Griff Cassmire

Name: Corporal Griff Casmirre
Specialty: Storm Trooper
Demeanor: Cocky


Weapon: 33
Ballistic: 40
Strength: 35
Toughness: 40
Agility: 35
Intelligence: 30
Perception: 30
Willpower: 30
Fellowship: 25

Wounds: 13
Fate Points: 2

Corruption: 0
Insanity: 0


Ballistic Skill


Common Lore (war) +10
Common Lore (Imperium)
Common Lore (Imperial guard) +10
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Linguistics (low Gothic)
Operate (Aeronautica)


Hatred (Traiters)
Nerves of Steel
Street Fighter
Rapid Reload
Weapon Use (Las, Low-Tech)


Specialty Kit:
Good quality Hellgun
Storm Trooper carapace armour

Standard Regimental Guardsman Kit:
1x Lascarbine (Main Weapon) w/ 6x charge packs
1x Uniform
1x Set Poor weather gear
1x Mono Knife
1x Rucksack/Slingbag
1x set of basic tools
1x Mess kit & Water Canteen
1x Blanket & Sleeping bag
1x Rechargeable lamp pack
1x Grooming kit
1x cognomen tags
1x instructional handbook
1x suit imperial flak armor
1x respirator
1x Void suit/Grav chute (depends on deployment)
3x Frag Grenades
3x Smoke grenades
Combat sustenance rations, (4 weeks worth)

(kit additions)
1x good quality photo-contacts
1x Grapnel
1x Microbead
1x chrono
1x Tea ration (one week)

Void suit: Good quality, resists punctures on a 6+, can be worn under armor.


Total: 500
Spent: 400

Protector (300)
Simple Ballistic Skill (100)

Imperial Guard Service Record
The Arcturus heavy infantry known colloquially as the 'Black Stars', come from the simple necessity and the brutal pragmatism of the civil war that turned the Arturus Drift in to the fortified system it is today. In the wake of the secessionist uprising the PDF contingent were not the only loyal servants of the Imperium to resist the traitors, members of the various Adeptas retreating to pool their arms with the greater military forces, so that they could begin to bring the Emperor's worlds back under His rule. Most notable of all these were a cadre of the infamous Naval Security who had miraculously survived the destruction of their ships in the early stages of the revolt.

To them was put the task of acting as the first men through the door. As the vanguard of loyalist attacks, casualties took their toll, even in victory, and weapons and armour were passed on to new soldiers who would take their place fighting and dieing in the first wave. Often these replacements simply repainted their armour and brought their new firepower and resilience to their old squad as an asset solidifying their place to this day, even as Imperial reinforcements began to widen the crack made in the rebel defences by the loyalists.

Since that time the 'Black Stars' have been an unorthodox but welcome part of the Arcturus Order of Battle. Though the 'Brigade' (actual size unknown) is raised, trained, and equipped seperately from the line PDF, soldiers are as much a part of the Regiment as any other, split off singly or occasionally in squads to perform their duties alongside the standard Trooper, ready to be the first man to touch down on solid ground, or storm the corridors of a hostile starship, and bringing their heavy fire to bear wherever it may be needed.

Raised on board one of the largest of the fortified stations guarding the orbits and approaches of the Arcturus Drift, Griff was marked out early on for recruitment in to the 'Black Star' Brigades of the system defence forces, many of its potential recruits drawn from the hardy brats that spring up amongst the adhoc families of the soldiers that make up the orbital's vast garrisons. Begining training in his military specialty as soon as he had graduated from the Military Primary Academies, Griff showed excellent aptitude in the fields of marksmanship and just plain toughness as he learned to shoulder the weight of the heavy gear that the Black Stars fought with.

His first taste of combat was before he had even been officially posted to the Arcturus 1st, with the outbreak of another of the minor revolts that have since become a periodic nuisance for the Imperial defenders of the system. Along with several other units that were being mustered for the Imperial Guard, Griff and his fellow green soldiers were thrown headfirst in to the enemy in a sudden and furious counter-attack, intended to snuff out the embers of resistance before they could spread from the isolated region they sprang up in. The newborn regiments performed admirably, and though casualties were high among the inexperienced troopers, they sufficiently passed Munitorium expectations to mark all involved for commendation and quickly re-routed to existing warzones and forced in need of reinforcement. For their own contribution, Griff and many of his class found themselves transferred to the 1st Regiment of the Arcturus Station, the famed 'Void Stalkers'.

He would serve well, and continue to do so all the way into the present, his record that of a mature soldier who is still eagre to prove himself, and is given every reason to have confidence in his own abilities (a known tendency among the Black Stars, who stand as somewhat of an elite force, despite their wide dispersal throughout the Arturus war machine). Having lived past the typical life expectancy of the Arcturus heavy infantry, Griff has fought Orks and rebels, and other enemies of the Emperor, trusting in firm hand and contemplative planning of Colonel Rinland to see the regiment through the day, as long as soldiers like himself fight their damndest to see those orders through.

Like all those who grow up on one of the defence stations of the Arturus Drift, Griff is pale skinned and of a compact but unstunted build. His grey hair marking him as from one of the older stations, retrofitted in to forces bristling with weaponry, from their more humble origins as ore extraction and refinment centres that served the mines in the outlying asteroid belts. Though time enough has passed that the effects upon those in residence are now minimal, the legacy of industrial contamination is still visible in many of the population, often with the hair and eyes being stained a dull metallic grey. Owing to his his particular specialty Griff presents the image of the model of Imperial soldiery, tough and hard fighting, with the rough edge of experience easily identifiable upon first glance.

His heavy Carapace armour bears similarities to the standardised pattern now emplied widely accross the Segmentum Solar, customized by Arcturun armourers to fit in seemlessly among the standard regimental kit, and painted to match the 1st's standard camo pattern, save for the black breastplate common to all Black Star units. A starburst of flame wreathing the prime defence station set proudly upon the upper corner opposite his the heart.

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