Jaymie Elderton


major points of Jaymie:

Upper-middle-class Californian only child. He got very sick in middle school, which led him both to art and to being even more spoiled than he was before. Despite this, he got into a pretentious magnet high school, got into some minor trouble that never amounted to anything and was expunged when he turned 18, then nevertheless got into a sort of crappy state school due to mediocre portfolio and spent a year or two there. Finally he's gotten into a *good* art school with a good fabricarts/metalworking program, but since due to paperwork there's a semester's worth of gap, he's in the middle of a long road trip/vacation.

minor points of Jaymie:

Has a girlfriend named Hitomi. Has a locket he made himself with something very special in it, and a few other necklaces. Has pierced ears but doesn't often wear things in them. Likes Golden Spirals, shellfish, oysters, screenprinting and bright colors.

Stood by the bus stop with a felt pen
In this suburban hell
And in the distance a police car
To break the suburban spell

Character Sheet

Jaymie Elderton
Faith / Pride


Str ** Dex ** Sta **
Pre *** Man *** Com **
Int ** Wits *** Res **


Academics *
Crafts ***
Medicine *
Occult *
Science *

Athletics *
Brawl **
Larceny *

Empathy *
Expression *
Intimidation **
Persuasion ****
Socialize *
Subterfuge **

Intimidation (Fake Smile)
Larceny (Juvenile Delinquency)
Socialize (Mooching)

Init4 Def2 Spd9 | Health 7/7 | Morality 7
Exp: 15 Spent: 0 | Willpower- 4/4

Barfly *
Resources **
Striking Looks ****

Descriptions and Elaborations

Let's take a ride and run with the dogs tonight
In suburbia
You can't hide, run with the dogs tonight
In suburbia

Age: 21
Basic Description: Adorable, almost angelic-looking boy with shoulderblade-length blond/lightbrown hair, dark blue eyes, and very eclectic fashion sense.
Personality: Fluid.



Game notes: Jaymie can take advantage of any available supernatural splat- Fairest, Moros, Stricken, Wizened, Acanthus, Cahalith, Forgotten, Daeva if we were doing Vampire, potentially something less obvious, etc.. In particular, he'd make a damn good Changeling and/or anything having to do with death.

XP Expenditures:

Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia , Depeche Mode - Fly on the Windscreen, Jeffree Star - Beauty Killer

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