Linden Avery

never take friendship personal;

No secret can be kept forever.

Linden grew up in Billings, Montana: he wasn't born in Montana, but when he was a small child, his mother and stepfather decided to move, for reasons unknown to him and his sister, to Montana. It was a pretty normal life, fairly middle-class, nothing at all extraordinary.

Until he started seeing things. Flickers of moments almost like fireflies at first, that sharpened with greater clarity, images tumbling by fast, too fast, visions of the past and future.

And in one of those visions, he saw a glimpse of a secret that his parents had kept for years. Curious about the truth behind it, he did some digging through their things…and discovered that his vision was true, that his parents were hiding something horrifying.

And with that knowledge echoing inside his head, haunted by the visions that just wouldn't stop, Linden ran away from home. He's not sure what he's looking for…he just has to get away.

once a skeptic now a critic;

Linden is quiet and withdrawn, shy, even: he was never the most sociable of people, though friendly enough, and fairly good at actually being social when he put his mind to it, but the onset of his visions led him to pull back into himself. Even when he gets to know someone, there is still that core of himself that he holds back.

He doesn't trust easily anymore, and the few months he has spent as a runaway have put hard edges onto his gentleness, cynicism bleeding away innocence, quiet suspicion watching everyone. He still is genuinely kind, but he has come to expect the worst from people, rather then anything good. Linden has become something of a borderline misanthrope, though it is less out of hating people and more simply a loss of hope in the goodness of humanity.

the greatest tragedy is not your death

Linden is slender and slightly built, about 5'7", with longish black hair and blue eyes. If cleaned up, he would be rather pretty, with the promise of something more when he gets older, but as it stands, he's currently something of a mess, due to life on the road, plus trying to make himself look as nondescript as possible. It's working.

but a life without reason;

Name: Linden Avery
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Concept: runaway psychic teenager

Strength 2
Dexterity 2
Stamina 2

Presence 2
Manipulation 3
Composure 2

Intelligence 3
Wits 3
Resolve 2

Mental Skills
Academics 1
Occult 1 (Fortunetelling)
Investigation 2

Social Skills
Streetwise 3
Persuasion 2
Intimidation 1
Empathy 2
Subterfuge 3 (Misdirection)
Physical Skills
Survival 2
Stealth 2 (Hide In Plain Sight)
Brawl 1
Athletics 1
Larceny 1

Precognition (Uncontrolled), ***
Postcognition (Uncontrolled)
Fleet of Foot ***
Tolerance for Biology (*, Asylum)

Active Amber Alert- has been reported missing to the police and his description circulated to the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children.

Health: 7
Morality: 7
Defense: 2
Willpower: 4/4
Speed: 12
Initiative: 4
Size: 5
Experience: 19
Unspent: 19
Spent: 0

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