Reign Of Winter

Vastly Important Persons

Character Generation: Level 1 characters. 2 traits, one of which must be a campaign trait. Ability Score Spread: 16 14 12 12 10 10. Roll starting wealth, if it is lower than the average take the average instead. At each level up, if your hp die rolls below the average on the die then take that as well.

For Tome of Battle characters: Replace uses of Concentration with Perception, replace other skills with equivalent Pathfinder skills, Warblades have d10 hit dice and do not have Weapon Aptitude switching, Crusaders choose their 2 available maneuvers rather than selecting them at random.

House Rules:

Mystic Return: Once a spellcaster has used up all spell slots of a given level, they may spend a full-round action to regain a single spell slot of that level. Prepared casters must regain a spell that they had prepared at the beginning of the day. Mystic Return can only be used to regain slots up to the second highest spell level the caster has available, except that it can always be used on 1st level spells.

Feat: Quickened Return: Mystic Return is now a Standard Action.

Feat: Mystic Drive: Requires level 5+. Once per encounter, Mystic Return can be used to return a single slot of each applicable spell level that has no spell slots remaining.

Feat: Flexible Preparation: Once per day you may swap out one prepared and ready spell slot for another spell that you know but is unprepared. At level 11 you may do this twice per day.

Martial Power: Replace Fighter with Warblade for PCs.

Altered Feat: Adaptive Style: Once per encounter you can change your list of readied maneuvers using a full round action. Once per day this allows you to regain any spent maneuvers as well. At level 11 this becomes twice per day.

Character Sheets

Brent Vickers Possibly doomed Crusader of ???

Keviak Kobold Paladin. Koboladin? Shiny silvery scaly.

Reffan Catfolk Warblade. Cat loves food! Yea-yeah yeah yeah! Cat loves food! yea-yeah!

Strange Places

Heldren: A tiny village set on the edge of the Borderwood between Taldor and their rival nation of Qadira. Though a truly tiny hamlet of merely 170 people, Heldren is friendly and open, inviting people of all types into their midst to share in their good fortune. A very pretty town, though it is small the people have constructed their houses of fine lumber with exacting detail making it both sturdy and attractive. The village is small enough to be situated around a single crossroad.

Faces to Remember

Chancellor Meryl Sondaq: A lovely blonde noblewoman, intelligent and witty, one of the lynchpins of Taldorian government. She's the one who hired you lot to go to Heldren.

Faces from Heldren

Ionnia Teppen: Head of the Heldren village council, a tiny and very thin woman in her late 50s, talks a lot and is very friendly.

Yuln Oerstag: Mercenary in the emply of Lady Argentea Malasene. Is very fond of his lady, very angry about not being able to kill her kidnappers and very high on painkillers.

Mirror of Past Events

Session One The Fwozen Norf
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