Lilisa Langly

Name: Lilisa Langly
Age: 15
Grade: H2
Class: C
Likes: Food (she isnt picky at all), soft grass, fuzzy plushies, WRASLIN!, and her cat Kitty.
Dislikes: Cold showers, having her ears pulled, dogs, and picky eaters.
Romantic Interests: A good (or bad) sense of humor, strong, fast, and likes the out doors, Cat & Coyote person, dog lovers need not apply.
Favorite Subject: Music & P.E
Worst Subject: Chaos Mathmatics & Magitechnology
Dream for the Future: Wants to start a wild animal rehabilitation program, sing in a musical, Or be a super hero.

Race: Coyote Kin
(Racial Traits)
~Magical Attunement (1)
~Naturally Skilled (2) (Villanous Laughter)
~Scent Tracker (2)
~Best of the Breed (3)
Virtue: Laughter
Magic Points: 1

Utility Skills:
~Villainous Laughter - 1/Day
~The Fun Has Been Doubled
~Gotcha! – 3/Day
~Leggo! - 3/Day
~Maddening Mockery – 1/Day
~Light Trap - 1/Day

Brawn: 5+3=8
Precision: 5 +3+1(BOTB)=9
~Acrobatics: (Trained) 11
~Stealth: (Expert Skill) 13
Knowledge: 5
Sense: 5 +2+1(BOTB)=8
~Persuasion: (Trained) 11

Combat Traits: (* = Equipped_
~Fleet-Foot *
You gain +8 initiative.
~Blood of the Wolf
You have regeneration 5 while you are bloodied (regeneration doesn’t function when the subject is below 0 hp).
~Thin the Herd *
You gain combat advantage against creatures that have no creatures adjacent to them other than you.
~Crushing Blow - Reaction Attack *
Range: Ranged 10
Trigger - You trigger your special move
Effect - Deal 1d12 damage to target creature
~Seize the Initiative - Reaction Attack *
Trigger - You damage a creature that has not yet taken a turn in this battle.
Effect - You deal an additional 1d12 damage to that creature.
~Sneak Attack
Once per round, when you make a melee or ranged attack against a creature that you have combat advantage against, you may have that attack deal an additional 1d6 damage to that creature.
~Rapid Recovery
At the beginning of your turn, if you have less than 4 pips you gain 1 pip.
~Throw the Gauntlet *
When you attack a creature, you may ‘challenge’ that creature until the end of your next turn. Once per round, when a creature challenged by you makes an attack that does not include you as a target, that creature suffers 2d10 damage, A creature cannot be challenged by more than one creature at a time and a new ‘challenge’ supersedes the first.

The Great Great Granddaughter of the trickster Coyote, Lilisa Langly is considered a "problem child" as despite her blood connection being thin to Coyote, she has inherited his knack for mischief and magic. Prone to sudden lapses in attention and general inability to take most things seriously she has been placed in class 2-C.

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