Haunting Silver Reaper Style

The Haunting Silver Reaper style is primarily an Abyssal style, though
some Night caste Solars and Chosen of Endings have been known to steal
it's dark secrets from time to time. Invented as a means to quickly and
efficently take down a single target at any range, it focuses on
inflicting crippling effects, avoiding counterattacks and parries and
utilizing it's attacks at a range. It's creators drew
their inspiration from the tales of ghosts who haunt a person, rather than
a place, following them to the ends of the world if need be to satisfy
their hunger for their victim.
The Haunting Silver Reaper style can be used with either a Scythe or a
Chopping Sword, or their magical equivalents (Grimscythe and Reaver
Daiklave). The style allows no armor with a mobility penalty.
Those who wish to Master the Haunting Silver Reaper Style must also
have a passing knowledge of at least 2 dots in both Stealth and Athletics.
They must know how to move quickly and quietly.

Coward's Folly Assurance
Req. Ess: 2 MA: 2
Cost: 3 motes
Type: Simple
Tags: Combo-OK

Only a fool tries to run from the inevitable, and they eventually pay for
it. The Reaper rolls their (Wits + Martial Arts) against the target's MDV.
If succeessful, their movement is halved and two ticks are added to their
actions until their DV refreshes twice.

Liveried Spectre's Lope
Req. Coward's Folly Assurance, Ess: 2 MA: 2
Cost: 3 motes
Type: Simple (DV -1)
Tags: Combo-OK

With a ghostly afterimage and a liquid move, the Reaper makes a Dash
action at double their movement towards an enemy target. If they reach their
target, they may make an immediate (non-flurry) attack at their full MA dice pool.

Haunting Silver Reaper Form
Req. Liveried Spectre's Lope, Cowards' Folly Assurance Ess: 2 MA: 3
Cost: 4 motes
Type: Form

The Reaper's approach is quiet, sure and light as air. While maintaining
this Style, the Reaper seems to fade in and out, always on the periphery
of their target's vision. For the remainder of the scene, and effective on
only a single target per activation, the Reaper is always within (15-
Essence) yards of their target and deal Lethal damage against them. They
are pulled along with their target if they try to run, weaving back forth
on strands of pursuing Essence, but they also cannot leave this radius
unless they drop the Charm. Furthermore, any opponent that fails a
(Perception+Awareness) roll at difficulty (user's essence) loses dice equal to the
Reaper's essence when they attempt to attack her.

Jaundiced Soultaker's Eye
Req. Haunting Silver Reaper Form, Ess: 3 MA 3
Cost: 5 motes
Type: Simple
Tags: combo-OK

The Reaper lays his scythe against one opponent at a time, a target which
never leaves his gaze. For the remainder of the scene, a single target
gains a penalty to their DV and PDV equal to the Reaper's Essence, but
only to attacks made by the Reaper herself. Also, the target cannot make
non-magical Stealth attempts to establish surprise, even if they leave the
Reaper's line of sight.

Grim Realization Concentration
Req. Jaundiced Soultaker's Eye, Ess: 3 MA: 4
Cost: 7 motes
Type: Simple
Tags: Emotion, combo-ok

The fear of death forces one to hesitate, no matter if it is for a moment
or a lifetime. Roll (Wits + MA) against the target's MDV. If successful,
the target cannot counter the Reaper's attacks for the rest of the scene
and they lose 2 dice on any attacks made against the Reaper.

Shadowed in Fear Method
Ess: 3 MA: 4
Req. Grim Realization Concentration
Cost: 7 motes
type: Simple
Tags: Emotion, Compulsion, combo-ok

The Reaper smiles at their target, full of knowing and sureness. Images of
their own death fill their head, compelling them to run. Roll (Wits + MA)
against the target's MDV, if successful they have the Compulsion to run
away from the Reaper as fast as possible for (essence) hours. This is a
Compulsion effect, the target may spend two willpower to negate it's
effects and become immune to further attempts for 24 hours.

Poltergeist Defense Kata
Ess: 3 MA: 5
Req. Shadowed in Fear Method,
Cost: 8 motes, 1 will
type: Reflexive

The Reaper seems to float on a bank of mist, moving in liquid and vaguely
disturbing ways as they proceed ever forward. Foes have a hard time
focusing on their ghostly opponent, giving ranged attackers a penalty
equal to the Reaper's MA score. Furthermore, the Reaper gains a DV bonus
equal to their Essence for the scene.

Cold Grave's Hand
Ess: 3 MA: 3
Req. Haunting Silver Reaper Form
Cost: 3 motes
Type: Supplemental
Tags: Crippling, combo-ok

With a grim smile, the Reaper slices into the ground, sending a spiralling
shockwave towards their target's ankles. The attack has a range of
(Essence x 10) yards and only hits an opponent touching the ground. It
deals unsoakable Lethal damage equal to the Reaper's Essence and if it hits it causes the
enemy to be Crippled.

Glittering Ghast's Tripwire
Ess: 3 MA: 4
Req. Cold Grave's Hand
Cost: 2 motes
Type: simple
Tags: Combo-ok

Doom can be avoided, but Karma retaliates in it's own ways. Roll (Dex +
Martial Arts) against an opponent's DV. With precise wrapping, the
thinnest strands of essence insinuate themselves around an opponent's
legs. If a target affected by Glittering Scorpion Tripwire leaves a radius
of 50 yards around the Reaper, they suffer (essence)L damage and are
tripped and knocked down. This Charm can be maintained on a number of
targets equal to the Reaper's MA score.

Hungry Ghost's Hand Attack
Req. Glittering Ghast's Tripwire, Ess: 3 MA: 5
Cost: 3 motes
Type: Supplemental
Tags: Combo-ok

The Reaper's touch is death at any time, at any range. Focusing their grim

determination into their attack, the Reaper blasts their target with a

wave of ghostly white essence. MA attacks augmented with this Charm may be

made at a range of (Essence x 10) yards.

Mists Among Gravestones Approach
Req. Hungry Ghost's Hand Attack, Poltergeist Defense Kata, Ess: 4 MA: 5
Cost: 6 motes
Type: Simple
Tags: Combo-ok

This Charm only works against foes targeted by Haunting Silver Reaper Form
or Jaundiced Soultaker's Eye. A chilling certainty fills the doomed as
mist curls around their ankles like the fingers of the dead. Running low
and fast under the cover of swirling silver mists, the Reaper approaches
their opponent at their normal dash speed until they reach them, even if
this takes several turns. While moving under this Charm, they cannot be
the target of hostile attacks or Charms unless the opponent succeeds at a
(Perception + Awareness) roll at a difficulty of the Reaper's (MA). When
the Reaper reaches the target, the attack is unexpected unless the target can beat
the Reaper's (MA + Essence) on a (Perception + Awareness) roll.

Cursed Shining Nephwrack's Form
Req. Mists Among Gravestones Approach, Ess: 5 MA: 5
Cost: 20 motes, 1 will, 1L HL
Type: Form

An advanced version of the Haunting Silver Reaper form. Disturbing noises
fill the air around the Reaper, cries and screams and clawing against the
ground. Their every movement is spiritlike and haunting, they move
sideways as they close in on their target, fading in and out of sight as
they grow closer and closer, riding in a cloud of mist and terror. For the
remainder of the scene, the Reaper may switch targets at will and maintain
the effects of Haunting Silver Reaper form on them. Additionally, all
attackers lose dice equal to the Reaper's MA score when attacking her and
all of her attacks become undodgeable and Piercing.

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