Rowan Waters Still And Deep

Name: Rowan Stillwater
Caste: Serenity
Motivation: Protect the Realm, thereby protecting the seat of civilization in Creation.
Anima: A blazing blue aura that emanates outward in concentric rings.

Soak: 6B/6L

DDV: 7 PDV: 6 MDV: 10


STR: 2
DEX: 4
STA: 3

CHA: 5
MAN: 5
APP: 5

PER: 4
INT: 3
WIT: 3


Athletics: 2
Awareness: 2
*Bureaucracy: 5
*Dodge: 5
Investigation: 3
*Integrity: 5
*Linguistics: 4 (Old Realm, High Realm, Riverspeak, Flametongue, Low Realm, Seatongue, Foresttongue)
Lore: 3
*Martial Arts: 5
Medicine: 2
Melee: 1
Occult: 3
*Performance: 5
*Presence: 5
Resistance: 3
Ride: 1
*Socialize: 5
*Stealth: 4


Linguistics (Low Realm, Seatongue): 2
Presence (Playing off his Looks): 2
Socialize (Spreading Influence): 2
Lore (Dragonblooded): 2
Bureaucracy (All-Seeing Eye): 2
Martial Arts (With a Sword): 1

Merits and Flaws

Enchanting Features: 4 (+4 to social rolls involving his attractiveness, can seduce even people who don't normally find themselves attracted to him with no penalty but without the +4 bonus.)
Silver Tongue: 2 (+2 to manipulation pools when telling lies and half-truths.)

Vice (Romantic Company): 2


Salary: 3

Celestial Manse: 4 (Seven Leaping Dragon Stone)

Manse: 3 (Stone of Gender Transformation) (Located on the Blessed Isle, linked via gate to his manse in Heaven)

Acquaintances: 2 (Agents of the All-Seeing Eye that recognize him as a superior. Candidates to be Fingers of the Master when he learns Throne Shadow Style.)

Backing (Bronze Faction): 2 (This background is actually somewhat unwanted. Nominally, Rowan is an independent. He doesn't like to be caught up in any of the factionalism he so despises among the Fivescore Fellowship. Still, he receives backing and status from the Bronze Faction because of how important his work is to the future of the Realm, regardless of his involvement in bureaucratic politics in Heaven.)

Connections (House Cathak): 2 (House Cathak is his main foothold in Realm politics and he reaches through the influential House for several ends, such as posing as a relative of the house for infiltrating the deliberative.)

Connections (All-Seeing Eye): 2 (He interacts regularly with his own set of agents of the Eye and their spying helps him to find out points of contention so he can smooth them over and strengthen the Realm as a whole.)

Sifu (Three Roads Wise): 2 (Throne Shadow, Violet Bier of Sorrows, Sapphire Veil of Passion)

Artifacts (Silken Armor): 2

Artifacts (Starmetal Short Daiklave): 1

Artifact (Starmetal Hearthstone Amulet): 1


Favorable Inflection Procedure

First Performance Excellency
Fateful Performance Excellency
Heart-Brightening Presentation Style
Faultless Ceremony

Fortuitous Fellowship
Shun the Smiling Lady
Cash and Murder Games
Life Without Compunction
You and Yours Stance
Wanting and Fearing Prayer

Duck Fate
Avoidance Kata

Force Decision
Loyalty Sacrificing Sidestep
Presence in Absence Technique
Easily Accepted Proposition Stance

Soft Presence Practice

Icy Hand
Underling Invisibility Practice

Preservation of Resolve

Violet Bier of Sorrows Style
Secrets of Future Strife
Blade of the Battle Maiden
Flight of Mercury
Joy In Adversity Stance
Violet Bier of Sorrows Form
Death Parrying Stroke
Life Severing Blow
Metal Storm
Conclusion Pursuing Approach

Current Goal: Master Throne Shadow Style


Ewer: 4
Musician: 4
Peacock: 4
Sorcerer: 3

Resplendent Destinies

The Peacock: Peleps Ran, patrician matchmaker and wedding planner. (Duration: 10 Years, Endurance: 3 )
The Ewer: Joyous Song of Praise, carouser and all around lovable guy. (Duration: 1 Year, Endurance: 4)
The Sorcerer: Cathak Daimon Kotone, Young up and comer in the Deliberative. (Duration: 10 years, Endurance: 2)


Essence: 4

Personal: 17/17
Peripheral: 48/48
Commited: 5

Compassion: 4 [] [] [] []
Conviction: 4 [] [] [] []
Temperance: 2 [] []
Valor: 3 [] [] []

Willpower: 10 [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []


-0 []
-1 [] []
-2 [] []
-4 [] []
Inc []



Short Daiklave (Sacred Sting): Speed 4, Accuracy +3, Damage +6L/2, Def +1, Rate: 2, Tags: 0, Th

Silken Armor: +5L/3B (Woven into a gorgeous blue and silver haori by the pattern spiders~)

Fancy Silk Hand-Fan
Sash with lots of little hidden pockets
Prayer Strip case with high quality paper and ink and a brush
2 prayer strips for Wanting and Fearing prayer
2 prayer strips for Easily Accepted Proposition Stance

At home in both manses:
Countless Outfits and accessories for every conceivable situation.



Rowan is an unflappably cheerful and optimistic young Vizier, already swiftly gathering influence despite his short amount of time among his fellow Exalted. Possessing a boundless love of people, nature and civilization many but the most cynical and jaded people find themselves quickly attracted to him, and even some of them keep him around for his ability to warm their otherwise callous hearts. Hatred and prejudice are foreign concepts to him, Venus' acceptance of even the worst things in life seemingly ingrained into his very being. He is a highly active field agent, always trying to further his agendas of stability and integrity for the Realm. He also practices Dragonblooded eugenics, using his skills as a wedding planner and professional matchmaker made famous by House Cathak to pair up husbands and wives who have the greatest chances of having high-breeding Dragonblooded children, often tapping into astrology to increase these chances. He hasn't had the opportunity to see many of his matches bear fruit yet but if there's one thing Rowan has in long supply, it's hope.

He is still a young man who is easily swayed by his vices, whether his love for wine, sweets or romantic company. He tends to prefer the company of men, as the submissive partner. As much as he likes to be active in the field he has a hard time appreciating his paperwork without the prodding and reminders of his personal assistants. He'd much prefer to get away from it and get into the field instead, even to fight (he's not a fan of violence on principal but he does find the challenge of facing anothers martial arts exhilarating for the sport of it). When not in the field or serving on the Convention on The Realm he's often avoiding his paperwork in one of Heaven's many teahouses or taverns, enjoying wine and fellowship.

Rowan is a beauteous treasure indeed, a lovely young man with big, soulful dark eyes and thick, soft, short black hair he enjoys playing with and placing into many different styles with different accessories. Similarly his wardrobe is widely varied though almost always designed with his blue and silver Silken Armor haori to be worn on top of it.

Celestial Manse

The House of Moonlit Romance, Celestial Manse 4
Also known as the House of Still Waters.

Fragility: 1
Maintenance: 2 (The entire manse must be washed by hand with pure water once every month. The servitors can do this, however.)

Otherworld Gate: 4 (Connected to the Dreaming Mist Pagoda in Creation on the blessed isle and vice versa. One must be the hearthstone bearer of the House of Moonlit Romance to use the gate or permit its use via password.)

Magical Conveniences: 1 (Firefly-like constructs are everyone on the grounds and are available at any time to provide light of varying levels. The sky above the manse always appears to be a full moonlit night, this is only an illusion and offers no actual mystical or practical advantages for the appearance of being night. Dressers in the rooms are furnished with a few sets of simple but comfortable and attractive clothing, mostly as yukata or pajamas. The rooms are soundproof when the doors are completely shut and locked, even when a window remains open.)

Puzzle-manse: 3 (The rooms shift and change to suit the needs of whoever is entering them as long as the manse-owner has sincerely invited them in as guests. Those who are not invited in will instead be treated to completely ordinary rooms that, while still being nice, never have anything of importance to them. Hallways will spit them back out near the entrance instead of allowing them deeper into the compound and it will work subtly, rather than overtly, to prevent them from finding anything of danger to the manse's owner such as hidden allies or items of significance. Only the proper password and hand sign will prevent this from happening. Solving the puzzle and figuring out what goes where without the password requires a Compassion + Lore roll as one must be both wise and kind to understand the flow of the House of Moonlit Romance.)

Bound Servitor Force: 3 (A force of essence-made automatons in the shape of maids and butlers. Able to quickly equip themselves to defend the manse physically with fold-out blades hidden in their arms and judicious use of gardening and cleaning tools, their true strength is in social actions whether sincerely serving people or by deflecting suspicion and talking investigators out of their work. They are cultured, intelligent and diligent and enjoy their own little vices and quirks, appearing very human physically and mentally but in reality they're only life-like semi-organic automatons, merely reacting how they should react based on their programming and understanding of behavior. They have no motivations beyond "Serve and Protect the Manse and Manse-owner," no souls and and their personalities can be quickly overwritten if the manse-owner has it be so. A small cadre of them can go into the city proper for supplies and groceries but being away from the manse for more than a few hours means they quickly break down into skeletons of brass with flesh of lifeless clay.)

Passwords:1 (The servitors and rooms of the puzzle-manse will react differently to people based on the way the manse-owner treats them. Rooms and servants can be commanded directly by the proper hand sign and orders given to trusted guests or can be locked out of being able to command the puzzle-manse or servant force by designating them as "uninvited guests.")


Dreaming Mist Pagoda, Water Manse 3

Bound Guardian: 3 (Satava, the Mistveil Witch, Reflective Soul of the Tide That Knows No Life. Satava is quiet but intense, her every word spoken carrying some sort of meaning, idle prattle is against her nature which makes her an excellent guardian and servant as the counsel she gives is always worth listening to and she never speaks when she feels as if her words will go unwanted. She prefers to use her unique ability to weave waterr into gauzy cloth laden with Emotional weight to express how she is feeling, most often wearing a veil of Quiet Contemplation or a shawl of Frustrated Contentment in her long servitude to the manse. She acts as a conventional servant but her real job is as a protector. She can don her veil of Combatative Tension and rend her foes with claws and blades of mist and ice all full of Hatred and Malice. )

Water Dragon's Will: 3 (Small meditation fountains exist in most rooms and the manse is surrounded by 3 concentric square moats, all of which can be manipulated by the manse to perform simple tasks. There is almost always a pall of mist around the pagoda, constructs of solid, unmelting and supernaturally pleasant to the touch ice are available for many different uses, any plants or gardens or even fields in or near the grounds of the manse are always perfectly watered, jets and waves of water eject unwanted guests and walls and lances of ice oppose attackers at every turn, aiding the manse's guardian.)

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