Kuu Ruan

Name: Kuu Ruan
Race: Human
Class: Tao


Strength: 10 +15
Dexterity: 9 +10
Agility: 9 +10
Constitution: 9 +10
Intelligence: 6 +5
Power: 9 +10
Will: 9 +10
Perception: 7 +5

Movement: 10
Appearance: 7
Size: 13

LP: 130/130 (120 base, +10 class)
Fatigue: 9/9


Presence: 30
Disease Resist: 40
Magic Resist: 40
Physical Resist: 40
Venom Resist: 40
Psychic Resist: 40

AT: 2 Physical, 2 Energy

Combat Abilities

Attack (Dexterity): 80 (70 base + 10 Dex)
Dodge (Agility): 90 (70 base, +10 innate +10 Dex)
Block (Dexterity): 10 (+10 innate +10 Dex)
Initiative (Agility): 40 ( 20 base + 10 innate +10 Agility)

Martial Arts

Unarmed Attack: +20 Initiative, 60 Base Damage, +10 Dodge and Block

Kuu's martial style turns his entire body into a weapon, but a flexible one. He can look almost floppy one moment while allowing his opponent's blows to roll off of him, bending and balancing in sometimes clearly impossible ways to let his opponents simply strike past him. Then he can focus himself in one terrifying moment to whip forward and destroy his target in a sudden assault. He prefers to use the backs of his wrists, his feet, palms and elbows to strike.

First Style: Muay Thai (Basic) (5 DP)
Damage: 20 + 2x Strength bonus. Impact.
Requirement: Feats of Strength 30

Secondary Style: Kempo (Basic) (10 DP)
Advantages: Only takes a -15 per extra attack made on your turn.
Damage: Base Damage 10 plus the Strength bonus of its user. Kempo uses the Impact attack type.

Secondary Style: Lama (Crane Style) (Basic) (10 DP)
Damage: 10 + strength bonus, impact.
Requirements: Style 20
Bonus: +10 to Dodge and Block (Unarmed)


Unified Ki Pool: 55/55

Ki Accumulations

Str: 2
Dex: 1
Agi: 2 (+1)
Con: 1
Pow: 1
Will: 1

Ki Regen: 1 every 10 minutes. (6 per hour)

MK 30

Use of Ki (40 MK): Allows purchase of other Ki abilities.

Ki Control (30 MK): Allows usage of Dominion Techs

Weight Elimination (10 MK): Can run across any sort of surface and up walls and ceilings using their full movement. Spend 1 ki per turn to maintain more than one movement action.

Presence Extrusion (10 MK): Can strike beings of energy and touch the intangible, acting as an enchanted weapon of Presence up to twice normal presence.

Energy Armor (10 MK): Natural AT 2 against energy attacks.

Aura Extension (10 MK): Increase base damage of attacks by 10 and add 10 points to fortitude and breakage of weaponry.

Physical Shield (10 MK): Gain a natural damage barrier equal to base presence.

Use of Necessary Energy (10 MK): Increase the time allowed for physical labor, motion or performing heavy tasks without losing fatigue by a factor of 10. Also set limit of fatigue expenditure for physical task boosting to 5 instead of 2.


White Crane
Level: 1 MK: 20
With graceful movements, like those of a crane, the character avoids
the attacks of the enemy and uses his “wings” to subjugate the enemy.
This Technique increases the character’s Dodge Ability by 40 points, and
if the character obtains a counterattack, it adds 50 to his Attack Ability.
Cost: STR 4 DEX 4 AGI 4 Final Cost: 12
Effects: Dodge Ability +40 (Single), Counterattack Ability +50.
Type: Action (Mixed).

1 copper crown

Tattered pants
Gourd of Wine

Secondary Abilities


Acrobatics: 20
Athleticism: 15
Climb: 10


Persuasion: 10
Style: 20 (+5)


Notice: 10



Feats of Strength: 30


Thievery: 10
Stealth: 10



Charm (1): Charming and hard to be angry at, gets preferential treatment even from strangers.

Animal Affinity (1): Can communicate with animals and have them react positively to him.

Martial Mastery (2): +80 to starting Martial Knowledge.

Natural Armor (1): 2 AT to all attacks but Energy. That wiry muscled little body is TOUGH.

Uncommon Size (1): -5 to Size score, He's a little guy despite his great strength!


Exclusive Weapon (Unarmed) (+1): -30 to any weapon at all!

Vice (Alcohol) (+1): Cumulative -10 All Action Penalty for each day that goes by without consuming alcohol.

Unfortunate (+1): He's a 15 year old kung-fu forest hermit with a drinking problem for a reason.

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