Morgana Reinstag

The Reinstag's are one of the oldest families around, and have been sending their kin to Laputa as long as anyone can remember. Morgana never was the type to fling spells, but that wasn't enough to convince Reinstag senior that she should go anywhere else. Unlike the rest of her peers who seem interested in flying and casting lightning bolts, Morgana prefers to create varied and sometimes unstable potions.

Brawn: 5 Precision: 8 Knowledge: 7 Sense: 8
Athletics Stealth Arcana (Exceptional) Perception
Endurance (Trained) Mechanics History Persuasion
Acrobatics (Trained) Heal(Trained) Streetwise

Magic Points: 1
Virtue: Charity
HP: 30
XP: 0
PiPs: 4

Utility Talents
*If you roll a 2 or a 3 on skill check, the roll is instead considered to be a natural 1. You begin the day with an additional Magic Point.

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