Junpei Cornac

Junpei was just a farmer. He had no higher aspirations than to work on the farm, possibly inherit it one day, and then keep working it until his own child took it. That is, until he ended up tilling the soil and digging up an old chest locked with a series of runes. Not knowing what these runes are, he opened the chest and saw four old looking books, each resting on a silk pillow and each holding an elemental rune. An inscribed plague on the inside lid of the chest warned of greed and selection, for power came with cost. Junpei did not know how to read this, and grabbed all four books at the same time to take back to his parents. It turned out that the box was a trap, and the first book picked up would possess the host and they would rage their elemental evil upon the world. None had taken all four at the same time. The elemental magic had to go somewhere and each tome ended up instead possessing a limb each. They now grant him magical powers, and his access to said powers gained him entry into the magical school to control the books…kind of.

Age: 14
Grade: H1
Class: C
Likes: Football, running, long naps, pizza
Dislikes: Exams, losing, being yelled at by his limbs, mosquitos
Romantic Interests: Someone that doesn't mind having four limbs constantly questioning your validity as a being, also boobs.
Favorite Subject: PE, Arcane Artifacts
Worst Subject: Social Studies, Math
Dream for the Future: "Get my limbs to shut up. Maybe get a farm."

Racial Traits (Elemental Host)
Fireborn (Immune to natural fire, create puffs of fire at will)
Airborn (Immune to natural electricity, spit electricity)
Frostborn (Immune to natural cold, can breath puffs of ice that can freeze 5 square feet of solid ground)
Earthborn (Immune to tripping or slipping, can spit acid)
One with the Waves (Breath Underwater)
Naturally Skilled (Gain +1 utility talent)
Magical Attunement (Use perception to detect magic)

Virtue: Indomitable
Magic: 1

Utility Talents
Physical Prowess 2/day (next Athletics or Acrobatics, roll 3d10 instead of 1d20)
Fast as Lightning 1/day (next two seconds, move up to 30 miles per hour or spend MP for 60 mph)
Speak with Nature 3/day (talk to a plant you can touch)
Flame On! 3/day (surround myself with fire)
Magical Message (Words on the wind)
Spectral Battering Ram 3/day (5 ft Diameter and 20 feet long to crash into buildings and objects. roll d20 with +20 bonus)

Brawn 9
Precision 7
Knowledge 5
Sense 7

Training: Arcana, Persuasion, Acrobatics
Expertise: Athletics

Combat Talents
Critical: Wild Lightning
Combat Talents:

-Granite Axe
-Hurricane Blade
-Lightning Bolt
-Gather Energy
-Acid Rain

Inventory: Talisman of Weapons

Gold: 2000

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