Jacob Goldforge: Eternal Horizon Blaze

For touched game.

Name: Jacob Goldforge: Eternal Horizon Blaze
Caste: Twilight
Motivation: Rebuild the glory of the First Age
Concept: Warrior Blacksmith
Anima: Roaring Golden Flame


Strength 5
Dexterity 4
Stamina 4

Charisma 2
Manipulation 3
Appearance 2

Perception 3
Intelligence 4
Wits 2


(Favored)Melee 5

(Favored)Athletics 3
Awareness 2
Dodge 1

Integrity 2
Presence 2
(Favored)Resistance 4
Survival 2

(Favored)Bureaucracy 3
(Favored)Linguistics 3 (Riverspeak native, Fire-tounge, Old Realm, High Realm)

Fire: 4
Air: 2
Lore 3
Medicine 3
Occult 3


Grand Goremaul- Melee
x2 Blacksmithing- Craft
First Age Magitech- Lore


Resources- 3
Artifact- Grand Goremaul- 3
Artifact- Orichalcum Lamellar -2
Artifact- The White Treatise- 1
Artifact- The Black Treatise- 1
Manse 3
(Hearthstone: Windhands Gemstone p 382, Mounted in Grand Goremaul)


Willpower: 7


Permanent Essence: 3

Personal Essence: 16
Peripheral Essence: 37
Peripheral Available: 26
Essence Gain: 14/hour
Committed: 11


Flaw: Temperance: Overindulgence
Compassion 1
Conviction 3
Temperance 3
Valor 2
Intimacies: Wonders of the First Age


Temp: 4

Health Levels:

-0 -1 -1 -1 -2 -2 -2 -2 -4 Incap x4 Dying


Past Lives (-2)


Code of Honor (+2)
Oath: Never go back on your given word (+3)
Oath: Never sell or offer less than quality goods to others (+3)
Vice: Nexus smokeleaf (+2 Uncommon)
+10 Freebies



Second (Melee) Excellency- Essence Triumphant
Second Craft Excellency- Essence Triumphant


Spirit Detecting Glance


Dipping Swallow Defense
Bulwark Stance
Ox Body Technique (-1 -2 -2 Health Levels)
Heavenly Guardian Defense (Flaw: Conviction)


One Weapon Two Blows
Peony Blossom Attack
Iron Whirlwind Attack
Call the Blade


Craftsmen Need No Tools

EXP and Freebie use tracking

25 Total freebies
-4 Dex 3 to 4
-1 Resistance 3 to 4 (Tied to Oath: Never go back on your given word)
-2 Willpower 6 to 7(Tied to Oath: Never go back on your given word
-1 Craft Fire 3 to 4 (Tied to Oath: Never sell or offer less than quality goods to others)
-2 Specialties 4 favored (Tied to Oath: Never sell or offer less than quality goods to others)
15 Freebies Remain
-4 Strength 4 to 5
-1 Artifact 2 to 3
-2 Past Lives
-2 Artifact 2 Orichalcum Lamellar-
-1 Manse 2 to 3
-1 Melee 4 to 5
-1 Melee 3 to 4
-1 Bureaucracy 2 to 3
-1 Artifact: The White Treatise
-1 Artifact: The Black Treatise

0 Freebies Remain

+5exp Pregame
-3 EXP, New Ability Buy- Occult 0 to 1
2 Exp Remain
-1 Exp Occult 1 to 2
1 Exp remains
+6 First Sesh
7 EXP remains
-3 Occult 2 to 3

4 Exp Remains
-4 EXP Linguistics 1 to 3, High Realm and Old Realm
0 EXP remains

+2 Exp Journal Entry bonus
+5 exp Second Sesh

7 exp remain
-4 Craft Air 0 to 2

3 EXP remains

+4 EXP Journal Entries

+5 Exp Third Sessioh

12 Exp total
-8 Charm: Spirit Detecting Glance
4 Exp remains
+4 Fourth Session
+2 journal Entries

10 EXP remains
-8 exp: Charm: Call the Blade


Orichalcum Grand Goremaul Sun's Vengeful Decent
Speed: 5 Accuracy: +3 Damage: +16L/5 Defense: 0 Rate: 2 Minimums: Str 4 Attune: 8 Cost: 3 Tags: Overwhelming
Windhands Gemstone mounted in hammer

Orichalcum Lamellar- Harmonious Enforcement
Soak: +10L/11B Hardness: 6L/6B Mobility: -1 Fatigue: 0 Cost: 2 Attune: 3 Tags:*
May be concealed under heavy jacket or cloak.

Both of these artifacts were found in a sealed strong-room within a hidden manse in the city of Denadsor that Jacob would eventually attune himself to. Guarded by stone automaton, Jacob took as much delight in observing and studying the 'golems' as he did retrieving weapons and armor that stood out in his lost past memories. Jacob suspects that in a past life he might of worn, or even crafted these artifacts himself, and the possibility is a source of pride he attempts to suppress lest it taint him.

Heavy Cloak
Desert Travel Gear
Cold Travel Gear
Merchant Clothing
Heavy Robe
Long stemmed brass and bronze inlaid pipe
Copious amounts of dried Tobacco, will buy Nexus grown smokeleaf whenever available.
First Aid pouch and supplies
Large backpack
Lots of knives

Physical Description

An obvious native of the east, Jacob is a towering figure. Standing at well over 6'5" and heavily muscled, he carries his weight with a careful, restrained ease that mimics a prowling tiger. Jacob's hair is a bleached, premature grey shading to white, and kept rough and tousled rarely below ear-length. His eyes are a dull bloodied red. He carries no obvious tattoos, but favors brass jewelery, mostly in the form of armbands, with his clothing favoring black, loose fitting pants cinched near the ankles and chased with brass curling designs at the waist and ankle-cinches. He prefers to remain armored where available, but when wearing normal clothing favors a no-sleeved gray shirt with red cuffs around the shoulders and throat and a workers kilt of some sort with heavy boots.


Orichalcum Grand Goremaul- Sun's Vengeful Decent

This Grand Goremaul is a brilliant pale gold, with curls of swirling crimson swirling up from the blazing gold hammer head. The red curls back to pitch black at the back of the Goremaul's head, painting a picture of a setting sun with every swing.

Orichalcum Lamellar- Harmonious Enforcement

Also set with a makers mark on either shoulder panel belonging to "Eternal Blazing Sunset", this armor's leg panels are dull red color with the chest panels a dark bronze with a half-circle of blazing brass colour with gold highlights forming a sunset or sunrise built into the armor itself starting from the wearer's waist. The greaves and bracers are a light golden hue, orbiting sparks around the armor's patterns.


The Shrouded Forge

Workshop Manse[Fire Craft] (3), Masters Workshop (2: Magitech, Genesis, Air), Bound Servant Force (elementals)(3)Habitability: Uncomfortable (+1), Maintenance (+1)

Jacob literally stumbled across this manse while running from a 'golem' (Actually one of the bound servant force of the Manse itself) in Denadsor. He moved into a side passage of a ruined building and found himself in the most wondrous workshop he had ever seen. Racks of tools he had never thought of existing stood ready for his use. Forges of amazing design and smelting vats waited for use. It was an amazing workshop, hidden, receded into the very landscape itself. Within it stood the two artifacts that Jacob uses today. He suspects the workshop and the treasures were sealed before the final end of the First Age of solars and further suspects this was his own workspace for creating artifacts before the great fall. He hopes one day to be skilled and learned enough to use the forge to it's highest potential, creating artifacts of amazing splendor.

The Manse itself is an incredible First Age workshop, with the craft and maker marks of Eternal Blazing Sunset adorning the walls, the tools, and inset into the walls. The manse is not a comfortable place. It is obviously meant for work and craft, not to serve as a living quarter. Jacob rarely visits the site in person because he has no means or material or codex to produce something worth risking the shop to exposure by traveling there, and because the Empty City itself is not a very safe place to be. The manse was cleaned and restored to proper working conditions by Jacob before leaving it, and the servant elementals that hunt the halls are under instructions to properly maintain the space to the exacting cleanliness required for the space to be useable in the Age of Sorrows.


A born native of the Nexus, Jacob has always lived his life inside the shell and shadow of Hollow, the First Age city that Nexus has built its' foundations over.

The firstborn son of an accomplished member of the Smiths Guild, Jacob's life was destined to inherit the forge and merchant workings of his father. His father was a son of an earth-caste Dragonblooded who had never exalted and had been moved into the family's business dealings to earn his keep and to be kept under careful scrutiny should his descendants show signs of the blood of dragons awakening within them. Jacob's father became an accomplished smith, maintaining family armor and weapons as well as working to expand his business to service the Nexus military and the various assortments of official mercenary bands that operated out of the Nexus itself. By the time Jacob was born, the offspring of an arranged marriage with another unexalted member of an Earth-Dragon family, the family holdings were two forges for arms and armor and a smelting facility to supply and trade raw ore for the forges. Most of his father's wealth had been made supplying weapons and armor for the war with Thorns and it's imperial backers.

Jacob was born on the day Thorns was defeated by the Confederation of Rivers, and was taken into his family per tradition for training as a potential exalted of Earth. He was apprenticed under his father and drilled hard in martial combat as the family had been heavily depleted of War-Viable members. When it became apparent that he was rapidly passing the age of exalt, he was turned back to his father to finish his apprenticeship as a blacksmith.

The taste of martial life mixed into Jacob's smithing skill like entwined smoke in the air. He loved forging and bending metal to his will and took even greater pride in the work that resulted from his effort. He roamed the city of Nexus, drinking in the bones of the city that were the remains of the first age. Between smithing, drinking hard with his friends, and spending time in the few areas of study examining the history of Nexus and the technology it was built on, he lead a full, varied young life.

His singular love of his work was punctuated at age Twenty when a rival smith, a Fire Caste Dragonblood insulted a blade on display at his stall near the family forge. The fight that resulted nearly destroyed Jacob, as well as his blade, which was reduced to a piece of charred slag by the Dragonblooded as a final insult to the mortal.

Jacob learned as he healed. His temper and pride remained, by were punctuated by a new found desire to temper himself as he did his metal. His work at the forge took on almost meditative aspects. He returned to his practice of the blade as a martial extension of himself. Years after his initial defeat and humiliation Jacob was a different, much more restrained craftsman, but no less dedicated to his work. He ceased his drinking, taking up a pipe instead, and split his time between days in the scrolls of the city's history and hidden technology and the nights spent around the heat of the forge.

By age twenty eight Jacob was recognized by his guild as Master of his craft. His father had passed on shortly after his defeat at the hands of the Dragonblood, and he had managed to turn his sharp intelligence towards expanding the fmaily holdings towards Lookshy. Admittedly this move was also driven by Jacob's obsession with First Age Technology and weaponry. The Master of the Forge did his best to ply his trade among the 7'th legion and traded favor and arms worked in his forges for histories and reckonings of Lookshy's own First Age foundations and the 7'th Legion's unique relation to it.

The Mask of Winter's invasion of Thorns proved to be the lynchpin of Jacob's business dealings in Lookshy. His unique standing as a scholor of First Age lore and his skill in all things related to the Fire Craft lead him to be contracted by several of the Legion's followers in steadying and reinforceing the Confederacy of River's military might, including it's First Age weaponry, which Jacob made a point of stating might be the only thing between Lookshy and this mythical Death Lord.

This sudden rise in stature was the cause of Jacob's second encounter with the Dragonblood who had broken and reforged him nearly a decade ago. Jacob was working a business deal when he encountered the Fire Caste again. Figuring that the mortal needed to be put in his place a second time for striding in the business and military dealings of Lookshy, Jacob was challenged to a formal Duel for an imagined slight.

Tempered by his previous dealing with the Scions of the Dragon, Jacob refused, kowtowing and backing away from the outward workings with the of the Legion that the Fire-Caste warrior was involved in. The Dragonblooded would not let the mortal smith escape though, and eventually confronted the smith a second time, offering no option for retreat. The battle was hard fought. The smith Jacob had trained hard, perhaps knowing he would be tested again in this way. The dragonblood was too much of a match for him, but the smith fought hard against the Fire Dragon and was eventually pushed into an alley and his knees during the course of the battle. Here Jacob exalted, rising to his feet and striking the dragon down with the full tempered fury of the Dawn rising over the horizon. The dragon survived and Jacob returned his injured body to the legion with tale of the unsanctioned duel. He stated he was withdrawing from Lookshy for this treachery and while the Legion was still a friend in his eyes, this kind of Corruption within the bones of the First Age city was not something he would tolerate.

Jacob's removal from Lookshy lead to rumors, most of them saying that he had Ambushed the Fire Caste with a group of warriors outfitted in the master-smith's own work. Others stated that Jacob must of activated a first age weapon to fell a Dragonblood as a mortal. All that was known was that the smith returned to the Nexus, and began working on plying trade caravans to the South Quarter of Creation to bring Firewands back to the Confederacy for use against the Deathlord. Jacob has yet to re-emerge into the public eye since then, and rumors state he is personally heading the caravans into the south.


- The Dragonblood that was defeated by Jacob's Exaltation finally comes to terms enough with his defeat to name Jacob an Anathma, possibly even moving to the Wyld Hunt for aid in facing down the mortal who laid him low.

- Rumors of actual First Age Technology outside of the 7'th Legion's or the Realm's control would attract Jacob, and the chance at taking one into personal possession would be mighty indeed. Jacob believes there are many places in the Nexus and Lookshy that still hold heavily defended areas of First Age technology, and the ruins of Denadsor are a personal obsession of his.

- Jacob holds grudges and if the chance to catch the Dragonblood that upset his business dealings in Lookshy, the same one that beat him until he exalted, out in a new fight or a chance to humiliate him might catch his eye.

- If someone finds his Manse there's going to be trouble.

Roll Cheats


Grand Goremaul:

Speed: 5
Rate: 2
To hit: 13 Dice
Damage: 21L/5+Additional successes
Piercing, Reach, Overwhelming


Dodge DV: 4
Parry DV: 5
Soak: +12L/15B
Hardness: 6L/6B
Mobility: -1 Fatigue: 0

Mental Dodge: 6


Upward Leap: 8 Yards
Horizontal Leap: 16 Yards
Dash: 10 yards (9 in armor)


NiN- Demon Seed
Coldplay- Life in Technicolor
Mirwais- Disco Science
Cake- War Pigs (Cover)
Gorillaz- Feel Good Inc
Gorillaz- Last Living Souls
Dr Steel- Raja
Placebo- Pure Morning
Rob Zombie- Super Beast
Rolling Stones- Sympathy for the Devil
Dead Kennedys- Holiday in Cambodia
Rage Against the Machine- Sleep now in the Fire
Steppen Wolf- Magic Carpet Ride

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