Scarlet Scar

His red panda features look like this, but all much brighter shades of red:


Name: Scarlet Scar, The Silver Executive, Scar-Eyed Interloper, Jenahm Scarlet
Caste: Changing Moon Lunar
Motivation: Grow his company into a creation-spanning powerhouse like the Guild.
Anima: Red Panda~
Tell: Big fluffy tail and ears.
Intimacies: +The Scarlet Moon Company (Protection and Expansion), + Mercenaries (respect), +Profit (Want), +Halta (Protection), +His Mercs (Affection), +Solars (Interest), -The Realm (Stupid heads!), -The Guild (Fucking slavers), -Slavery (Hatred)

Gloves of Martial Readiness Attack: 10 dice, 8L base damage,

Soak: 6L/10B

DDV: 5 PDV: 6 MDV: 7

XP: 13 (156 total)


STR: 2
DEX: 4
STA: 2

*CHA: 5
*MAN: 5
*APP: 5

PER: 3
*INT: 4
WIT: 3


Athletics: 2
Awareness: 2
*Bureaucracy: 4
Dodge: 3
Investigation: 2
Integrity: 3
Linguistics: 2 (Riverspeak, Forestongue, High Realm)
Lore: 3
Martial Arts:
Melee: 4
Occult: 2
Performance: 2
Presence: 5
Resistance: 1
Socialize: 3
*Survival: 2
Stealth: 1
War: 4


Melee: Gloves of Martial Readiness 2
War: Mercenaries under his employ 2

Merits and Flaws

Greater Curse: 3 (A little more susceptible to the curse. Sometimes smiles at inappropriate times.)
Known Anathema: 4 (The famous Silver Executive, the Scarlet Scar, the scourge of Linowans, He Whose Claws Are For Hire)
Oath: 3 (Never betray a mercenary under his employ for any reason.) (Cache: 3)
Cache: 3 (His full resources are available within range of his main office in Nexus and at the branch offices near Halta and Chiaroscuro)


Resources: 4 (Hundreds of years of Scarlet Family profits.)
Backing: 5 (Owner and leader of The Scarlet Moon Company, an up and coming mercenary company with hundreds of recruits across the East.)
Command: 3 (The Scarlet Moon Mercenaries, including the main office and branch offices across the East.)
Influence: 3 (Known throughout the Scavenger Lands)
Manse: 3 (Gem of Grace)
Artifact: 3 (Gloves of Martial Readiness)
Allies: 2 (Lookshyan Air-Aspected Sorcerer-Engineer, Solar Dawn-Caste trainer and commander)
Reputation: 2 (Uf-ya, Honored)
Arsenal: 2
Henchmen: 2 (2 godblooded Thaumaturges, 1 heroic mortal 'aquisitions expert')


Prey's Skin Disguise
Life of the Hummingbird
Twin-Faced Hero
Changing Plumage Mastery


Second Dexterity Excellency
Second Charisma Excellency
Second Manipulation Excellency
Second Intelligence Excellency
Herd Reinforcement Stance
Dog-Tongue Method
School as Shark Formation
School in the Reeds Technique
Face of the Moon Concealment
Mirror Sight Dismay
Cat-Face Presentation
Mask of White Jade
Commanded to Fly
Labyrinth of the Beast
Butterfly Eyes Defense
Butterfly Eyes Tread
Butterfly Eyes Fist
Golden Tiger Stance
Wary Swallow Method
Culling the Pride
Maintaining the Pack


Essence: 3

Personal: 3/17
Peripheral: 30/30
Commited: 8 peripheral

Compassion: 3 [] [] []
Conviction: 2 [] []
Temperance: 2 [] []
Valor: 3 [] [] []

Willpower: 7 [] [] [] [] [] [] []


-0 []
-1 [] []
-2 [] []
-4 [] []
Inc []


Gem of Grace: +2 to any Charisma or Manipulation rolls given the target can see him.

Moonsilver Gloves of Martial Readiness (Fine Print): Spd 5, Acc +4, Dam +6L, Def +5, Rate 3, Attune 8, Repair: 1

Exceptional Reinforced Buff Jacket: 5L/8B, Mobility -0, Fatigue 2.

Personal Mount: Longshadow (Saddled with good saddlebags.)


Scarlet Scar was born Jenahm Scarlet, son of Scavenger Lord Jenahm Jakarh. Brought up in his father's wake he was spoiled, coddled and taught everything he would need to know to cajole, command and canoodle information, favors and money out of anyone he wanted at any time. Jakarh, though, was a notorious lover of drugs of many kinds, a vice his son has not picked up, and he died of an overdose when Jenahm was at the tender young age of 14. This didn't slow down his ability to take over his father's holdings!

He immediately set about securing his dream and his ultimate motivation, something he'd wanted since he was a child. He began the formation of the Scarlet Moon Mercenary Company using a large portion of his father's vast wealth. (This, of course, still leaves Scarlet enviously filthy rich.) He paid off contacts, set the word out throughout the west, he attracted warriors of every stripe who wanted a fresh start and a place to earn some good gold. The work was slow in coming the first few years but he quickly built up steam and at the age of 17 Jenahm led his company into Halta in order to aid them in a key operation against Linowan. (The mask wearing scum.)

The operation was successful, but Scarlet was the sort of commander who led from the rear and attracted a lot of attention to himself as he did so… A group of Linowan guerillas ambushed him and his men one day, incapacitating or killing his personal guard. They demanded his surrender so they could use him against the rest of his company, but he refused, instead fighting to defend his fallen subordinates. This leader's instinct to protect those in his charge made Luna smile and she blessed him with her Exaltation.


Karal Havaena: A blonde-haired, blue-eyed sorcerer-engineer from Lookshy. The story she told to Scarlet is that she was involved in a serious controversy involving her sister, a Realm defector. She had been supplying her sister with armaments that appeared to be legally commissioned but were in fact acquired using forged paperwork and then sent to the Realm for study. For her own safety after her sister was apprehended and executed she was placed on an 'extended special mission' to get her out of the city and was allowed to pursue personal objectives. She is currently working with Scarlet as his company's artificer in the hopes that his mercenaries and Lookshy will create some bonds of friendship, another force to help them stay ahead of the curve against the Realm. Her sorcery and craft charms make up the lion's share of the magic items that the Scarlet Moons use.

Granite Wolf: Tall and sinewy with dark hair and eyes, Grani is a Dawn caste Solar exalt from Marita whose past life experience and membership in his home nation's militia make him a good commander for the Scarlet Moons. He is Scarlet's second in command and in charge of traveling to the various chapter houses to oversee the quality of the troops there. The Silver Executive stumbled upon Grani completely by chance, the young Solar on the run from the Wyld Hunt. Scarlet maneuvered his troops against the hunt and bought time for him to get in and extract said Solar before they made their escape. Out of gratitude and having nowhere else to go Grani pledged himself in service to Scarlet, who only laughed and settled for hiring him instead.

Henchwoman: Tsheteri Naevani: An acquisitions specialist with great aptitude in scouting, foraging and small mixed unit tactics. A mortal from Calin who was formerly of the Invincible Steel Legion, after being downsized she decided to leave them but continue her career as a soldier in the ranks of the Scarlet Moon Mercenaries.


Rating 3: Tiger Warrior Monastery (Now the Offices of the Scarlet Moon Company)

A sprawling walled-in compound surrounding wide training and meditation yards , situated around a large central temple structure, a pyramid with many meditation platforms that face both east and west.


Maintenance: 2 (Once a month on the night of the new moon a small group of supplicants must pray towards the west until the sun rises, for on the night of the new moon the light of the sun isn't even reflecting upon Creation.)


Magical Conveniences: Glow lights like mini golden suns can light and follow anyone on manse grounds with a simple command phrase. The armories keep weapons clean, repaired and sharp without any extra work. Closets always seem to have enough linens and uniforms for the amount of people that can also be taken care of via Provider.

Password Activation: The various conveniences and Fortress aspects of the manse are activated by simple command phrases.

Fortress: Though the manse is a temple, technically, it was built for war more than worship. The compound is surrounded by high ornate walls with only one slim gate allowing entrance and egress. The fortress has several potent defenses at its command. They each attack with 12 dice and deal 15L base damage. Those trying to climb the walls will find the wall does not appreciate this at all. The walls are covered with murals that will move and shift to cause phantom warriors to swing their blades or thrust their spears out at attackers who attempt to climb the wall. Short range but powerful essence mirrors along the top of the wall will lash out to burn those within the Manse's range with golden rays of essence that work even at night, though the beams quickly taper out any further than 300 yards from the manse's walls. Finally for those that do manage to breach the gates, they must deal with the training dummies in the yards who quickly take up arms, not as soldiers but as spinning blade hazards that steadily slide along the ground towards the enemy on the approach to the temple itself.

Provider: The compound is completely self-sustaining for up to a Magnitude of 4 in troops and allies. Aquifers pump water directly into the many wells and bathing rooms on campus, bowls of cooked meat and rice and utensils are available from cupboards in barracks, bedrooms and dining rooms and more extravagant and delicious fare can be found in sometimes the oddest places. Meditation chambers with succulent fruit and vegetables are in compound around the training yards and mid and after training snacks grow in small gardens that dot the manse's grounds.

Mass Combat reminders

Mass Combat: CCR: +5 Successes DV: 10 Damage: 9L Armor: 8L/12B

Mass Combat Rules

Scarlet Moon Company:
CCR: 5 DV Bonus: +3 CCD: +3L Armor: +2L/B
Endurance: 7
Might: 2
Morale: 3
Magnitude: 250 members total, Mag 5 at max
Formation: Relaxed

Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4; Charisma 2,
Manipulation 2, Appearance 3;
Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3
Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 4
Abilities: Archery 2, Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 2,
Craft (Fire) 2, Dodge 2, Integrity 3,
Investigation 2,, Linguistics 3, Lore
1, Martial Arts 3, Medicine 2, Melee 4, Occult 2, Presence 2,
Resistance 3 (Disease +1), Ride 2, Socialize 2, Stealth 3
Survival 3, Thrown 2, War 3
Join Battle: 6
Exceptional Chopping Swords: Speed 4, Accuracy 9, Damage 9L/2, Defense
7, Rate 2
Knife: Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 5L, Defense 7, Rate 3
Self Bow: Speed 6, Accuracy 5, Damage 6L, Range 150 Rate 2
Soak: 6L/11B (Exceptional Chain hauberks, 6L/7B, -1 mobility penalty)
Willpower: 7
Essence: 1

Unit Bonuses: For the most part, a complementary unit
has the same statistics as its leader. It uses her personal traits,
such as Virtues, Willpower and Essence. Whenever a commander
has her unit take any action, she uses the standard
Ability rating or her War rating (whichever is less) for the
dice pool. This means that her War rating acts as a cap for
her other Abilities in mass combat, so a commander with
Dexterity 3, Melee 5 and War 4 has an effective Melee of only
4 and a seven-die pool for Melee. A unit leader adds her unit’s
Close Combat Rating and her unit’s Ranged Combat Rating
as bonus successes to close and ranged attacks, respectively,
applying this bonus immediately after the attack roll. The
number of bonus successes added from unit attack ratings
cannot exceed the commander’s War rating, before applying
modifi cations from formation. For example, a character with
War 3 commands a unit with a Close Combat Rating of 4.
Ordinarily this means the character would only add three
successes (the limit of her War rating), but in close formation,
a unit’s Close Combat Rating and maximum bonus from
Close Combat doubles (i.e., six successes). After establishing
the bonus successes added by a unit’s combat skills, add an
additional number of successes equal to the unit’s Might. So,
a crack unit of young Dragon-Blooded archers with Ranged
Combat 5 and Might 2 commanded by a character with War
4 would add six successes to ranged attack rolls.

Magnitude can also play a roll in the success of actions. If
one unit attacks another and those units do not have the same
Magnitude rating, the larger unit applies the difference in bonus
successes to its attacks or subtracts the difference from the successes
of attacks by the smaller unit. This bonus/external penalty
cannot exceed +/-3. Besides improving attacks, Might also adds
to the commander’s Essence rating to determine if particular
effects can target the unit and/or to help him defend against
the effects of hostile Charms. A unit’s Close Combat/Ranged
Damage Ratings each add to the raw damage of close and ranged
attacks, respectively, while a unit’s Armor adds to its commander’s
natural bashing, lethal and aggravated soak. One half a unit’s
Close Combat Rating adds to the commander’s Parry DV.

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