Ohta Of Enclave Tahvo

Name: Ohta of Enclave Tahvo
Race: Gillitie
Class: Wizard
DP: 0 (600)


Strength: 5
Dexterity: 8
Agility: 8
Constitution: 7
Intelligence: 9
Power: 12
Will: 7
Perception: 5

Appearance: 10
Size: 12

LP: 100/100
Zeon: 510 (160 base + 100 class + 250 DP: 50 )


Presence: 30
Disease Resist: 35
Magic Resist: 50 (70 against water magic, 30 against fire magic)
Physical Resist: 35
Venom Resist: 35
Psychic Resist: 40

Combat Abilities

Attack (Dexterity):
Block (Dexterity):
Dodge (Agility): 40 (+10)
Initiative (Agility): 5 (+15)

Martial Knowledge: 10
Wear Armor: 0

Supernatural Abilities

Zeonic Regeneration: 225 (x3 from advantages)

Accumulation Multiplier: x5
Magic Accumulation: 75 (15 Base) (95 for water magic.)
Innate Magic: 30

Magic Projection (Dexterity): 60 (+10)

Magic Levels: (40 natural, +12 DP)

Water (Subpath: Peace): Path Level 32

Essence: Path Level 20

Free-Access Magic: Move Objects, Cleanliness, Stop Fall, Enchant, Fog, Repair, Magical Protection
Peace Magic: Savior Shield, Internal Harmony, Defender

Spell Incantations

Cold Immunity: "Pall of warming comfort! Freeze Guard!"
Protection Bubble: "Glaze of enduring protection, Barrier!"
Water Impact: "Fist of water's purity! Aqua Impact!"
Freeze: "Fangs of the icy beast, pin my enemies fast! Encase!"
Healing: "Kiss of soothing waters, First Aid!"
Soul Barrier: "Clarity of ice, remain undefiled! Resist!"
Savior Shield: "Stand behind this sacred rampart and know protection, Savior Shield!"
Defender: "Hold fast against the forces of encroaching evil, Defender!"
Fog: "Veil of mystery, rise and embrace us in your silvery depths. Deep Mist!"
Magical Protection: "Fire will gutter and blades will blunt against the might of this shimmering shield! Variable Hex!"
Enchant: "Like the inevitable tide let no enemy avoid the wrath of our blades! Enchant!"


Secondary Abilities



Persuasion: 10
Style: 10



Animals: 9
Appraise Magic: 30
Occult: 15
History: 10
Medicine: 20
Navigation: 15
Memorize: 15


Withstand Pain: 10



Music (Song): 10 (50)

Mystic Artes

First: Sacred Penance "Shining dappled through the waves comes now divine judgement for an evil soul! Sacred Penance!"

Second: Final Embrace "Maiden of Ice who slumbers in the depths of the sea, grace my dear foe with the beauty of your smile and offer them the gift of an eternity frozen! Final Embrace!"


The Gift: Access to any Magic, +10 MR (2)
Superior Magic Recovery: 2 (x3 Zeonic Regeneration Rate) (2)
+2 Power (2)


-2 Perception (+1)
Oral Requirement: Must be able to speak to cast spells, does not have to be heard. (+1)
Bad Luck: Fumble on 5 or below instead of 3 or below. (+1)

Racial Qualities


Race Ability Cost: 60 DP

Attuned: Water (10) (+20 MR and MA for water element, -20 for fire.)

Aquatic Breathing (10)

Immunity to natural poisons (20)

Natural Vulnerability to an Element (Electricity): Double damage from electric attacks. (-20)

Physical Need: Must have access to clean water to consume once every 8 hours or suffer a -10 cumulative action penalty every hour for dehydration. (-10)

Natural Weapons (Tails): Thrust or Impact weapons. Initiative +20, damage based on size. (Generally 40 for size 9-22) (20)

Aquatic Movement: Full movement rate underwater. (20)

Night Vision: Half penalties due to natural darkness. (10)

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