Title: The Rusting Priestess, Dancing to the Melody of Doomsday.
Concept: Dark Priestess
Caste: Midnight
Motivation: Dismantle the Immaculate Faith.


STR: 2
DEX: 4
STA: 1

CHA: 2
MAN: 5
APP: 4

PER: 3
INT: 3
WIT: 3


*Athletics: 2
*Awareness: 2
Dodge: 2
*Integrity: 2
Linguistics: 2
Lore: 2
*Martial Arts: 4
*Occult: 4
*Performance: 4
*Presence: 5
*Resistance: 3
*Socialize: 5
Stealth: 3


Occult: Ghosts 1
Thaumateurgy: Art of Warding and Exorcism 2
Martial Arts: Wrackstaff 1

Backgrounds 4

Cult: 2 (Prayers to the Void)
Whispers: 2
Artifact: 5 (The Dragons are Dead)


Blood-Scenting Hunger
Leaping Horror Approach
Lunging Phantom Method
Shrouded Claw Attack
Hungry Ghost Form
Exquisite Etiquette Style
Second Presence Excellency
Second Socialize Excellency
Imprecation of Ill Manners
Dread Lord's Demeanor
Heart Stopping Mien

Shadowlands Circle Necromancy
-Door of the Dead


Essence: 3

Personal: 15/15
Peripheral: 24/24
Commited: 10

Compassion: 1
Conviction: 2
Temperance: 2
Valor: 2

Willpower: 8

Merits and Flaws

Callous (+4)
Sun-Seared (+2)


-0 []
-1 [][]
-2 [][]
-4 []
Inc []


The Dragons are Dead
Artifact 5: 5-ringed Wrackstaff
Attune: 10

The Dragons are Dead is a 6 foot long soulsteel five-ringed bo staff, with a sharp spike on the bottom and a circular top crowned with 5 small rings, each a candystripe of jade and soulsteel. Each ring is an alloy of a different color of jade and soulsteel reaped from the ghost of an immaculate dragon blooded monk of that jade's aspect. The staff does not receive any magical material bonus, all of the material's magic is bound up in the staff's functions.

Each ring has it's own unique ability and is conceptually tied to one of the corpse-elements.

* Ring of Void: The staff's first ring gives it the ability to be used as an in-style weapon for any Martial Art, transcending the limits of the Perfected Lotus by being as the void AROUND the Lotus.

* Ring of Blood: The second ring is full of the insatiate hunger of an Abyssal starved of essence.The thirst of the Ring of Blood calls out to the pain of those around it, drawing essence from their agony and spilled blood. Whenever someone within 10 yards of the wielder receives a new wound penalty after taking damage the wielder regains motes of essence equal to the wound penalty suffered.

* Ring of Ash: Like ash rising from a funeral pyre, the 3rd ring of the staff buoys the wielder up into the sky… kind of. While unable to truly fly, at a cost of 4 motes per hour The Dragons are Dead can act as a mount of sorts, floating up tp 10 yards above the ground, like a spectre scorning the earth. It moves as fast as a horse at full gallop and can move over any normally passable obstacles easily, even "climbing" up inclines of up to 90 degrees. It ignores travel time increase due to difficult terrain as well and prevents fatigue. When guided off of a drop of any sort it slows falls to manageable speeds, preventing damage as long as this power is active and the staff is within the user's grip. As long as some part of the user or a single passenger is willingly touching the staff they are immune to being dismounted, though any other effects from attacks that would dismount them still occur. (If knockback occurs the staff is also simply knocked back with them.) Activation of this power does not prevent its use in any other way.

* Ring of Pyre-flame: At a cost of 1 mote, the staff's 4th ring allows the wielder to perform martial arts or melee attacks at a range of (10xEssence) yards for one tick. These attacks acquire the F tag as ephemeral white and silver flames appear from thin air to consume the target. This ability may be enhanced by charms.

* Ring of Bone: Like the ribcage protecting the body's most vital organs, the final ring of the staff projects a shield of necrotic energy that intercepts incoming attacks at a range of (Essence) in yards. By spending 10 motes the staff is slammed into the ground where it stands unaided and creates a barrier which grants everyone within it 20L/20B/10A soak and half that much hardness. While this ability is active the staff cannot be moved without breaking the effect, whereupon the essence must be respent to activate it again. This naturally prevents the usage of any of the staff's other abilities. The barrier only gives its protection to the wielder and their allies, The entropic field actively excludes any enemies who enter its radius. It may be taken down by successfully overcoming the barrier's hardness and striking the staff, dealing at least 1 point of damage.

Combat Statistics
Spike End: SPD: 4 ACC: +3 DAM: +7L/3 DEF: +4 RATE: 3 Req: Str ••, Mrt • Tags: 2, M, P, R
Staff End: SPD: 4 ACC: +3 DAM: +12B/3 DEF: +4 RATE: 3 Req: Str ••, Mrt • Tags: 2, M, R

Though Melody considers herself a dark priestess she is no priestess of the Neverborn. As far as she's concerned there is NOTHING about them to worship. They are spoiled children who would drag everything into oblivion with them rather than sit in time-out any longer. The Void, she thinks, is something purer and nobler than that. It's not the neverborn's means to an end, it's not an unknowable pit of terror. It's the inevitable death of the universe. Waiting. It's not good, it's not evil. It knows no sin and it knows no mercy. Nothing is judging you, nothing is tallying your virtues and vices. There's just a pure, passionless ending waiting for us all. There is no virtue, good or evil, there is only the end. Everything else is a delusion of the unenlightened. Living by your whims is what is important. If you want to be good, then be a saint. If you want to be evil then be as depraved as you wish. Kill what irks you, protect what you love. Life without compunction or restraint is her only true creed. The Void has no opinion on how you live your life, anyone who does can meet their death in oblivion. Live, drink and be merry for tomorrow you will die.

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