Kinjou Kou
Name: Kinjo Kou
Type: Annelidist
Concept: Wandering Peacemaker


Body: 6
Agility: 4
Senses: 7
Knowledge: 7
Spirit: 5
Empathy: 5
Station: 5

Vitality: 16 (Body + Spirit)
Soul: 24 (Knowledge + Spirit) x2

Light Wounds: 7 (Body)
Heavy Wounds: 4 (Body/2)
Critical Wounds: 2 (Body/4)
Dead: []


Wormcharm 4
First Aid 3
Notice 3
Information 3
Willpower 3
Persuasion 2
Movement 2


Goal: Protect the Weak 3
Emotion: Affection for Annelids 2

Fate Value Limit = Karma




Karma: 85/108

Special Abilities

Talonfang Bugs: 5 (Produces sharp tools and weapons. Damage equal to level. Additional Effects:

Wormcharm 2: The host can make counterattacks in battle using Body: Wormcharm.

Wormcharm 3: When the host attacks a new opponent for the first time ever, the unexpected nature of the attack is treated as a sneak attack.

Wormcharm 4: The talonfang can fire one volley of needles or spikes at enemies if the host makes an attack with Senses:Wormcharm. The damage remains the same. Range equals Body in meters, Rate of Fire equals the level of talonfang bug implanted, and the ammo is 1. The needles regenerate at the end of the scene. )

Rujevenation Worm: 5 (25 healing points, regen at 1 per day. Heals vitality and wounds on a 1 for 1 basis.)

Chitinshells: 5 (+5 vitality. Chitinshell Webbing. +2 damage grab and whip attacks. Art of Ki Manipulation with webbing attacks.)


Medicine Box: +1 die to all first aid checks.
Annelid food
Annelid traps
Annelid cages
Travelling clothes

Background notes

- Kou become Mushi-Tsukai when he was very young, the local lord made a bunch of peasant families who couldn't pay taxes 'volunteer' their children to be host to chitinshell bugs so that their webbing could be used in traps for the forces of the lord's enemies so he could seize their land. He kind of got a front row seat to men dying because of a greedy tyrant and has had a hatred for the idea ever since. On the other hand he became rather fond of the symbiotes and started to seek out others to colonize himself.

- He apprenticed to an old doctor who valued a young man to help him carry things and who could help protect him and learned from him for years, the old doctor recently died and now he's taken up his work permanently.

- He was very stubborn and insistent and accepted all sorts of ridiculous and demeaning requests to gain his apprenticeship. The old man was ultimately won over by his sheer tenacity. Kou originally became his apprentice to escape the poverty and toil of serfdom and earn money to send home to his family, but over time he became truly invested in helping people and learned the value of both knowledge and peace.

- He trains his body as hard as he studies the human body, annelids and academics, mostly because a strong host body is a better home for symbiotes! One of the shelves of his medicine box is full of rocks, half because he can't afford to fill it and half for exercise.

- He refers to his annelids as his friends or sometimes as his dear guests. He doesn't think of them as tools, but thanks them each time he uses them. Making sure they're fed and happy is a priority for him, his medicinal training means he can prepare his own special medicines for his chitinshell bugs. His 'oldest friends.'

- He has a full kit for catching and caring for other annelids so that he can commune with them and, hopefully, allow them to colonize him.

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