The will of the Vampire is such that, though they have the mystical aid of the curse, they are able to move the lifeless pathways that make up their body and master powers through only their blood that no other creature could dream of. It is not a great stretch, then, that many vampires struggle to grip and master things that are beyond them in a much more literal sense.

Kinetica is a discipline that no one Clan or Covenant claims as its own as it is a somewhat rare power, scattered oddly through the ranks of any given Vampire group. It expresses itself through the blood of any who have the mind to try and learn it which is a somewhat difficult process but one that comes with practice and willpower. Through its indirect application of direct force it allows its wielders to perform great feats of movement of the mind.

1. A Light Touch: The simplest trick, and for many young vampires the greatest burst of excitement at the first taste of telekinetic strength, is the power to move small objects with the mind at a limited distance. Though a small power, it is reliable and useful. One can flip switches, snag small items such as keys or wallets, open or shut windows or even retrieve lost weapons at range. It takes only a second of concentration and the item is moved to where the user wishes.

The item that the user wishes to manipulate must be in sight and within Resolve + Composure + Kinetica yards. They are limited to moving an object that weighs no more than their (Resolve + Kinetica) x2 in pounds.

A Light Touch cannot be used on living things or anything held by a living thing and it cannot be used to make direct attacks of any kind. Using it to introduce opponents to environmental hazards is just fine, if you can manage it.

Normally this power does not require a roll but an ST may call for a relevant Resolve + Skill roll if they decide trying to manipulate something will require more finesse than usual.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to activate.
Action: Instant

2. Featherweight: Turning telekinesis towards one's own body helps to amplify the effects by severely limited the range, but allowing the body to become lofty and easier to move is a clear advantage for the Kinetica using vampire. Vampires using Featherweight use their telekinetic powers to help counteract the effects of gravity on their body, allowing them to float and glide.

For the rest of the scene the vampire takes no falling damage whatsoever. They can also freely move across or land on fragile or weak surfaces with no fear of breaking them such as thin branches or rotten floorboards. In addition they may add their Resolve to the number of feet per success they receive on any sort of jump, this stacks with the bonus given by Vigor. They can also glide when making a broad jump, adding half-again the distance to successful running and standing broad jump rolls.

(For instance on a standing broad jump the vampire can normally jump 2 feet per success rolled, with Featherweight active they can jump 2 + Resolve feet per success, then multiply the result by 1.5x. With Vigor also active they can jump [2 + Resolve + Vigor] x 1.5 feet.)

Cost: 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to activate.
Action: Reflexive

3. Unseen Bonds: The Kinetica user has learned to make lasting bands and auras of telekinetic force that he can use to immobilize living things as well as "liberate" items from their grips, such as disarming an opponent.

You may target an opponent or item and bind, grip or use them by rolling a relevant skill + Resolve, contested as normal for the action. You may perform these feats at a range of Resolve + Composure x2 yards.

If you successfully disarm an armed target you may freely manipulate the weapon at range either aither . Yo If you grapple a target you may continue taking action as normal, making rolls to sustain the grapple reflexively. You may, however, only have one target grappled or one object controlled.

Cost: 1 Willpower to grapple a target.
Roll: Resolve + Relevant Skill + Kinetica

4. Blood Beckon:

5. Mastery of Mental Movement: The capstone power of Kinetica is an expansion and empowering of the previous disciplines, giving each one a more potent expression through enhanced focus.

A Light Touch: You may multiply the range and potency of A Light Touch by 10 for a scene by paying a willpower point. You may manipulate items to attack with as per Unseen Fist for the scene as well.

Featherlight: By spending 1 willpower for a scene you may levitate yourself, going beyond merely gliding. You may, using composure + Resolve as your speed, float directly up or down as high as you like for a scene. This is not true flight as you can only move backwards, forwards or side to side at a speed of 1.

Unseen Fist: You can create blades or bolts of telekinetic force for 1 willpower per attack. A telekinetic blade deals lethal damage while a bolt deals bashing. Either way the roll is Resolve + Composure + Kinetica. The range for this attack is Resolve + Composure x 5.

Unseen Bonds: When you have a target grappled with Unseen Bonds you may now freely move them at a speed of your Resolve stat for as long as the grapple is maintained, this can allow you to lift and drop them from a height or place them in harm's way.

Devotions including Kinetica

Wall Crawler (Kinetica 2 + vigor 2): By paying 1 blood point the vampire may freely walk and cling to any solid surface as if it were horizontal. If they willingly leap from the surface or are otherwised knocked free of it then gravity reasserts itself and they fall as normal.

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