Quin S Relationship Chart
Name Title Relationship Strengths Failings
Glenn Gray Knight Deeply in love. Strong, handsome~, devoted. A little slow, bless him. Creepy god.
Zori Devil Captain Irreplaceable friend and confidant. Wise, Experienced, Trustworthy Too hard on herself.
Estriana Esoteric Actress Very odd friendship? Quirky, sweet, brave. Self-centered, Loopy, Deluded
Cinaed Summer Prince Worthy friend and magic rival. Intelligent, royal, well-educated. Knife-Eared, arrogant.
Harley Dragon Blooded …Unable to say exactly… Passionate, strong, easy on the eyes. Bad temper, childish.
Beiro Nature Priest Adventuring Acquaintance Healer, devout. Bland, a little too foresty, even knifier-eared.
Myself Tainted Arcanist …Me. Intelligent, beautiful~, powerful. I am corrupted and my brother's blame is mine.
Dahl Brawny Beanguy Former Crush~ Short but buff, easily riled. Beans.
Xanth Horny Incubus Servant EXTREMELY pretty, wickedly perverted, supernaturally loyal. Draws on Quin's power quite a bit, TOTAL SLUT.
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