Class: Half-Elf Nightblade Scion
Description: Moriko is a relatively small and athletic woman, only five feet tall, who is clearly of Kueh ancestry and looks surprisingly healthy for a former resident of the Shogunate. Something about her appears to be not quite right, however. Her light brown, almost amber eyes have a certain tilt, her face a certain cast, that makes her appear slightly alien. Or perhaps it is simply her typical expression, both secretive and amused, that lends everyone to describe her as 'like a fox.' Her hair is a straight, short mess of dark auburn cut only an inch or two from her scalp. She typically wears leather armor and clothing stained a dark green-brown, almost black, along with all her gear, and she carefully makes sure any metal on her equipment will not reflect light at an inopportune moment.

Level: 1
XP: 1260 (Next: 2,775)

Str 13 +1
Con 10
Dex 16 +2
Int 14 +1
Wis 10
Cha 10

HP 6
AC 5
Petrification and Paralysis 12+
Poison and Death 13+
Blast and Breath 16+
Staffs and Wands 14+
Spells 14+

Sword(+Offhand) +1(2) 1d6+1
Shortbow +2 1d6 40'
Darts +2 1d4 15'

Endurance: No need to rest for 1 turn every 6, force march 1 day without incurring a penalty
Gambling: Earn 1d6gp per month as a gambler, roll 1d6 in contests against other characters with Gambling
Swashbuckling: +1 AC (already included) when wearing leather armor or lighter and able to move freely. Increase to +2 at 7th level.

Class Features
Move Silently: 15+
Hide in Shadows: 17+
Climb Walls: 4+
Backstab: +4/x2
Acrobatics: 18+, +2 on saving throws where agility helps, like tilting floors and pit traps
Attunement to Nature: +1 to surprise rolls in wilderness
Keen Eyes: Secret Doors on 8+ searching/14+ casual inspection
Connection to Nature: Immune to ghoul paralysis, saving throws on Paralysis and Petrification and Spells reduced by 1 (already included)

Imperial, Elven, Shou, Gadaal, Eirengarder, Infernal

Arrows (20)
Darts (10)
Leather Armor
Grappling Hook
Hammer (small)
Iron Spikes (12)
Hand Mirror
Iron Rations (Two Weeks)
Rope, 50'
Tinder Box
Flasks of Oil (4)
Low Boots
Tunic and Pants (Crafter/Freeholder)
137 gp, 4 sp

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