Red Tide


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Characters in Play
The current dramatis personae!

Moriko - Half-Elf Scion Nightblade played by Wildfire!
Dif - Human Thief played by Pout!
Chun Human Mystic played by Svad
Galamonde Elven Spellsword played by Greenling~.

The White Jade Inn
Here's a bank for NPCs and extra characters, ready to be jumped into and played or just there to decorate the rich landscape of the Summer Isles.
Huang Bao Reserve Character- Patriotic corrupted scholar
Madame Kufu - Cranky old Teahouse matron, also officiator of the local adventuring board.
Yu Li - Snarky waitress. Naughty girl.
Minister Ta Sorun - A man alone in the world, grieving his wife.
Talon - A man in a fancy coat. Thief guild lieutenant.
Knifeear - A thieving elf.
Krin - A big brute, thief guild style.
Cassiel Weiss Reserve Character - Paladin

Scrolls of Ten Thousand Years
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Episode 1

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