Jeff is the younger of two sons born to a good family in upstate New York, a family which historically has been fully possessed of both money and sense- though rarely both at the same time. His father is a United States senator; his mother owns stock in half a dozen major international corporations and could be a CEO if she ever had a reason to work for a living. He was educated in good private schools, met the right people, and despite getting a bit of a reputation as a strange and rambunctious boy, was generally groomed to head straight to the top of whatever respectable profession he felt the desire to enter.

Not that he has, of course.

Jeff likes power. He likes being strong, he likes being smart, he likes having power over other people and the idea of owning fast cars, impressive computer equipment, intimidating estates, and rare items no one else has the strength to hold. His family have been all too happy to encourage him in this; he's never actually hurt someone else, after all, and it's not an abnormal personality to pop up among the elite. More than anything, however, Jeff likes having power over himself. He wants enlightenment. He wants to be a hero, in the old sense of the word. He may be just a twinge crazy.

After years of restlessness, Jeff is convinced- dead convinced- that there is something out there for him far greater than any of the choices he's had presented to him. He doesn't know what it is, but he's dropped out of college and gone off to find it, and whether his ultimate destiny is to accept it, fight it, become it, kill it, wield it, or dance the goddamn tango with it, he intends to be ready.

in transit you pass among the strangers of the world
paying tribute to the thief who stole away your shadow
you look into the bedrock and listen to the bells
calling liquid lust, call for solid white

Character Sheet

Geoffrey Albanactus Weatherby, III (Jeff)
Tier 1 Hunter, Profession: Occultist


Str ** Dex *** Sta ***
Pre ** Man ** Com **
Int *** Wits *** Res **


Academics ***
Occult ***
Investigation *
Science *

Athletics **
Brawl ****
Firearms *
Survival **
Weaponry **

Empathy *
Intimidation **
Socialize *
Streetwise *

Academics (Mythology)
Athletics (Throwing)
Investigation (Bullshit Detector)
Survival (Shelter)

Init5 Def2 Spd10 | Morality 7
Exp: 8 Spent: 0 | Willpower- 4/4 | Health [][][][] [][][][]

Allies *
Brawling Dodge *
FS: Krav Maga ***
FS: Kung Fu *
Language: Latin *


I see the stalker in your face, the secrets on your skin
I keep the wisdom that you need, the password that you want
I feel the stalker in your mind, the fire in your veins
no hope to be released

Allies: Lance/Union cell.
Brawling Dodge: When Dodging, may choose to add Brawl to Defense instead of doubling it. Prereq for Krav Maga.
Kung Fu:
1: Focused Attack. -1 to opponent's armor rating vs. Brawl. Penalty for making a called shot reduced by one.
Krav Maga:
1: Immediate Defense. +Brawl to init vs. armed opponents.
2: Disarming Defense. If sux =/> opponent's Dex, can choose to disarm, taking their weapon.
3: Impenetrable Defense. Spend a WP, +Brawl to Defense or Dodge. Reflexive, stacks with Brawling Dodge if Dodging.

First Impressions

Jeff's wanderings have not been uneventful. Not too many months back, in fact, things got a littleā€¦ weird. More than a little. He was down in the Carolinas in a different little town- bigger than Pevely, but not by much- when a girl he'd been plying his "dashing, slightly dangerous stranger" charms on disappeared. After getting investigated, then nearly shot by her mother, he made an already dangerous situation worse by deciding to figure out what the hell was going on himself.

Long story short (since it's gametime now), he found the guy/thing/asshole responsible, got drawn into a trap, and nearly got himself killed when a cell of Hunters plowed in with perfect dramatic timing. He essentially attached himself to their group for the remainder of that particular mission, and despite some setbacks, proved himself useful and at least not completely insane. Some stuff happened and he eventually moved on.

XP + Notes

XP expenditures: none yet

Endowment Hooks

derk derk. Relics and Elixirs are awesome, mostly Elixirs.

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