Pete's Kids

Dylan: Dylan is Pete's son, a sophomore in high school. At age 15 he already has big ambitions and a rebel streak, wanting to go against his father's wish to take over the butcher shop one day and instead wants to become a doctor in hopes of saving lives, preventing things like the death of his mother. He's an athletic boy who is pretty serious about everything he does from sports to studying. He likes to keep himself to a schedule and even moderates his own workouts and diet. He wants to stay healthy so he can take care of his family. If he didn't have such ambition to be a doctor he'd probably go into the military instead. He tends to weird other kids out with his intensity so he isn't too popular despite his athleticism and good looks. That'll change as he ages though, for certain.

Vicki: An intensely curious and intelligent little lady, Vicki is 11 pushing 12 and already the head of her class. She seems ready to follow in her big brother's footsteps and become something great but, being that she's still so young, she doesn't have his discipline. She has a habit of getting interested in something, learning everything she can about it voraciously, then becoming interested in something else and repeating the process. Right now Vicki is very interested in horses, for instance. She does have a habit of blurting things out though, and isn't always sure what's appropriate and what isn't to talk about at certain times. Like talking about what horse doctors do at the table during dinnertime. She loves both traditionally feminine things (her room is dominated by hello kitty) and playing The Sims and games like that on Facebook.

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