Lucian Sellers


Name Lucian Sellers Player Namagomi
Race Human Country Tavaini
Alignment Chaotic Neutral Background Guild Merchant
Class Bard Level 5
Experience 12495/14000

Core Statistics

Ability Ability Score Ability Bonus Save Proficiency
Strength 12 +1 No
Dexterity 14 +2 +2
Constitution 14 +2 No
Intelligence 13 +1 No
Wisdom 10 +0 No
Charisma 16 +3 +2
HP 46
AC 16
Proficiency +3
Initiative +2


Race Human Subrace N/A
Ability Score Bonus All +1
Languages Common, Draconic, Gillitie
Bonus Skill Proficiency Acrobatics
Bonus Tool Proficiency Leatherworking Tools


Background Guild Merchant
Bonus Skills Insight, Persuasion
Bonus Tools Navigator's Tools
Bonus Languages Elven
Guild Membership Pay 5gp/month, receive connections to mercantile guild
Ideal "Everyone has the right to pursue their own goals."
Bond Bond
Trait "I tend to haggle on prices. A lot. People tend to keep me away from the supply trips."
Trait Second Trait
Flaw "I stole money from the business to skip country and go to bardic college in Annewen."


Class Bard Level 3 Hit Die d8
Class Archetype College of Valor
Weapon Proficiencies Simple, Martial
Armor Proficiencies Light, Medium, Shields
Skill Proficiencies History, Deception, Performance
Tool Proficiencies Lute, Pan Flute, Viol
Save Proficiencies Dexterity, Charisma
Bardic Inspiration 3/day, give a target ally a bonus d8 to a single roll within the next 10 minutes as a bonus action.
Jack of All Trades Gain half of proficiency(round down) to all skills user is not already proficient in.
Song of Rest Self and any allies who can hear self gain +1d6 to HP regained at end of short rest if HP was regained.
Expertise Performance and Persuasion skills are at double proficiency.
Combat Inspiration Bardic inspiration can now apply to attack damage or AC.
Font of Inspiration Bardic Inspiration now restores on a short rest as well as a long rest.


Skill Ability Bonus Proficient
Athletics Strength +1 +1
Acrobatics Dexterity +2 +2
Sleight of Hand Dexterity +2 +1
Stealth Dexterity +2 +1
Arcana Intelligence +1 +1
History Intelligence +1 +2
Investigation Intelligence +1 +1
Nature Intelligence +1 +1
Religion Intelligence +1 +1
Animal Handling Wisdom +0 +1
Insight Wisdom +0 +2
Medicine Wisdom +0 +1
Perception Wisdom +0 +1
Survival Wisdom +0 +1
Deception Charisma +3 +2
Intimidation Charisma +3 +1
Performance Charisma +3 +4
Persuasion Charisma +3 +4


Feat Name Ability Score Bonus Effect
War Caster No Bonus Advantage on Constitution saves to maintain concentration, weapon and shield do not interfere with somatic components, can cast spells on reaction
Defensive Duelist No Bonus When attacked in melee, can add Proficiency bonus to AC as a reaction while using a finesse weapon.


Item Weight Properties/Description
Rapier 2 lb. 1d8 P damage, Finesse
Dagger 1 lb. 1d4 P damage, Finesse, Light, Thrown(20/60)
Leather Armor 10 lb. AC 12+DEX
Shield 6 lb. AC +2.
Lute 2 lb. Not for kabonging people with. Standard-issue at bardic college.
Navigator's Tools 2 lb. Amazing for keeping on course at sea—if you know how to use them. Useless on land, however.
Letter of Guild Introduction neg.
Unfinished Book 3 lb. The last chapter is blank.
Chest 25 lb. Holds 300 lb. of gear that can take up to 12 cubic feet. Usually not carried with.
2x Case, Map/Scroll 2 lb. Holds 10 rolled-up pieces of paper, or 5 of parchment.
Ink bottle neg. For writing with. Expensive.
Ink pen neg. For writing with. Cheap.
Lamp 1 lb. Burns bright for 15 feet, dim for extra 30.
2x Oil Flask 2 lb. Each is one pint of oil, and fuels a lantern for 6 hours. Flammable.
Fine Clothes 6 lb. Fancy Tavaini clothes. Considered stuffy as hell in Annewen and is reserved for formal occasions that must be attended.
Traveler's Clothes 4 lb. General-purpose clothes, though no less fashionable.
5x Sheet of Paper neg. It's paper. You write on it.
Vial of Perfume neg. Helps you smell nice. Another Taviani export.
Sealing wax neg. Okay I'll have to ask someone what this is for, I suppose stamping seals on documents?
Soap neg. It makes you smell better after a bath. Smelling bad is horrible.
3x Alchemist's Fire 3 lb. 20ft ranged attack, inflicts 1d4 fire damage/round on target until extinguished by a DC10 dexterity check and action.
2x Acid Flask 2 lb. deals 2d6 acid damage (5ft splash or 20ft ranged attack)
Net Weight 60 lbs. (35 without the chest)
Carrying Capacity 180 lbs.
Gold 10 GP


School Name Components Range Duration Effect
Enchantment Vicious Mockery V 60 feet Instantaneous Target makes Wisdom save or takes 2d4 Psychic damage and disadvantage on the next attack roll
Evocation Light V, S, M Touch 1 Hour Object touched sheds light as a torch. The caster determines what color this light is.
Transmutation Message V, S, M 120 feet 1 round Target hears a whispered message. Goes around corners. Blocked by 1' stone, 3' wood, 1'' metal, lead, or magical silence
Level 1 Slots 3/4
Evocation Cure Wounds V, S Touch Instantaneous Target is cured for 1d8+3 HP. (+1d8 per higher spell slot used)
Evocation Faerie Fire V 60 feet Concentration (1 minute) Targets in 20' cube within range must make Dex save or shed dim light that prevents invisibility and grants attackers advantage
Enchantment Sleep V, S, M 90 feet 1 minute 5d8 HP of creatures in a 20' radius burst are put to sleep until the spell ends, they are woken, or they take damage. (+2d8/higher slot)
Enchantment Charm Person V, S 30 feet 1 hour Charms a target who fails a Wisdom save. Targets in combat have an advantage to save.
Level 2 Slots 1/3
Transmutation Heat Metal V, S, M 60 feet Concentration (1 minute) Targeted metal weapon or armor does 2d8 fire damage, Con save to not drop if possible, if not dropped, user/wearer acts with disadvantage.
Transmutation Enhance Ability V, S, M Touch Concentration (1 hour) Target gains advantage on ability checks of caster's choice. Bonus effects for STR (double carrying capacity), DEX (safe falling from 20 feet or less), or CON (+2d6 temporary HP)
Level 3 Slots 2/2
Abjuration Dispel Magic V, S 120 feet Instantaneous Dispels one spell of 3rd or lower instantly; requires an ability check for spells of 4th or higher versus 10+spell level.
Divination Tongues V, M Touch 1 Hour Target can understand all spoken languages heard, and can be understood by any creature that knows at least one language and can hear the target.
Save DC 14
Spell Attack +6

Quick Combat Reference

HP 26/46 STR Save +1 INT Save +1
AC 16 DEX Save +5 WIS Save +0
Initiative +2 CON Save +2 CHA Save +6
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage
Rapier +5 1d8+2 Piercing
Dagger +5 1d4+2 Piercing
Spell Save DC 14
Spell Attack +6



Lucian was the third child in the Sellers family, and was going to be raised to another member of the Blanchard Consortium, a trading company that handled a large amount of sea-to-sea dealing and transport. In reality, though, he was actually raised by "copper-store trash," as his father so delicately put it. Of course, copper-store or not, tales of heroism and greatnessfor good or naughtspoke more to him than transactions, the hard sell, and profiteering. He clashed over a lot of things, down to the littlest of choices in dress. After having gotten membership in the consortium, however, he decided to break for good with the knowledge he had.

He pawned some of the more expensive finery that he saw his father bring out only for his tenth wedding anniversary, and stole away on a ship to Annewen, where he used the remainder of his money (and got a bit of a loan) to attend a bardic college there. As his time there went on and he was able to engage in bardic college life more easily without financial problems, his studies ultimately turned to one point: What truly constitutes heroism? The book he carried was a chronicle of a hero whose end was unconfirmed—and he felt that at that point, he had no option but to go out into the world.

Hell, be it by firsthand experience or completing that book, he'd figure he'd have a hell of a life one way or another.

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