Kakizaka Kaoru

Name: Kakizaka Kaoru
Caste: Fire Aspect Dragonblooded
Motivation: Become the face of a cause worth living for.
Anima: A confluence of white smoke and scintillating white and orange light.

Soak: +6L/+7B (11L/12B against bullets)
DDV: 4 PDV: 4 MDV: 6


STR: 3
DEX: 3
STA: 3

CHA: 4
MAN: 3
APP: 3

PER: 3
INT: 2
WIT: 2


*Firearms: 2
*Athletics: 3
Awareness: 2
*Dodge: 3
Integrity: 2
Larceny: 2
Linguistics: 3
Lore: 2
Martial Arts: 2
*Melee: 2
*Performance: 4
*Presence: 3
Resistance: 1
Drive: 1
*Socialize: 4
*Stealth: 3
War: 2


Performance (Song): 3
Linguistics (Songwriting): 1
Melee (Knives): 2
Firearms (Shotguns): 2


Breeding: 4 (free)
Connections: 2
Resources: 1
Reputation: 4
Artifact: 3 (Laminate Dragonscale Vest, Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light, Reaping Shellcaster, Switchklave, )
Henchman (Entourage!): 3 (Personal assistant, bodyguard, hangers-on)
Cult: 1 (Adoring Fans)


Wind-Carried Word
Elemental Bolt Attack
First Performance Excellency
Soul-Stirring Performance
First Presence Excellency
First Stealth Excellency
Distracting Breeze Technique
First Firearms Excellency
Ox-Body Technique


Essence: 2

Personal: 14/14
Peripheral: 13/13 (+5)
Commited: 14 motes

Compassion: 2
Conviction: 3
Temperance: 2
Valor: 2

Willpower: 9


-0 []
-1 [] [] []
-2 [] [] []
-4 [] []
Inc []


Red Jade Reaping Shellcaster 'Low Note': Spd: 4 Acc: +3 Dam: 8L/2 Rate: 3 Range: 20 Ammo: 20 Min: Str •• Attune: 5 Cost: ••/– Tags: 2, O, St * (+1 Damage, +10 Range, -1 Acc, -1 st tag when loaded with solid slugs. Same with bashing with gel slugs.)

Red Jade Switchklave 'Lucky Charm': Spd: 3 Acc: +3 Dam: +5L/2 Def: +1 Rate: 3 Min: Str •, Dex ••• Attune: 6 Tags: P

Laminate Dragonscale Vest: +4L/4B soak, +2L/2B hardness, Cost 1, Attune 3, No fatigue or mobility penalty. +5L/+5B additional soak against bullets.

Black Jade Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light: Always stay clean, +2 to rolls against disease and poison.


Kaoru is bright, shining, happy and optimistic onstage, the heartthrob of thousands of teenage girls everywhere! Behind the scenes, however, he's cracking slowly but surely under the pressure of being a figurehead for a corrupt regime. Despite being less martial than other Dragonblooded he still has almost as much combat training as the rest of his ilk. His singer/songwriter persona means he tours a lot and can hide in plain sight in order to undertake operations around the world in a covert capacity. However, despite being touted as a songwriter almost all of his songs are written and approved by Infernal hands. The great pain is that Kaoru actually IS a brilliant songwriter. He has, however, never sung one of his own song onstage, this fact stabs aim.

He can't forget the yoke he bears in the rockstar glory and the thrill of combat like his compatriots, he feels the terrible weight of every lie he tells on TV and hates the false cheer in every song he sings. He's been handling his knives with a dark eye fairly often lately and it's very clear that he needs a change, and soon. What he wants with a desperate passion is some other cause, something he can break away from his current life and help to figurehead. Somewhere he can actually be himself and mean it.

Besides his abilities as a public face and a performer his ability to slip away, or into, a bad situation and remain undetected despite his glamorous persona is not to be underestimated. Few know that an item popularized as merchandise and copied many times for girls to wear on their backpacks is in fact a weapon. The cross of the Immaculate Church that hangs from his belt with phoenix wings as the horizontal bar is a Switchklave. The stylish vest that can be seen on himself under fluttering open button-down shirts is a dragon-scale laminate vest. Finally, when he creeps from his hotel room under cover of darkness he always has a special friend strapped across his back: a reaper shellcaster known as Low Note.

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