Kindler The Hermit

Name: Kindler the Hermit
Player: Raiden
Caste: Eclipse
Concept: Blind Trader
Age: 29
Motivation: Find out what's so great about the color Red
Anima: As his anima increases, a small tree forms from his essence. The more essence he spends, the larger and more magnificent the tree becomes until the Sun and Moon rests in its branches, leaves spinning around him on invisible wind.

XP: 22

Intimacies: Cerano his Hawk, His Hearing


Strength 2
Dexterity 5
Stamina 2

Charisma 4
Manipulation 5
Appearance 2

Perception 3
Intelligence 4
Wits 3

Abilities (* denotes Caste or Favored abilities)


Martial Arts 1

  • Melee 5 (Staff 1/Cerano 2)


Integrity 3

  • Presence 4 (Calm and Collected 1)

Resistance 1

  • Survival 4 (Foraging 1)


Medicine 1

  • Occult 3


Athletics 4 (Cerano 2)

  • Awareness 5 (Hearing 3)

Dodge 5 (Cerano 2)


  • Bureaucracy 5 (Trading 2)
  • Linguistics 2 (Riverspeak, Foresttongue, Old Realm)
  • Socialize 3


First Melee Excellency
One Weapon, Two Blows
First Presence Excellency
Majestic Radiant Presence
Friendship With Animals Approach
Second Awareness Excellency
Keen Hearing And Touch Technique
Unsurpassed Hearing And Touch Discipline
Frugal Merchant Method
Insightful Buyer Technique


Artifact 2 (Green Jade Hearthstone Bracers)
Artifact 2 (Orichalchum Wrackstaff)
Artifact 3 (Spirit Shark Skin Buffjacket with Silk Armor Lining)
Contacts 2 (Web of Creation Trading Organization)
Familiar 3 (Cerano the Hawk)


Acute Hearing (2 pts)


Diminished Sense: Vision (6 pts)
Phobia: Riding on carts (3 pts)
Enemy: All Siaka and Western War God (3 pts)
Dark Secret: Member of Web of Creation (2 pts)

Willpower 6


Permanent 3

Personal 15/15
Peripheral 37/37


Compassion 2
Conviction 3
Temperance 3
Valor 2

Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint

Limit: [X] [X] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Health Levels

-0 [ ]
-1 [ ] [ ] [ ]
-2 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
-4 [ ]
Inc [ ]

Defense Values

Soak: 19B/16L

Dodge DV: 10

Parry DV: 8

Mental Dodge DV: 6


Move: 5
Sprint: 11
Leap (V): 6
Leap (H): 12
Join Battle: 9


Orichalchum Wrackstaff
Speed 3 Accuracy 16 Damage +6L Defense 16 Rate 4 Tags 2,M,P,R
Speed 3 Accuracy 16 Damage +14B Defense 16 Rate 4 Tags 2,M,R

Green Jade Hearthstone Bracers
+3 Dodge, -1 Speed

Spirit Shark Skin Buff Jacket with Silk Armor Lining
Soak 15L/17B Mobility Penalty -0 Fatigue 0

Dried meats and fruits, with provisions to last for a day.



Coming Soon


Johnson Hegyi was born blind. In a world such as the 2nd age a blind child wouldn't have much of a chance, but luckily he was born into a guild family who had enough money to take care of him and he never needed to resort to common living. He learned how to live with his handicap, and would accompany his parents on their caravan travels. He hated riding the large carts since he never had any idea what direction they were going and always jumped at the chance to get off and walk around to get his bearings. When he was 15 the caravan stopped at an oasis in the South East to resupply and rest the Yeddim. As everyone mulled about, Johnson managed to edge out into the forests to play, loving all the sounds and smells. He stayed out too long, and was forgotten in the shuffle as the caravan packed up and moved out.

When Johnson realized he had been left behind, he stumbled around the forest in some attempt of finding anyone. He never got very far, as he was terrified of walking too far away from the river and not being able to find anymore water. So he stayed where he was, learning to scavenge for food and memorizing the terrain of his new home. Eventually he was able to move through his section of the forest faster than anyone with eyes, and he managed to start up a basic garden for foods he would need. He crafted a staff out of a branch and a sharpened rock, and during the days would practice spinning the staff around and learning to hunt without the use of his eyes. It wasn't until he was 18 that he met another human being, much less a group.

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