Huang Bao

A young Huang Bao was told that he was born under an ill sign; when he went to the Gadaal seer, he told Huang Bao matter-of-factually that no magic would treat him well. Huang Bao ignored him and tried to learn from the thunder-speakers in the mountains. He went to the lonely and high places, and the Yamabushi told him nothing, but drove him off with hurled fire and strang Kueh curses. He went to the dignified country estate, and the wrinkled practitioners of the Nine Immortal Arts gently told him that his essence was improper, that he should return home and be a poet. He cursed them and went to the city. The proud masters of the High Path dismissed him, saying such a coarse boy could never wield the subtleties of power. Huang Bao defied them, defied them all, and reached beyond what limits fate had placed on his body and soul.
Very quickly, Huang Bao discovered that they had been right right.

Huang Bao's pursuit of magical knowledge and power lead to a magical accident that left him crippled in body and spirit. Surviving only due to the ministrations of his owl familiar, Blind Eye, and the dark powers he now must harness to hold onto his power and life, he has become determined to turn his dark, dismal fate to the use of the Empire. He is jealously proud of his own powers, even as he realizes the terrible price he has paid for them.

Huang Bao
Warlock 1
XP: 0
Str: 6
Dex: 9
Con: 13
Int: 14
Wis: 13
Cha: 12
Hit Points: 5

Collegiate Wizardry (G): The character has received formal
magical education from a wizard’s guild. He can automatically
identify arcane symbols, spell signatures, trappings, and grimoires
of his own order, and can recognize those of other orders or
traditions with a proficiency throw of 11+. Rare or esoteric
traditions may be harder to recognize (Judge’s discretion). A
character may select this proficiency additional times.

Knowledge: Occult

Sensing Power: The character can detect spellcasters within
60' and estimate their level of power relative to his own. He can
tell when arcane magic has been used within the last 24 hours
within the same vicinity. (The character cannot necessarily
sense whether an item is magic, unless it has been used in the
last 24 hours.) Each use takes a turn.

Choking Grasp (ACK Companion)
Read Magic

Owl familiar:
Lore Mastery
Bamboo-bound spellbook, gnarled staff, silver dagger, grey warlock’s robes, leather belt, low boots, backpack, quill and ink, 1 week’s iron rations, 50gp

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