW you alien whore. And now that I'm lookin' at you I don't know what was so god-bedamned scary about ye."
[16:50] <Edward_Stagg> "She did just rip a guy in half, y'know lady."
[16:51] <Vasilisa> She opens an eye.
[16:51] <Jaymie> …Yeah, keeping an eye on the kid sounds good and safe right now.
01[16:51] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Nick: Of course… But not one that would go to such LENGTHS for just one little boy. There must be something special about him.
[16:51] <Connor_Brennan> "…what's so special about the kid?" Connor finds his voice again, looking to the older woman.
[16:51] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…hey, old lady. Tell us about the kid. Everything you can think of."
01[16:51] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The boy, Cody, is staring at his shoes and sitting in a booth.
[16:52] <Edward_Stagg> Ed sets Sherry on the table by Cody while he reloads his shotgun.
[16:52] <Nicholas_Lowell> "If this thing wants kids, there's plenty of BAD parents to steal them from. Why this one?"
01[16:52] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Sherry hops into the boy's lap almost immediately, like she was itching to get close to him, purring like a HArley engine and nuzzling at him. He smiles and pets her.
01[16:54] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The old lady hobbles over to a table and sits down with a groan of pain at her poor woggly knees. "Hmmmm… Alright… I'll let you know what I know. He's SPECIAL. Special in ways even those of us who KNOW the dark find fascinating. He doesn't, how do I say it, he don't follow the usual rules of things I suppose…"
03[16:55] * MaidenofEndings (||ennyl) has joined #TruckStop
[16:55] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Have there been other… things happening around him? Whispers, objects moving… wierd reflections in mirrors? Strange animals paying too much attention to him?"
[16:55] <Edward_Stagg> "Most of the shite right now ain't followin' the usual rules I know. So these must be some special usual rules." He checked his ammo. Only had six flamethrower shells on him, and he had no clue if fire even WORKED on this damn thing.
06[16:55] * Nicholas_Lowell is feeling like this is gettng a little to close to home."
01[16:55] <@SpardaSpinningTales> She seems to RELAX a bit in a way none of you really understand and suddenly the boy changes. He's still the boy who was sitting there, but his skin is mocha-tan now, his hair black and straight. His eyes electric blue. He's more beautiful somehow, like an idol.
[16:56] <Jaymie> Jaymie scoots away.
[16:56] <Connor_Brennan> o.o
[16:56] <Jaymie> "You are not telling me this shit is normal."
[16:56] <Edward_Stagg> "….he ain't gonna eat my cat, is he?"
[16:56] <Vasilisa> She /whistles./ *blink*
[16:56] <Jaymie> "No. How did that just happen?"
[16:56] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…what the hell. Did you do that?"
01[16:57] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "He's SPECIAL is all." She says simply. "And they want him. And if they want him, when they get him the result won't be good. For anyone. And no, he's not gonna eat your bloody cat, what's wrong with you, he's a ten year old boy for Christ's sakes."
01[16:57] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "And yes. I did that. To hide something you keep it in plain sight. Only it didn't work forever I suppose." She looks back out into the darkness. The demon woman is gone.
[16:57] <Vasilisa> To Jaymie, she goes, "My icon?" She sticks her hat out.
[16:57] <Edward_Stagg> "Most ten year old boys don't shift their looks around. And usually, whores hang out around street corners, not takin' me hostage in roadway diners. I'm still figurin' out the rules, so fer all I know, he eats cats."
[16:57] <Vasilisa> Looks like she wants to clutch at it now.
[16:57] <Jaymie> Jaymie slips it out of his front pocket and hands it over.
[16:58] <Vasilisa> She hugs it, sitting next to her pack, taking slow, deep breaths.
[16:58] <Nicholas_Lowell> "So you're not a normal person either, then, if you can pull of illusion shit like that."
03[16:58] * MaidenofEndings is now known as Linden_Avery
[16:59] <Connor_Brennan> "…how did you do that?"
01[16:59] <@SpardaSpinningTales> She shakes her head. "Normal? That's a word no one ought to use. I'm not USUAL, we'll say. I'm a mite special meself, but not in the way he is. I follow those "usual" rules we were talkin' about. I'm what you might call, well, a witch." She shrugs.
[17:00] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Oh. Well, great."
[17:00] <Connor_Brennan> "…considering what happened to me a few days ago, I might be able to believe that.:
[17:00] <Connor_Brennan> ^"
01[17:01] <@SpardaSpinningTales> A sudden wave of NAUSEA hits everyone at the same time. Nick, you don't feel it as strongly as the others, the old woman and boy seem fine.
[17:01] <Nicholas_Lowell> "I've- urgh. What was that?!"
[17:01] <Vasilisa> She mutters something in Russian, though the word 'Baba Yaga' sounds familar before the "urk" and grimace.
[17:01] <Connor_Brennan> Connor swallows down the bile, a nasty look on his face.
[17:01] <Jaymie> Jaymie slides down in his seat and into the floor.
01[17:01] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The old woman frowns. "It's like she's trying some kind of… siege tactics."
[17:02] <Jaymie> "Guh…"
01[17:02] <@SpardaSpinningTales> There's a SCREECH and the female demon is pressed against the glass with a terrible, terrible too-wide smile distorting her beautiful face. "We… Will MAKE you wish to leave."
[17:03] <Jaymie> "Die. In. A. FIRE." Jaymie flips off the window.
[17:03] <Edward_Stagg> Edward turns a little green at the gills, taking a few puffs from his cigarette. "…yer making me wish YOU'D leave well enough."
[17:03] <Nicholas_Lowell> "There's nothing in here worse than you, bitch."
[17:03] <Edward_Stagg> "…hold up." He turned to look at the old lady. "She said We."
[17:04] <Nicholas_Lowell> "These things talk wierd sometimes. They don't get human language completely. From what I've dealt with, at least."
01[17:04] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The old lady nods. "I don't know what she means. I can't sense anything, it's like we're under one big colored lamp to my eyes, if there are more than one thing wearing the same color I can't see them."
[17:04] <Vasilisa> "Does anyone have chalk?"
06[17:04] * Linden_Avery opens his eyes to this…chaos, having been asleep in a corner.
[17:05] <Vasilisa> "It may not work but it would feel better if I write prayers and maths."
[17:05] <Edward_Stagg> "Damn…damn damn damn…." He kept looking outside. "How well do these things like light?"
01[17:05] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The demon steps away from the window, her fingers, though they look so delicate, making the SCREEEEEECH as she steps back into the darkness. A moment later, Bob's corpse jerks.
[17:05] <Jaymie> "Yo." Jaymie struggles out from under the booth and gets some chalk out of his sewing bag.
01[17:06] <@SpardaSpinningTales> There's something on his neck… Leechlike… Growing fat on the blood still hanging around in his torso…
[17:06] <Jaymie> He notes Linden in the corner. Oh, good, there he is.
[17:06] <Connor_Brennan> "…oh god."
[17:06] <Vasilisa> "Spasiba." She takes the chalk and begins to write on the windows.
[17:07] <Vasilisa> You can't tell what the Russian is, but she does throw in mathamatics as she tries to make order in her head. Or at least calm the fuck down.
01[17:07] <@SpardaSpinningTales> It drinks until it's like a small back, stretched out almost comically. The whispering voice laughs. "We tried to be diplomatic. Now we will send in others… others to flush you out…"
[17:07] <Jaymie> "Spasiba?"
02[17:07] * Edward_Stagg (PI.742.82.731|alliztahc#PI.742.82.731|alliztahc) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
06[17:07] * Linden_Avery doesn't ask what is going on, only stands up and walks towards the others.
01[17:08] <@SpardaSpinningTales> *small bag.
03[17:08] * Edward_Stagg (PI.742.82.731|alliztahc#PI.742.82.731|alliztahc) has joined #TruckStop
[17:08] <Vasilisa> She bites her lip, trying to explain it. "… 'Thank you?'"
[17:08] <Jaymie> "Ah. You're welcome."
[17:08] <Connor_Brennan> Connor looks to Linden. "You probably should have stayed asleep."
[17:08] <Edward_Stagg> "…Cody. Get under the table."
01[17:08] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The leech-bag-ball thing kind of rolls around making bat-like squeaking noises.
[17:09] <Vasilisa> "Use my book. It is heavy."
[17:09] <Vasilisa> It should be next to the guy she beaned with it.
[17:09] <Linden_Avery> "What is going on?"
01[17:09] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Cody nods and wiggles under there. Sherry follows, peeking out with him.
[17:09] <Edward_Stagg> Edward got up, making sure his vest was strapped tight, taking off his heavy overjacket and tossed it under the table to help cover Cody.
[17:09] <Jaymie> "Crazy horror movie shit. That's what's going on."
[17:10] <Edward_Stagg> The Colt he loads and places in the table with the handle pointed towards him. The shotgun he emptied of Flamethrower shells and reloaded with good old Slug.
01[17:10] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Something MOVES in the leech, pushing against it's sides with wicked little hands and it POPS.
01[17:10] <@SpardaSpinningTales> All: Wits + Composure
[17:10] <Connor_Brennan> D:
[17:10] <Jaymie> "…Ugh."
[17:10] <Vasilisa> She stops her writing to get a book.
[17:10] <Vasilisa> Well, the book.
01[17:11] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The old lady hefts her cane, tapping the gold knob at the end against her palm. "And I say, bring it on you evil bitch."
[17:11] <Vasilisa> More Russian, and a sigh.
06[17:12] * Nicholas_Lowell gets his knife out again, and looks towards the exploding leech thing.
01[17:12] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Connor unfortunately sees it best. A sinuous little BEAST moves with terrible speed, screeching it's way up the wall, leaving bloodstains in it's wake. A moment later there's a creak and a SLAM… And a sound of something moving… In the vents.
[17:12] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…shit."
[17:12] <Connor_Brennan> "Ohshititsinthewalls!" D:
[17:13] <Nicholas_Lowell> "It had to be air vents. So fucking cliche."
[17:13] <Vasilisa> "Da."
[17:13] <Vasilisa> She goes to the one closest to Cody and waits.
[17:13] <Connor_Brennan> He hops up onto the chais he'd been sitting in, shakily wielding a napkin holder.
[17:13] <Linden_Avery> ….of course everything starts going wrong. Of *course*.
06[17:13] * Nicholas_Lowell picks up the shotgun that the counter-boy had, and looks towards Ed. "Hey, gimme some shells."
[17:13] <Vasilisa> "Someone, cover him."
01[17:13] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Works, don't it?" Asks the old lady. She seems less nervous now and more… pumped. Excited even.
[17:13] <Connor_Brennan> ^chair
06[17:14] * Nicholas_Lowell also checks to see how much ammo's in the gun.
[17:14] <Vasilisa> She blinks.
[17:15] <Edward_Stagg> "Oi. Anyone with matches and access to napkins or burnable shite should start smokin' out air vents. At least funnel it to less exits."
[17:15] <Vasilisa> "Oh. There may be two." She takes out…
[17:15] <Jaymie> Jaymie leaps up, checking the locations of all the vents and grabbing things to burn… preferably not his stuff.
[17:16] <Vasilisa> … Several things of matches, and three lighters.
01[17:16] <@SpardaSpinningTales> There's a SCREEEEEEECH and a hole opens up in the wall. A terrible, wide-eyed, fang-mawed little blood-colored beastie staring out of it at you. It looks to be made of sinew and muscle, clacking it's needly teeth together.
[17:16] <Jaymie> "There's plenty of electrical stuff in here, too. And… exits."
[17:17] <Connor_Brennan> "Oh no you don't!" Connor hurls the napkin holder at the thing.
[17:17] <Vasilisa> "Cover him!" She shouts it as she kneels down to break off a leg of the chair, if it's made of wood.
06[17:18] * Nicholas_Lowell spins, and points the gun towards the thing in the wall, and fires!
[17:18] <Jaymie> Jaymie grabs a chair and moves between the thing and the kid.
06[17:18] * Linden_Avery grabs whatever's closest to hand…another napkin holder, and throws it at it as well.
01[17:20] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The little bastard takes the shotcun blast right in the chest and SCREECHES, falling forward out of the vent and hitting the ground with a wet THUMP before melting into a puddle of red ichor.
[17:21] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…I love it when I can actually hit these things.
[17:21] <Vasilisa> "Two, two, there was one missing!"
[17:21] <Vasilisa> She is looking for something she can use as a torch.
06[17:21] * Nicholas_Lowell looks over at Ed. "Hey! I'm out, you got any extra shells?"
06[17:22] * Connor_Brennan snags another napkin holder and gets ready for a second assault
[17:22] <Edward_Stagg> "Out of shells already? Ya only shot 1."
01[17:22] <@SpardaSpinningTales> …The STORE. There's a thudding and a shaking coming from the storefront.
[17:23] <Connor_Brennan> "Shit!"
01[17:23] <@SpardaSpinningTales> WHUMP
01[17:23] <@SpardaSpinningTales> WHUMP
01[17:23] <@SpardaSpinningTales> WHUMP
[17:23] <Nicholas_Lowell> "There only was one in it!
[17:24] <Linden_Avery> …of *course*.
[17:24] <Connor_Brennan> "That means it's something else." Connor looks toward the doors in the store.
[17:24] <Vasilisa> She gets up and follows the sound, chanting quietly. A prayer.
[17:24] <Edward_Stagg> "Fine, fine." He reaches into his backpack and pulls out a canister of 10 shells and tosses them to Nicholas. "You owe me."
[17:24] <Vasilisa> "He," She looks at Jaymie, "Said someone else was missing."
[17:24] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Yeah, yeah. I've got some in my car."
06[17:25] * Nicholas_Lowell pops the empties out and loads two more in.
01[17:25] <@SpardaSpinningTales> In the store: One of the big plate glass windows is bloody and the thudding is coming from it. MARY is being used as a grim club by a much larger beast than the one from before, the highly compact little muscular monster swinging her from one of her legs and hitting the glass with her. It's cracking.
[17:26] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…shiiit."
[17:26] <Vasilisa> (Hey, who went WITH Vasilisa?)
[17:26] <Vasilisa> There's a very LOUD word in Russian.
06[17:26] * Nicholas_Lowell points his gun at the thing. "I hope that bitch needs permission to come in, and not just an opening."
[17:27] <Edward_Stagg> "She didn't come in anytime someone opened the door. Which means she can't just come waltzin' in. Either she needs us to agree to let her in…or there can be no one in here."
[17:28] <Jaymie> "Yeah, the woman at the other counter…"
[17:28] <Nicholas_Lowell> "So we can shoot the shit out of that thing without any problems, then."
[17:28] <Connor_Brennan> "In theory…"
[17:28] <Vasilisa> <Mary, where's Saint George when you need him? … Actually, more like St. Jude."
[17:28] <Vasilisa> >
06[17:28] * Linden_Avery very quietly follows in the direction Vasilisa went.
06[17:30] * Connor_Brennan hangs back in the diner, looking for something a bit heftier than a napkin holder
[17:30] <Vasilisa> There IS another book sticking out of Vasilsa's bag.
[17:30] <Edward_Stagg> Edward holds his ground. His job is to keep the boy safe, so he's sticking in the diner.
01[17:30] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Granny Ruthie, Ed, Cody, the kitty cat and Lady have to put up with the demon bitch staring at them with that same strange far too wide eyes and smile.
[17:32] <Jaymie> Jaymie looks between Linden and Edward and decides to stay.
[17:32] <Vasilisa> Wait for it…
01[17:33] <@SpardaSpinningTales> WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP
[17:33] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Well, I'm pretty sure the theory's sound, so hey, what's-your-name, feel like lighting up this meat puppet with me?"
01[17:33] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Cracks spiderweb throughout the window.
06[17:34] * Nicholas_Lowell is talking to Ed, and referring to the thing hitting the window.
[17:34] <Vasilisa> Waiting, slow, deep breath.
[17:34] <Vasilisa> Aimming.
01[17:34] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Ed's in the diner still.
01[17:34] <@SpardaSpinningTales> And boy are Cody, Lady and Ruth happy about it.
06[17:36] * Connor_Brennan decided on one of the chairs and holds onto the back, ready to thwack anything that needed thwacking.
02[17:40] * Jaymie (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.8EEC097C-ratScigaM|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.8EEC097C-ratScigaM|alliztahc) Quit (Ping timeout)
03[17:40] * Jaymie (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.8E806E55-ratScigaM|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.8E806E55-ratScigaM|alliztahc) has joined #TruckStop
[17:41] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…fuck it." He shoots the thing.
[17:41] <Edward_Stagg> Edward ritualistically takes off the rosary that was wrapped around his left arm, instead wrapping it around the barrel of his shotgun. "The arm of Justice and God. Need all the help we can get."
[17:42] <Vasilisa> She is waiting for it to come IN before she begins beating its head in.
01[17:43] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The old lady lays a hand on your gun. "I fear we do." Then draws back.
[17:43] <Jaymie> Jaymie keeps glancing between the windows and the doors.
01[17:44] <@SpardaSpinningTales> There's a tremendous BOOM as the shotgun goes off and the class shatters outwards, showering the little bastard and filling it with shot. It drops the corpse and pounds it's chest, making a terrible frothing howl as it LEAPS through the window and lopes at Nicholas, the one with the boomystick.
[17:45] <Linden_Avery> …yeah hurriedly backing the hell out of and back into the diner.
[17:46] <Vasilisa> The MOMENT it comes in, she rushes at it, the book held in both hands and swung UP at the thing's head. Good thing she has hiking boots on against the glass.
[17:51] <Edward_Stagg> Edward's shotgun pops up and aims at Linden as he comes running in. "…fuck, kid. At least give a warnin'."
01[17:52] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The monster grabs a sharp section of shelf and tears it off of a display rack, THROWING it at Nicholas.
[17:54] <Linden_Avery> "…I'll keep that in mind."
01[17:54] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Like a flying sword the shelf edge slices into poor Nicky's shoulder.
01[17:55] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Teh beast froths with victory and CONVULSES with a deep, long howl, the sound of it's muscles moving like that is sickening.
[17:59] <Edward_Stagg> Edward gets up from his seat, tapping the muzzle of his shotgun against the glass of the windows as he paces back and forth. "God, must be killin' ya, huh? So close and yet so far away."
01[18:01] <@SpardaSpinningTales> She paws at the windows, too-widely stretched eyes staring at Cody. "Soooooo clooooooooooose."
[18:02] <Jaymie> Jaymie notices the gunshot, crashing, fight sounds, etc., and decides Edward can probably handle the one in here.
[18:08] <Edward_Stagg> Edward taps a bit harder with the tip of his shotgun, specifically against the parts of the window where her hands were touching. "And yet. So. Far."
[18:08] <Connor_Brennan> Connor takes his chair and looks at the monster who chucked the shelf at Nick. "Here goes nothing…" With a swift overarm throw, he chucks the chair with all of it's strength
[18:08] <Connor_Brennan> .^his
[18:10] <Vasilisa> The moment the glass shatters, she's running past the monster. However, she turns around the moment she hears two steps full of glass, spinning about and rushing back at the monster, kicking up the shards of glass in front of her to help injure the thing as she SLAMS her self and her elbow into the thing's back.
01[18:13] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Edward: The creature looks at you for once with HATEFUL eyes. The screeching gets loud and you start to feel dizzy…
[18:14] <Edward_Stagg> Edward rubs at his temples.
01[18:14] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Meanwhile, Vasilisa The Rushin' Russian comes out of nowhere and SLAMS into the beast. She gets close enough to smell it, a metallic, coppery tang, to feel the heat radiating from it.
01[18:15] <@SpardaSpinningTales> It collapses under her but is still MOVING.
[18:15] <Vasilisa> <You don't scare me, I had older brothers!>
01[18:16] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Edward is forced to his knees as a nauseous weakness overcomes him for a moment, but he's strong enough to remain conscious, and the old lady lays a hand on his shoulder, helping him up gingerly. "It's alright son, she can't hurt us, not really. She can ply her tricks but no harm will come to us as long as she remains OUT THERE."
[18:16] <Edward_Stagg> "Screechin' like a bitch."
[18:17] <Edward_Stagg> "Yeah…yeah. Dick-suckin' cock-mongerin'-" He looks to the side to see Cody under the table. "…and those are things I would never say 'bout a lady. Remember that, boy."
06[18:18] * Nicholas_Lowell hisses as the shelf slices into his shoulder, and watches as it's slammed to the floor by Vasil. He stomps over to it, and jams the shotgun's barrel into the squishiest spot he can see on it. "Payback time, meatboy. Time to make some hamburger." BLAM!
01[18:18] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The boy nods.
01[18:19] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The creature barely has time to look surprised before it's insides are outside, everyone in the area getting SPLATTERED with it's liquid remains as it melts down into bloody mess again.
[18:20] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Cleanup on aisle three." If he had sunglasses, he'd totally put them on and someone would go 'YEAAAAAAAAAAH!' right now. But he doesn't. So he just reloads.
[18:20] <Vasilisa> She is sitting there, covered in blood.
06[18:20] * Nicholas_Lowell is also a mess. Not as upset about it.
[18:20] <Connor_Brennan> "…that went well."
[18:20] <Vasilisa> She gets up. "The rain will make a nice shower after all of this is over."
06[18:21] * Connor_Brennan looks about for any additional threats
[18:21] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Nice tackle there."
06[18:22] * Nicholas_Lowell looks at the hole in the window, then decides to grab the nearest shelf that's not attached to the floor, and drag it over to block the hole. "Gimme a hand with this, so anything else that bitch conjures up doesn't have an easy time of it."
[18:22] <Vasilisa> She nods.
01[18:22] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The demon winces and tilts her head at an unnatural angle. "Must I go out and find more fodder now?"
[18:22] <Jaymie> "Yeah. That was…"
[18:22] <Vasilisa> "I have brothers."
[18:22] <Vasilisa> She helps with the making a hole thing.
[18:22] <Linden_Avery> …persistent, isn't she.
[18:23] <Edward_Stagg> Ed tap again against the glass. "Yer not winnin' today. Run off, lick yer wounds, and come up with somethin' better."
[18:23] <Jaymie> Hmmmm. He grabs a broom and sweeps the glass up. "We might be able to use this for something."
[18:23] <Connor_Brennan> Connor looks like he's about to say something, but decides against it.
[18:23] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Maybe we should push the other shelves up against the windows, too. So they can't just smash in.
[18:23] <Nicholas_Lowell> "
[18:23] <Jaymie> "And the doors."
[18:23] <Vasilisa> She begins pushing then.
01[18:23] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "No… No young man… She's right…" The old woman stands up slowly, like the world's weight is on her shoulders.
[18:23] <Nicholas_Lowell> "Or at least funnel them to fewer spots.
[18:24] <Connor_Brennan> "Hmm?" Connor looks to Ruthie.
[18:25] <Linden_Avery> "…ma'am?"
01[18:25] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Cody comes out of hiding, Sherry hopping from his shoulder to Eds and he shakes his head, holding her wrinkled old hand. "No…" He says quietly and she just shakes her head. "There's naught more I can do for you, dear. It's time for this old bird." She looks at the others. "Let's get everyoen in here, please?"
06[18:25] * Nicholas_Lowell also starts looking for anything usable as a weapon once the shelf-pushing is done. Emergency fire axe? Souveneir baseball bats? More guns the owners might have hidden behind the counters?
[18:26] <Connor_Brennan> "…you're not talking about…"
[18:27] <Vasilisa> She looks at Connor.
[18:28] <Connor_Brennan> "No. You can't go out there. You're the only one who actually knows what's going on."
[18:29] <Jaymie> Jaymie peeks his head in, since they're being herded in.
01[18:29] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "That's why I HAVE to dearie. I'm your onyl chance. HIS only chance. And I have to ask you to take on this burden." She prods Cody towards Edward. "I need you to take him. I don't know how much of a window I'll get you… So you have to take him and go. To run. I'd never ask this if it wasn't God DAMNED important. But it is. Too important to leave you all in the dark."
[18:32] <Edward_Stagg> "…alright then." He puts his larger overcoat over Cody.
[18:32] <Jaymie> "W- why would this work?"
01[18:33] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Fate is as strange as the Lord in how it works. But you're here together, for a reason, with me and the boy, for a reason. Everything I've learned in my many years TELLS me that you're meant to take him. With you perhaps he'll be safe. Or he'll keep you safe." She hobbles towards the door. "Because you're gonna believe for me. Harder than you've ever believed."
[18:33] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…he's not gonna be any safer from things like this around me."
[18:34] <Vasilisa> "You are good with that." She nods to it. "You can fight."
[18:34] <Vasilisa> The gun being it.
01[18:35] <@SpardaSpinningTales> She smiles and looks back at Nick. "Oh… Oh my sweet, confused dear. You have no BLOODY idea how wrong you are about that." The demoness scratches WILDLY at the windows and doors, moving like a twitching insect.
01[18:35] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "COME OLD ONE. SETTLE IT WITH US. THEN…" She looks at Ed. "I WILL DEVOUR YOU AND TAKE THE CHILD."
06[18:35] * Nicholas_Lowell looks at the gun, and sighs. "Yeah, but… you don't get it. I'm not normal. Things like this freak-bitch out there, they show up all the time around me. I don't know why, but I'm a magnet for this bullshit."
[18:36] <Jaymie> Jaymie sighs. "You'd better be right."
[18:36] <Jaymie> "What's your name again, ma'am?"
[18:36] <Linden_Avery> There is no coincidence in this world. Not anymore.
01[18:36] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Ruth. Ruthie Avalon. Is the name I give out. My real name dies with me."
[18:36] <Connor_Brennan> "…rigtht. So, who's driving what?"
[18:37] <Jaymie> He nods. "I'll remember you."
01[18:37] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "Go on out that big flagging hole you made in the store the moment I start. And don't stop for nothin."
[18:38] <Jaymie> He grabs his bags. "I got a van. Big van."
[18:38] <Edward_Stagg> Edward flips off the demoness before grabbing the kid. "I've got an extra spot on the motorcycle. We'll take him out on mine first just to make sure."
[18:38] <Vasilisa> She cleans herself off with the towel she had first before picking up her back.
[18:38] <Vasilisa> bag.
[18:38] <Connor_Brennan> "I've got a van, too. Big green rustbucket of a Windstar."
[18:38] <Nicholas_Lowell> "I've got my pickup. And if someone else wants to drive it, I'll ride 'shotgun' in case anything follows." He hefts the boomstuck.
01[18:38] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Cody dashes over to hug her and she clucks her tongue and gives him her purse and the cross she has hanging around her neck. "There's cash in my purse you can all use. Now go." She rests her hand on the door handle, her cane up and ready in her other hand.
[18:38] <Nicholas_Lowell> *stick
[18:39] <Connor_Brennan> "…good luck." Conner gives her a nod, then crosses himself as he gets his keys in his hand for speedy unlocking and car-starting.
06[18:40] * Linden_Avery goes to stand near Jaymie, and is ready to run.
[18:41] <Jaymie> "Thank you, ma'am." He tenses and gets ready to run.
01[18:42] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "ALRIGHT THEN! YOU DEVIL'S WHORE, I'M COMING FOR YE LIKE THE HAND O GREAT GABBING GOD HIMSELF!" She swings the door open wide and steps into the night, and then there is LIGHT. A swirling storm of something like lightning and more than lightning and the darkness of the demoness and the THINGS IN THE DARK with her that are harder to understand than she, pounding against the assaulting energy.
[18:42] <Connor_Brennan> Connor hauls ass for his van, praying to whatever god is listening that they make it out of this mess.
[18:42] <Nicholas_Lowell> "…holy shit."
[18:43] <Jaymie> Jaymie's not looking, because if he does, he knows he's going to get caught staring at the sight of it, and he never did like salt. Run, run, run like hell, keys out, doors open…
06[18:43] * Nicholas_Lowell also runs, heading for the hole they made in the shop window.
01[18:43] <@SpardaSpinningTales> "I'M NO CORNER GYPSY WITCH! I am RUTHIE AVALON! I've bent and SNAPPED this fragile reality with me own fingertips like dry TWIGS! Ye're NOTHING to me! NOTHING!" She sounds more desperate than her boasts would reveal as she swirls her arms and speaks in a tongue that hurts your ears.
06[18:43] * Linden_Avery runs like hell, even more desperately then he's ever run from any social services worker.
[18:44] <Vasilisa> She runs easily. … How the fuck can she run with that big of a backpack on? O_o;
01[18:44] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The darkness around the place lifts, literally, hanging above your heads like a stormcloud and it's clear past the hole, past Mary's drained body, you can see vehicles! And the sweet freedom of rainy morning!
06[18:45] * Nicholas_Lowell waves Vasil over to his pickup, shotgun in one hand and keys in the other.
06[18:45] * Connor_Brennan quickly gets into the van and starts the ignition. He also opens the passenger side door in case someone needs a lift.
[18:45] <Linden_Avery> Linden tumbles into Connor's passenger seat, slamming the door shut behind him.
[18:45] <Vasilisa> She gets the keys and throws her bag into the back.
01[18:46] <@SpardaSpinningTales> Whatever Ruthie's doing is drawing all of the demoness and her host's attentions. Giving you an out. It's all yo ufrom here on, you all feel.
06[18:46] * Nicholas_Lowell opens the passenger side door, then climbs in and tosses the keys to Vasil. "You drive!" He then slams the door, and rolls down the window and grabs his full-length shotgun from the back seat, pointing it out the window and looking for anything that's coming for them.
[18:47] <Connor_Brennan> Once Linden's in, Connor switches into reverse and backs up out of the parking lot, his tires not particularly happy at the sudden exertion.
[18:47] <Vasilisa> Well, now or never, and she turns the car.
[18:48] <Jaymie> Jaymie heads right behind Connor.
[18:49] <Edward_Stagg> Edward dragged the kid behind him as he ran for the parking lot. He sets the boy on the back of his chopper, Sherry jumping into the large coat Cody borrowed from Ed. The bounty hunter pulled out his spare helmet and popped it on the kid's head. "Hold on, champ. We're gonna be moving fast."
01[18:50] <@SpardaSpinningTales> The boy nods and his lanky arms lock around Edward's waist and he presses himself as tightly against him as he can. Sherry, as usually, just meows as she always does, as if in triumph of the road.
[18:52] <Connor_Brennan> Once on the road proper, Connor guns it, hauling ass down the highway.
01[18:52] <@SpardaSpinningTales> As you all haul down the highway, the silvery light goes out and the darkness descends back over the truck stop, and a ROAR as if a thousand anguished voices fills the air…

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